A Rended Breath of Life
A Ranma ½ & Sailor Moon Crossover Fanfic
By: Tomas Megarson
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Disclaimer. The characters, settings, and places of "Ranma ½" belong to
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belong to Naoko Takeuchi. The events, situations, and words of this
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The bell that freed her from her sanctuary every day was the one sound
she dreaded most. Not the one voice, for that voice could make many
sounds, but for a single sound that would be repeated consistently over
time, the bell that ended her sanctuary was the worst. Not that it was
much of a sanctuary, as there were plenty in her sanctuary who hated
her, who thought she was strange and evil and tormented and they were
right. And they stayed away from her, leaving her to her own private
prison, her own mental hell from which she could never escape.

The looks that they threw her way were always filled with suspicion and
hatred. And ignorance, for they didn't understand her, they didn't ever
take the time to get to know her. Had they taken the time to meet her,
to get to know her, they would have learned of the pain she endured. She
could barely hold it in as it was. And no one ever talked to her. No one
let her get it out. No one ever gave her the chance to get help. And so
she suffered.But as the last ring faded into the emptiness of the
classroom, Hotaru Tomoe slowly pushed her weak body out of her chair.
Her shoulder length dark violet hair hung straight down her head as it
always did, the dark colors of her uniform gave her an almost goth
appearance as her violet eyes took in the world around her. Hotaru
slowly trudged to the door and out it, slipping into the hall of her
school not talking, barely breathing, and doing her best to hide from
the world around her. Not that she could hide forever. After all, she
would eventually get home.

As her feet slowly scraped along the ground in her trudging steps,
Hotaru wondered if she should even call the place home. It wasn't a home
to her, after all. A home was supposed to be warm, filled with love, and
a place where one could always be happy. She had a home once, long ago,
years ago, and she could still remember her father. Before he died.
Before she was Sailor Saturn, before she was adopted, before she had
been condemned to eternal torture.The almost silent clacking of her
shoes against the tile of the school floor as she moved through the
hallway echoed in her ears as though it was they were the last steps she
would ever take. And as far as she knew, they could be. But she knew she
had to go on, she had nowhere else to go, no one to turn to, and no one
to save her. She wished, ever so desperately, that a knight like in the
stories would come and save her. But he never did. And so Hotaru walked

She was outside now, though the sun held no cheer for her. The glare of
the snow spread through the trees and across the ground in a diamond
beauty gave her no smile. The sounds of others laughing, playing, being
free gave her no sense of hope. After all, none of them had to walk on
her path. None of them ever even cared enough to see where her path
went. And so she walked on alone. And so Hotaru walked to her personal
hell. The place she was supposed to call home. The place she feared.

As she slowly made her way down the street, her mind echoed with the
questions that had plagued her for so long. Did the people who claimed
to be her friends know what was happening? Whenever Hotaru was with her
torturer the others would all smile and look so happy for her. Could it
be that they supported what was going on? Hotaru prayed that it wasn't
so...but she knew it could be. After all, if those who supposedly loved
her would do these things, then those who supposedly liked her would
support it.

Hotaru's legs began to tremble as she neared her destination. Her breath
quickened as she gasped for air that she needed. Most of the neighbors
knew she was weak, knew she didn't have much strength, and always
assumed that these were the reasons she would be trembling as she
approached home. Her weakness wasn't the reason, however, and had they
ever asked she would have told them so. No one ever asked, however, so
no one ever learned the truth; Hotaru was scared.

As she approached the short path that lead to the door of her personal
hell, Hotaru questioned herself once more. She could walk away from all
of this, she knew. She could just keep walking and leave the pain, the
suffering behind. All it would take would be one single step and she
could be as free as a bird in flight. All she would need would be a
single brave moment to go into the unknown and everything she feared
would be to her back and she would be moving away from it.

But again, as she had done hundreds of times before, her body stepped
onto the known path, the path of pain and suffering and fear. And her
eyes took in the door before her, the door that would take her from
limbo to hell. And as she slowly began to walk toward that door, her
entire body took on a tremble of fear. It ripped at her heart and made
her colder then the snow around her ever could. She could feel ever
fiber in her body scream in horror at what was going to happen, what
always happened when she returned home.

Her small hand reached out for the door handle trembling violently. She
knew what waited for her behind the door, and it scared her more then
anything else she had faced. And as often as she dreamed about running
away, about fighting back, about doing something to make it all stop,
she never could bring herself to go through with it. Hotaru could never
understand why she couldn't go through with her thoughts to leave and
she just knew she couldn't. And so her small hand turned the door
handle, her meager strength pushed the door open, and she forced her
trembling body into the house.

Hotaru's now frightened eyes seemed to swallow the inside of the house
as she stopped within the doorway. Ever so slowly and with a tremble of
fear she searched for her tormentor, for some sign that the pain was
going to start, that her life was no longer going to be her own. Like a
deer staring at an on coming semi-truck Hotaru's large eyes gazed into
the abyss before her.

