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Elena opened her eyes and smiled. She glanced over to her clock which read 07:45. School was out for the summer and today was a big day for Elena, as it was officially her eighteenth birthday, although this was the second time she was going to celebrate it. She showered and dressed, and despite the heat, she'd chosen to wear jeans as this was what Damon had told her she would need for the day. Once ready Elena heading downstairs for coffee only to be met by Jenna.

"Morning Elena. Happy birthday." Jenna smiled.

"Good morning Jenna." Elena walked over and kissed her aunt on the cheek.

"What have you got planned for the day?" Jenna asked innocently.

"Damon said he's got a surprise for me." Elena sighed. "I told him not to buy anything." she said.

"He loves you, he spoils you, let him." Jenna told her. "That stage of a relationship doesn't last forever, take it while you can." she said with mock cynicism.

Elena blushed. She'd yet to tell Jenna about her and Damon being vampires. With no bad guys to fight, and Klaus knowing about her existence, but it being of no consequence to him, Elena had not felt the need. However she knew Jenna would soon become suspicious about neither her nor Damon aging.

"So what are you doing today?" Elena asked.

"Ric is coming around with Damon,." Jenna told her. "We're going to the mall to look at rings." she said giddily.

After Damon told Ric about Isobel wanting him to make her turn and trying to have sex with him, he'd filed for divorce. Ric had ended up in his job as a history teacher at Mystic Falls High School after Damon killed Mr Tanner. Ric knew all about vampires as he and Damon had still managed to become best friends and drinking buddies. Ric had also just proposed to Jenna only the Saturday before. This was why Damon and Elena had decided to wait until after Elena's birthday before they broke the news of their vampirism to Jenna.

On the other hand, Elena had told John about her and Damon. He wasn't happy about the situation, and wanted to try everything he could do to stop their relationship, but eventually he came around to having Damon as a Elena's boyfriend and them both being vampires. John had also ended up engaged to Isobel after she and Ric divorced, meaning Elena had some contact with her birth mother. This was something Jenna had been told about. Elena was fairly surprised when she met the human version of Isobel, as she turned out to be very different to the vampire persona she'd known before. Isobel was not happy about Elena's relationship with Damon after she'd unsuccessfully tried to seduce him, and instead of turning her, he'd become best friends with her ex-husband. But Isobel was in no position to make demands on Elena's choices, especially when she had wanted the same thing. Elena simply put it down to jealousy on Isobel's part.

After Elena talked to Stefan the day she came out of the tomb, he'd gone to Atlanta for a time with Lexi. However as of the last few weeks he'd been coming back to visit the boarding house. Often staying over for a few nights. As Elena was technically under eighteen, she'd never spent the night at Damon's, although his bedroom was her favorite room in the house, and they spent a lot of time there, unless Stefan was around. However Elena had noticed Stefan was spending more and more time with Caroline.

As Katherine had died before Elena was born, Caroline hadn't turned into a vampire, and she'd never even dated Damon. Therefore she was still in the dark about vampires, although she knew Bonnie was really a witch. As it was becoming clear Stefan was more than mildly interested in the newly single Caroline, Damon and Elena suggested he spend more of the summer with them. Therefore he would be moving back into the boarding house on the day of Damon and Elena's joint birthday party this coming Saturday, and was already looking to going back to school in the Fall. For the party, Stefan had already asked Caroline to be his date, to which she'd agreed immediately, as she'd had a longstanding crush on Elena's ex boyfriend.

After being turned down by Vicki one too many times, Jeremy had ended up dating Bonnie. Once he found out she was a witch, it was decided to let Jeremy in on all things supernatural in Mystic Falls, therefore Damon removed the compulsion he'd placed on her brother the day she'd been released from the tomb. Mayor Richard Lockwood was still alive, as was Vicki, who was dating Tyler, and finally getting her life straight. Tyler never triggered his werewolf gene, and Elena presumed neither had Mason. This meant the moonstone was still in the hands of the Lockwood's, not that it mattered anymore as the curse could never be broken. Matt and Caroline had briefly dated, but he couldn't deal with Caroline's insecurities, and eventually they'd broken up.

