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STG Report on the Janus Pair, Rasa Diam and Maya Brooks

Senior Agent Vinaris to the STG Master

As requested, I've put together an initial briefing document covering everything we currently know regarding these… females.

I usually attempt to hold to some level of decorum in my reports (unlike certain agents assigned to the Broker), but as with the Odd Couple, this is a very ugly pair of killers, and in many ways they are far more dangerous than the Odd Couple.

Kai Leng and Theo Pellham are brutal killers with two decades experience in killing and top-shelf military skills, but they are not subtle in any way but sneaking in to infiltrate and kill. Maya Brooks is so polymorphic she has run rings around not only the AIS, but even STG cells and entire Waves of Nightwind, and Rasa…

Well, Tetrimus once said he wouldn't want to fight her one-on-one, and she nearly killed Inalia T'Rome and she isn't even a biotic.

As with all reports, by necessity, this document is not all-inclusive with details, but instead provides high-order information that can be queried in-depth at a later time. You will find, sadly, that most of this is conjectural. At best.

We do not even know for sure how old Rasa is, and I lost a Shieldbreaker and an entire deep covert cell putting together this much. This is not a typo.

This file is classified Virshan-Orange. This is the eight hundred and sixty-seventh Orange Section file since the origination of the first Special Task Order given by Dalatrass Shiron herself.

Caution: Read FIRST:

As usual, most if not all information is based on four sources: existing historical accounts and records, eyewitness accounts, extranet information, and accumulated scans and examinations. Under no circumstances can this file be assumed complete, and, as always, assume that this file is a baseline of her abilities, not a comprehensive coverage.

Given that both Rasa and Maya are masters at disinformation, counterintelligence, and subversive data hacking, all of the above is likely to be as useful as a cant-reader in a firefight. Assume that there is a possibility all of the data is erroneous and strike with maximum firepower.

In a purely physical sense of threat, Maya Brooks is of no real moment, a good assassin and soldier to be sure, but nothing spectacular. Rasa Diam is a murderous titan who has cut down multiple Transcendentals, forced a war priestess to flee, and is one of the only people in the galaxy that survived direct combat with Tyriun no Kage.

Per STG standing order 9918-sielta-five, STG units who can confirm targeting on Rasa Diam are to implement Protocol Forty-Four (self-targeted orbital strike on target) to ensure her death.

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Rasa Diam


Formal Titles: Commander, Cerberus Psychological Warfare Operations

Nicknames: Mariane Brooks (original name); Aliases include: the Shadow, Water-soul, and several dozen assumed identities.

Race: Human (heavily cybernetically and bio-augmented)

Age and sex: 51 (+/- 5 years), female

Wealth: Highly indeterminate. As a Broker assassin and freelancer, Brooks was known to have wealth in the range of twenty to thirty million credits twenty years ago. STG and FINCIN trackdowns on exposed accounts since then have recovered at least thirty million credits and we have no idea how many more boltholes for cash she has. She has a collection of rare and ancient knives and other ritualistic weapons of murder worth at least six million credits, including a ritual dagger used to kill a Palavanus.

Psychological Summary: Rasa is a very hard entry into the Plotting/Corrective quadrant of Villainous personalities, with occasional switches to the Cruel/Disdainful quadrant, baffling PsyProf for years. Extremely mentally unstable, parapathological fetishization of killing, depraved sexual appetites (even by Vabo standards) including the mental corruption, torture, and murder of over sixty of her sexual partners over the years. Rasa is polymorphic in the extreme and cannot be predicted.

Military Summary: Early training as assassin for hire and thrill-killer for gangs, professional assassin for a decade before Broker service. Another fifteen years of killing for the Broker, assume high-level training, and the past eighteen years with Cerberus. Master sniper and assassin. Master-class battle-suit pilot, fighter pilot, and gunner. Skilled with poisons, toxic chemicals, traps, explosives of all kinds, multi-part chemical agents. Extremely competent at CQC and unarmed combat.

Education: Unknown. Based on her history, she had no formal education growing up. One Agent reported a story that she did not know how to read or write until she was almost twenty. It is almost certain she has a mastery on par with a doctoral degree in chemistry and biochemistry, however it was obtained.

Employment: Currently in command of Cerberus's psy-ops unit. Former Cerberus lead assassin, former Broker assassin, former freelance assassin.

Significant Family: Maya Brooks, adopted daughter/lover. Abandoned by parents at birth, no other known relatives.

Overall Threat Rating: Ha, the scale doesn't go high enough. Black-Collapse-Nine and take that with the advisories that fighting her is about as survivable as falling into a black hole.

Historical Notes:

Much of Rasa's earliest history is nothing more than guesses and bits of rumor. Almost all of this comes from Asset X09-BKR-39, a captured Broker data agent who turned coat to preserve his life and who was Rasa's handler with the Broker.

According to him, Rasa was originally named Mariane Brooks. (Search of SA hospital records found no such birth record. However, extensive bounty-service records for that name were found). She was abandoned and, given the horrific conditions in the lower levels of poor arcologies on Earth, probably brutalized.

