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Gargoyles A New Clan – Episode One Learning The Ropes Part II

By Celgress

The Skies around the Eyrie Building mid-April 2015, evening

"I can't believe you guys use to live in a freakin' castle on top of a skyscraper," Natsuki said excitedly as she, the other two Doki gargoyle girls and the male Trio circled around the huge edifice of Castle Wyvern which sat high atop the equally impressive Eyrie Building.

"Yeah, we did. We'd still be living here if it weren't for that creep Xanatos and everyone's favorite traitor Demona," Brooklyn grumbled bitterly.

"They sound like total meanies," Sayori said.

"They sure are," Broadway agreed.

"Especially Demona," Brooklyn said his eyes briefly flashed white. The memory of his manipulation at Demona's hands some months ago remained raw. Part of Brooklyn would never forgive himself for being her patsy.

Over the past two months, the new females had not only been given a crash course in being gargoyles but also a rundown of the Clan's complex and often troubled history including recent developments. Although they had yet to cross paths with either Xanatos or Demona they already cared for neither. Both unscrupulous billionaire and renegade gargoyle reminded Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki to much of their own former friend turned tormentor Monika. They simply could not understand how anyone could callously use and then discard others for their own twisted ends. In their minds, nothing justified deception, cruelty or murder. Hudson commended the girls on their attitude toward justice saying they would make "fine gargoyles", this in spite of Sayori's aversion to combat and Natsuki's initial fear of gliding. About the only aspect of being gargoyles, the three could not get used to was daily stone sleep though they were told this would change in time.

"Hey I've got an idea," Natsuki said.

"What?" Lexington asked.

"You guys should give us a tour of your old place," Natsuki said a mischievous expression on her face. "C'mon guys this is our first outing without adult er elder supervision, show us a good time."

"I don't know," Lexington said his expression doubtful. "We could get in serious trouble if Xanatos or his servant Owen discover us."

Natsuki chuckled then smiled again, "You aren't scared of some stuffy butler, are you, Lex? As for Xanatos, I bet he isn't even home. A rich guy like him probably is out on the town."

"Perhaps Lexington is correct," Yuri said. "A great deal of unnecessary risk is involved with this venture. We would be better served spending our night elsewhere."

"Did you grow feathers when I wasn't looking, Yuri?" Natsuki said eyeing her friend.

"No," Yuri said, uncertain why Natsuki would ask such a weird question.

"Good, so you're still a gargoyle, not a chicken," Natsuki said.

"Ha ha very funny, Natsuki," Yuri said scowling.

"Last one there is a rotten egg," Natsuki said dive-bombing toward the castle before anyone else would tell her to stop.

"Natsuki, wait up," Lexington called before giving chase.

"We better follow. Keep them out of trouble." Brooklyn said with a sigh. The others then went after Lexington and Natsuki with Brooklyn in the lead.

Castle Wyvern, sometime later

"Wow what a place," Natsuki said in awe taking in the enormous courtyard.

"The Kitchen is amazing!' Sayori exclaimed smacking her lips at the memory of the eight steaks she had enjoyed there with Broadway, four apiece. While she had not been a big meat eater as a human since becoming a gargoyle Sayori had developed quite the love of all types of animal protein.

"I simply adore the library here. It is dazzling in its extensiveness." Yuri said flipping through a thick book she had picked up there. "I only wish I read languages other than English and Japanese."

"You can read Japanese?" Brooklyn asked surprised by Yuri's revelation.

"Basic Japanese, yes," Yuri said.

"Big deal we all can," Natsuki said dismissively.

"I suspect it is because our previous world was modeled on modern Japan." Yuri speculated. "Sadly, many of the footnotes within my present volume of study are Latin. A language I am unfamiliar with."

"It wouldn't matter if you were familiar with Latin, at least the modern variety. My book you are presently enjoying, without permission I might add, is a medieval manuscript closely translated from an original Roman work." Xanatos said smiling. He and the ever-present Owen strolled into the courtyard from a separate entrance to that taken by the young gargoyles a few moments before.

"Xanatos," Brooklyn said. His eyes flashed white as did those of Broadway and Lexington.

"You have some nerve accusing Yuri or being a thief when you've stolen our their home," Natsuki said pointing at the male Trio.

"And you would be?" Xanatos said doing his best to hold back a laugh.

"Natsuki of the Wyvern Clan," Natsuki said boldly. "And you must be David Xanatos. I've heard a lot about you, none of it good."

"Well, it would appear you have me at a disadvantage Natsuki, is it? You know my story but I have no inkling what yours is." Xanatos said. "Would you mind enlightening me?"

"We should be going," Lexington said. He grabbed Natsuki by her arm but she shrugged out of his grip.

"Yeah, let's get out of here," Broadway said.

"We're exchange students eh clan members from Japan," Yuri said quickly.

"Hmmm, I was unaware there are gargoyles in Japan," Owen said adjusting his glasses.

"Yup, our birth Clan is from Ishimura." Sayori lied. Neither she nor Yuri was aware their lies contained more than a grain of truth or so the actual Ishimura Clan could attest.

"Interesting," Xanatos said stroking his beard. "Return my property and you are free to leave."

Reluctantly Yuri handed over the book to Owen in spite of Natsuki's vehement argument she should keep it. "Thank you, Miss Yuri," Owen said blandly. He tucked the book under his arm.

"Now please vacant my castle at once," Xanatos said putting special emphasis on the word "my". He crossed his arms over his chest a smug expression on his face. "Oh, and give Goliath & the good Detective my love."