Bonnie's mom and dad never got divorced. Elena didn't understand why because as far as she was concerned there was nothing had happened in her life to influence the change of heart for Abby.

Zach Salvatore was still alive, but only the caretaker of the boarding house. He, his wife Gail and daughter Sarah lived in a lodge near the house, which hadn't been around the first time Elena had lived in Mystic Falls as a human. The lodge looked to be a scaled down version of the house she and Damon were building back in 1864, and although she couldn't be sure, she suspected it was on the very spot of land they'd chosen to build their house on.

After Elena had been placed in the tomb, Damon caught up with Pearl and Annabelle. He told them to keep to their word about finding a witch who would be prepared to desiccate Mikael. This was in order to save Klaus and his siblings, just to make sure all of the vampires of their sire lines were safe as Emily had warned if an Original died, the sire line died with them. Pearl and Anna were more than happy to help as they didn't want to die. And although Katherine had told them to get out of town, they knew she'd only changed her plan because of Eleanor, or Elena as they now knew her name after Damon eventually told them. Mikael was no longer a threat, and Pearl and Anna were in Klaus's good graces.

Elena's coming from the future was something which had to be kept secret from Klaus. Had he have known, he would have kidnapped her before the tomb was opened and tried to find the moonstone. This was why it was essential Mikael never went near Elena. They couldn't have anyone with any connection to Klaus going anywhere near Mystic Falls. Over the years, Pearl and Annabelle had become trusted friends of Damon's and had acted as guardians over Elena as she grew up. Prior to Damon's return, Pearl has been an art teacher at Mystic Falls High School, and Anna had been a student there for two years, pretending to befriend Jeremy, until they had to move on due to Anna not aging. However, since then Anna and Pearl were back in touch and were both attending her and Damon's joint birthday party.

Damon had also treat the Salvatore's who carried on the family name with more dignity and respect than he had done before. He wasn't hated by his family like he was the first time Elena met him, which was why Zach was still alive. Instead, he'd protected not only the Bennett family, but the Salvatore family too. Sadly Stefan had still become a ripper, which was why Lexi was still his best friend. She and Damon, although still having a frosty relationship, got on for the sake of Stefan. Elena suspected this was due to Stefan trying to set Damon and Lexi up together, however Lexi was a little insulted when Damon turned her down. Lexi turned out to still be alive as Damon had kept such a low profile after his return to Mystic Falls, the council weren't on such high alert. Damon's only victim was Mr Tanner, and as it was a single kill, it could be passed off as a one off incident.

The one thing Elena had never thought to tell Damon was the date her parents died. She suspected, had she have done that, they would have survived, but when it was discovered she wouldn't be going back to her own time, she didn't think it was important. Sadly, this meant her parents had still died in the car crash and Stefan had still saved her. The one other tidbit she now knew of that night was she met Damon before they died, and he'd compelled her to forget. This compulsion had earned Damon a one night ban from sex, ensuring Damon would be more restrictive with his compelling of people in future.

So much change, Elena reflected and yet she herself had done little to affect it. All she'd done was get to know Damon when he was human and warn him of the monster he could become. Damon had clearly gone out of his way to prevent that, although he had done as he was told and gained a vast sexual education over the years. Elena couldn't bring herself to be jealous of the women he'd slept with as it wouldn't have been fair for him to stay celibate for a hundred and forty five years, although it turned out he did manage a monk like existence for the first forty eight years. Damon's own education became Elena's education and as they already knew they were going to be spending eternity together, his experience would come in useful for them to have as good a sex life as was possible if you were going to stay faithful to one person for potentially all of eternity.

Damon had already proposed again to Elena, although she did reiterate she wanted to go to college first as was their original agreement. They hadn't told anyone, although she knew Bonnie already suspected. They'd already gotten Elena's engagement ring, and considering it would have cost a year's salary for Ric, they were holding out on their announcement until at least Christmas. By then Jenna would know about them being vampires and that Elena had been with Damon longer than Jenna had previously known and at one point had been pregnant with his child. Of course this was all dependent on how Jenna took the news in the first place. Elena knew Jenna would want to make sure her niece didn't mess up her future.

