Ch.1                                  Birthday boy.

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"Inuyasha, wake up Inuyasha" said Kagome in her sweet voice.  "Wake up" she said again.  Inu wasn't pleased with her waking him up "What is it wench" he said to her briefly with his eyes still closed.  "Why wake me up so early, wench."  "Because, Inuyasha today is your birthday and to me it's sort of a big deal, OKAY!"  Claimed Kagome.  Kagome pleased that she had awoken him burst out in song "Happy Birthday to you" while the others brought him a cake, with 18 lit candle's "Happy Birthday Inuyasha" they all sang together "Happy birthday to… you"  "Feh" said Inuyasha disappointed that this is why he was awoken.

        Sango placed the cake on Inu's night stand "Blow out the candle's Inuyasha" she said coolly.  "No!" "Oh… come on Inuyasha" said Kagome "… I have a surprise for you when were finished here."  "A surprise what kinda surprise." Shippou said nosy as always.  "You'll all find out soon once were finished eating cake."  All thou Inu wanted to know more of what Kagome had gotten him. 

        So… Inuyasha blew out the candle's, "What did you wish for?" asked Kagome "Huh…" answered Inu "Wish for?" asked Inu "When you blew out the candle's" "Oh…" "You didn't tell me to wish for anything and besides I don't have anything to wish for." "Nothing, there's nothing you want Inuyasha." "Feh…" Inu ignored her question and responded with his own. "You said something about a surprise?" Sango answered this "Well, we haven't finished here so you'll have to wait." "Feh…" said Inuyahsa again.

        Sango cut up the cake so that everyone could have a piece.

        Soon everyone was finished with his or her cake Inu thought that it was horrible he never did like human food except for 'Odin', which was particularly good.

        Kagome's surprise was actually something she thought he would enjoy.  "Well," said Inuyasha "what's my surprise"  "Well, in my world Inuyasha when it's someone's birthday we give them gift's and my gift to you Inuyasha is a trip to my world to see what people do at night the most active time for people our age."  "Can I go" asked Shippou "Well, I don't know it's really up to Inuyahsa since it's his birthday"  "Oh…" said Shippou knowing he had no chance.  Inu gave Shippou a look of 'You wish' "Yea" said Inu glumly "I guess I'll go" "Alright lets go it should be getting dark soon" "But I just woke up"

        "Well, the times are different remember." Claimed Kagome.  Miroku pulled Kagome to the side " I don't think it's such a good idea.  It's his 18 birthday and dog demon's change rapidly at this age." He whispered in a she guessed serious tone.  "What do you mean?" asked Kagome "Well…" Miroku was interrupted by a determined dog demon. "Let's go!!" Inuyasha demanded "Sorry, I have to go" said Kagome  "But…" Kagome was out the door and headed for the well briefly followed by Inuyasha. 

'Oh… dear' thought Miroku.  But soon forgot about it and realized that he was going to be alone with Sango all day well almost alone if only he could find some way to get rid of Shippou only for a few hours.


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