"This is the Asgadian Refugee vessel Statesman-"

The screams of the innocent could be heard behind the voice of a paniced man as he sent a distress singal out to anybody who was listening.

"We are under assault- I repeat we are under assault! The engines are dead, our life support is failing-"

Out in the deep depths of space, an unimaginably large warship was attacking a much smaller shipm pelting it was energy beam after energy beam.

"Requesting aid from any vessel within range! We are 22 Jump points out of Asgard."

The assault conitnued until the ship could move no more, as the actions being carried out within were far more horrific than anyone could have imagined.

"Our crew is made up of Asgardian Families, we have VERY few soldiers here! This is not a warcraft, i repeat, this is NOT a warcraft-!" *static*

"Hear me... and rejoice..." Spoke loudly the hero killer Stain, as he stepped over the corpses of hundred of slaughtered men, women and children alike. "You have had the privilege of being saved by the great titan... You may think this is suffering. No. It is salvation... The universal scales tip towards balance because of your sacrifice... Smile. for even in deaath, you have become children of All for One!"

Standing within the ship as one of the few survivors, Tomura Shigaraki looked around in horror at the senseless slaughter that surrounded him. Friends. Families, all killed simply at random, with no chance of surival. Looking to his right, he would see the man responsible for the attack of his family; All for One, clad in his golden armor as he stood over the weakened body of his brother, Deni Kaminari. All for one looked back at Shigaraki and began to speak.

"... I know what it's like to lose... To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless."

Reaching down, He picked up Denki by his armored chestplace and the weakened hero groaned in pain.

"It's frightening... Turns the legs to jelly... But i ask you to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same... And now it is here... Or should i say... I am..."

All for One grinned as she flashed his greatest weapon, the Infinity Gauntlet, the stone of power safely tucked away in it's holster at glowed it's purple hue.

"You... Talk too much~" Denki managed to crack despite the amount of pain he was in as All for One held him up by his head.

All for One ignored him though as he stepped forward towards Shigaraki.

"The Tesseract..." He demanded of the ex-villain. "Or your brother's head... I assumem you have a preference?"

Shigaraki glared at the mad titan in defiance, a faulty smile coating his lips.

"Oh i do... Kill away." Shigaraki bluffed.

This reaction adimittedly surprised All for one, but he was not above calling Shigaraki out. Pressing down power stone against his head, Denki began to cry out in agony as the stone burned against his flesh. crack of glowing purple began to spread across Denki's face as the ower stone began to tear him apart, All for One's confidence unwavering. Soon Shigaraki could no longer stand to watch his brother in such agony, and thus game up his charade.

"ALL RIGHT STOP!" Shigaraki begged.

Denki gsped for air as All for One drew his gauntlet away from Denki.

"We don't have the Tesseract... It was destroyed on Asgard!" Denki Huffed, looking angrily up at All for One.

With a defeated sigh, Shigaraki held his hand up, as the Tesseract slowly faded into his hand, having hidden it away behind a spell on invisibility.

"You... Really are the worst man..." Denki huffed in annoyance at Shigaraki.

"I assure you brother..." Shigaraki spoke as he began stepping toward All for One with a tesseract in-hand. "The sun will shine on us again..."

"Your optimism is misplace Asgardian..." All for One chuckled as he looked down at Shigaraki.

"Well for one thing, i'm not Asgardian... And for another...

We have All Might..."

Before All for One could even react, All Might slammed into him from the side and send him rolling. Unleashing a wild flurry of punches and kicks, All Might was fully ready to put a stop to All for One. Finally getting him up against the wall, All might put his hands around All for One's neck in an attempt to make him pass out from the lack of oxygen.

Nomu attempted to step forward before Stain stopped him in his place. "Let him have his fun." He said.

Grabbing All Might's wrists, All for One began to overpower the symbol of peace, much to All Might's shock. Once he got his opening, All for one threw a hard right hook into All Might's neck, sneding him into a daze and averything turned white for just a moment. Refusing to give up, All might threw a punch towards All for One, only for the villain to deflect it and follow it up with a 3-hit combo. All Might went for another jab, to which All for One reacted he grabbing his wirst and tossing him aside, giving his back a hard hit too. Now it was his turn to have some fun. Once All Might was weak enough from those hits, All for One unleashed his own flurry of attacks against the symbol of peace, puch after punch, kick after kick, he slowly broke All might down until he could fight no more.

Giving him one last knee to the face, All for One raised almight into the air and threw him to the ground, the thought to be invcible hero now lying flat on his back, unconscious.

Seeing an openong after the battle, Denki saw an opportunity and picked up a heavy piece of debris, breaking it over All for One's head, only to succeed in annoying him as the villain kicked Denki several feet away.

Wanting no more interruptions between the two, Stain, with the wave of his hand, surrounded Denki with a cage of debris, trapping him on the spot.

