Forty minutes after destruction of task force 12

Cylon baseship

unknown system

20:40 hours

"What of Caprica six, has she secured us a entry into the Colonial defense network?" A model two asked. "The CNP is compromised and the Colonials are in the dark, when we attack their ships will stand no chance." A model 5 assured. "What of the patrols on the edge of the red line?" "Completely destroyed, they will offer no complications to our plan." "That's not completely true." A model three stated. "Really, sister and which group managed to survive our initial strikes?" Five asked, wondering how even a single Colonial patrol group was either missed, or survived. "Not a patrol group, a single ship, the Renown form Task force 12." Three answered. Number five sneered at that believing a single battlestar world not have a great impact on their plan. Model two however was slightly concerned "Then the whole plan may be at risk, if the Renown manages to alert the Colonials of our plan, however unlikely that may be, then the plan will fail. We must hunt down the ship before- "It is irrelevant brother" a model one cut him off " The basestar reports it is unlikely the Renown would have survived its FTL jump with the damage it sustained in the ambush. The plan will proceed as planed the humans, he said with a distasteful sneer, will be eradicated form the galaxy and we shall finally take our place above them, it is gods will, and we shall carry it out to the latter."

Battlestar Renown

Thirty minutes until the fall

21:30 hours


The atmosphere in the CIC was downcast even with the hustle of the officers to get the ship back to fighting condition. No one could shake the depressed mood that hung in the air, they hide it well of course as expected form them Andera saw the signs, though right now, however, she had bigger problems to worry about, two to be precise. One with no long range coms the Renown cant send or receive coms out side of the system they were in and two the CNP was compromised the entire colonial fleet could be shut down at any time and with no ships to defend billions would be killed in the following cylon attacks. "How are we looking Marks?" She asked. Marks had been getting status reports form all threw out the ship determined to figure out how bad they were hit, if the Renown was combat capable, and if not how long would it take. "Not good Commander we have 356 confirmed casualties the chief medical officer among them, FTL drives are still down no update yet on when they will be back online, and most of our vipers are out of the fight until their CNP networks are disconnected Parks's got his repair crews working on it and so far only eighteen vipers are combat ready, Longshots got a two vipers running CAP just outside the nebula rotating them every eight hours."

Woods let out a low sigh only barely heard by Marks. "Any good news Colonel?" She asked. Marks only shook his head "Not much the Renown's completely separated form the CNP so we wont be shut down like last time, LT. Scott has ID'ed the virus the cylons used and is working on ways to counter it but that could take her weeks if not months to accomplish." Woods nodded it was something at least. "Thank you Colonel, carry on." Giving a swift salute he walked off. Woods took a breath, 'it could have been worse' she thought, a lot worse. The Renown could have been destroyed along with the rest of the task force her crew left to the cold darkness of space, forgotten, the colonies not knowing what happened to them until it was far to late. Right now though they still had a chance, a chance to warn the fleet about the CNP, a chance to save billions of lives, a chance to catch the cylons flat footed in their plans and have vengeance for the brothers and sisters lost to the nuclear fires of the cylons. With a almost scary realization she finally acknowledged the fact that her ship and her crew were all that was standing in the way of the cylons obtaining total victory and that fact, although she wouldn't ever tell her crew, scared her beyond belief. Now she knew the type of feeling the commanders and admirals of the first cylon war felt, knowing they were all that stood between the destruction of the colonies, their homes, and their survival.

Main engine room

21:45 hours

fifteen minutes before the fall

Chief engineer Tom Reilly had been running himself and his crew of engineers and technicians ragged for the past hour and forty-five minutes determined to get the main drive systems as well as the FTL drives back online as soon as possible. After the jump was complete the FTL systems shut themselves down do to the fact that he override all safety protocols to get the Renown out of their as fast as possible as soon as they completed their jump inside the nebula the systems shut down. Right now he's almost got the FTL back online and main drives to work at eighty percent thrust power not ideal but it will work until he can get the time to really look at the problem what he is doing now is, as much as he hates to, just a quick fix he cant do anything about that right now though commanders orders: Get her ship moving under its own power ASAP. Hitting the "activate" button the rumble of the Renown's engines finally coming back online was music to his ears, and judging form the cheering of the others they agree. "Get me the commander!"

In the CIC Commander Woods was, with the help of Colonel Marks, drawing out an attack plan after they had gotten a message to fleet headquarters or, gods help them, if the attack had already been carried out in which they would search for surviving civilian ships and military ships as well, after this had been completed the civilians would be left in the nebula for their safety whilst the Renown and any other military ships found went on the offense against the cylons. While this was going on raptors would search for surviving military and civilian personal and also gather intel on cylon strength and the position of the colonies, the plan will then change as necessary of course this is worst case scenario best chance is they alert colonial fleet of the virus and successfully defend the colonies and then counter attack against the cylons.

