097. Writer's Choice — Dreamscape



There are doors in this world, one of her tribesman explained. To places we cannot explain.

Lexa does not believe in which she doesn't understand herself, and especially after her death. She must not falter. It is difficult to let Clarke go, after a tearful reunion, but easier to defend and to fight for Clarke, wielding her swords against Jaha and the rest of her attackers in the City of Light.

In the middle of spilling blood, Lexa watches the sky glow a hellish, radiant white, cutting down and shoving around her attackers as they retreat.

She finds the same door Clarke vanished into, but without the blotched, pale raven, opening it violently — falling into a chasm of night-dark water, nearly toppling, having it rise up to her abdomen.

Lexa's armored, leathered boots hit the watery soil, before the water reaches her shoulders.

The girl near the waterfall, with her long, brown hair dampened, bare-breasted, sharply turns in Lexa's direction, presenting out a knife.

It's her own face — the color and shape of Lexa's eyes, her mouth, her hair and her body.

"Alicia, honey! You okay?"

Lexa gazes around suspiciously, as an older female voice shouts out of nowhere. She drags her swords out of the cool water, pointing them up.

"I'm fine, Mom!" the girl — Alicia — yells back, going wide-eyed as Lexa stiffens up, but doesn't advance on her. Alicia lowers her knife, chuckling dryly.

"Wow, what the actual fuck is this…"



The 100 and FTWD aren't mine. I'VE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS CROSSOVER FOR A WHILE! Just for the hell of it,,,, I did it. EHEHE. Any comments/thoughts appreciated!