Looking over too the unconsious All Might, Kurogiri began to mumble under his breath.

"Allfathers... Let the dark magic flow through me... One last time..." He said as he reached a hand out to All Might, a portal opening underneath him, whisking him away to safety.

This action did not go unnoticed however, as All for One stepped towardthe foggy ex-villain as Dabi handed the titan his spear.

"That was a mistake..." All for One growled in annoyance.

Kurogiri looked over to Denki with a mixture of both hope and fear in his eyes, who in turn was forced to watch as All for One plunged the spear through Kurogiri's heart.

"NO!" Denki shouted in pure rage at All for One. "You're going to die for that!"

Sick of his interruptions, Stain waved his hand again as a metal clasp clamped over Denki's mouth, Stain quietly shushing him.

Picking up the Tesseract, Stain began to kneel in front of All for One with the tesseract in hand, all while All for One began to remove his armor.

"My humble personage, bows before your granduer... No other being has ever had the might, Nay the nobility, to wield not one, but two infinity stones..." He said as All for One took the glowing cube from his hand. "The universe... Lies within your grasp..."

Gripping the Tesseract tightly, All for one, crushed the cube in his hand as it shatters to pieces. Opening his hand, All for One blew away the dust of the Tesseract and let the shards fall from his hand as he pinched the Space stone between his fingers. slwoly inching it toward his gauntlet, the Space stone flew into it's holster, it's power surging through All for One, causing him to groan in pain. Afterward, looked down and marveled at the sight. Two whole infinity stones resting in his gauntlet, as Denki looked onat him in rage.

"There are two more stones on earth... Find them my children and bring them to me on earth." All for One commanded.

"Father we shall not fail you..." Toga said as she, Nomu, Dabi, and Stain all bowed before All for One, before they were interrupted.

"If i might, interject... If you're going to earth, you might want i guide. I do have of bit of.. Experience in thhat arena~" Shigaraki said a bit smugly.

"Well if you consider failure experience-" All for One started mockingly.

"I consider experience, experience..." Shigaraki replied clearly annoyed.

Clearing his throat, Shigaraki began his pledge.

"Almighty Titan... I, Shigaraki, prince of Asgard-... Odinson... The rightful king of Jotunheim, god of mischief, do hereby pledge to you, my undying fidelity..."

It was only now that Denki noticed the dagger Shigaraki had tucked away behind his wrist... Once Shigaraki believed he had All for One fooled, he thrusted the dagger upward pointed for the Titan's neck... Only for All for One to catch the blade with his newly aquired timestone, a blue hue trapping Shigaraki's hand in front of him.

"... Undying...?" All for One questioned as he grabbed Shigaraki's wrist and bent it to the side untul he dropped the knife. "You should choose your words more carefully..."

Reaching forward with his left hand, All for One grabbed Shigaraki by the neck and lifted him into the air, squeezing his neck and cutting off his oxygen. Shigaraki choked and struggled, trying desperately to escape the clasp of the mad titan. As he struggled, Denki was forced to sit inside of his metal prison, watching at All for One choked the life out of his only brother.

"You... Will never be... A god..." Shigaraki managed to choke out before All for One clenched his fistg and snapped Shigaraki's neck bone with a *crack*.

All that could be heard from Denki were and muffled screams of rage from him as tears fell down his face and his face turned red. Walking towards Denki, All for One dropped Shigaraki's corpse at Denki's feet.

"No ressurections this time..." All For One said as he raised his gauntlet upward, the purple gem of Power glowing brightly as All for One set the ship ablaze with purple flames before using the Space stone to teleporter him and his children out of the ship.

With Denki's armor falling away, he crawled over to Shigaraki's corpse, mourning over the loss of his brother as his ship exploded around him...

*New York City*

"Seriously? You don't have ANY money?" Tokoyami asked as he walked down the stairs of the hidden temple with Cementoss.

"Attachment to the material is detachment from the spiritual." Cementoss replied, which was met with an eye roll from Tokoyami.

"I'll tell the guys at the deli, maybe they'll make you a metaphysical ham on rye~" The sorcerer chuckled.

"Hold on, wait wait wait. I think i have 200." Cementos said suddenly changing his mind.



"Which is?"

"... About a buck fifty...?" Cementoss guessed.

Tokoyami sighed and shook his head. "What do you want?"

Cementoss smiled happily and rubbed his hands together, "I wouldn't say 'no' to a tuna melt-"

Suddenly, the ceiling behind them collapsed as something crashed into the stairwell and made a deep hole inn their floor as the two sorcerers took cover from the debris. As they approached the intruder, Dark Shadow flew up to Tokoyami's side as he and Cementoss prepared their spells.

From within the hole, Toshinori Yagi looked up at them in his deflated form.

"All for One... He's coming...!"

Tokoyami looked to Cementoss confused before looking back at Toshinori.

"... Who...?"