A/N: Written for the PMMM Flash Bingo, #186 – bang, and for the Diversity Writing Challenge, a82 – write about losing something.

And the Alice mention is Yugioh GX's fault, funnily enough.

Fine Print

It's a storm that blows into
their peaceful lives
and scatters the soil
and leaves their planted seeds
scattered to the whims
of the world.

They're all about balance, they say:
about heat, about energy,
about the entropy that nurtures life,
about the sparks that light the future…

But really, they're the wave
that blows the candles out,
the bang
of closing doors
and coffin lids

And they don't realise it,
that their string of hope and love
and life
has been neatly cut
and they're stumbling off
to hell

And unlike Alice and the rabbit hole,
the Queen of Trump can't be bested
in a simple game
of croquet.