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Gargoyles A New Clan – Episode Three Metamorphosis Part II

By Celgress

23rd Precinct Clock Tower, evening

"He easily brushed off mine and Matt's questions. I don't trust Dr. Sevarius. He's clearly hiding something." Elisa said while she paced back and forth through the interior of the clock tower. That afternoon Elisa alongside her police partner, Matt Bluestone, had paid the not so good doctor a visit during which they found nothing overtly incriminating.

"Can't you arrest him?" An irate Brooklyn more demanded than asked.

"For what, Brooklyn? We aren't sure he's actually committed any crimes. There's no probable cause. Without more evidence or a warrant to conduct a more extensive search of Gen-U-Tech, my hands are tied. I'm sorry." Elisa said.

"Well, my hands aren't tied," Brooklyn said.

"And what are you going to do, huh, Brooklyn? Go get your ass tranquilized again?" Natsuki said.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but Natsuki is right. You need a plan beyond simply rushing in," Yuri said.

"Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence Yuri," Natsuki said rolling her eyes.

"Where are you going, Brooklyn?" Goliath asked as Brooklyn pushed passed Goliath on his way outside.

"To find Maggie she needs my help," Brooklyn answered. Goliath, Natsuki & Yuri followed him outside after exchanging worried glances. Outside the others were gathered.

"Yeah right," Broadway said.

"You don't know anything about her!" Brooklyn snapped at his rookery brother.

"Neither do you." Goliath countered. "As Natsuki and Yuri have already pointed out rushing off without a plan won't help her or you," Goliath said his expression then changed from one of admonishment to one of determination. "And I have a plan in mind."

"I want to help," Sayori said anxiously.

"Are you certain?" Goliath asked.

"Yeah," Sayori said. "Maggie was so frightened when we found her. I know what it feels like being unsure of yourself and feeling hopeless. She needs to see a friendly face, one who understands, maybe I can be that friendly face."

Yuri and Natsuki perked up at Sayori's revelation. They had no idea Sayori had ever been anything but happy, in fact, she was the most outwardly joyful person they knew. They wanted to ask their friend about her words but did not get the chance.

"Very well," Goliath said. "Brooklyn, Lexington, Sayori you're with me. We should return soon, hopefully with this Maggie and any others who may need our assistance. "Hudson, you are in charge until such time as I return." The gargoyle elder grunted his acknowledgment. The four gargoyles then flew away with Goliath and Brooklyn in the lead.

Gen-U-Tech Regional Headquarters Downtown Manhattan, sometime later

Goliath, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Sayori landed atop the roof of the Gen-U-Tech building. Brooklyn immediately reached out with his talons to claw or smash through a skylight. Lexington grabbed Brooklyn's wrist stopping him.

"Wait, see those wires?" Lexington pointed at a pattern of square embedded wires which crisscrossed the glass. "Those wire mean electricity. Electricity probably means either an alarm or a booby trap of some sort. I recommend we leave the glass intact." He released his grip on Brooklyn's wrists.

"Terrific," Brooklyn mumbled. "So, how do we get inside?"

"We find another way," Goliath said.

With some effort, the mighty Goliath tore free a large section of the roof itself. Goliath then entered the upper story of the building followed closely but Sayori, Lexington, and Brooklyn. Lexington spotted a computer and hopped over to it. Lexington brought the desktop out of hibernation and quickly hacked into the system.

"Lex, stop fooling around. We have a computer at home." Brooklyn said in annoyance. Elisa had recently brought the Clan a new laptop to replace the one destroyed when the girls came to this reality.

"Hey, pipe down Brooklyn I'm trying to locate your new girlfriend. Found her, she's on the ground floor." Lexington said with a smile while glancing over his shoulder at the others.

Ground Floor, a few minutes later

"There you are!" Brooklyn excitedly proclaimed after he and the others entered the room where Maggie and the two male mutates were being held in their enclosures.

"Stay back," Maggie warned. She proceeded to use the intercom device built into her transparent cell door to call for help! "Someone come please!" She shouted into the device.

An alarm sounded. Goliath picked up a heavy metal table littered with medical supplies and smashed it through the barrier to Maggie's enclosure. The supplies were scattered over the floor. Maggie meanwhile backed as far into the small space as she could get.

"Um, guys maybe we should leave," Sayori suggested. "She doesn't want our help and the alarm surely means trouble."

