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Ever since I wrote No Gloves Mr Salvatore, I've been wanting to do a story set in 1864. I've had a few ideas ever since, but none seemed right enough to make a good story out of, however a couple of nights ago, this particular plot came to me. I wrote the outline down and started on this chapter.

As Elena stepped out of the shower, heard her phone beep, letting her know she'd gotten a text message. She yawned as she finished towel drying her hair before going to see who it was from. Her clock told her it was 07:20, meaning she'd been up over two hours training with Ric as he was teaching her to defend herself against vampires. This had arisen due to Klaus leaving a humanity free version of Stefan to look after and protect her, when in fact Stefan and Klaus were the ones she needed protection from.

When Elena picked up her cell, she noticed a voicemail from Bonnie and a text from Damon asking her to join them at Bonnie's as soon as she was ready as the had a plan, and to bring her journal with her. This caused Elena to narrow her eyes in concern. The message suggested Damon was actually at Bonnie's house, which was almost the craziest thing she'd ever heard. Damon and Bonnie hated each other, although she did suspect Damon had a begrudging respect for her best friend. However, if Damon was with Bonnie, it meant she'd invited him into her house. For Bonnie to do that, it had to be something serious.

Forty five minutes later, Elena pulled up outside Bonnie's place. Damon's car was already parked outside, confirming Elena's suspicions about Bonnie inviting him in, which worried her. Elena was also confused as to why Bonnie would want Elena's journals. Her curiosity became one step closer to being answered as Elena knocked on the door and Bonnie answered, before ushering her into the living room, where Damon lounging on the couch, flicking through what looked like a grimoire.

"Okay, so what's going on?" Elena asked, folding her arms and looking round before turning to Bonnie. "And how come you've invited Damon in?" she frowned.

"Witchy finally couldn't resist my good looks and outstanding charm." Damon grinned as Elena rolled her eyes and tried to ignore him, which was hard considering every time she was in his presence of late, her heart started to race at the sheer sight of him. To make matters worse, Elena suspected Damon knew as he'd upped the flirting lately, although he'd been a perfect gentleman the previous night when he rescued her from the hospital.

Bonnie momentarily glared at Damon before turning to Elena. "Damon had an idea." she explained. "He asked if I could do some type of protection spell on you to keep you away from Klaus." she went on.

Elena frowned. "Wait, you two have been working together to try and keep me safe?" she asked.

"Pretty much." Bonnie smiled and nodded. "Well anyway, I started to go through the grimoire's to see if I could find anything suitable and I couldn't, then Damon had an idea." she started.

"How about we keep you somewhere safe, away from Klaus's clutches and from Stefan, until we know how to get rid of him." Damon smirked.

"And where would that be?" Elena asked, raising an eyebrow. "Wouldn't Klaus just bleed you dry to get the vervain out of your system and compel it out of you?" she asked Damon.

"That's the beauty of it." Damon smiled. "We send you to a place which is so safe, not even we know where it is." he said as Elena turned to Bonnie.

"And how can you vouch for it's safety?" Elena looked at her friend, a little scared of what they were suggesting.

"The spell requires the blood of the protector." Bonnie explained. "You can only return when the protector is happy it is safe for you to come back. Only then will he or she be able to find you." she said. "In this case, I'm suggesting two protectors. Me and Damon." she explained. "That way I can also channel the magic inside his body to give me more power."

"The spell is like sending you to a safe house where only me and Bonnie have the keys to letting you out. She's plugging into the magical fuse-board which turned me into a vampire to give her magic a little bit more juice." Damon explained. "Turns out my body is a magical hot spot." he added suggestively.

Bonnie groaned at his comment. "The dead witches won't help me. They shut me out when I brought back Jeremy. There are no celestial events for another two days. I need to channel something which has strong magic, Damon is an old-ish vampire, meaning the magic inside him is more powerful." she explained. "We need to do this as quickly as possible as Stefan is unpredictable." she added.

