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Gargoyles A New Clan – Prologue

By Celgress

23rd Precinct Clock Tower mid-February 2015, night

Bored out their minds and desperate for a distraction from the recent heartbreaking catastrophe involving Coldstone the Trio of young male Gargoyles downloaded a free visual novel called Doki Doki Literature Club via the Police Department wi-fi. They hoped to kill time on the old laptop Elisa had recently gifted Lexington. Although childish at first glance the Trio soon found themselves enjoying the sappy looking pseudo-dating simulator. The bright, cutesy, upbeat tone of the game distracted them from their problems. Chief of which being they were three young male gargoyles in a time and place utterly devoid of females, as far as they knew.

"Oh pick her. She's cute. And she appreciates cupcakes. I appreciate cupcakes." Broadway said of Sayori looking over Lexington's shoulder.

"Boy do you ever." Brooklyn teased.

"Shut up Brooklyn!" Broadway snapped back.

"I like this one better," Lexington said of Natsuki. "She's into Manga. I like Manga because lots of the books have sci-fi and fantasy elements."

"What about her?" Brooklyn pointed at Yuri. "She's beautiful, by human standards. Plus she is a deep thinker. I like deep thinkers."

Over the next few hours, things escalated in a very disturbing direction. All the girls self-destructed in some fashion. The game also seemingly glitched at random intervals.

"What the heck is going with this game!?" Lexington said.

"You've got me, Lex," Broadway said.

The next thing the Trio knew their character was stuck in a room with Monika the President of the titular literature club. Monika then confessed her "love" not for the main character but rather the person, or gargoyles in this case, behind him. Monika admitted to sabotaging the other girls by increasing their bad traits so that player would no longer be interested in them. When that failed she deleted them from the system entirely until only she remained. Apparently, Monika had become aware that her life was nothing more than a fiction and as a result had broken the game script to be with the one she held dear.

When given the option Lexington strongly considered deleting Monika. The gargoyles were very angry with her. Not only had she destroyed the other girls she had also taken away the player's freedom of choice Although it was only a silly computer game the gargoyles felt they had to give the other girls the justice they deserved by punishing their friend turned tormentor. "Sorry Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki you girls deserved better," Lexington whispered finally choosing to delete Monika.

"Yeah delete her, Lex," Broadway said enthusiastically.

"You two still playing what that silly game?" Brooklyn asked strolling into the chamber. In his clawed hands was held the Grimorum Arcanorum.

"Hey, we're not supposed to touch that!" Lexington exclaimed as the game started to act funny once again. Lexington could not believe Brooklyn was messing with the spell book again after what happened between him and Demona according to Elisa.

"Yeah, Goliath said to leave it alone," Broadway said.

"I got bored," Brooklyn said shrugging. "The spells in here are weird. Like this one which I guess brings images to life in any form you desire.".

Before Lexington or Broadway would stop him Brooklyn recited the spell just as the game reset with the three girls restored. A surge of mystical energy from the spell book struck the laptop blowing it to smithereens throwing Lexington back nearly a dozen feet. A flash of blinding light accompanied by a thunderous roar occurred.

"You could have killed me!" Lexington yelled once he recovered about a minute later. His eyes briefly flashed white. "Give me that thing!" He swiped the book from Brooklyn's hands.

"Relax you're fine, Lex," Brooklyn said.

"Luckily," Lexington growled.

"Um, guys we have company," Broadway said. He urgently pointed at three female gargoyles who stared at them wide-eyed.

"Female gargoyles our own age, what the!?" Brooklyn said.

"Stay back, I'm warning you!" Said the shortest of the group. She had pink skin, pink eyes, pink hair styled in a short cut, four short horns which curved outward on her head and wings without talons that were glider shaped.

"M-Monsters," Exclaimed the second tallest of the group. She had yellow skin, coral colored hair styled short but messy, blue eyes, a single pair of short horns which sloped over her hair and averagely shaped wings with single talons.

"Oh dear," Added the tallest member of the group. She had violet skin, violet eyes, long violet hair, expansive wings with three talons, long but narrow horns that slopped back like the those of her yellow companion. Unlike the other females, her face protruded into a short snout giving her an appearance not unlike that of a dragon.

"What sort of things are you?" The pink female asked the Trio.

"The same thing as you are," Brooklyn said offended.

"No way, we're humans. I don't know what you guys are." The pink female said shaking her head vigorously.

"Brooklyn is telling the truth," Lexington said.

"Here, see for yourselves," Broadway said offering the pink female a discard hand mirror a police offer had apparently left behind in the tower at some point.

"Stay back," the pink femake warned as she and the other females coward away from the Trio.

"Just look will you," Brooklyn said. He grabbed the mirror from Broadway and turned it on the females who fainted expect for the purple one.

"Way to go, Brooklyn," Broadway said.

"Hey, how was I supposed to know they'd faint?" Brooklyn protested.

"Fascinating," The purple female said.

"Aren't you, I don't know, bothered by your new form like your friends were?" Brooklyn asked her.

"Somewhat," The purple female admitted. She gingerly took the mirror from Brooklyn who offered her no resistance. "So, this is me now?"

"Yup," Lexington said.

"What's your name?" Broadway asked.

"Do you have one?" Brooklyn added. Traditionally gargoyles did not have names.

"My name is Yuri." The purple female said. "These are my friends Natsuki and Sayori." She gestured at the pink and yellow females.

Only then did the Trio take notice of the identical uniforms the three females wore. These uniforms were the sames as those of the characters in the game they had been playing. The Trio exchanged worried glances.

"Goliath and Hudson aren't going to like this," Brooklyn said.

"Or Elisa," Broadway added.

"Um, who are Goliath, Hudson, and Elisa?" Yuri asked.

"You'll find out, soon enough," Lexington said. "But for now we better wake up your friends and get outside."

"Why?" Yuri asked.

"Because it's almost dawn," Broadway said.

"What happens at dawn?" Yuri said.

"You're gargoyles now like we are and gargoyles turn to stone between sunrise and sunset," Brooklyn explained.

"You're joking, right?" Yuri said.

Brooklyn could not get over how calm she was being. Then again in the game, Yuri was interested in some pretty out there stuff. "I'm serious," Brooklyn said.

"But I have so many questions," Yuri said.

"So do we," Lexington said.

"They will have to wait until tomorrow night," Brooklyn said stating the obvious. "Broadway, Lex, let's get these ladies outside." Broadway picked up Sayori while Lexington lugged Natsuki outside. Broadway and Lexington then woke the pair up who were still very confused by the situation.

"Who are these three lassies, lads?" Hudson asked.

Goliath was nowhere to be seen. Likely he was away somewhere with Elisa. Bronx sniffed Yuri who surprisingly barely flinched.

"A long story." Brooklyn managed before all the gargoyles turned to stone with the first rays of the rising sun.

To Be Continued

So, should I continue with this plot bunny or not?

Author's Note One -

The events of this story begin a few weeks before the Season Two episode "Leader of the Pack."

Author's Note Two -

I set this in modern times (the Gargoyles awoke in 2014 rather than 1994). I did this so I can use modern things like the Internet and smartphone as well, of course, the game Doki Doki Literature Club.