Title: Around Your Heart In Seven Days

Author: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater

Author Notes:

Yes, yes, yes, I don't need anyone to tell me that it's been a long time since I updated. I know. I can definitely see that. I had to read the chapters to know where I left off in order for me to write this. Deeply sorry to anyone for the delay. I hope you still find this story entertaining, even if the author is a lazy ass.

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Chapter 6: Arrogant Bastard

The redbrick high school seemed enormous to the little Hotaru. She felt like an ant lost in the jungle of gigantic trees. Fellow schoolmates were arriving as the parking lot and the sandstone stairs to the entrance door was packing with students in Juuban's trademark uniform.

A nauseous feeling began to churn at the bottom of Hotaru's stomach when a group of girls walked pass her as they giggled to each other. She held her stomach with one hand before turning around to her father inside the car.

"Good luck in school, princess," Professor Tomoe smiled warmly at her. "I'll pick you up right after school, ok?"

His daughter nodded, positioning her backpack properly on her right shoulder. "Bye," she whispered softly. In truth she didn't want her father to leave. She didn't want to be alone. Not again.                                                            

But feeling she was being selfish, she tried to force a weak smile, assuring her father that she'd be fine. He gave his warm grin back before waving and pulling the car off into the exit lane of the school's parking lot. Watching her family car disappear when it turned the corner, Hotaru dreadfully looked back at the school building.

Juuban High School she said silently to herself. I just know I'm going to hate this.

"Yo, get out of the way!"

Hotaru let out a squeak and practically jumped out of her skin when she heard a loud horn blast behind her. She turned to see a car pulling closer, a few boys inside laughing. Where they laughing at her?

They are… she thought miserably, her cheeks turning red.

"Yo chick, didn't you hear him? Move it!" the boy at the passenger seat yelled, sticking his head out of the window.

It was there that Hotaru realized she was standing in the middle of a parking spot. Letting out a soft, "Sorry," she briskly walked towards the school building, the sound of the boys' laughter ringing in her ears.


"Minako! Did you have to wake up so late? Now we're going to be delayed for class!" Rei scolded, driving rapidly towards their school.

The four Aino sisters were behind schedule again thanks to Minako's tardiness in waking up. But the blonde just couldn't sleep last night. For some reason, the scene that took place yesterday after school kept replaying in her head. Every time she thought of him her heart rate would quicken.

This was certainly puzzling Minako. She couldn't have feelings for this Heero just because he asked her out, could she? Many had asked in the past and she never got this reaction out of her before. And the fact that she agreed on a date with him shocked her even more. Did Rei and Makoto's speech about boys go in one ear and out the other?

Propping her elbow on the armrest of the Pilot's door, Minako stared out of the window. It was the normal morning routine. She would wake up late, get her sisters to rush out of the house, and on the way to school, Rei would be in a bad mood and curse about everything that lingered in her mind.

Turning her gaze to look around, Minako saw Makoto in the passenger seat yawn before slouching. She could see Rei's reflection in the rear view mirror; her slender eyebrow knitted together with anger, her red lips in a tight frown. Looking to her right, she saw Ami going over her schoolwork.

This caused her to smile. The blue haired sister was always the smartest and the most organized out of the four; always worrying about her studies and never about boy problems. Ami was lucky. She'd never have to face this predicament Minako was in.

Thinking this, Minako's smile faded. She remembered an incident a few months ago. She felt guilty for turning down that boy Quatre's request for taking Ami out. It wasn't her, Rei, or Makoto's choice. It was Ami's. But her older sisters held an influence in her, causing her to feel worried for her younger sister.

But now here she was, about to date this boy who was practically a complete stranger to her when Ami knew Quatre well. And Minako could tell Quatre was a good boy.

Maybe I should break it off… Minako couldn't help but think.

Sighing out loud, she rested her head on her top hand, continuing to look out the window.