Elena's future was one of the things she had thought about a great deal when she was in the tomb. Especially about what she would do when she got out. Elena decided she wanted to put her vampirism to good use, and help people instead of hurting them. This was why she was seriously considering following in Grayson's footsteps and becoming a doctor. And fortunately for Elena, this would be possible as she had absolutely no issue with being around human blood. She'd stayed true to not hurting anyone as the only human blood she'd ever tasted from the source was Damon's, and that was a long forgotten memory. Elena had tried the bunny diet, but she found the blood repulsive, therefore she stuck to blood bags. Luckily Damon had never pressed the matter even though he occasionally indulged in snatch, eat, erase on special occasions, like his birthday the previous weekend. As long as he didn't kill anyone or go on murderous rampages, she didn't mind him feeding from the odd human.

As Elena was now officially eighteen, she was going to finally get to spend the night at Damon's place. To her this was the best gift anyone could give her, being able to wake up next to the man she loved, who she was going to spend all of eternity with, for the first time. While getting ready she'd been packing her things very carefully and had selected a number of matching underwear sets, even though it wasn't as if they'd never had sex since she returned. In truth, they couldn't keep their hands off each other every chance they got. This was especially heightened for Elena as she had the best version of Damon possible. His humanity was far more intact than it had been previously, he was still more like the human 1864 version. However, the cocky sarcastic vampire was still there. Damon had also developed his ruthless streak, although it wasn't something he acted upon, unless his family and friends were threatened. If so, he wouldn't think twice about killing someone. Another thing Elena noticed was Damon no longer lashed out like he did before. He got angry, but he channeled his anger into other methods. He'd play the piano, or a racing game with Jeremy as he knew he'd always beat him. The more she saw him interact with Jeremy, the more she realized how good a father he would have been had their chance not been taken away from them by Esther and Katherine.

There was a knock at the door and Ric and Damon walked in without being invited. Ric headed for Jenna and kissed her as Damon wrapped his arms around Elena and also kissed her.

"Good morning birthday girl. I've got a surprise for you." Damon smirked.

"Morning Elena." Ric called over.

"Morning Ric." Elena replied before turning back to Damon. "I told you not to buy me anything." she said through gritted teeth.

Damon frowned. "Technically I didn't. It is something of mine which I am giving to you." he said, kissing her on her forehead. "The other part is already yours, and the third part will have to wait until Saturday I'm afraid." he said sadly. "And that is something money can't buy." he smirked.

Elena looked at him suspiciously. "You're being cryptic." she said.

"I'm trying not to spoil the surprise. Are you ready?" he asked.

"I'll get my overnight stuff." she told him as she ran upstairs and collected her bag full of clothes and the spare toiletries she'd chosen to leave in Damon's bathroom.

They set off to the boarding house where Elena dropped off her stuff and Damon collected a few blood bags and a picnic hamper.

"We're going on a picnic?" Elena raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"It was what we did on our first date." he told her.

"Are you taking me to the pond?" Elena asked in excited anticipation.

Damon shook his head. "The woods are too dense now. Plus I've got some things to show you first." he grinned as they drove out of town for about ten minutes before pulling up an entrance to some local stables.

"We're going riding?" she gasped.

"Yup!" Damon grinned. "I thought you might like to ride again, that's of course if you haven't forgotten how to." he winked as they pulled up outside of the stables and got out of the car. "I also thought it might be a little romantic." he shrugged.

Elena wrapped her arms around Damon and kissed him. "You're the best. I guess that's why you suggest jeans huh?" she asked as he nodded.

"But there's something I want to show you first." he said as he took her hand and led her inside the stables and over to a stall where there was a mother and her chestnut foal.

"Oh my god, that's so adorable." Elena said.

"Descendants of Sally and Zeus." Damon whispered as Elena turned to him in surprise. "What, you didn't think I'd leave them behind did you?" he asked.

"No." Elena shook her head. "Wait, do you own these stables?" she asked as Damon nodded with a smile.

"I saved Aquila and Rosie too." Damon said. "They were a little old to be having any more but they had already been bred. In fact I bought up most of the horses, in your name of course." he grinned.

"In my name?" Elena frowned.

