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Author's note: This was written BEFORE Forsaken launched. All the way back when the first E3 trailer launched as my attempt to cope with what happened. Figured now was a good time to share it.

Avenging Son

Five shots. Five perfect holes punctured Uldren's armour, engulfed in the angry glow of the traveller's wretched light.

Blood seeped from the wounds littering his torso like rich red rivers. Even with aid, it was clear he would not last long. Then again, perhaps that was the Hunter's intention. He lay there, teeth coated in his own blood and wrath etched on his features as the Guardian sauntered closer, leisurely taking his time. Even behind the blank face plate of his visor, Uldren could easily imagine the sheer satisfaction – like a beast savouring the moments before the kill.

There was little the Reef prince could do, every nerve ending was paradoxically numbed and screaming in pain as the Guardian drew closer.

The Guardian halted, his gaze lowered to the weapon that lay at his feet, slick with Uldren's blood. The Prize he'd claimed from the Exo vanguard. Slowly, with a gentle reverence that defied the sheer lethality and viciousness he'd fought with only moments earlier, the hunter reached down and plucked the handcannon from the ground, holding it, considering the weapon's weight.

"Kill me and be done with it!" Uldren spat, blood and bile spilling from his snarling lips.

With that same reverence, the creature pulled a stray scrap of cloth from one of its belt pouches and carefully cleaned away the blood. Stopping only when the weapon shined like the day Uldren first held it in his fist. All the while, saying nothing. He merely continued to work and polishing the weapon.

"Who the hell are you?!" Uldren sputtered.

"We were never properly introduced…" The Guardian spoke softly, satisfied with his work. The Hand cannon fit in his hand, to Uldren's distant disgust it seemed to fit the Guardian's hand far better than it ever sat in his own.

"My name is Acker Thrace." The Guardian rose to his feet and circled around the deader bleeding out before him. His words a trembling whisper at odds with the calm predatory manner in which he'd fought only moments ago.

With a crack like thunder, a flaming sword born from the sheer lust for vengeance roared into life, enveloping the darkened handcannon into a brilliant glow. The flaming barrel levelled between Uldren's defiant eyes.

"I'm the Ace of Spades"


Author's note: Cross-posted on Ao3 and Tumblr. Also, yes, this is canon to Ace of Spades - at least, in spirit. Acker's surname is Thrace.