"Let's just say the right now he's hell bent on ruining all of the rugs in the boarding house." Damon sighed unhappily. "I don't know what he's capable of and I certainly don't trust him to keep you safe." he said. "He's way too far up Klaus's ass."

"And how do I know he won't hurt anyone here?" Elena asked.

"I've devised a linking spell, which means if Klaus tries to kill anyone you're linked to, then it will kill you. It will mean he will have to ensure everyone you care about is safe." Bonnie grinned. "I already ran this past Jeremy, Ric, Matt and Caroline. They all gave some me of their blood to link themselves to you." she explained. "But if anything happens to you, they'll be fine."

"How long would I be gone?" Elena asked, already realizing she was probably going to have to go through with it.

"Only until the coast is clear." Damon assured her. "Hopefully no longer than a few days." he smiled. "In the meantime, I'll try and find a way to get Stefan's humanity back and how to kill Klaus. Maybe try and get Stefan to work as a double agent, that way he might be able to shed some light in that area. You being gone might make him fear reprisals from Klaus, hence bringing his humanity back." he smiled.

This final comment of Damon's was what sold it for Elena. In one move, she could ensure the safety of those she cared about, and give Stefan a better chance of regaining his humanity. But there was still one burning question.

"Why did you ask me to bring my journal?" Elena asked.

"That's for me." Bonnie told her. "The grimoire isn't clear about exactly where it'll be sending you. It just says you'll be in the safest place, from your enemy and from which you can return, and you'll be with at least one person you love." she said. "I'd like you to write down what happens. But it will also keep you close to the people who are not with you."

"I guess." Elena sighed. "So, what do you need me to do?" she asked as Damon and Bonnie looked at each other and smiled.

"You'll do it?" Damon raised an eyebrow.

"I trust you both." Elena shrugged. "If it keeps everyone I love safe and possibly gives Stefan a chance of getting his humanity back, I'm all in." she smiled. "Anyway, it's only for a few days, right?" she asked.

"Hopefully." Damon smiled. "A couple of weeks max." he nodded.

"Fine." Elena grinned. "So, are we going this now?" she asked. "I'm just a little concerned about school." she said.

"We'll help you catch up." Bonnie sighed and rolled her eyes as she snatched the grimoire from Damon's hand.

"So what do you need to do?" Elena asked.

"First of all, I'm going to do the linking spell." Bonnie explained. "Then I'll draw on Damon to give me extra power before I cast the spell to send you to safety." she said. "The spell is a combination of a protection spell and a transportation spell. One moment you'll be here, the next moment you'll be where we send you. Are you ready?" she asked as Elena nodded hesitantly. "I just need a drop of your blood." she said as she went to a cupboard and brought out a silver chalice, six small vials of what looked like blood, a small shot glass and a knife.

Bonnie placed the chalice of the coffee table and emptied the contents of the vials of blood. She took Damon's hand and sliced a cut down the palm, allowing the blood to dribble into the cup.

"Oww!" Damon protested. "You made that hurt on purpose." he complained.

"Don't be such a baby." Bonnie groaned. "You know it didn't hurt." she added as he snatched his hand back. "Elena?" she asked as Elena held her hand out to Bonnie who sliced it but instead held it over the shot glass. When she'd done she poured half of it into the chalice and left the rest in the glass. "It's so that I don't have to do this to you twice." she explained as Elena nodded in understanding.

Bonnie closed her eyes and began the spell. There was no verbal incantation, but the lights started to flicker and all of the candles in the room lit up. Both Damon and Elena looked around nervously, unsure of what to expect or how long it would take. However, Bonnie soon opened her eyes as the candles went out and the lights returned to normal.

"I need you to drink this, you only need a sip." Bonnie told her. "I can cast a spell so that it tastes like water." she suggested.

"Nah it's fine." Elena lied, dreading the taste of blood. "But I'm a little worried about it having vampire blood in it." she frowned.

