6 months before fall 04:38 hours above Picon

XO Andrea Woods was nerviest even if she didn't show it on the outside her CO had told her personally told her that Admiral Nagala wanted to see her as soon as her tour on the battlestar Titan was over. That was why she was on edge Nagala was one of the twelve fleet officers in the Colonial fleet, he held a lot of power and could easily end her career with just his singure on a piece of paper. Arriving at the fleet offices on Picon the walked up to the assistant "Colonial Woods to see Admiral Nagala."

"Hes ready to see you." Andrea nodded her head and walked at a brisk pace to his office. Looking out one of the windows she could see the lush green world thousands of klicks below her its vibrate blue oceans shinning in the plants sun, surrounding the plant was Picon's defense fleet which concerted of 80 vessels from the mighty hulls of the Mercury class battlestar to the smallest corvette any attack on Picon would be nearly impossible. Arriving at Nagala's office she knocked three times and waited to be allowed in.

"Enter." Takeing a deep breath to calm her nerves Woods opened the door and walked in. Sitting at his desk going threw what appeared to be paper work Negala only stopped to look up to her for a second. "Colonial I have been expecting you, please sit." Nodding slightly she sat in the chair directed by the Admiral and waited for him to finish what he was doing. Seemingly done he reached over on his desk and pulled out her military profile.

"Andrea Woods age thirty eight born on Scoripa mother and farther both joined the fleet and also deseeded accepted into the academy on Scoripa at twenty, pasted with high marks form insurers at twenty one, became CAG on the battlestar Tigrus at twenty six and XO on the Titan at thirty two from their own counited her duties with any issue and recommend by her CO the be a commander." He read off the last bit slightly catching her by surprise.

He set the paper down and looked her in the eye " Flawless record, now I know why the Commander of the Titan recommend you. Colonel your being promoted to Commander, congregations. He handed her a pair of Commander markings "You are to report to Scoripo fleet shipyards by 15:30 tomorrow." Shaking the shock off the stood up and saluted the Admiral with her Commander pins in hand. "Thank you sir." "What's the name of the ship?" "The Renown Commander a Valkrie class battlestar just came out of the shipyards fifteen months ago, she's all yours, Dismissed." Giving another salute which Negala returned she turned and headed out of his office feeling a weight come off her shoulders and smiling slightly, knowing all her work had just paid off shed have to remember to thank Commander King for recommending her for her own command, also wouldn't hurt to see her home after a six month patrol with BSG-32 doing nothing but patrolling the edges of Colonial space with that in mind she boarded the raptor that would take her to Scorpio and got on last beautiful view of Picon before the streak of a jump ended it. Taking a set all she could do was wait till they arrived at Scorpio.

6 months later

Colonial task force 12

2 hours before the fall 20:00 hours

The rumbling of the Renown's engines were all that was herd in the CIC the beeps of the DRADIDS were lost to the ships large engine pack Colonel Dale Marks stood in the center of the CIC having taken over from the Commander two hours ago. Looking up at the DRADIDS it showed the green symbols of the task force which was under command of Rear Admiral Madden on board his flagship the Mercury class battlestar Boa directly off the port side of the Renown. Forming a semicircle around the two battlestars was the six firestar escorts they had a rather large patrol fleet, sense they were patrolling the red line however it was seen as necessary in case the cylons decided to attack the fleet.

While the crew was going about their duties Marks thought about the six month patrol they were about to end and he summed it up in one word. Boring , not like he'd say that out loud of course the only real "action" they had gotten was the commanders own attempts to help with that boredom with drills and mock dogfights between pilots, one of the more interesting drills was when she simulated an entire ship shut down, by actually shutting down the entire ship, they were by themselves of course so nobody knew about this drill she had just run. After it was over (which had taken the crew about 90 minutes to get the ship back on line since the CNP was shut down) Marks had asked Andrea why she had done it in the first place how she responded was not how he expected.