"I inherited a lot of land when we got engaged. So I put it all in your name before I turned." Damon told her. "I bought some more, again under your name and added to it."

"So this is my birthday present?" she asked.

"I figured you might want first choice on the foal." Damon shrugged. "She was born about a month before you came out of the tomb. I wanted to see how she was doing before I suggested her to be yours." he offered.

"This is the best present ever." Elena ran over to Damon and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You are the best." she added kissing him.

"However, as cute as the foal is, she's no good for riding right now." Damon said as he walked her down a few stalls. "This is Sunshine." he introduced Elena to a dapple gray mare." she's got a great temperament and she's very partial to bribery by apple." he winked.

"Sounds familiar." Elena laughed. "Who are you riding?" she asked as Damon walked to the next stall.

"This one." he grinned as a large black stallion peered down at them. "Elena meet Apollo. Also partial to apple bribery. Give him sugar cubes and he'll love you for life." he added with a wink.

The grooms tacked up the horses, while Damon and Elena dressed in slightly more suitable riding gear than they had in 1864, although ironically they no longer needed it. Eventually they set off, although Elena had no idea where they were going.

"Have you got a destination in mind?" she asked.

"Oh yeah." Damon nodded with a big grin. "Two places. And you are going to love them both." he told her as they continued to gently trot, making sure they didn't exhaust the horses in the heat.

After around half an hour Damon stopped and pointed to and area where the grass had been dug up.

"See there." he said.

"Yeah." Elena replied.

"Remember our house?" Damon asked.

"I remember we were having one built, but I can't remember the exact plans." she frowned. "why?"

"I kept the plans." Damon grinned. "I figured that would be a nice spot to build it on. Unless you don't like it." he said.

Elena's eyes opened wide. "The original house?" she asked. "But it was huge." she said.

"With some modifications." Damon corrected her. "I had to upscale a bit to make sure each bedroom had an en-suite, especially for the humans." he told her. "I also wanted a bigger kitchen."

"Why?" Elena frowned.

"For when we are entertaining." Damon said.

"But I can't cook." Elena said.

"I can." Damon nodded smugly. "I thought it was only fair to Stefan if he wanted to move back to Mystic Falls, that we all get some privacy. Including him and possibly Caroline." he winked. "Vampire hearing does have some pitfalls."

"I know. I've had to resort to earplugs whenever Ric stays over." Elena grimaced.

"Too much information." Damon laughed. "Anyway, so what do you think?" he asked. "You like the location of our new house?"

"I love it." Elena smiled and wrapped her arms around Damon's neck before kissing him. "You know, a house is too much for a birthday gift." she said raising an eyebrow.

"This is not your gift." Damon told her. "Let's get going, I'll show you your real present." he told her as she mounted Sunshine.

They rode in the opposite direction for another ten minutes. The view felt familiar yet somehow different, until she saw a barn come into sight.

"Is that our barn?" Elena asked in wonderment.

"I had to have it partially rebuilt." Damon told her. "But yes, it's our barn. Our own little piece of heaven." he said as Elena jumped of Sunshine and vamp-sped over to the small building.

As she explored, she realized Damon had been very particular in ensuring it was identical in every way to the one they used to frequent. Even the bales of hay were stacked up the same as in 1864. Tears of joy welled up in Elena's eyes, unable to believe she'd got the best of both worlds. She had her friends, her family, Damon and now even a small piece of hers and Damon's past life.

"I can't believe it." she sobbed.

"You want to road test it?" Damon asked as he pulled out a picnic blanket identical to the one they used to use from the basket.

Elena grabbed hold of his hand and pulled him inside. "You don't need to ask me twice." she whispered as their lips met.

After they'd ensured the barn met to their specific standards in every stall, they stood watching the horses. Damon had the blanket wrapped around their naked bodies as he always had done in the past, standing behind her with is chin resting on her shoulder.

"Have you ever wondered whether it would have been a girl or a boy?" Damon finally asked.

Elena had been waiting for him to bring the baby up. Ever since she'd returned, they'd never spoken about it, both finding it too painful to be reminded of. But now they were inside the building where the baby had originally been conceived and it felt right to talk about it now.