"Bonnie's sending you somewhere safe." Damon explained. "I doubt you need to worry too much about dying in the next twenty four hours."

"True." Elena agreed as she closed her eyes lifted the chalice to her lips and to a large sip, grimacing at the disgusting taste and consistency. She took just enough to make sure she'd linked herself to everyone. She glanced down at her hand and noticed the cut on the palm of her hand heal. "Is that it?" she asked. "Are we all linked?"

"We're linked." Bonnie smiled. "Klaus won't touch us now as he could hurt you and prevent him from making more hybrids." she said. "I'm just going to get the rest of the stuff I need for the protection spell."

Bonnie left the room, leaving Damon and Elena alone for a few minutes.

"I wonder where I'll end up." Elena sighed. "I hope it's somewhere nice." she said awkwardly, as Damon walked over to her.

He tucked a loose strand of hair behind Elena's ear, causing her heart rate to increase and goose flesh to break out all over her skin, even though she wasn't cold. "You okay?" he asked with a concerned look on his face.

"A little nervous." Elena admitted, although it was not the real reason for her agitation.

The thought of not being near Damon for a prolonged period of time made Elena uncomfortable. For some reason, he was the only person she trusted to keep her safe. But that wasn't the only reason. Elena was terrified it might be the last time she saw him, and if anything went wrong, she might never get the chance to kiss him properly, even though she knew she shouldn't. Deciding as there was a possibility things could go wrong, Elena would have nothing to lose. So she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Damon on the cheek.

Damon frowned. "What was that for?" he asked suspiciously.

"Just in case anything goes wrong and I don't get to say goodbye." she said sadly.

Damon lifted her chin with one finger and stroked her cheek with the other. "That's not my idea of a goodbye kiss." he said softly as he lowered his lips to hers.

Elena even didn't try to stop him. On the contrary, she desperately wanted to kiss him. In fact, she'd sometimes had dreams of doing more than kissing him, especially since he appeared naked in front of her on her birthday. That image had haunted her many a night. They momentarily stared into each other's eyes before Damon began to lowered his lips to hers. Elena closed her eyes in anticipation of his soft lips being pressed against hers. However, it didn't come. Instead she heard a noise and felt Damon disappear. Elena opened her eyes and saw Bonnie returning awkwardly with an armful of items on a tray.

"Here, let me help." Elena rushed over to her friend, to help carry the ingredients, pretending as if nothing had almost happened between her and Damon.

Elena was a little annoyed she and Damon had been stopped from saying goodbye in what could only be described as a less than appropriate way for platonic friends to part company, especially for such a short period of time. But Elena couldn't help it. She knew she was falling for him and it seemed to be completely out of her control. Her only salvation seemed to have been concentrating on helping Stefan. Instead Elena would be away from Damon which would either make her miss him and be desperate to see him, or it would halt the progress of her feelings and give her time to regroup. Whichever way, spending time apart was probably for the best, even though her heavy heart was in complete disagreement.

Bonnie and Elena placed the ingredients required for the spell on the table. A glass of water, salt, five glass jars, two identical keys, a piece of paper and a pen. Elena frowned as she looked at the ingredients.

"What's it all for?" she asked.

"The salt will act as the boundary." Bonnie explained as she started to draw a picture of a house on the paper. "I place a pentagon of salt in jars around you and sprinkle salt matching it around the picture. I'll then place a few drops of yours, mine and Damon's blood on the paper." she went on. "The candles represent the safety and prevents anyone not protecting you from taking you. In the glass of water I will place a drop of yours, mine and Damon's blood which we all need to drink. This links us together and it means only Damon or I can find you, and we can only do it when you are no longer in danger. The key represents mine and Damon's ability to free you. But first I need to channel some of Damon's magic." she said turning to Damon. "We need to hold hands." she grimaced.

Damon sighed and held out his hands. "And this is not awkward and all." he frowned as Bonnie took hold of them.