"The cylons are master hackers Colonel, I don't care what the eggheads say the cylons well find a way to hack the CNP system no matter how secure they say it is and when that happens, however unlikely, I wont to be ready for it." Having thought about it what she had said made since it was one of the things he had learned about her she expected the best from her crew and they would give it their best, the only other "action" they got in to was engaging and destroying a pirate corvette in which both the gunners and pilots both got a little taste. Once it was over one officer on duty called it a "skirmish" to which Andrea had just shook her head and called it "target practice" after that Andrea just wrote it down in the report and the ship was off yet again.

"Sir, a distress call was just picked up on coms, bearing 0-8-9 five hundred klicks out, admiral Madden has ordered the fleet to condition 2." Lieutenant Sam Joseph stated. "Action stations, action stations set condition 2 threw out the ship." Marks put the radio down "Do we have positive ID on the unknow?"

Across the entire fleet crew rushed to their battle stations, weapons loaded alert vipers lunched with others ready to lunch at a moments notice marines grabed their gear and began to seal off vital areas of the ship. In this controlled chaos commander Woods marched threw the ship to the CIC passing crew members rushing to their stations the marines at the CIC saluted her as the door was opened and she walked in. "Status!"

Colonel Marks answered "Ma'am the ship is ready for combat, alerts vipers are lunched and setting up a screen 50 klicks from the fleet vipers from the Boa will have contact in thirty seconds." "ID on the contact?" "Its a passenger liner form Scorpio ID is 7490-67." "Copy, any other contacts in the system?" "Negative ma'am!" For the next thirty seconds the crew waited anxiously for the vipers to get a visual, Andrea was more concerned with the fact that a passenger liner was so close to the red line, no civi ship should be out this far. As the time to contact got closer Andrea's nerves lit up a feeling something was not at all right with the situation. Far away from any colonial world and practically in the middle of no ware the whole situation screamed trap and much to her horror and that of the entire bridge crew that was exactly what it was.

"Ma'am three new contacts just detached from the ship! They must have been shut down avoiding our scanners until the vipers got close." "New contact bearing 0-0-0 and lunching fighters, their coming right for us!" "Alert vipers are engaging enemy contacts." Lt. Ed Irwin reported the flight officer for the Renown. Then to the complete shock of the crew they watched their vipers completely shut down right as the unknows lunched their missiles, they didn't have a chance with no power and no way to maneuver they were cut out of the sky, frantic calls form pilots reported their vipers just shut down, almost like a switch was flipped and the entire crew knew what that meant, the cylons had returned and comprised the CNP system. "Disconnect the CNP now!" Andrea yelled to the tech officer who with a swift salute got on it. Then without warning the Renown completely shut down killed with a flip of a switch she was now completely defenseless and dead in the water much like the entire fleet around them. The six firestars around the two battlestars were the first to go hit by no less then four nukes each they were evaporated, throwing what ever was left if the once proud ships across the void of space and into the two battlestars the Renown shuttered and groaned and debris slammed into the ship forcing the crew to grab ahold of something or be thrown to the floor the Renown was then slammed by four nukes ripping and blowing away armor on the starboard side lunching the ship on a collision coarse with the Boa.

Crew members were thrown to the floor with the impacts lights flickered and blew the entire ship shook from bow to stern the Boa, hit with no less then eight nukes became a small star after her own compliant of nukes was detonated blowing the ship apart the only recognizable pieces being its "alligator" head and the port side flight pod which slammed into the side of the Renown's own head. In the CIC consoles exploded or caught fire killing two officers and badly burning another one his screams of pain overshadowed by the groaning of the Renown as the ship was hit by the shock wave of the exploding Boa, however in a stroke of badly needed luck the nukes that hit the Boa and the ship exploding in a giant fireball blocked the cylons scanners for a brief moment meaning sense the Renown drifted into the debris field all they cylons saw was a disabled battlestar, which was true, but with the raiders having expended their nukes and returning to the baseship it began to fire regular missiles not nukes. It wouldn't buy a lot of time but the Renown could last a little longer.