"For the first year in the tomb I cried so much about losing the baby." Elena told him. "I have never hated anyone as much as I hated Katherine. But me and you having our own children was clearly never meant to be." she sighed. "I did have a feeling the baby would be a girl though." she admitted.

"Me too." Damon said sadly as he rocked their bodies together. "That was why I killed Katherine. She robbed us both the chance of ever having a child through her own selfish needs."

"Katherine was just trying to survive. For her everyone else was just collateral damage." Elena shrugged. They stayed silent for a minute before Elena continued. "I know we can't have kids, but there's always horses, and we can have a dog. I know it's not the same..." she started.

"Dogs smell, and they piss and poop all over the house." Damon argued.

"We'll make sure it is house trained." Elena retorted, suddenly feeling excited about the prospect of maybe getting a dog.

"So you want a dog when we move into the new house?" Damon asked.

"Thank you Damon." Elena cried. "That is such a wonderful idea."

"I didn't suggest we get one." he panicked.

"Oh don't be a spoilsport." Elena slapped him on the chest. "We're getting a dog and that is final." she grinned.

"Ugh!" Damon groaned.

Elena turned around and kissed him. "You'll love it." she said, rubbing her hips against his.

"Just make sure it's locked away when Stefan is around." Damon whispered as their lips met.

"Stop talking." Elena told him as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around Damon's waist, their lips never parting.

By the time Saturday night had arrived, Elena was in Damon's room putting the finishing touches to her outfit. Examining herself in the mirror, she saw Damon behind her leaning against the wall.

"I thought it was time to give you my last gift." Damon told her as he walked up behind her and kissed her neck.

"I hope it didn't cost too much." Elena sighed.

"This one cost nothing at all." Damon grinned. "You see, you and I weren't the only people who's lives were ruined that night. We weren't the only ones who turned into vampires." he said.

"I know. Stefan turned too." Elena said, confused by Damon's statement.

"There was someone else." Damon told her. "When Emily was treating you for your pregnancy, she used Katherine's blood. But she asked for more than she needed. Instead of using it to make pain relief, she was feeding it to someone else. That someone else also died that night." he said.

Elena frowned. "Who?" she asked.

"You can come in." Damon called out as Lizzie's head popped around the door.

"Oh my god, Lizzie." Elena cried as she ran over to her former handmaiden and hugged her.

"Elena." Lizzie smiled as she opened her arms out. "It is so good to see you again." she cried as tears fell from the eyes of both girls.

"Where have you been?" Elena asked.

"Well for a long time I was keeping this one out of trouble." Lizzie smirked as she looked over at Damon, who edged out of the room. "But after we got rid of Katherine we went our separate ways. I fell in love and got married." she smiled.

"Are you still married?" Elena asked as Lizzie nodded.

"He's downstairs. He decided to give it all up and turn for me." Lizzie smiled dreamily as she told her. "Becoming a vampire was the best thing that could happen to me." she said. "But I was still angry with Katherine for what she did to you. She compelled me to spy on you and forget I'd ever told her anything. I was the one who noticed you hadn't bled in over a month, and I told Katherine." she lowered her eyes. "I hope you can forgive me." she whispered.

"Of course I can." Elena smiled. "Katherine compelled you, it wasn't your fault."

"I blamed myself for years, but Damon never did." Lizzie said. "He's a good man and completely in love with you. He was devastated about the baby. His only consolation was he would see you again. Otherwise I'm sure he would have taken off his daylight ring. So I'm going to say, make sure you treat him right." she winked.

"As long as he lets me have a dog, I'll be the perfect girlfriend and wife." Elena said loudly so Damon could hear.

Damon walked back in. "Okay, that's enough otherwise she'll never drop the subject of getting a dog." he complained.

"i think that's my cue to leave. I'll see you at the party." Lizzie grinned, giving Elena a quick peck on the cheek before heading back to the party.

Damon bowed before offering Elena his arm. "Shall we Miss Gilbert?" he asked with a smirk on his face.

"Why most certainly Mr Salvatore." Elena curtsied and took his arm. "I would be most honored." she smiled as they headed downstairs to host their joint birthday party.

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