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Summary: Sakura is no ordinary girl, she's an elf. A beautiful, 17 year old elf who lives with her father and brother in their village. Only this isn't just an ordinary village, it's located high up on the branches of tall ancient oak trees in a forest. No one can see their village because it's layered with illusion spells. So any person who passed bya nd happened to look up would only see tree tops. There are many kinds of tribes for elves, but hers is different and feared. Her tribe is nothing but assassins, trained from birth to kill. (A/N: For any ppl who know all about elves, please don't take my information in here seriously! except for the language, I know alot of that ^_^. As for everything else, remember it's a fic I'm having fun with it! So enjoy!)


Rated: PG-13

// will be her thinking
Chapter 1

In a Dream. ~Sakura's POV~

//Where am I? It's so dark...so cold...// I looked around trying to see beyond the eternal darkness, but failed miserably. "Grrr! What the hell is going on!!" I stamped my foot angrily against ice cold floor, only to hear cracking beneath my feet. I closed my eyes, trying to slow down my breath. //Not good, NOT GOOD!!// I could feel a drop of sweat roll down my cheek and onto the cracking floor. The sound of the drop making contact with the ground echoed in my ears.

I tried to scream out for help but was instantly silenced by the icy waters beneath what I figured was ice. I opened my eyes only to see the hole I fell through not there. //How can that be!?! If there's no hole, how will I breathe?!?!// You'd think having years of harsh training of being an assassin would keep your mind calm. Natural instincts kicked in, I started to panic.

Spells, strength, and my sanity left me...I started to act like a mortal, panicking about dying. //How pathetic can I get?// I thrashed about trying to reach the surface of the ice. My hands pressed against it searching for a gap to get air, or better yet an escape. My lungs burned for air, my muscles ached from swimming, and my mind was clouding over. I started to fall down into the dark waters wanting to just go to sleep.

I could feel my pink aura fading as I started to fall asleep. I kept my eyes open hoping to get one last glance at the world I'd never see again. Suddenly bright green light blurred my vision. I squinted through the aura, only to see a shadowy figure of a young man swimming towards me. Even though I would NEVER ask for anyone's help due to pride, I could feel my hand reach out to him. His hand was firm as it grabbed hold of mine, pulling me towards the surface of the ice. He broke through it, pulling me up into the light that wasn't there before.

The light was blinding to my eyes so I had to clench them shut, it was too painful to try and see anything. My ears twitched hearing the man say something but I couldn't tell what he had said. The place around me started to fade as I entered reality again.

I bolted up from my laying position on my soft bed. "That was insane."

~~~Sunrise~~~End of P.O.V~~~

Sakura ran a hand through her honey brown hair trying to make out her dream, but it seemed to have vanished. She sighed as she stood up to get ready for another day of harsh training.

She slipped on a black leather body suit that was like a second skin, for better movement of course. She easily zipped it up in the front, checking herself in the mirror. She tied her shoulder length hair up in a high pony tail. Giving on last glance at the mirror she backed away into the shadows of her room.

The sun was just rising above the treetops when Sakura walked out of her rather large tree hut. She stood on the deck doing her usual morning stretches when she noticed something peculiar about the silence of the forest. First of all, it was silent. Forests are NEVER supposed to be a silent, common sense.

She didn't say anything incase it was something serious causing the silence, she wouldn't want to give her location away.

A shadow moving behind her caught her eye. "If I were you I'd back away right now..." She didn't hear a reply. She smirked before doing a no hand cartwheel forward so that she was now facing the stranger a few feet back. While she was in the air she had slipped her hand into her boot, taking out a two silver daggers. When she landed she had them up in a attacking position.

"What, no attack?" She frowned hoping they would have attacked her while she was in the air. She was wide open, something that she had to risk in order to give herself space. If they had attacked her while she was in the air, it would have made the game a little bit more interesting. Since this was already a but one-sided, their attack would have proved they would last a bit longer than she would have estimated.

"Why would I attack my own?" Sakura raised an eyebrow at him. "Come into the light." Her mysterious figure walked into the light revealing his elven heritage. "Nicholas..." Nicholas nodded. He had long white hair that fell around loosely on his shoulders, his eyes were a deep shade of blue that seemed to go forever. "Surprised?" Nicholas was Sakura's long rival since birth. One always trying to outdo the other by being the best assassin.

"What do you want..." Sakura asked coldly. "I don't feel like beating your sorry ass again in combat, I have more important things to do. " With that she tried to push by him.

Nicholas moved infront of Sakura, blocking her way out. "What's your hurry?" He gave a sly smirk.

"Do you have ANY SORT OF clue?" She bit back icily. "Are you THAT dense?" She motioned around them. "It's too damn quiet, somethings wrong. Master Yue is usually holding our classes right about now, but do you see him? NO!" She tried again to walk by him.

Once again he blocked her path. "Don't insult me Ying Fa..." He didn't get to finish because Sakura had slapped him.

"Are you insane?!?!" She spoke in a whisper, but harshly so she got her point across. "That's my codename, if the enemies find out I'll be hunted down!!"

Nicholas rolled his eyes at her as he rubbed his now pink cheek. "First of all, yes of course I'm insane, you kindof have to be in order to complete the suicidal missions we have to pull off. Second, so what? Get a different codename, change it, or something it's not that big of a deal. Third, like they'd be able to hunt you down, your damn near impossible to catch. Fourth, I like calling you that, it suits you perfectly." He gave a heart-warming smile that would melt any girl's heart, it would have worked on Sakura if she HAD a heart and didn't know him since they were young.

"Ha ha...but I don't have any time to get a different name, and like you said, it suits me..." This time she stepped back. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find my father." She started to run at him, making his eyes widen. She did a hand spring, pushing herself off the ground right infront of him so that she flew over his head. She flew up higher than what humans call normal, and landed in a crouching position. She turned her head slightly giving Nicholas a playful wink then sped off across the suspended wooden bridge. To her father's study.

Nicholas could only watch with desire. A gentle wind blew, making some white strands of hair fall infront of his eyes. "One day Ying Fa..." He sighed as he backed away into the shadows to finish what he started.

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