Commander Andrea groaned holding her head tacking her hand away she could see it was slick with blood looking around the CIC it was a mess consoles wrecked or burning officers groaning or yelling in pain being helped by their fellow crew the ship shuttered again singling the cylon capital ship was using non nuclear ordnance why they just didn't blow the Renown away she didn't know, what she did know however was they were going to pay for that mistake. "Lt. Scott what of the CNP, are we disconnected?" she asked sternly determined to stay calm for the crew. Eva groaned shacking her head before answering " Almost Ma'am I wont be able to fully keep the ship safe form the virus but I should be able to slow it down give us time to get going again." "Get it done Lt." the ship shuttered again another missile salvo had hit " and quickly, we don't have a lot of time." Nodding her head with a determined look in her eye she got to work, determined not to fail the commander or her ship mates.

Colonel Marks groaned as he regained his bearings shaking the fussiness away he took stock of the situation around him, consoles were ablaze or down and out officers were helping the injured as best as they could lights flickered and failed the ship still shook form the impacts of missiles looking to his left he noticed a support beam that had been knocked loose, had he been standing 6 more inches to his left it would have crushed him. "Colonel are you all right?" one of the marines in the CIC asked while he helped him up Marks answered "Never better marine." Nodding his thanks he walked over to the commander who was fighting to regain control of her ship.

"Good to see your still kicking Colonel this is a right shitshow were in." Marks simply nodded his head. "LT. Scott status own our weapons!?" With her fingers dancing across the keys the LT. responded "MA'AM main batteries are back online as well as 60% of our anti fighter batteries!" Woods smile was sinister "Best damn news I have herd all day, tactical order all batteries to fire on target designated alpha 1 give these frackers a welcome they so deserve!" The tactical officer, who's name was Diego Cox, swiftly got to it "Private, get down to engineering as fast as you can tell the Chief if he hasn't overridden all safety portals to get our reactor on line that I gave him a direct order to do so!" she yelled to the marine who swiftly saluted and raced out of the CIC.

"All gun crews adjust to bearing 0-6-8 and open fire on target designated Alpha 1, ALL BATTERIES FIRE AT WILL!" Tactical yelled to the gun crews, rage clear in his voice. The gunners, having had a front row seat to the destruction of the force, could finally respond and have vengeance for the crews lost to the void, with a fiery hatred burning inside they preceded to give the frackers a welcome they would never forget.

All fifty five guns on the Renown thundered in response sending armor piercing shells hurling towards the cylon ship three seconds later another salvo screamed towards them as well the shells slammed into the enemy, ripping armor away and punching into the hull of the ship, shells impacted both forward facing "arms" of the ship destroying raiders docked and detonating missile pods, flack guns fired with a vengeance ripping apart every raider and missile inside their range, the Renown herself seemed to shutter with the volume of fire she was dishing out.

The cylons, now realizing to late that the Renown was not as disabled as they once thought, began to lunch hundreds of raiders and missiles determined to overwhelm the Renown's defenses. "Ma'am hundreds of raiders and missiles are inbound, tracking at lest 10 nukes as well!" The tactical officer shouted over the sounds of battle. "Batteries 1-30 redirect fire to bearing 1-0-7 and assist in destroying enemy contacts, we need to buy time for our jump drive to be reactivated." Commander Woods ordered comely. Outside the ship thirty batteries directed their fire from the enemy ship to the swarm of enemy fighters and missile coming right for the Renown, their own flack shells hitting farther out then the regular anti aircraft guns. Dozens of enemy fighters and missiles were knocked out of the sky, when they got in range of the point defense cannons thousands of rounds were fired at them and secondary flack batteries began to fire, however, even with that amount of fire power missiles still snuck threw impacting the Renown's already battered hull.

"Time till were ready to jump?" Colonel Marks demanded to the chief engineer ship board coms finally being restored. "Thirty seconds sir, there is a chance the drive could overload however." The chief responded "I don't care, as long as their is a chance for us to jump and live to fight another day." Marks replied receiving a "yes sir" before sitting the radio back down "Thirty seconds Commander." Woods nodded 'Time till impact?" " Thirty three seconds ma'am." Marks let out a small breath "Gods, this is gonna be close." As the timer counted down more and more missiles and raiders on ramming attacks began to slip threw and hit the Renown, the ship groaning in response the gunners seeing this doubled their efforts to keep the ship safe. Coordinates already set to a point out side a nebula eight systems away the timer hit zero and the Renown disappeared in a flash of light leaving the shattered, broken remains of Task force 12 and a battered baseship behind her.