Setsuna Meioh found herself in room E-5 at her desk looking through the day's lesson plan. She had spent her night getting it organized and hoped it wouldn't be boring for her students. She knew many despised the dreadful subject, also known as History. 

Sighing, she got up to get a folder from the nearby file cabinet when a knock was heard at the door.

"Mind if I come in?" a deep masculine voice asked along with the tap.

The History teacher smiled. She didn't need to look up to know who it was. "Come on in, Zech."

The white haired Math teacher slightly entered, leaning on the doorframe to watch Setsuna fish through the drawer. She took out a folder full of test papers and headed back to her desk. When she finally looked up to meet eyes with him he gave her his dazzling smile.

Setsuna blushed, loving the fact that Zech Merquise always seemed to give her the most attention out of all of the other young female teachers.

"Busy tonight?" he asked, advancing to her desk.

A sly grin began to spread across Setsuna's beautiful features as she raised a thin dark eyebrow at him. "May I ask, why? Do you plan to ask me out, Zech?"

"Now why would you think that, my dear?" Zech playfully asked.

He winked, making Setsuna shake her head with how flirtatious her associate was behaving. She knew Zech since they were in Senior High School and had reunited only to discover they were applying as a teacher in Juuban High, their former school. Ever since, he was the only friendly face she saw the first few weeks during the start of her teaching.

"But just out of curiosity, are you doing anything tonight?" Zech insisted again.

"Ah… lets see," Setsuna spoke with a hint of lightheartedness in her voice. She reached for her day planner from inside her purse and opened the book to a blank page. "Aw, sorry. I seem to be very busy tonight," she teased, showing the empty page to the Math professor.

Her eyes twinkled with amusement as Zech quickly caught on and smirked. He was about to speak when the amplifier went on and an announcement was sent throughout the whole school.

"Mr. Marquise, please come to the office. There is a call waiting for you. Thank you."

When the amp tuned out, Setsuna leaned in towards Zech, her hands folded in front of her.

"Well, it looks like you're being called." she sighed.

"Yes, I believe so. Anyways," he jumped back to their earlier conversation, leaning on her desk to get closer to her. "I'm sure you can reschedule-,"

Again the math professor was cut off when a couple of students came into the class room. One of the students eyed them warily, tempted to ask what was going on.

"Oh! Mr. Marquise is hitting on my History teacher!" a male student shouted, causing the rest in the room to burst out laughing.

"Alright, settle down please!"

Setsuna's face was turning red due to the embarrassment as she stood up from her chair to show that she was being serious. The room quieted but it didn't stop the sly grins on her pupil's mouths.

Not wanting to hold up anything for the History teacher, Zech let out chuckle and got back on his two feet. He gave her another wink before heading towards the door. But before he turned the corner, he slid his head back in and said, "I'll pick you up at eight," and left, not giving time for Setsuna to react.

"Hahah! Mr. Marquise asked the teacher out! Oo! It's getting hot in here!"

Again, the classroom filled with laughter, making a Math teacher not too far away in the halls, beam.


The first bell had already rung and the second bell would ring any minute. Rei glanced at her watch as she walked rapidly towards room E-5 for History class. She couldn't be late. Not again. She had already been tardy at least ten times and three late records counted as an absent. She'd get E-ed out if she didn't arrive sooner.

"Running late again, Aino?" an arrogant voice asked behind her.

She didn't bother to turn around as she let out a sigh of annoyance. "You're not in good timing either, baka," she retorted.

"Onna, its Wufei not baka. And unlike you, I'm not about to get kicked out of the class." Wufei snapped, picking up his pace to walk beside her. He smirked at her exasperated expression.

Rei turned to glare at him. "Fuck off!"

"Tsk, tsk, watch your language. It's not polite to curse, Aino."

"Well fuck off, I don't need to hear you talk, you self-centered pig-head!"

Unfortunately for Rei, an adult hall monitor overheard. "Ah Miss," she interrupted, stepping in front of their way. "I will not allow that language in this school. Please say sorry to this young man."