"Shut up!" she snapped. "Let me concentrate." she added as she closed her eyes.

Damon just stood there watching Bonnie with one eyebrow raised, as the candles lit up once more. However Bonnie was silent throughout with her eyes closed for what seemed to last for an eternity. Eventually she opened her eyes as she released Damon's hands and smiled at Elena.

"All done." she said.

"Why did it take so long?" Damon asked.

"Although you're fairly powerful, the magic inside you isn't very strong for me to channel." she explained. "It's better than channeling a human and it won't kill you like it did Lucas." she started. "But it looks like we'll have to hold hands during the spell. I can't siphon enough from you to fuel the amount of magic I need without touching you."

"Hey, hang on a minute. Didn't you nearly kill him when you channeled his power?" Damon asked.

"It's a different type of channeling." Bonnie told him. "Plus you're already dead, this can't kill you. At worst you'll get a nosebleed." she grinned at the possibility of hurting Damon.

"So it won't fry my brain?" Damon asked looking hopeful.

"I can't be certain." Bonnie answered truthfully. "I've never used vampire magic to enhance my powers. I don't know what it'll do." she shrugged.

Damon gritted his teeth. "Fine, lets get this over and done with." he said.

Bonnie took some salt and put it in the empty jars, before placing them on the floor in a pentagon. She then placed five candles outside the jars of salt. Then Bonnie added a drop of hers and Elena's blood to the water, before pricking Damon's finger and squeezing a drop of his into the mixture. After that Bonnie drew a pentagon with sprinkled salt around the picture of the house and added five smaller candles at each point of the pentagon.

"I need you to step inside the pentagon, with your journal." Bonnie told Elena who retrieved her journal from her purse and stood inside the the pentagon of salt. "Anything you'd like to say or ask before you go?" Bonnie asked.

"Give my love to everyone and I hope I'll be back soon." Elena smiled sadly, wishing events hadn't led them to resort to such drastic measures.

"See you soon." Damon smiled with a fake confidence.

"You'll be back before you know it." Bonnie grinned. "So if it's somewhere really nice, treat it as a holiday knowing you and everyone you love is safe and sound." she nodded.

"I'd feel a whole lot safer if one or both of you were with me." Elena sighed.

"That kind of defies the point of the spell." Damon frowned.

"Let's do this." Bonnie interjected. "Elena, I need you to take a sip of the water." she told her, handing her the glass of slightly pink liquid.

Elena pinched her nose and closed her eyes before taking a sip, shuddering at the coppery taste, before handing it back to Bonnie who also took a sip before giving it to Damon who finished it off and put it down on the table.

"I need you to put your hand on one of the keys through the gaps in the candles." Bonnie told Damon as she placed the small keys on top of the door in the picture. "We can't risk you burning to death as you're one of the keys." she said as Damon placed his fingers on the key and Bonnie did the same with the other key. "Now take my hand!" she instructed him, holding out her other hand, which he took. Bonnie closed her eyes and began to hum.

Suddenly the flames in the candles shot up three feet into the air. The lights flickered and the fire lit itself. A small whirlwind gusted around the room, initially encompassing all of them. The pages of the grimoire Bonnie was using fluttered and turned themselves over. Eventually though, the wind started to die down for Bonnie and Damon, however it circled with more force around Elena. Damon looked on in panic as if he was scared Elena was going to be burnt by the high flames of the candles, which were slowly getting higher. Strangely, however, they never flickered in the wind. Instead they just grew.

Damon noticed something else. The drops of blood on the picture merged into one single pool of liquid and began to seep into the keys, turning them red. Once the keys had soaked in the blood, the salt did the same thing. As it did, the key he was holding began to get hot, and he suspected the same was happening to Bonnie's. Suddenly he felt a burning sensation in his heart and his nose began to bleed. He was so engrossed in what was going on, he didn't notice the flames around Elena grow so high, she was no longer visible.

