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Prologue: Naptime is Over

In the room designated for the Literature Club of Pandora Academy, a girl slept peacefully on the wooden teacher's desk situated in the front of the room. She sat in the wooden rolling chair, slumped over top of the desk, her face concealed by her arms as she soundly napped.

"Ugh, jeez don't tell me you were sleeping in here all day," A disgruntled male states as he strolled inside. His blazer and button-up shirt were left open, showing the black beater he wore underneath while his necktie was nowhere to be seen. His black school pants were loose fitting and held up by a red leather belt. When the girl did not stir he sighed and ran a brown hand through his short white hair, sharp red eyes narrowing a bit. He walked over, intent on yanking the girls long coral brown hair, that was currently out of its ponytail, to rouse her, but instead walked face first into an invisible wall. "Are you serious Monika!" He shouts, kicking the wall in aggravation with his red high top sneakers.

"Master, you should have known she'd do something like that," A soft voice states, worriedly looking on as their master assaults the invisible barrier. "You know how she feels about her naps," Seeing that she was ignored, the small petite girl went over to one of the student desks and sat on top of it. She gave a heavy sigh as her master kicked and punched at the barrier, sparks flying with every hit.

"This barrier is about to feel the wrath of Dulu Zepar!" The king declares dramatically, as he summons his onyx one-handed battle hammer with a shock of pure white lightning. He smirks as if he's already won, tightly gripping the leather handle and pointing the hammer at the wall before him. Raising it above his head, he gave a shout as he went to shatter the barrier.

"Master, I'm sure there's a bounce-back effect," But her warning came too late, the moment his hammer made contact with the barrier he was flung out of the room. After a moment, Dulu came sulking back into the room, walking up to his queen, placing his head on her lap in defeat. He wrapped his arms around her small waist, causing her to sigh once more. She knew just what he was about to ask her.

"Floraaaa," He whined into her knee-length plaid red skirt. Flora only sighed and closed her forest green eyes, shaking her head in pity for her king.

"Yes, Master?"

"Can you break the barrier for me, Flora?" She pets his hair with her small fair-skinned hand.

"Of course, Master," At her answer, Dulu springs up back to his full height with a large smile, dwarfing the small girl still seated on the desk. "I wish that you would have started with this though," She comments as she slid off of the desk, her brown school shoes landing soundlessly on the tiled floor. Dulu ruffles her shoulder-length light pink hair a bit, much to her dismay, before boastfully crossing his arms.

"Prepare to be defeated, barrier!" He states triumphantly, as Flora approaches it. She straightens her blazer and necktie before she places her hand on the barrier and closes her eyes. Shortly after, the spot where her hand was, began to emit a golden light that began to web out further.

"Ah, there it is," She mumbles to herself, just then the barrier begins to crack and splinter, before finally shattering and disappearing completely.

"Ha! In your face, stupid barrier!" Dulu boasted, pointing to the ground where the barrier fell. "That'll teach you to challenge the might of Dulu!"

"You're incredibly loud, you know," A tired sounding voice says with a yawn. The comment made him whip his head towards the source. Monika Oriax, now had her face turned towards him with a frown, resting on her folded arms. Red met green in a staring contest, while Flora simply looked between them. When Monika blinked Dulu let out a cheer of victory.

"Haha, I win again! Man, I'm on a roll today," He says holding his hand up for a high five, though no one gave him one. Noticing this he looked to Flora, she sighs before unenthusiastically raising her hand for him to slap it.

"Is there something you wanted?" Monika asks as she sits up in the chair, stretching her limbs a bit. She wore her uniform properly unlike Dulu, her shirt was buttoned, her blazer was on with only the top buttoned and her tie was perfectly situated.

"Are you serious?" He asks, the confusion clear on his face. "My medallion? You said you'd fix it,"

"Oh, that," She flatly says as she puts her hair back into its usual high ponytail, using the white ribbon that was on the desk. She fixes her bangs that stop right above her eyes and makes sure to leave out several long strands of hair that fall on both sides of her face. "It was rather easy to fix, all she did was shatter the sapphire," Monika opened a drawer on the desk and pulled out the thick silver chain that the medallion in question hung on. In the center was a lightning bolt shaped sapphire, once shattered now fixed once more.

