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Chapter 8

Sakura paled when Eriol said her name. Her eyes started to gloss over as she bit her lip. "Syaoran..." she whispered quietly.

Syaoran turned his head away from everyone, so many emotions were flaring in him. His frame shook not knowing whether to break down sobbing or to unleash his anger, he clenched and unclenched his hands as he stood there.

Eriol could only blink and look from Sakura to Syaoran then back to Sakura. "Um...Did I miss something?"

Tomoyo smacked him in the back from behind. "Good job in severing whatever was left between the two! Sakura was just now coming back to how we USED to know her and we just found our lost childhood friend Ran-ran, but that's gone now." She sighed, good things never did last.

Eriol raised an eyebrow at her, "Again, what? What'd I say?" He raised his arms in a shrug. He shook his head, walking away from the group. He stuck his hands inside his leather pants as he kicked a rock. He mumbled to himself about how he always gets the blame.

"Stupid no good..." he blinked when he noticed a book lying a few feet from his outstretched foot. He bent down, narrowing his eyes at it. //No way..it can't be. This was a myth!// His hand glided over the smooth surface of the book.

The book shuddered under his touch and seemed to inch away. "Hmmm, so maybe it is true." He picked up the book and slipped it into his black leather tank top which was open in the middle. (( Whoadie: *Cat calls*))

"Sakura..." breathing was becoming difficult. Tomoyo clutched at her heart but only managed to get a fistful of her cloak. "Is there anything you can do to save us?" When she said "us" she wasn't referring to just them but the whole entire world.

Sakura turned her head towards Tomoyo, her thoughts had been on Syaoran. The rest of the world could go to hell for all she cared, aslong as Syaoran forgave and forgot what Eriol had said. She wanted to turn back time so badly, but it was considered a cowards way out if she did use the incantation. "At the moment? No..."

Tomoyo's heart sunk, Sakura hardly ever lied but she had been hoping her answer was not the truth. "Lie to me, Sakura. Tell me everything will be alright..."

Sakura shook her head, "You know I can't do that, it's not in me to lie to you."

"Will I....Do I even....Sakura...Am I going to die?"

Sakura's jaw tightened, the question was coming and she knew it. "Tomoyo..."

Tomoyo shook her head, black looks flew. "No! I don't want that pity/sincerity crap! Just tell me straight out if I am going to join the others!"

"The others?"

Tomoyo's head slumped forward, her bangs left her eyes in shadows. "I'm sorry, Sakura. The burning of the forest...Ancient magic fading...Separation...it was too much for them. They're gone...all of them...except us."

Her parents were dead. Her teacher was dead. Everyone was dead. They were what's left. She swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat. Suddenly, the pressure of her responsibility to the world increased. "Tomoyo...your not going to die."

She looked up with probing eyes, she searched through the deep swirling emerald of Sakura's eyes trying to find anything that would give away the lie she had just been told. She found nothing. "How can you be so sure?"

"Well how are you living, what kept you alive when the others fell into infinite darkness?"

"Oh..well..." she blushed. Her eyes turned towards Eriol, who was staring at the sky. His eyes moved to hers when he felt her looking at him. She quickly averted her gaze to the grass underneathe her hand.

Sakura looked at the exchanging of awkward and uneasy looks from the two. "I see..." She stole a glance at the silent Syaoran, only to find that he wasn't there anymore. She quickly got to her feet. "Where did Ran- I mean, Syaoran go?!"

Tomoyo looked at her oddly, "I didn't see him go anywhere..."

"I did, he left awhile ago while you two were so engrossed in conversation about me." Eriol's smirk only widened from the heated glares he recieved.

"Don't flatter yourself, Honoo-chan."

Eriol flinched from his codename. It was also a running joke between the 4... ahem, 3 of them.

"Hey! Back off, Sakura!"

She laughed at his flushed face, "Hey you picked the name, not me."

"No...YOU GUYS picked the name, I had no choice but to go with it!"

Tomoyo smiled sweetly, "But it suited you so perfectly. Remember that time when we were 12 and you accidently caught Master Yue's hair on fire when you missed your target with that advanced spell...what was it again?"

"Koron en' naur!" [Spell: Fireball] He paled feeling the familiar heat gathering in his hand. "YOU TRICKED ME!"

Tomoyo put a look of shock on her face while pointing to herself, "I did nothing! Your the one who said it!"

He looked around frantically to shoot his old nemesis. He looked at the already burned village, "Perfect! Can't get anymore blacker!" He shot the fireball at the ruined village. The fireball missed and crashed into the tree just on the other side of the village. The tree instantly blazed up into a wild fire.