Just then the phone rang grabbing it she pressed it to her ear. "This is the commander, go ahead." "Commander FTL is back online engines at eighty percent we are ready to move out." A ghost of a smile appeared on her lips "Nice work chief." placing the phone done she looked to Marks the smile still gracing her face "Our situation just got a little better, chief reports the FTL is back online." Marks smirked back "Leave it to Tom to get the Renown back up as fast as he could, good man he is." Woods nodded her head in agreement. "How are we looking for coms?" "At most, another five minutes." Andrea didn't show any acknowledgment to his answer but Marks knew she was in deep thought deciding to leave her be he looked back over the map going over possible jump locations for rendezvous with other colonial military units. While he was doing that Andera was thinking exactly how the cylons had managed to hack into the CNP so quickly she could only think of two possible scenarios for this. One was that the cylons had somehow encountered the system before and had figured out a weakness in it, however, as far as she knew no colonial ship had seen them in forty years. Yes, she had heard the rumors that the Valkyrie had gone over the red line and had to destroy a classified ship, but she wasn't sure if this was true after all it might just be that, a rumor. The second option was that they had somehow managed to get spies in the colonial fleet which didn't seem likely, the cylons prefer a direct approach not stealth or espionage but it was the most likely solution to how they had comprised the CNP so completely, which begs the question who was or is their spy and could they have more of them in the fleet? 'Well that's a cherry thought' Andrea thought to herself "Commander! We have coms back online securing a channel straight to Picon fleet headquarters." 'One problem at a time Andrea one at a time.'

"Don't bother, get me a line straight to Admiral Nagala he needs to hear this, now." "Roger that securing a link directly to Nagala, link secured your on Commander." LT. Joseph reported. Woods picked up the radio "Admiral this is Commander Woods of the Renown how copy?" She waited a few seconds her heart pounding hoping they aren't to late. Finally after what seemed like a eternity Nagala responded "Commander what the hell happened Admiral Madden hasn't reported in for the last two hours." A very irritated Nagala asked/demanded to know. "Sir, Madden is dead all of task force twelve has been destroyed, its the cylons sir there back." Woods said calmly despite being anything but on the inside her nerves were on fire just like with the task force before it was ambushed. "Son of a bitch, alright I am getting the fleet ready to- "Negative Admiral the cylons have managed to compromise the CNP completely you have to disconnect it otherwise the fleet wont stand a chance." Normally Woods wouldn't dare to cut off a superior, especially Nagala, however these were anything but normal circumstances. She heard Nagala curse and shout orders in the back-ground before he returned to the mike "How the hell could they have gotten in to the CNP, we haven't seen them in forty years." Nagala said although Woods believed it was more to himself then to her. "I don't know my self sir, only other thing I could come up with is if they had someone on the inside." A growl has heard form the other end quiet, subdued but full of anger "It must have been Balter that fracking traitor!" He answered still in a subdued tone of voice making it all the more scarier in her opinion. "Sir what are our orders?" "Commander I need you to take the Renown to- a blaze of static came threw the radio causing Woods to pull it away slightly "What happened?" she demanded to Joseph "We lost the signal our coms array still isn't a hundred present fixed, sorry ma'am." He reported. Andrea stood there for a second seemingly organizing herself "Com get me a broadcast, ship wide." Marks stood beside her "What are you thinking Andrea?" "Its time to rally the troops, she looked him dead in the eye, were going to war." "Your on commander." She looked away form Marks and pressed the phone up to her ear and began to speak.

"Men and women of the Renown, every crewmember stopped what they were doing their attention now directly on what their commander had to say, I know you were all shaken by the lost of our brothers and sisters with Task force 12... and those we lost on the Renown during and after the attack. The cylons think they already have us beat... that we don't know abut their plans, they are wrong. Your decaudation to your shipmates have given us an opportunity to strike back against the cylons, catch them flat footed. The crew began to look towards their shipmates, a fire beginning to flame in their eyes. "Our mission now is to save as many civilian ships as possible they would be the first innocents to die by cylon fire I will not let that happen, we shall not let this happen, Andrea's voice was steadily rising in volume, a steel determination in her voice, "We shall meet and destroy the enemy that threatens our homes, our families, that is the advantage we have over the cylons, their just machines the act on statics, calculations, probabilities they have nothing to fight for! We do! You cant calculate decaudation, or sacrifice and certainly not the will to fight for your homes! The cylons have struck first and its time we struck back, we shall give them a welcome the frackers will never forget! SO SAY WE ALL!" The entire crew yelled back in response a fire burning bright in all of them the sat to their work with a renewed vigor getting the ship ready to give a bit of payback to the cylons who would dare, to threaten their homes.