Finally the pain in Damon's chest started to ease and he turned to look at where Elena was stood. "Elena?" he called out, but there was no reply.

All of a sudden, the flames disappeared and the key went cool. Elena was no longer stood in the pentagon. Bonnie stopped her silent chanting and opened her eyes.

"Did it work?" she asked.

"Well she's not here." Damon replied with a worried voice.

"You don't have to hold the key now." Bonnie told him as he lifted his hand from the pentagon, noticing the piece of paper was now just a pile of ashes.

Damon walked over to the spot where Elena had been stood. He could see the jars of salt had moved inside the candle pentagon, a little like what had happened with the picture. But more disturbingly, inside the area where Elena had been stood, there was now also a pile of ash. Damon's temper flared, Bonnie had killed Elena.

"She's dead!" Damon yelled as Bonnie walked over to examine the pile of ashes.

"No she's not." Bonnie rolled her eyes. "I've teleported her elsewhere." she explained. "The last time I did this exactly the same thing happened, yet the message was received just fine."

"Wait a minute, are you telling me this spell is based on you sending a piece of paper somewhere else?" he cried.

"It makes no difference whether the object is a piece of paper or human, it works the same." Bonnie grinned. "I just added a few extra elements, like the protection part." she said as Damon walked over to the couch and sat down, hanging his head in his hands.

"And you're absolutely sure she's alive?" he asked.

Bonnie picked up one of the keys and handed it to Damon. "This will disintegrate if anything happens to her." she explained as Damon sighed with relief and placed it in his pocket.

Suddenly Damon got a sharp pain in his head. "Argh!" he screamed. "What did I do? Why are you giving me a witchy migraine?." he asked.

"I'm not." Bonnie frowned as Damon passed out.

Damon found himself stood in a clearing of trees next to a dirt road. It was familiar, this had been the road into Mystic Falls when he was human. He was looking at a carriage which had thrown a wheel. A face appeared at the window, one he knew all too well.

"Miss Katherine?" he frowned.

"Um, no." the woman who looked just like Katherine replied nervously. "I'm Elena." she said.

"Oh." Damon stated, confused. "It's just that you resemble someone..." he hesitated as he approached the carriage. "Forgive me." he smiled. "My name is Damon Salvatore."

Damon opened his eyes with a start and looked at Bonnie.

"I know where she is." he whispered.

"But that's impossible." Bonnie frowned. "The spell was to ensure her safety. If you know where she is, she's not safe. Klaus can find ways to compel you." she panicked.

"Oh Elena's safe alright." Damon smiled.

"How do you know?" Bonnie asked.

"She's with me." Damon frowned. "You've sent her back to 1864, before I became a vampire."

"How is she?" Bonnie asked.

"Confused." Damon replied. "Bonnie, if Elena has gone back to the past, I've seen enough Back to the Future movies to know her every move could mess with our timeline. I might not even become a vampire." he started to panic. "I just hope she knows enough to keep out of events to allow history to continue as close as possible to the way it was." he said.

"So have you got memories of her?" Bonnie asked.

"So far I can only remember meeting her." he explained. "Her carriage threw it's wheel, and we were just making introductions when I woke up."

"When in 1864?" Bonnie asked.

Damon thought for a moment. He'd been wearing his uniform and was heading into Mystic Falls, making it the end of July as he never returned to battle. "Around July twenty ninth." he said.

"That's a little precise." Bonnie frowned.

Damon narrowed his eyes, remembering the day long ago. "It was the day I deserted the confederate army." he told her. "I only joined to make my father proud. But he would've only been happy if I'd have been killed in battle." he told her. "It was a cause I didn't believe in and Katherine had arrived in Mystic Falls only a few months earlier. I met her when I was on leave, and by then I was already in love with her." he told her as Bonnie groaned at the thought of Damon being in love with Katherine.

"And now you've just met Elena." Bonnie looked confused. "But you've gotten no other memories yet?" she asked.