"No," Brooklyn said his eyes flashing white. "We can't just leave her again!"

It was then that two armed commandos rushed in. "Security breach," One of them said into his headset. "Lockdown the laboratory." Steel blast doors dropped over both exits.

The commandos opened fire with their tranquilizer rifles. One of the darts hit Maggie in her shoulder knocking her old cold. Brooklyn scooped Maggie up in his arms while Goliath flung the table from earlier at the commandos who retaliated by tossing a canister of tear gas at the gargoyles. In a show of bravery, Sayori swatted it back at them before it could go off. Her eyes flash red with anger.

"Building security has been breached." Dr. Anton Sevarius said in an adjacent room. At the behest of Xanatos, he had whipped up a "cure" to his mutagen formula which took most of that day to create.

"Never mind, just give Derek the antidote," Xanatos said.

"Hurry," the half mutated Derek urged. He feebly reached out for the vial of green liquid Sevarius held in his hands.

The two unconscious commandos where flung through the doorway after the blast door was dented and finally torn out of its frame. They were followed by the gargoyles all of who were in a state of agitation. Their eyes blazing.

'Right on time.' Xanatos thought smugly. A smile ghosted across his lips.

"Not now," Derek said his expression one of panic.

"Xanatos," Goliath said pointing at the corrupt billionaire.

"Xanatos," Demona said bursting into the room through the wall. Her eyes a fiery red. In her clawed hands, she held her laser cannon. "I've come for you human traitor!"

Demona fired her laser cannon in Xanatos's general direction which caused both him and Dr. Sevarius to dive for cover. Sevarius dropped the vial containing the alleged antidote. Derek dived to catch it but he was too late. The vial shattered spilling its precious contents.

"Noooooo," Derek moaned tears streamed down his face. His hopes of regaining a normal life dashed, "Nooooooooo!"

"On your feet Xanatos unless you prefer to die on your knees like the worm you are!" Demona raged.

Demona took aim at the crouching Xanatos next to him sat Sevarius. Neither made any effort to move or defend themselves either out of defiance or fear. Xanatos grinned at Demona as if daring her to shoot him.

"You can't!" Derek screamed. "I need them!" He dove in front of Sevarius and Xanatos.

Demona fired her weapon. An instant before the bolt left the gun, however, a yellow-skinned hand impacted with her the muzzle of her canon pushing the beam slightly off course causing it to miss its targets.

With red eyes, Demona glared at the person, no the gargoyle who dared defy her will. She was surprised to see a frightened yellow female with short coral red hair and a ridiculous looking red bow on her head. The female shook all over when Demona made eye contact with her. "Who are you?" Demona asked thoroughly confused. Her eyes had by now regained their natural hue.

"She is none of your concern, Demona," Goliath said pulling the paralyzed with fear Sayori away from Demona and placing himself between the two. Pulling Sayori along Goliath jumped on a nearby table which groaned under their considerable combined weight. He punched a hole through the ceiling. "Brooklyn we have your friend, now let's go!"

Lexington quickly jumped up through the hole, he then helped the still in shock Sayori through. They were followed by closely Brooklyn who cradled the sleeping Maggie in his arms. Goliath started to enter the makeshift escape hatch only to be stopped by Sevarius who seemingly got a burst of courage.

"No, that's my creation! Give her back!" Dr. Sevarius shouted running towards Goliath.

Sevarius grabbed onto Goliath's left ankle. With an angry roar, Goliath kicked Sevarius off him before vanishing through the hole. The force of Goliath's kick sent Sevarius flying backward into the tank which held the Electric Eels. The glass broke spilling eel ladened water onto Sevarius who was apparently electrocuted to death by the eels.

Xanatos rushed to Sevarius' side. He knelt down and took the doctor's pulse and heartbeat. "No vital signs. He's dead." Xanatos solemnly pronounced.

"And you'll soon follow him, Xanatos!" Demona declared. She took aim at Xanatos for the third time.

"This is all your fault, monster!" Derek declared.

Derek leaped at Demona. He knocked the canon from her hands and tackled her to the ground. They rolled around exchanging blows with Derek getting the worst of it.

"Die filthy abomination," Demona said on top of Derek her hands around his neck.

Unexpectedly blue arks of electricity flowed from Derek's hands into Demona's body. She hollowed in pain releasing her grip on his tender throat. Derek stumbled to his feet. He kept on shocking Demona, however, until she wisely retreated. She had no intention of letting herself be captured by Xanatos.