The abyss wasn't dark, there weren't hell flames shooting from the
floor, and there were no demon dogs gnawing on human bones in the
corner. In fact, the abyss looked much like any other house in the
neighborhood. It was brightly lit, had a soft carpet, and light colors
that gave it an over all cheery appearance. There were hard wood
furnishings, a number of comfy chairs, and some beautiful tables spread
around the building that gave it a simply homey feel. But Hotaru knew
that it wasn't the things in the house that were evil. It was the
inhabitants instead.

And she didn't see the inhabitants of the building. If no one were home
but her, well, it'd be a few extra minutes of respite, anyway. She'd
have a little extra time to prepare herself for what she knew was going
to come. That was far more then she could hope for, she knew, but hope
for it she did.

She stepped softly and slowly into the house, making as little noise as
possible. Her hand pulled on the door so that it closed without her
needing to turn around. A sigh of relief escaped her lips when the door
clicked shut. It seemed that she was alone, and that she had a bit more
time to prepare her self, to try to protect her mind.

A cry of pain escaped Hotaru's lips as a pair of hands suddenly grabbed
her breasts and squeezed them hard. The cry turned to a squeal of
intense anguish as the hands not only continued to squeeze, but also
twisted her breasts violently."Welcome home, Hotaru-chan." That
whispered into her ear was husky and filled with promise. None of the
promises would be good, however. They were the promises of pain and
suffering that was shortly to come. They were promises Hotaru was all
too familiar with.

"P...please...Michiru-mama...no more..." Hotaru's voice trembled with
fear and was pitched with pain. "Not...no...not again...please..."All
that Hotaru's begging brought, however, was an even more vicious grip,
pull, and twist to her breasts. Her tormentor was rewarded with another
scream of pain and buckling knees. Tears ran down Hotaru's violet,
terror-filled eyes as she was held upon her feet by the grip on her
breasts."This," Michiru whispered in a harsh voice, "is going to be fun.
For me, at least."


Her face was streak with the dry marks of hot tears as her eyes locked
blankly on the dark ceiling above her. There was blood running from her
exposed breasts, where new cuts and scratches had been inflicted during
the 'fun' Michiru-mama had. More blood soaked into her torn skirt from
between her legs where a number of large and sharp objects had been
forced violently into her. Her throat was raw from the screams of pain
that she had been unable to contain within, and she could still taste
the vile bodily fluids on her tongue that Michiru-mama had forced her to

Hotaru lay on her bed, unable to close her eyes, terrified of the things
she saw when she did. She wanted to run away, wanted to hide, wanted to
do anything except continue to lay where she was. Her arms once more
weakly pulled at the ropes that tied her to the bed. Her legs were
likewise tied, forcing her to lay in the remains of her torn bloody
school clothes spread eagle, ready just in case Michiru-mama decided to
have more 'fun.' It was more common then not.

Her head, drenched in sweat, her dark hair plastered to her face, tilted
and fell to the side, resting her cheek on the mattress under her. There
were no blankets or sheets on the bed; Michiru-mama had stripped them
off before tying her up. Again she weakly struggled against her bonds.
But this time she felt it. her right arm moved slightly. Her violet eyes
gazed at the rough rope that was biting into her risks. Again she pulled
at the right one, and this time she saw it, the rope slid against the
wooden fram ever so slightly.

Almost disbelievingly, as though she were in some dream, Hotaru began to
push her arm up, and slowly, with great effort, the rope moved with it.
It was loose. Something about that sent a hope to her heart. What she'd
never been able to do while actually free, now gave her a calling.
Hotaru began to struggle at the bond, though weakly, she slowly caused
it to slide up farther and farther, until finally it slid off the bed
post altogether. Her arm was free.

Turning over on her other side, she stared at the second rope that kept
her in place. Could she really do this? Could she really get away from
the pain? Did she even want to?

A loud moan came through the wall into her room. That sound of Michiru-
mama in pleasure as Haruka-papa pleased her broke the glass wall against
her heart. quickly, her small fingers began to pull at the not in the
rope. It seemed to take an earth changing long time, but then her other
arm was free.

As more sounds drifted through the wall, Hotaru sat up and gazed at her
bruised legs, at the blood that was still slowly dripping from between
them. She hurt, oh how she hurt, but this was her one chance, and she
couldn't let the pain stop her, no matter how bad it was. Reaching to
one leg, then the other, Hotaru undid the bonds that held her. slowly,
wrapping the remains of her clothes around her, she moved to her door
and opened it.

Peeking into the hall, she could see that the door to her mama and
papa's room was closed, and the loud moans and cries of pleasure were
still coming from behind it. Moving with a mixed sense of urgancy and
caution, Hotaru slipped out of her room and closed her door again. With
a small prayer that she wouldn't be found, she moved to the steps and
slipped down them.

Her bare feet were freezing as she stepped out the door, leaving even
her shoes behind. There wasn't anything she wanted to take, or rather,
she was too afraid to take anything. With trembling legs, she headed out
into the bitter cold night, stumbling away from the house of her pain,
the rags she had wrapped around her barely acting as any covering.

Hotaru didn't look back or forward, she just began walking, vowing to
herself not to stop until she could no longer move.

Author's Notes: Here you go, my next dark fic. Yup, this one is dark, as
I said, and its gonna get darker still. Cya next chapter.