"Nothing yet." he said. "Maybe I need to be unconscious for me to get them and I only remember them when I wake up afterwards." he suggested.

"Okay." Bonnie nodded. "You go home, get some sleep and see if any other memories come back to you. We should be working on the same timeline as Elena, so until she's had the conversation with you, you won't remember it." she suggested. "As soon as you get something, let me know. We need to know what she's up to."

"That's if it doesn't completely change the course of history." Damon frowned. "Let's hope I'm still here when I wake up." he snapped, getting up to leave.

Bonnie suddenly had an idea, so she grabbed hold of his hand and stopped him. "I can get her a message." she said. "It's not just your future her actions could affect. It's all of ours present and future, mine included." she added softly.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" he asked.

"Grab Elena's comb from her purse." Bonnie told him as she pulled out a pen and paper and began to write on it. "I'm going to write her a letter."

"Good." Damon said as he found her comb and handed it to Bonnie. "Tell her to make sure she doesn't interfere with Stefan and I becoming vampires." he told her. "Stick with Katherine. She might be a doppelgänger bitch, but she's a master of survival and running from Klaus. But be warned, she's got all of the ingredients to break the curse, she will try to betray you." he told her.

"Oh my god. I didn't think about Katherine wanting to break the curse. She's got vampires, a werewolf, the moonstone, a witch and the doppelgänger. Let's just hope she doesn't know where Klaus is." Bonnie sighed.

"Oh Katherine knew alright. Just tell Elena to make herself useful to Katherine." Damon nodded. "And tell her to not call herself Elena. If I'm getting memories, so will Katherine and Stefan. They need to think she's a different doppelgänger." he suggested.

"Okay." Bonnie shrugged, deciding Damon probably knew the 1864 version of Katherine better than she did and he was best placed to advise her on how to deal with Katherine.


Whatever you do, be careful. Damon is already having memories of meeting you, but that is all so far. Try not to alter the past too much. Remember both Stefan and Damon still need to become vampires. The tomb vampires need to be rounded up. Ask for Emily's help. Tell her everything. Maybe that was the protection you were given. Pretend to be Katherine's friend and make yourself useful to her. She has all of the ingredients to break the curse, if you let her, you are putting everyone's safety at risk. Damon says do not call yourself Elena. Use a different name because Stefan and Katherine will also remember you. If I need to tell you anything else I will do it by sending another message this way.


Bonnie took a strand of Elena's hair from the comb and placed it in the middle of the page, which she screwed up into a ball in her hand. She held her hand out over a lit candle and closed her eyes. Right in front of Damon, the piece of paper began to burn up as blood started to run down Bonnie's nose. Suddenly the piece of paper disappeared and Bonnie started to wobble. Damon immediately rushed to her side and sat her down on the couch. He vamp-sped into the kitchen and got her a glass of water.

"You okay?" he frowned handing her the glass of water, from which Bonnie took a sip.

"Yeah, it's a lot of powerful magic." she shrugged, wiping the blood from under her nose. "Last time I did that spell I passed out." she told him. "I guess I'm a lot stronger these days."

"Maybe." Damon nodded. "You think she got it?" he asked.

"Yeah, she did last time. Anyway, you'll be the first to know as you are the one getting the memories." Bonnie cocked her head and smiled.

"True." Damon frowned. "Speaking of which, I need to get going and see if your little message got to her and find out what she's up to." he said. "You sure you're going to be okay?" he asked, his voice full of genuine concern..

"Yes!" Bonnie insisted. "Now for all of our sake's. I need you to go and spy on Elena." she told him. "Or I'll completely destroy your reputation and tell people how caring you can be." she smirked.

"Okay, okay." Damon held his hands up in mock surrender. "Message received loud and clear. I'm leaving." he said getting up. "Goodbye witchy, lets hope we got this right." he smiled before he turned around and walking out of the door.

Bonnie sighed to herself as she listened for the door to close. "So do I Damon. So do I."

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