In the CIC officers cheered for the commanders speech "All right people you heard the commander time to get some payback." Marks told them looking in to their eyes he could see a fire burning bright as a star 'Woods sure knows our to rally a crew' he thought to himself. "Nice speech commander, really got the crew fired up." Andera looked over to him "That's what I was hoping for Colonel, those chrome toasters will regret ever showing their faces."

Adamant frigate- Silent

Via star system

22:08 hours during cylon attack

Commander Seth brown and his small force which consisted of his ship the 'Silent and two Manticores, 'Striker' and 'Argo', were in bad shape. Three minutes ago his small force responded to a distress call form a civilian convoy after admiral Nagala set the entire colonial fleet to condition 2, why he did that at the time Brown didn't know, when they arrived in the Via system he quickly understood why the distress call was sent of the ten ships seven were completely shut down and three were under heavy fire form cylon raiders. Brown knew his small force couldn't last long against the fighters and missiles of the baseship and sent a SOS to any colonial ships in the area to assist.

He ordered the alert vipers lunched twenty MK IIs lunched out of their tubes and broke to engage the raiders chasing the fleeing ships whilst the two Manticores began to harass the enemy baseship with their long-range missiles and main cannons his ship was put between the enemy basestar and civilian ships to defend them form enemy missile attacks whilst the vipers engaged the raiders. That led him to the position he's in now.

The CIC shuttered with a missile impact, "Status" Brown yelled out his Tactical officer answered "Sir, missile impact, portside guns 1,4, and 7 have been knocked out, another two civi ships have been destroyed!" Brown cursed under his breath the Silent and their fighters have done all they can but the cylons are focused on destroying the civi ships and his ship doesn't have nearly enough flack to stop the amount of missiles being fired at them and his vipers are rapidly running out of ammo themselves, already he's lost half his fighters and three civi ships have been destroyed. "Sir radiological alarm four nukes inbound for the civi ships!" "Target those nukes they cant get threw!" he yelled a cold sense of dread settling in his stomach.

Ricky Cross call sign "eight ball" could fell his heart hammer in his chest, sweat running down his face with adrenaline and a small amount of fear running threw his veins lining up a shot he squeezed the trigger his viper shuttering as 30mm shells ripped the cylon raider apart in front of him synthetic blood and debris flying form the fighter, his sixth kill today and far from his last. The space around him was filled with missiles, cannon rounds, and debris form destroyed enemy and friendly ships alike. "Gods dammed eight ball, how many was that?" His wingman asked call sign 'Blondie' do to his hair color. His voice was tired with a small shake in it he was scared, Rickey couldn't blame him. "The both of us ten." He answered. For the past three minutes he and the rest of the Silent's fighters have intercepted and destroyed enemy raiders and missiles stopping two nukes as well form hitting the civi ships the operational ones having came back to try and save as many as possible a heroic choice and very dangerous for themselves and the civilians they were trying to save.

"This is the Striker main engines are down enemy fighters closing on our position need ass- static blazed over the radio the yells and desperate screams of the CIC still heard as the Striker was slammed by three dozen missiles lunched form raiders. The missiles tore into the battered hull of the 'Striker' exposing the crew to the cold vacuum of space. Internal explosions tore the ship apart before her tylium tanks were hit obliterating the entire aft end of the ship. All that was left was debris and the bodies of the crew floating off into the darkness of space. Cross felt him self go completely numb the entire crew killed in less then five seconds, no time for anyone to escape he felt a feeling of cold dread wash over him knowing that no matter how hard they fought, that they would meet the same end as the 'Striker' and her crew killed by the cylons and lost to the vastness that is space.

"EIGHT BALL!" the yelling of his wingman snaps him out of his stupor, "Four nukes are inbound we have to stop them the other vipers aren't in a position to intercept them!" Taking a deep breath he gets back to it 'head in the game, eyes on the prize' "Got it blondie." Both vipers break burning hard to catch the missiles firing the last of their ammo they knock out three nukes the last one still heading to a cargo ship housing 200 personal and 500 civilians from another ship that was disabled "Son of a bitch we have to catch it!" Blondie yelled fear and panic in his voice Cross knew that they would never be able to catch the nuke in time. Right before the nuke hit its target two MK VII vipers managed to destroy it the shock wave rattling the crew on the cargo ship but doing no real damage. Looking for where those vipers came form he was might with a sight sent straight form the gods them selves, a Valkyrie type battlestar her guns blazing at enemy raiders and the baseship. The feeling of hopelessness started to subside slightly, now they had a chance to save the civilians and live to fight another day themselves. As he banked over the battlestar he got a glimpse of its name the bright white letters standing out against the dull grey color of the flight pod. 'Renown'.