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Gargoyles A New Clan – Episode Two Leader of the Pack Part I

By Celgress

Rikers Island early May 2015, late afternoon

A strange male figure clad in a gold and black exosuit crafted in the style of an anthropomorphic canine scaled an outer wall as the sun sank low in the spring sky. He used retractable spikes which punctured the brick wall for grips. Once he reached a window he melted the bars away with another retractable implement which sprayed acid.

"What in the world!?" Declared a male guard as he drew his sidearm. A forearm mounted emitter of some description popped up from the strange figure's right arm. "AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh," The guard screamed his vision distorted by pulses of energy. He collapsed clutching his head while he hallucinated that his hands were on fire. Kneeling down the red-eyed figure took his keys.

"Two-hundred, Two-hundred-one, Two-hundred-two, Two-hundred-three," Wolf said doing one-armed push-ups in his cell.

Jackal could not take any more of his cellmates endless exercising or macho bravado. He was at his wit's end. Jackal who had been gazing out the window was about to give Wolf a piece of his mind when Dingo appeared at his cell door.

"Dingo, how did you-," Jackal said.

"Answers later, mate," Dingo said in his thick Australian accent. "Right now you'd best stand back." Dingo pushed a blob of plastic explosive into the keyhole, he added a detonator then jumped back several paces, Jackal and Wolf did likewise. A small explosion then blew the door off its hinges. "Come along mates before the guards arrive." Wolf and Jackal did not need to be told twice they gladly followed Dingo down the hallway. The escape alarm blared throughout the facility.

Fox and Hyena sat a ward away in their cell doing nothing of importance. The strange figure arrived outside their door. He briefly stared at them before he spoke in an electronically distorted voice.

"Good day ladies."

"Who the devil are you?" Hyena said jumping off her bunk and to her feet Fox soon followed suit.

"Call me Coyote." The strange figure said. "Now please stand aside." Once they had done so Coyote once more used his acid spitting implement. He dissolved the bars of their cell leaving behind only a foul-smelling cloud of grey smoke.

"Coming or would you two rather rot in prison?" Coyote asked gesturing for them to follow him which they did.

23rd Precinct Clock Tower, sunset

The gargoyles broke free of their stone shells each with a mighty roar. A short time later they entered the clock tower chatting amicably. Sayori, Natsuki, and Yuri wore the new off-white tunics that Elisa had procured for them to replace their old school uniforms which had been on the verge of falling apart. Their in-game clothing was simply not designed for flight or their altered bodies in general. While Yuri & Sayori opted for a simple one-piece body stocking Natsuki decided to be a bit more daring choosing a two-piece top and bottom set. Inside the clock tower, the Clan found their human friend Elisa Maza waiting for them. She wore a troubled expression on her face. Her distressed state immediately caught their attention.

"What is it, Elisa?" Goliath asked.

"Bad news I'm afraid. The Pack escaped from Rikers Island this afternoon." Elisa said.

"What," Lexington exclaimed. "We've got to track them down before their trail goes cold!"

"Wait, who are the Pack?" Sayori asked.

"A group of TV action stars turned criminals," Broadway answered.

"They tried to captured Lexington and Goliath as part of a publicity stunt." Brooklyn finished.

"How did it happen?" Goliath asked Elisa.

"According to reports Dingo and somebody dressed in gold & black busted them out quick & clean," Elisa said.

Lexington danced around impatiently. "What are we waiting for let's get moving!"

"Where do we start?" Broadway said. "Manhattan is a huge place they could be anywhere."

"Broadway has a point," Yuri said. "We could easily search for them this entire night without success. We need a lead before we begin looking."

"I'm headed to Pack Media Studios. They'll go back to it like snakes to a nest and I'll be waiting there for them." Lexington said backpedaling out the doorway.

"Some of you go with him," Goliath said. Brooklyn and Yuri nodded.

"Okay Lex you, me and Yuri will check it out," Brooklyn said. He and Yuri hopped up on either said on Lexington who stood on the guard railing of the tower.