"He can't really be dead, can he?" Derek lamented turning his attention back towards Xanatos and Sevarius. "I only need a few more moments."

"I'm sorry," Xanatos said.

"It's those gargoyles' fault. Why did they have to interfere? I swear they'll pay for ruining my life, even if it takes my last breath!." Derek said. Sparks flew from his hands as he clenched his fists.

"Come on we have to get you away from here before the police arrive." Xanatos urged. "Unless you want Elisa to see you this way?"

"No," Derek said mortified at the very thought.

"Then come with me. We'll find a cure for you and the others, somehow. I promise you." Xanatos said taking Derek by his arm.

23rd Precinct Clock Tower, several hours later

Maggie awake from her forced slumber with a start. Around her stood the members of the Manhattan Clan including Bronx who sniffed at her curiously. With a yelp of fear, she backed away from the gar beast only to bumped into Brooklyn's legs.

"Its okay you're among friends," Brooklyn said.

"No one here will hurt you," Sayori said with a reassuring smile.

"Were you human like I was?" Maggie asked as scrambling to her feet.

"Some of us were," Yuri said.

"I'm human. I'm not like this. My name is Maggie, Maggie Reed. I came from Ohio." Maggie said repeating the story she had told Sayori, Broadway, and Brooklyn the night before.

"You'll be safe here with us, Maggie," Lexington said.

"This is safe. I need a cure not a home for monsters or whatever this is." Maggie said.

"Hey, we're not monsters," Natsuki said taking offense at Maggie's harsh words.

"Aye Natsuki speaks the truth lass. We nay are monsters. We are gargoyles. Only the wicked need fear us." Hudson said.

"Dawn approaches, and we all could use the rest," Goliath said. "When night again falls we'll help find you your cure Maggie, even if it means confronting Xanatos at his castle."

The gargoyles stepped outside. Each took his or her perch for the day. Maggie reluctantly followed. She was equal parts shocked and horrified when these strange creatures turned to stone when day broke. She fled the clock tower less than a minute later.

Shorty after Sunset

"She likely ran off shortly after sunrise." Goliath correctly observed when the clan members could find no trace of Maggie following an extensive search of the top level of the clock tower.

"But she needs us!" Brooklyn said.

"Here we go again." Natsuki sighed.

"Tell me about it," Broadway said. Brooklyn glared hatefully at them both.

"Whoever wishes may accompany me to the castle, the rest of you may remain behind should she return," Goliath said.

Castle Wyvern high atop the Eyrie Building, half an hour later

Derek along with the three other mutates were lazily flying circles around the castle when Goliath, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, and Natsuki arrived. "You," Derek growled. "This is all your fault monsters!" Derek made a beeline for Goliath while the other two male mutates attacked Broadway, Lexington, and Natsuki.

"Maggie wait," Brooklyn called out gliding after the sole female mutate who flew away from him as fast as her wings would carry her.

"Why are you afraid of me?" Brooklyn asked after he and Maggie landed on top of a tower. "I only want to help you."

"No, you don't!" Maggie said angrily. "You want me to stay a monster like you!" She then blasted Brooklyn with a surge of blue colored electrical energy from her hands putting him on his back. Maggie flew away with a battered Brooklyn once more in pursuit.

Goliath and Derek landed hard in the courtyard. They rose to their feet. Goliath made ready to attack Derek but found himself withering in pain when Derek unleashed a huge electrical surge. Goliath fell to his knees. His body was wracked by intense pain. He could not get up no matter how hard he tried.

"Freeze," Elisa said pulling her gun on Derek. Earlier in the day, Elisa had discovered Gen-U-Tech was a subsidiary of Xanatos Enterprises.

"Ah, the cavalry has arrived," Xanatos said clapping his hands slowly. By his side stood the unflappable Owen. Xanatos ceased his clapping when Elisa directed a stony stare his way.

"Can it Xanatos, I'm not in the mood," Elisa said. After she spoke to Xanatos she again put her focus firmly on the mysterious creature who was attacking her friend. "Stop whatever you're doing or I'll open fire, last chance!"

Derek did as he was told although he did not want to. He would have much rather killed this vile thing which had stolen his future. He stared at Elisa who stared back seconds seemed to stretch on into infinity. Neither mutate nor human made a move.