At some point, she entered gang life, acting as a killer and drug runner up until the Relay 314 Incident disrupted human society. From that point, we have no information until several years after, when she was in the service of a human cyber-doc, drug dealer, and clonelegger known as 'Doctor Detroit.' This figure was a powerful crime lord (assassinated sixteen years ago) who controlled almost a full percent of the illegal revenue of the human race.

(Side note: Doctor Detroit was likely a fallen and disgraced member of the Eldfells.)

Rasa became known to us after she began work for the Broker. How this came about is still unknown, but the results were bloody and vicious. Tetrimus was still being fitted out with some of his cybernetics and Tazzik had not even been created when Rasa was the Broker's leading assassin.

In the decade we had tracking on her, she completed a staggering fourteen hundred assassinations. This is not a typo. She was able to move in human and asari circles with near impunity and every attempt to stop her failed miserably – even the Lords of Sol's boogeyman, Tyriun no Kage (before his break with them), fled for his life.

What led to the break between the Broker and Rasa is not something Asset X09-BKR-39 knew about, but it was likely mutual betrayal. He did share the fact that Rasa had attracted attention due to her string of murdered sex partners and that the Broker found her 'troubling.'

The fallout of the break was spectacular, Rasa literally butchered well over thirty Broker heavy combat agents – two full teams – and multiple agencies moved in to capture or kill her. Rasa singlehandedly killed three entire STG cells, a Deathwatch team, a team of Nightwind, and two more Broker teams before the AIS and Cerberus joined the hunt.

She was brought to bay on Verthis 6 (after an explosive escape on Themis Station that left the entire Broker Network there in tatters) by multiple agencies, and then simply vanished. A year later she was wearing Cerberus colors and cutting a swathe through Broker cells she knew about.

We do not have further hard data on Rasa's past, and an alarmingly high number of people who would have known about it have been quietly murdered over the years. The bounty services company who had the most information was purged in the span of sixty days once she started working for the Broker, and it is very likely Doctor Detroit was also killed by her.

Rasa has already made one nearly successful attempt on the life of Asset X09-BKR-39, which raises disturbing questions about how she even knew he was our 'guest.'



Rasa's mind is, by both salarian and human terms, broken fractionally. She does not possess anything even approximating a moral code, disdains life as meaningless, and is only spared an omnicidal rating by the fact that she finds most people not even worth the time to kill.

She doesn't care for money or power so much as she pursues the ability to be what Asset X09-BKR-39 described as 'formless.' She seeks to be able to kill and indulge her impulses without restraint and literally sees most forms of life as nothing more than targets.

A secondary motivation is the protection, grooming, and care (and ongoing abuse) of Maya Brooks, for reasons I would rather not speculate upon.

Organizations and Affiliations:

Rasa has been a top-level assassin since she was twenty, and was the red right hand of the Broker alongside Tetrimus for a good decade. Since then, she's only served Cerberus. It is almost certain she has other connections, but connecting the dots to point to her is difficult at best.


After Kai Leng, Rasa Diam is the most aggressive combatant the STG has surveyed. She is a specialist in murder and assassination, but – unlike most assassins – is more than competent in open pitched battles and the like.

Rasa's known armament consists of a pair of cut-down, heavily modded Skara-VII combat SMGs, an older pre-Relay 314 Incident weapon kept up-to-date by Broker and later Cerberus techs. In their current incarnation, they hurl three-millimeter, hi-explosive, armor-piercing darts at a rate of six hundred rounds a minute.

Rasa also uses a wide array of monomolecular knives, an eezo whip, monowire tanglefields, a total of eighty-four types of contact poisons, sixty-two types of toxins or chemical agents (nine of which are restricted, three of which are black nano) and – most disturbingly – has modified her blood to carry hostile nanoagents.

She does not wear heavy armor, but instead wears a very high-quality polymorphic scout-suit (stolen from the asari) and a photonic cloak, estimated duration of twenty-four seconds.

Rasa is a master at thrown knives, and these are all coated in multiple neurotoxins and other substances that would serve to kill krogan, much less salarians.

Rasa is not as effective against highly cybernetically enhanced beings who can ignore the toxins and poisons she carries, but has also used (at various times) fouled-eezo discharges, EMP bombs, and elcor ion bombards to deal with such threats.

Specific Tactical Methods, Ground Combat:

Long-range: Rasa is unique in that her entire combat style shifts in form and function dependent on range. Unlike most top-end combatants, who are clearly superior at one range or another, Rasa is a master combatant at any range and will never use the same tactics in a repeated fashion.

At long-range, Rasa will either use sniping and explosives to weaken and harry opponents, or use cover, concealment, and flashbangs to disorient opponents as she closes range. On occasion, however, she will utilize an omni-tool device to fabricate a drone that flings chemical agents, or lay omni-mines and move to flank and perform heavy infowar tactics.

