It was pizza night at the Mystery Shack. Every Friday night the entire Pines family would get around the TV, watch some dumb movie on a channel none of them knew and eat a pizza. It was the perfect way for all of them to bond. However, this night, things were different. The pizza place Stan normally ordered from was closed, and when he and Mabel went to the supermarket to buy one, they were out of stock too. It looked like the night was ruined until, while refueling the car, Stan noticed that the gas station they were at also made pizza.

"Probably won't taste good but its better then nothing" he said to Mabel.

He was right. The pizza was cold, mushy and it did not even taste good. Dipper barely ate any, neither did Mabel. Ford at a bit too and Stan had a bit more.

"Well this was a waste of five bucks" Stan said.

"I think I'm gonna call it a night" said Dipper. They all agreed as well and went to bed.

It was business as usual the next morning. Soos was running his daily tours of the Shack, Wendy was "working" at the register, Mabel was doing some knitting and Dipper was helping Ford with some experiments. Stan walked into the gift shop looking a bit disoriented.

"Whoa Mr. Pines are you alright" asked Wendy.

"Oh, morning Wendy. Ya I'm good. Just another random body pain as usual" he said as he walked into his office.

Wendy had reason to be concerned given Stan's posture entering into the shop did not resonate that of a body pain. But what did that matter? Stan knew better in her mind and he was already in his office. The last thing she wanted was to be yelled at by him for entering in without his consent.

Back in the living room Mabel was working on a new sweater. She was very excited. She was going on a camping trip with Dipper and Ford. She was excited given this was the first time Ford had asked her to tag along and she wanted to make a new sweater for the occasion.

Dipper then walked into the living room, "Oh, hey Dippin dots, what's going on" Mabel said.

"Oh, nothing really. Me and Grunkle Ford were just having a lunch break. Grunkle Stan wanted some of the left-over pizza from last night so I'm just going over to his office to give it to him" Dipper said.

"Uhh please tell me that's the last of that pizza? I never thought it was possible but there is now junk food out there that even I won't eat" Mabel replied. Dipper laughed a bit.

"Hey what are you making" he asked.

"Oh, it's a new sweater of course. I'm making it camping themed for our camping trip with Ford tomorrow," Mabel said with pride.

"Yea, about that Mabel" said Dipper.

"Me and Ford were talking and, this trip is really important for him and, well while we wanted to bring you along. Well…. let's just say maybe, maybe we could go on a trip together another time," he said.

"What" Mabel replied. "But we had it all planned and stuff and I even packed the marshmallows!"

"I'm sorry Mabel. Look, I promise you the next time you can come with us. It's just that this trip is a bit more important and we can't, you know, risk it let's just say" replied Dipper.

He could see how devastated Mabel was looking, hearing that she had basically been booted off the trip. He wanted to say more but Stan's pizza was getting cold and compared to Mabel and Stan, he would rather hear Mabel yell at him then him.

"I'll be right back then we can discuss this more" he said before walking off to the gift shop.

Dipper arrived at the door to Stan's office and knocked. He expected the usual "Who is it" or "go away I'm busy." But instead he got silence.

"Hey Wendy, is Stan out or something" he said.

"No, he's been inside his office for the last half hour" she replied.

Dipper knocked again. "Grunkle Stan it's me Dipper, I got your lunch" he said thinking he maybe asleep.

When he still got no response, he started to get a bit concerned. But knowing Stan he tried to remain calm. Maybe he was listening to some music or something or….

It then hit Dipper. Stan did not even know what headphones were. Let alone know how to use the MP3 player he and Mabel had gotten him for his birthday.

He knew if Stan was in there he would get into so much trouble but he grabbed the door knob and turned it to open the door wide open.


Dipper's scream of horror echoed through the shack. Wendy came running. Ford in the kitchen heard and ran. Mabel packing her knitting kit up in sadness over not being able to go camping heard it and came running. Soos stopped a tour and came running too.

"Don't just stand there, call an ambulance! Someone, ANYONE" Dipper screamed.

Soon the sound of sirens grew ever fainter as the ambulance disappeared down the driveway.