I borrowed a line from My Fair Lady in this chapter. Thank you so much for reading my first multi chapter fic! I hope you liked it!


"Draco! Hermione! We are going to be late!" Lucius was pacing by the door of the manor.

"Dad! Relax, it's fine, Minerva's already opened the floo for us."

Lucius looked fondly at his daughter in law.

"Yes, Father, don't worry, I have an in with the Herbology teacher. He's saved us the front row." Draco replied.

"I want to be there when she comes on stage!" He crossed his arms at the couple.

"It's not every day your granddaughter stars in a musical!"

"She's first peasant. I hardly call that staring," Hermione teased.

"Yes well Narcissa had her dress custom made, she will be the absolute best peasant in the whole damn play! I knew I should have gone early with Narcissa for the dress rehearsal. Instead I have to wait on the absolute slowest woman in the world and her husband."

"Well you would be slow too, if you were this pregnant. I still can't believe this is my life," Hermione giggled at Draco, "your father has come a long way."

Lucius grabbed the obscenely large bouquet of pink roses, and paused to give her belly a quick pat, then he linked arms with Hermione to guide her to the floo.

They arrived quickly and right on time. The front row was saved just like Neville promised. They were handed programs and Hermione glanced down at the familiar names:

Astrid Nott

James Potter

Hugo Weasley

Scarlet Weasley

Audrey Zabini

Frankie Longbottom

Her eyes continued to scroll past until she reached the first year student's names:

Rose Malfoy

She beamed with pride knowing that her daughter as a first year student was allowed in the play. Usually it was reserved for second years and up. Knowing the director had nothing at all to do with it. She caught Luna's eye from behind the curtains. They smiled at each other. Then the lights dimmed and Luna came out on stage. She glowed. Literally glowed, having discovered glitter glue during one of her muggle arts and crafts nights.

She murmured Sonorus and spoke loudly to the crowd:

"Ladies and gentlemen! I am so pleased you are here for the 5th annual Hogwart's musical! Every year the students in magical theatre write the play, design the backdrops, audition for their parts, learn their lines, and are all around amazing. I am so pleased to be their teacher.

This year is extra special as my own daughter is playing the part of the taxi driver. I am so proud! But I digress, this play would also not have happened without my husband's Music class composing the songs, and working so hard with the actors' vocals and lyrics. We hope you enjoy the students' hard work, without further ado, I present to you the Hogwart's musical: Something Muggle."

Everyone clapped as the actors entered the stage.

The play was mesmerizing! The backdrops were charmed with magical paint which fluidly changed from one scene to the next.

The musicians played beautifully and even consisted of a few Gryffindors, Hermione noted. The actors were adorable. Especially little Rose singing proudly her one line of the play:

"The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!"

Lucius clapped loudly.

When she looked up at the lead guitar player, they locked eyes immediately, but where there once was intensity, once was passion, once was love, once was pain, once was disdain, and eventually hatred, now there was only kindness, as if a beaming light had softened all the darkness that used to linger in his eyes. He nodded to her and broke her gaze to find his wife. There he glowed.

Hermione squeezed Draco's hand.

When the play was over, the Malfoy's went to greet little Rose and all her friends meeting up with all of their extended family.

"PAPA! Did you see me? Did you see me sing my line? I was so nervous!"

"You were perfect my Rosie." Lucius scooped her up into his arms and handed her the bouquet. She hugged her grandfather and he choked fondly on her insanely curly blonde hair.

Draco leaned over to whisper to Hermione, "you know, father and mother are going to join Rosie in the great hall for dinner. We might be able to sneak away." He winked.

The cad! "Just what did you have in mind?" She murmured.

"Well, I heard a rumor that they changed something in the library."

"Draco! I'm 7 months pregnant! And… we might get caught." She nibbled her bottom lip. Merlin, her fantasy!

"I borrowed a few things from our nephew."

"Which one?"


"The cloak?"

"Yep. And the map."

"Oh bollocks. Draco!" She turned red before turning to tell the group she wanted to take a quick walk with Draco before dinner. Rose was too excited to care. Harry gave them a cheeky grin and said something about a waddle not a walk. Pansy winked at her with a knowing grin.

Draco led his giggling wife into the restricted section. Murmuring all the privacy charms he could think of. He kissed his wife softly.

"So let's make a deal." He told her.


"If I make you come at least three times, you let me name the baby."

"Draco!" She rolled her eyes, "we've been through this. I am not naming our baby Leo DiCaprio Malfoy! Scorpius Hyperion is a much more sensible name."

"But Hermione. We just saw Inception. How can you even argue with the name after seeing that film. He's brilliant."

"Ugh. Draco. Fine make me come already! This baby wants to eat."

"As you wish my love." He grinned at her and turned on his wand.