"One day we'll take back what is rightfully ours, Xanatos," Brooklyn said his eyes white.

"Doubtful," Xanatos said continuing to smirk. "But I'll enjoy watching you try and fail. Run along children. I'm an important man and you've already wasted more than enough of my valuable time." Xanatos made a shooing motion with his hands.

"Why you arrogant basta-," Natsuki said fuming while being pulled away by Lexington and Yuri her eyes a solid red.

Once alone Xanatos' smirk faded. He turned to Owen. "Find out whatever you can about our new players. I want their true backstory, not their obviously contrived tale. I don't care how you learn the truth just do."

Owen hesitated for a moment before he spoke. He chose his words carefully. "I sensed a residue of powerful magic around each of them. They are unnatural or rather were at one time, unnatural creatures. I suspect a powerful spell is involved with them being here in their present form."

"Are you certain?" Xanatos asked but Owen's "are you really questioning my mystical expertise?" expressions put his doubts immediately to rest. "Of course you are. Reported back once you've uncovered something concrete."

"Yes, sir," Owen said. Before Owen could depart to start his research another thought dawned on Xanatos.

"In light of this latest development perhaps Thailog could use a playmate," Xanatos said his smirk back in full force. "Have Anomed taken out of cold storage."

"Are you sure that is wise, sir?" Owen said. "I doubt Dr. Sevarius will be able to program Anomed with a full personality given the established timetable of "Project Replicate". Should I have the timetable altered? Also, I sincerely doubt our silent partner will be pleased once Anomed's existence is revealed. Anomed represents a clear violation of trust on our part."

"The timetable will remain unaltered," Xanatos said a glint in his eyes. "I have an alternative means in mind for priming our creations so to speak. As for the probable negative reaction of our silent partner, I'll personally address that matter."

"As you will, sir," Owen said. "Is there anything else before I begin my investigation of the three females?"

"That will be all," Xanatos said. Owen nodded then walked inside.

"It would appear the game is again afoot," Xanatos said gazing up at the starry sky. Time to return his queen to active duty.

23rd Precinct Clock Tower, near dawn

The six young gargoyles spent the rest of that night patrolling. Both Brooklyn and Natsuki stayed angry a long time after they left Castle Wyvern. Natsuki especially did not fully regain her composure for nearly two hours during which time she remained even more irritable than usual. Once she even wanted to go back and give Xanatos "a sound thrashing" but was talked out of doing so by the others. They rightly pointed out no good would come from such a confrontation least of which would be the all but certain negative reactions of Goliath, Hudson and their human friend Elisa.

"Lasses and Lads ye are back," Hudson said greeting the six when they returned Bronx stood dutifully be the side of his favorite master/owner. "How was yer night? Did ye six encounter anything of interesting."

"As a matter of fact, we s-," Natsuki started only for Broadway to cut her off.

"We saw a movie at the cineplex after patrol," Broadway said ignoring Natsuki's glare.

"It had robots who turned into cars, cars!" Lexington added.

"And we found plenty of popcorn and everything," Sayori said smiling.

"A very enjoyable experience all things considered," Yuri said.

"It was," Brooklyn agreed.

"I'm glad ye six had fun. Ye are only young once one should enjoy every night or his or her youth." Hudson said. He then walked off with Bronx to his usual daytime perch.

"Why did you guys keep me from telling Hudson what really happened?" Natsuki snapped.

"Because Natsuki we'd have gotten in trouble if he found out where we were tonight," Broadway said.

"He'll find out eventually," Natsuki said.

"Not if we all swear not to tell him, Goliath or Elisa, ever," Brooklyn said.

"If you guys want I'll keep my mouth shut," Natsuki said. "I don't feel like another lecture on gargoyle duty."

"It's agreed then we keep what happened tonight to ourselves?" Brooklyn said.

"Agreed," The others said in unison.

"Besides what harm can come from one little white lie," Natsuki said shrugging. A tired looking Goliath joined the group less than a minute before they turned to stone.

Rikers Island, early morning

"Prepare for morning roll call ladies!" The husky female correctional officer announced making her rounds as the overhead lights came on.

"I hate prison. Our every minute is managed by cruel overseers, reminds me of my mom." Hyena said rolling off the top bunk onto the floor. "I'm surprised I never hear you complain. Don't tell me you like being here, Fox?" She wore a light blue prison jumpsuit.

"I'd rather not waste my energy on meaningless bellyaching," Fox said sitting up and getting out of her own bunk. Like her cellmate, she was clad in standard prison blue. "Voicing my displeasure of our current living arrangements won't improve anything."

A soft whistling caught Fox's attention while Hyena got dressed. Fox proceeding to the small barred window. 'What do we have here?' Fox thought. She noticed a small songbird. Around the leg of the bird, which in truth was an extremely sophisticated robot, was tied a tiny note. Fox carefully removed the note which she unraveled, it read -

"Out of necessity things have changed. Congratulations you'll make early parole. Standby for further information. XOXO"

Fox smiled tossing the crumbled up note out the window. Just knowing David had a new plan in mind made her almost deliriously happy. David was not only her lover but an unparalleled genius. She could hardly wait to be reunited with him. With a renewed spring in her step, Fox happily faced her deary day.

To Be Continued

Any guesses on what or who Anomed is? Here's a hint, Goliath.

Author's Note -

Sorry, this wasn't long. I still hope you enjoyed it.