Wufei's grin widened. That should teach you a lesson!

"But-" Rei tried to explain.

"No buts, apologize immediately or I will give you detention." 

Wufei folded his arms and held his nose up in the air, nodding. "Yes, Aino. I'm waiting for my apology."

By this point, Rei was already heated up and her temper exploded. "You can't give me detention just because I cursed at this asshole!"

Students in the hallways stopped to see what was happening. Wufei glanced around and his face began to beam brightly. He loved humiliating Rei. And it appeared he forgot he had to woo her instead.

The hall monitor's face became more serious as she leaned closer into Rei, intoxicating the senior's nostrils with her awful bad breath. "Oh yes I can, dear, and you have just earned detention for today."

Without another word, she pulled out a yellow slip and wrote down the room number where the detention period was held. "Now give me your name or I will have to bring this matter to the principal."

"Rei Aino," Rei grumbled as she stared down at the floor.

"Very well then, Miss Aino, I want to see you in detention right after school." The hall monitor handed the slip to Rei and nodded to Wufei before walking off.

And at the moment, the second bell rang, indicting that any student who weren't in their first period was automatically late. Once the hall monitor was gone, Rei instantly turned to Wufei, her eyes dangerously burning with flames.

"What the hell are you looking at? Not my fault you got your ass whipped by that cranky old onna."

But instead of getting her normal bawl along with a few coarse languages, he in its place received a hard slap across the face. The loud SMACK! rang across the partially empty halls while two or three people nearby couldn't help but stop again and watch.

Wufei stood there dumbfounded as Rei stumped off towards her History class. Never in his entire life had anyone dared to slap him. Not even his mother!

Slowly reaching up to touch the stinging spot on his rosy left cheek, he couldn't help but admit… that onna had a powerful hit. 


Makoto reached into her backpack only to find her wallet missing. Shit! She cursed. I left it at home!

It had dawned on her that her wallet that held all her cash was sitting on the counter in the kitchen. Last night she had to pay her father for the ingredients he bought for the cookies. With the tumult of preparing dinner and getting all her homework done, she completely forgot to put it back in her bag.

"That'll be three dollars," the cafeteria employee announced as she waited at the cashier.

"Huh?" Makoto looked up at the women before glancing down at her breakfast. Because of all the rush this morning she didn't have time to eat. And her stomach was growling. Dammit. "Uh… sorry, I don't think I'll-"

However she was cut off when a hand, holding three dollars, was placed in front of her, offered to the teller. Makoto's emerald orbs turned to see who this kind person was. But her eyebrows knitted together crossly and her glossy lip frowned.

"You!" she shouted. "What are you-"

"Thank you sir," the cashier said, taking the money from the same boy Makoto had met only yesterday.

But Makoto didn't move. Her eyes were still glaring at the tall boy, who she knew was Trowa Barton. He neither smiled nor said a word to her either, only stared back; however his eyes held gentleness unlike hers.

"Next please," the cashier stated, making Makoto notice the other awaiting students behind her. She hesitantly took her tray of food and walked off, knowing that Trowa was following her. Having enough of this unfamiliar person practically stalking her, she whirled around, making the other emerald eyed student almost bump into her.

"Here," she said, shoving the tray into Trowa's arms. "You paid for it, you eat it."

He looked at her, his eyebrow about to rise. "But it's your food," he insisted. "You have it."              

Makoto shook her head, her ponytail speedily swaying right and left as it smacked both of her cheeks. "No. You paid for it. I'm not about to take food from a stranger."

To show that the argument was over, she turned and left the cafeteria, leaving Trowa with the unwanted food.


Closing Notes:

I think this chapter is pretty long, don't you think? You don't? Fuck, keep it to yourself.

Kidding. I was actually going to make this much longer with a few added scenes of Ami and Hotaru and Minako and Heero. But I felt it would be too long and I hate reading chapters that don't seem to ever end.