"Yala onna en' alu!" [Spell: Summon Water Elemental] A water spirit appeared infront of the fire. It took a child form, the gender was unknown from the distance. The spirit raised it's arms, shooting water out of it's hands and onto the flaming tree. The tree was instantly put out. The child giggled before disappearing.

Sakura turned her head at Eriol, "Still need me to look after you, Honoo-chan? This is deja-vu all over again, only this time you lit the tree on fire."

Tomoyo stifled a laugh, "She's right! If Sakura didn't put out that fire before all of Master Yue's hair was gone, you'd be dead. She even saved your butt now, you would have lit the entire forest on fire!"

Eriol grumbled at them both but couldn't hide the spreading of pink on his cheeks. "So I could never fire a fireball properly, big deal! I'm more skilled in the...darker arts and when it comes to battle plans, I'm the genius!"

Both girls raised an eyebrow at each other then bursted out aughing. Eriol glared at them both before climbing up into a tree. He crossed his arms over his chest, mumbling at how evil women could truly be.

Tomoyo gasped from being short of breath, "Sakura...I could really use ideas now...Eriol's aura won't be enough to sustain me.."

Sakura crawled over to her, "I've figured it out..."

Eriol rolled his eyes, "As always..." yet the news him relieved at the same time.

Sakura stuck her tongue out at Eriol then reached under her collar. She pulled out the necklace her mother had given her. "I have a feeling this will help me..." She held out the necklace, words flooded in her mind. She didn't realize that the words were speaking through her.

"Key of the Star

With powers burning bright

Reveal the staff

And shine your light


The key started to change slowly, it began to grow larger. It separated itself from the string it was attached to. Sakura's eyes went blank as the staff formed. It landed in her outstretched hand softly, her fingers curled around it tightly.

The book in Eriol's vest started to shake from the energy radiating off of the staff. He looked down with shock, "What the hell?" The book shot out of his open vest. "No!" the book flew right out of his desperate grasp for it.

The book floated towards Sakura, landing in her other empty hand. Her eyes were blank, staring ahead into space. Her pink aura pulled from her body, becoming it's own shining brilliance. It wrapped around the two items in her hands, binding and renewing old past links.

Tomoyo gaped at the swirling of pink aura, she had to squint her eyes from the omnious light. "Sa...kura?"

The aura pressed in, becoming one with Sakura and her two items. A bright flash erupted from the aura once it became one with Sakura again. The book flew out of pink explosion, landing infront of Tomoyo. "What's..this?" She reached out to touch it but drew her hand back when the book jumped into the air. The cover unlocked and revealed the locked away secrets that was hidden in the text.

The pink energy that emitted from Sakura rose out of the book. It was a swirling tornado that only increased in size as it came out.

Tomoyo backed up into the tree she was resting against, afraid that she would be sucked into this pink vortex. She heard a roar and looked down at where the pages would have been. The lion shaped head that was formed by the pink light, started to rise out of the book. It threw its head back and roared again, making the earth beneath her shake.

She held her hand out at the lion head that was made of nothing but pink light. "Pelekta yassen runya!" [Spell: Flamestrike] Fire spiraled out of her hand, expanding itself around the lion head.

An ear piercing scream could be heard but it wasn't from the lion head, it was from a girl. Realization dawned on her, making her pale. "Sakura."

The pink aura faded, leaving a scrunched up Sakura. She had 3rd degree burns all over her body, which were still smoking. Her hair was burning up, but was quickly put out by Eriol.

Tomoyo fell back from exhaustion, falling into a deep sleep. Eriol could only watch in horror the two most important people in his life slip away from him. "Damnit Sakura..." He didn't blame her for what happened, he just wished she would have been more careful when dealing with ancient magic.

He walked over to the open book, but when he reached down to pick it up, it snapped shut. That's when he heard coughing and hacking. He whirled around with his staff pointed out at the intruder. "Who's there!"

More coughing and hacking, "That girl is CRAZY...I mean I try to give a cool entrance and what'd she do? She freaking fires at me...there's no pleasing anyone these days...HEY! WATCH WHERE YOUR POINTING THAT THING!"

Eriol blinked at the flying yellow er...animal of sorts infront of him. "Who are...what are...where'd you..."

It blinked back at Eriol then grinned, it flew around the staff and hovered infront of Eriol's face. "Kero beros you shall say!"


Whoadie: *pokes door* Ran-ran?

Ran-ran: Yesh?

Whoadie: Not you..

Ran-ran: but you said...

Whoadie: *narrows eyes*

Ran-ran: O_O meep...*walks away*

Syaoran: Go away.


Syaoran: DO NOT!