"You wish to accompany us Bronx?" Yuri asked the gargoyle beast who whined for her attention. Since her arrival, Bronx had taken a shine to Yuri. Other than Hudson there was no one else in the entire Clan who Bronx enjoyed the company of more than Yuri.

"I'll help you carry him," Brooklyn said.

"Your assistance is much appreciated," Yuri said. She and Brooklyn each took a hind leg of Bronx. The four then glided off.

"I doubt the Pack will be foolish enough to return to their old studio," Goliath said.

"Aye," Hudson said. "I think we need to trace this problem back to its source."

"The man who created the Pack," Elisa said.

"Let me guess, Xanatos," Natsuki said. Her eyes briefly flashed red.

A helicraft high above NYC

Coyote engaged the autopilot then left the cockpit to chat with the Pack members. "Alright here is the plan." He said.

"What about radar detection?" Jackal asked.

"Not to worry we are stealth rigged," Coyote said dismissively.

"Wait for just one-second dog face. Who died and left you in charge. Last time I checked Fox was our leader." Wolf said.

"Aw, Wolf your show of loyalty is touching if misguided," Fox said. "But the sad fact is I've never been in charge of the Pack, not really."

"Than who is?" Wolf asked. The others save Dingo and Fox murmured in surprise at Fox's confession.

"Me," Coyote said. He removed his helmet to reveal the smiling face of David Xanatos. Gasps of shock went up from the Pack members once more save for Fox. "I created and bankrolled your group. I'm the money and brains behind the Pack."

"I don't take orders from no rich boy," Wolf growled. "Prepare to be torn in half."

Wolf leaped at Coyote who merely put up his left hand zapping Wolf with a large charge of electricity knocking Wolf to the floor. Before Wolf could regain his footing Coyote sprayed sleeping gas in Wolf's face from his right hand knocking Wolf out cold.

"Don't feel too bad. I am wearing battle armor after all." Coyote said letting Wolf fall to the floor where he landed in a snoozing heap.

"One question, why did you send us to assassinate you?" Jackal asked.

"Because I required someone to think I was vulnerable at the time," Coyote replied. "You see I have many shifting plans within plans all of which are constantly in motion."

"Why should we trust you after you left us to in prison for months?" Hyena said.

"For one reason and one reason only. The gargoyles are our mutual enemies. They put me in jail to once. I don't know about the rest of you but I don't intend for them to remain unpunished." Coyote said. "In the equipment locker of this vessel, you'll find the weapons you need to deal with our winged friends. I've purchased a decommissioned oil tanker moored just offshore. I want you to lure the gargoyles there by any means necessary. While you do that Fox and I shall enact the next phase of my grand plan. The phase which will see the end of the gargoyles"

"Which would be?" Wolf asked groggily as he got to his feet.

"You'll find out along with everyone else when we're ready, Wolf," Coyote said.

"Who's in charge while the two of you are away playing house?" Hyena asked.

"Why me of course," Said a second masked Coyote who emerged from the back compartment of the helicraft.

Castle Wyvern high atop the Eyrie Building, sometime later

Goliath, Hudson, Broadway, Sayori & Natsuki swooped down and landed in the courtyard. They found the ever unflappable Owen waiting for them. "We're here to speak with Xanatos," Goliath demanded.

"Where is he Jeeves?" Natsuki said getting in Owen's face.

"Ah, Ms. Natsuki always a pleasure," Owen said. "And Ms. Sayori and Master Broadway."

"Ye have met before?" Hudson said.

"Your young charges paid us an unannounced visit two weeks, much as you are doing now," Owen said. "Didn't they inform you of our encounter?"

Goliath shot Natsuki, Sayori, and Broadway a withering gaze before turning his attention back to Owen. "Where is Xanatos?" Goliath repeated. He was quickly losing his patience.