"Sweet! Thanks, Mon!" He cheers, grabbing the necklace and giving the girl a tight hug. When she didn't return it, he believed his thanks wasn't coming across properly. So he lifted her from the seat in a bear hug, her brown school shoes barely touching the floor. Her face remained a blank slate.

"Could you put me down, please?" At her toneless request, he places her down on the ground, much to her relief.

"Hehe, sorry about that, just wanted to say thanks is all," He says with a nervous chuckle, Monika stared at him for a moment, then fixed her red plaid skirt.

"You did say thanks," She pointedly reminded him, pulling up her thigh high black socks. "The hugging was unnecessary,"

"Hugging is always necessary when saying thanks Moni," He says with a smile that would have made another girl swoon. All Monika did was slowly blink, a small barely there frown on her face.

"Ms, Oriax," Flora says, Monika slightly turned her head to acknowledge her. The queen gave a slight bow in apology. "I'll apologize on my master's behalf, I hope he hasn't upset you," Monika raised an eyebrow, the only indication of her confusion.

"You have no reason to apologize, it's not your fault your master is an idiot," There was a sound of offense from the said idiot, but it was ignored by both girls.

"Thank you for your understanding," She says with a small smile of thanks, one that Monika returned. Then she turned back to Dulu, her smile now gone as she looked up at him.

"I was unable to put the spark back within it," She says pointing to the medallion now around his neck.

"That's only because your not a Zepar, is all," He laughed. She didn't look too convinced so to prove his point, he held the medallion in his hand and generated a small spark of white lightning. The current worked its way through all the grooves of the metal before finally reaching the gem in the middle, causing it to glow with a dim white light.

"I see," She mumbles, studying the gem with slight interest.

"Master, aren't you forgetting about the meeting?" Flora reminded, her king with a strained voice.

"Meeting?" Monika questions, her emerald eyes shifting to the queen present. "What meeting?"

"Nah, don't sweat it," Dulu states with a dismissive wave. "Remi just wants to talk about some weird group that's been popping up is all. No big deal, since I can crush any weird cult," His boast was met with a blank stare from Monika, unimpressed by his boasting. She brushes him off and walks back to the desk to grab a blue book from the drawer the necklace was in, before closing it.

"I think we should go attend the meeting," She plainly states as she exits the room, Dulu and Flora left behind her.

"Heads up though, Camilla won't be there," Dulu says walking beside her with his hands in his pockets.

"Why, not?" She asks as the made their way towards the student council room.

"Yoshi said that she had to collect her peerage or something," He says with a light shrug, this made her pause suddenly.

"They still aren't here?" She asks with a tilt of her head.

"Nope," He says spinning on his heel to face her. "I texted her earlier, she said they had some other affairs to tie up, whatever that means,"

"Hm," She hummed lowly.

"Maybe, we should wait until she gets back," Flora comments. "That way you don't have to have the same meeting twice," Monika nods in agreement, while Dulu flashes a smile.

"Great suggestion, Flora," His praise made the small girl blush in embarrassment as she mumbles a quick 'thank you'.

"You deliver the message then," She says summoning a silver magic circle with a large diamond in the center. "It's the least you can do for bothering me,"

"Hey, I'm not a messenger boy!" He shouts, but she was already gone. "I'M NOT YOUR MESSENGER BOY!" He shouts to the ceiling at the top of his lungs, shaking a fist for effect.

"Master, I don't think she can hear you," Flora offers with a sigh. "If you'd like I can deliver the message," Dulu gives one last huff, before running his hand through his hair.

"This is why you're my favorite, Flora," He says with a grin. "I'll take you to that restaurant you like as a reward,"

"You're too kind, Master," Flora says with a smile.

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