"Who are you?" Elisa said breaking the stalemate. She sensed something oddly familiar about this creature. Something she could not quite put her finger on.

Derek laughed before he said. "Call me, Talon."

"Okay Talon, why were you electrocuting my friend here?" Elisa asked lowering her gun.

"Your friend made me this way," Talon replied.

"Impossible," Elisa said shaking her head. "I know Goliath. He would never intentionally harm anyone." She paused for a moment before she continued. "Look, I want to help you. I really do."

"Promise," Talon said his expression softening.

"Cross my heart," Elisa said making the gesture that went along with the words.

"And hope to die," Talon said completing the common phrase with a gesture of his own.

"Derek," Elisa blurted out. Her eyes grew wide with recognition. "Derek is that you!"

"Stay away, don't look at me!" Talon cried.

"Xanatos did this to you! I know he did!" Elisa correctly guessed.

"It was an accident. He's trying to help me, help us." Talon protested.

"You're wrong." Elisa insisted. "Don't you get it? He's lying! Xanatos is a bad man!" Elisa put her hands on Talon's body only to be shocked when a random surge of energy was emitted. She fell on her butt but was otherwise unarmed.

"Elisa I'm so sorry!" Talon cried. He let loose a gut-wrenching scream then flew away. The other mutates, who had remained airborne, followed his lead disappearing into the night.

Lexington, Natsuki, Broadway, and Brooklyn freed from their obligations landed next to the somewhat recovered Goliath. "Should we give chase?" Broadway asked.

"Let them go. She doesn't want our help. She doesn't want me." Brooklyn said his head hung low.

"Jeez Brooklyn not everything is about your love life or lack thereof," Natsuki said going over to comfort Elisa. She had witnessed part of the exchange between transformed brother and devastated sister. "Are you alright Elisa?" She asked.

"I'm not sure," Elisa admitted. Elisa's looked at Xanatos and his butler standing there like they were untouchable. How dare Xanatos make things personal by doing what he had done to Derek. "Now it's war Xanatos." Elisa snarled. "You're going down for this! I swear I won't rest until you're through!"

"That goes double for us," Natsuki said. The others heartily agreed.

"If you ladies say so," Xanatos said with a shrug. He and Owen turned their backs and walked inside seemingly unafraid of the Elisa or her companions.

Xanatos was one happy gargoyle-human hybrid. His plan had worked exactly as he intended. The Mutates, including Elisa's brother, were now his to command. Sure they had temporarily fled but they would return. Where else could they go but to him their supposed only hope for a cure? Dr. Sevarius' "death" had been convincing even though the scientist was alive & well and still on his payroll. Other than the unexpected attack by Demona, which still, in the end, worked to his advantage, he had foreseen everything. Being a genius while taxing at times did have its rewards. All that remained was getting a pardon for his dear Fox so she could be seen in public again (at least while the illusion spell lasted). As usual, Xanatos had a plan of how best to achieve his latest goal it was a scheme which involved one of his previous creations. The time would soon be at hand to resurrect the techno-magical amalgam called Cold Stone.

Mansion of Dominique Destine

Demona gently tapped a talon on the tablet screen. She had used her artist's eye and cutting-edge human technology to create an image of the young female gargoyle she encountered last night. She found herself obsessed with the new arrival. Her vendetta against Xanatos and Fox put aside for the time being. Where did the female come from? Why was she living with Goliath's Clan? Were there other modern gargoyles Demona did not know about?

"What's your story?" Demona said softly. She vowed she would discover the answer.

23rd Precinct Clock Tower

Elisa sat on the floor crying while the three females sat trying to comfort her. Sayori and Yuri attempted to hold back their own tears but failed while Natsuki incessantly fumed at Xanatos. Nearby the males and Bronx stood watching unsure what to do. It was a pitiful scene of mutual despair.

Seldom in his life had Goliath felt so utterly helpless (the only other times he could remember were when the Magus froze his surviving clan members in stone, and when he watched Coldstone sink below the murky waters of the Hudson River). His own humiliation at the hands of the altered Xanatos and Fox from two months ago was forgotten. Goliath's sole focus was paying Xanatos back tenfold for his crimes against Elisa and her family. Goliath did not know how or when all he knew was that somehow, someday he would stop Xanatos and he would enjoy every minute of doing so.

To Be Continued