Long-range combat isn't recommended as she has too many methods to disrupt a standard STG team.

Medium-range: At medium-range, Rasa typically engages with her SMGs – up to two hundred meters, she can hit with pinpoint accuracy, including both headshots or joint shots. Mixed in with this will be a torrent of grenades of a wide variety (she is known for looting our agents of grenades after killing them), along with quick-set traps and liberal use of drones.

On occasion, as noted, she shifts this up and instead will use explosives to reshape or collapse the battlefield, including fuel-air-eezo explosive packs linked to thin omni-gel tripwires. As you can imagine, this tends to disrupt unit defensive positions and she will use this to either open range (to snipe) or close range.

Short-range: At short to melee-ranges, Rasa will usually engage her cloak and move to perform a series of targeted strikes with melee weapons. Given that even a single cut from them can be fatal, she will combine this with a barrage of thrown knives.

If she is pressed for time, however, she will engage in the use of chemical agents (she has immunity to them all) and her eezo whip, using it to make an opening to either flee or move to a more advantageous spot. Rasa only engages in direct hand-to-hand combat if forced, but will not shy from such and is more than capable of killing armored batarians in melee with no noted strain.

Warning Advisory:

As many other STG files point out, BC9 threats aren't usually something you can defeat without either massive casualties, dropping a building on them, or (preferably) kinetic bombardment. Rasa is not the most physically powerful or dangerous of the BC9 entities by a long shot (read the Thana Vathan file), but she is more lethal than most of them.

Rasa will combine and use multiple tactics, shift her entire battle-style on the fly, withdraw and advance at random intervals, and generally make pinning her in place impossible. Combined with cloaking, stealth, and her physical upgrades, you are advised not to push to engage.

Again, she was able to take out a war priestess once with minimal equipment, scares krogan, and took out a Shieldbreaker in less than a minute. Fighting this murder-machine is likely to only result in lots of pointless casualties and more stolen grenades.

Physical Abilities:

Based on recovered footage and autopsies of her victims, we can conclude Rasa is very heavily upgraded. Her strength is easily on par with very strong turians, her speed not much less than a salarian elite, and her toughness and damage mitigation is ridiculous.

Asset X09-BKR-39 was able to confirm that the Broker paid for top-level delta grade augmentations – sub-dermal armor, blood repair nanowork, bone lacing, bionetic muscle and nerve upgrades, etc. Cerberus has also undoubtedly done additional work on her.

She's fully capable of surviving direct hits from a sniper rifle and even when badly wounded and exhausted, was more than strong enough to tear a security door from its hinges.

Mental and Psychological Notes:

Rasa is, by her own admission, twisted and sick. According to multiple sources, her highest goal is to achieve some kind of nothingness in being, a polymorphic existence that simply mirrors and imitates its targets.

Rasa was not educated and thus no formal intellect rating is available. Given her accomplishments and skillsets, however, assume she is very smart and disciplined.

Rasa engages in destructive abusive sexuality with other human females, specifically those with darker skin tones and black hair. Until Maya Brooks, Rasa murdered these females once they bored her. Given human emotional relations with sexual partners, this is seen by most humans as horrific and was done in such a fashion it made the Broker uneasy.

Psychologically, Rasa cannot be fully qualified by salarian terms because she is alien in the extreme, even to her own species. She is fully capable of modifying her entire demeanor and personality to fit into almost any social circle and Asset X09-BKR-39 said she was so good at imitating and mimicking targets that it was hard for him to figure out who the real Rasa was.

It is very possible she does not know who she is either.

Notable Allies:

In theory, Cerberus – although Jack Harper's cool destruction of his former allies and his withdrawal from society means that if Rasa is too much of a liability she will be discarded. Aside from Maya Brooks (whose loyalty is absolute), she does not trust anyone.

Political and Social Notes:

Rasa is a grand master at political and social intrigue, capable of holding complex conversations on the Atherion and performance art with alien socialites, seducing even wary targets, and creating large, chain reaction events through rumor and murder.

It is not known if Rasa has a political belief system of her own, but it is very likely such would be both simplistic and without moral overtones. She places no real value on life (or death) and sees most politics as simply another tool to use in getting into position, not of having any inherent value.

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The following advisories are considered mandatory reading.

Just do not fight her: The best method for bringing her down would be psychological warfare – AKA, kill Maya Brooks. Apart from that, any attempt to take her out is almost certain to fail unless it incorporates large-scale devastation and that is (currently) not on the table.

If engaged, initiate Protocol Seventeen (active sacrifice disengage): The loss of an STG team at this juncture is counterproductive in regards to Rasa. Suicide elements should be sacrificed to drive her off or draw her away, and then immediate scatter exfiltration should commence.

Assume sighting her is a scrub-signal: If Rasa is active at an STG Site of Interest or appears in an operation, it is very likely it has been compromised and is now either a trap or an ambush. Immediately scrub the mission, transmit failure code GH49349-V and fallback to established bugout locations.