"Alas, Mr. Xanatos is away on a pressing matter of utmost importance. From what I understand it isn't him you want anyway. Your business I believe is with the Pack. As it so happens their social calendar indicates they'll arrive at Pack Media Studios any time now. They are expecting you. I would suggest you hurry along." Owen said he then walked inside.

"Um Goliath, Hudson are guys mad we didn't tell you about our visit?" Sayori asked timidly.

"We'll discuss this matter later. Lexington, Yuri, Brooklyn, and Bronx are in danger. We must help them." Goliath said.

"Hey, it was only a little white lie. There's no harm done, right?" Natsuki said.

"Gargoyles don't lie, lass," Hudson said he added with more than a hint of disappointment. "I thought we had taught you that."

Natsuki, Sayori and Broadway felt terrible. Like any child who disappoints their parents, they were filled with a deep sense of shame. For the first time since she could remember other than when her father had beaten her Natsuki wished she could just disappear. Hudson was like the kindly old grandfather she never had but always wanted. His disappointment in her cut like a knife. She knew she had made a serious mistake one she wished more than anything that she could take back.

"I'm sorry we failed you," Natsuki said softly more to herself than anyone else.

Pack Media Studios

"Looks like the cops also figured the Pack might return here," Brooklyn said. He, Yuri, Lexington, and Bronx were stationed atop a building across the street from the deserted studio the parking lot of which was filled with police vehicles.

"The police can have whatever is left after I'm done with them," Lexington said. His eyes flashed a brilliant white.

"Lex I know how you feel. You trusted them and they used you. They nearly killed you and Goliath. I feel the same way every time somebody mentions Demona" Brooklyn said.

"As do I and the other girls whenever any of us think of Monika and her betrayal," Yuri said.

"But you can't let hatred consume you," Brooklyn said.

"Brooklyn is correct Lex you must release your anger. Holding onto negative emotions does no one any good," Yuri said.

"You need to remember what is really important; family, protecting our home," Brooklyn said.

"Helping those who cannot help themselves, enriching yourself," Yuri added.

"You two can have your priorities I'll have mine, okay." Lexington snapped.

"I have to tell you Lex you're negative attitude is starting to worry me," Brooklyn said.

"Lex your obsession with the Pack is most unhealthy," Yuri said.

"Whatever," Lexington said. "Neither of you understand anyway. They used me. I was their patsy." Suddenly he pointed down at the parking lot with great excitement. "Hey, the police are leaving!"

"Guess it's a no-show," Brooklyn said. Part of him was relieved. He was worried what Lexington might do if confronted by the Pack.

"I'm going in for a closer look," Lexington said taking off before the others could stop him.

"C'mon Yuri, Bronx no sense staying up here where we're safe," Brooklyn said with a sigh.

Inside, a few minutes later

"Nobody home, happy Lex?" Brooklyn asked gazing at the abandoned studio interior.

"Maybe you're right. Maybe this is a wild goose chase." Lexington said his expression one of total defeat.

Bronx sniffed the air and growled deep in his throat. "What is it, boy?" Yuri asked.

The Floor directly in front of the gargoyles split open. Light poured out of the crack. A massive elevator rose up on it was the Pack's Helicraft. Its main door opened and out marched Wolf, Hyena, Jackal, Dingo, and Coyote each fully equipped in battle armor.

"I knew coming in here was a mistake." Brooklyn groaned. Lexington his eyes blazing white jumped at the Pack members. "Lex no we need a plan!" Brooklyn tried to warn but he was too late. Coyote electrocuted Lexington into unconsciousness by grabbing Lexington with both of his hands. "Yeah, nice plan Lex. Let's do this." Coyote used his visual ray visual distortion ray against Yuri, Brooklyn, and Bronx quickly incapacitating all three.

"Nighty, nighty beasties," Jackal said with a laugh. "Don't let the bed bugs bite."

To Be Continued

Author's Note -

Because of the visit, our young heroes paid Xanatos last chapter the events of "Leader of the Pack" have significantly altered as well as occurring earlier than in the canon timeline. Next chapter the changes continue to pile up and we learn what exactly Anomed is.