"Slow down, slow down and i'll tell you!"

"You're totally rambling~"

"No i'm not-"

In the Local park, Itsuka Kendo and Iida Tenya were walking side-by-side at Iida rambled to try and speak to her. Finally, aafter gaining his composure, he began to speak clearly.

"Look, you know when you're in a dream, and in the dream you gotta pee? And the you're like 'oh my god, there's no bathrooms what do i do?'" Iida tried to say, nearly out of breath from his rambling.

"Right, right." Itsuka said following along with a smile on her face. "And then you wake up, and in real life you ACTUALLY have to pee."

"Yes!" Iida said a little too excitedly.

"Yeah, everybody has that." Itsuka chuckled.

"Right, that's the point i'm trying to make!" Iida said smiling, finally getting to his point as he stopped them in the middle of their walk. "Apropos of that, last night i dreamt... We had a kid... It was so real..."

Itsuka raised an eyebrow at this, her smile growing a bit wider as she couldn't help but watch Iida's expression. He was so cute when he got like this.

"We named him after you eccentric uncle, uh... What was his name?" Iida said snapping his fingers trying to remember. "Morgan! Morgan."

Itsuka chuckled and nodded slowly. "So you woke up..."


"And thought that we were...?"

"Expecting?" Iida said hopefully.

Itsuka nodded at the remark. "Yeah..."



"I had a dream about it! It was so real!" Iida exclaimed, as he and Itsuka continued their walk.

Itsuka sighed and started to undo the sweater tie around Iida's neck, showing off a triangular light on Iida's chest.

"If you wanted to have a kid..." Itsuka said tapping on the little triangle. "You wouldn't have done THAT..."

The object on Iida's chest was a unit used for storing nanobots, allowing him to activate his iconic suit at any moment, as well as allowing a few upgrades for combat. Iida fumbled for an excuse as he looked Itsuka in the eyes.

"I'm glad you brought this up, because it's nothing. It's just a housing unit for Nanoparticles-" Iida said mostly telling the truth.

The full truth was that Iida worried about Itsuka. She was everything to him and he wanted to be able to protect her from anything at a moment's notice. If anything happened to her... He didn't know what he'd do.

Itsuka sighed in annoyance at his thrown-together excuse. "You're not helping your case, okay?"

"No, this is detachable it's not a-"

"You don't need that...!" Itsuka interrupted.

She knew what Iida was trying to do, and while she appreciated it, Itsuka just wished for a life where sheand Iida could get away from all of the chaos and the fighting and such. It was taking a toll on her over the years and she just wanted to relax...

"I know i had the surgery-" Iida argued back. "-I'm just trying to protect us... And future usses and that's it. Just in case there's a monster in the closet instead of-"

"Shirts..." Itsuka finished chuckling. It was impossible for her to stay mad at him.

Iida smiled at he looked into Itsuka's bright blue eyes. "You know me so well... You finish all my sentences!"

Itsuka sighed in response. "God... You should have shirts in your closet."

"Yeah..." Iida chuckled. After a momantary pause, Iida suddenly spoke up. "You know what there should be? No more surprises."

Oh Iida if only you knew...

"We're gonna have a nice dinner tonight-" Iida said already planning their evening. "Show off this Harry Winston. And we should have no more surprises. Ever. I should promise you!"

Itsuka giggled cutely at Iida, appreciating the effort he was putting into making her happy. "Yes~"

"I will..."

And with that the two finally met lips, sharing a kiss in the middle of the park. Every moment like this was perfect between them, nothing else in the world mattered as they both began to feel warm all over.

"Iida Tenya..." A voice said suddenly interrupting their moment.

Looking to his right, Iida saw a man with a bird head, wearing a dark cloak walking toward him.

"I'm Dr. Tokoyami Fumikage, i need you to come with me..." The sorcerer said stepping through his portal.

Iida and Itsuka Looked at the strange bird man in concern, the both of them having a terrible feeling in the pit of their stomachs about him.

"Oh uh, congratulations on the wedding by the way..." He said suddenly remembering the most talked about event of the year (for now).

That was it. Iida was already unhappy about this guy interrupting their personal business, but now he's talking like he knows them personally?

"I'm sorry, you givin out tickets to something?" Iida exclaimed fairly annnoyed.

"We need your help... " Tokoyami said grimly. "Look, it's not overselling it to say that the fate of the universe is at stake."

"And who's 'We'?" Iida asked only seeing the sorcerer in front of him.

That was when Toshinori stepped beside Tokoyami, dressed in his casual clothes. "Hey Iida..."

Iida was shocked to say the least... He hadn't seen Toshinori in ages, and the last time they did meet... Well... That was a subject Iida would rather not bring up.

"Yagi..." Iida said softly as as Toshinori approached them.

Stopping in front of Iida, Toshinori sighed and embraced Iida for comfort, who was more than willing to provide it, Itsuka helping to him see if he was well.

"Are you okay...? Iida asked.

Iida sat on the couch in the Sanction Sanctorum as he watched Cementoss give his presentation.

"At the dawn of the universe, There was nothing. Then... Boom." He said as he used his sercery to show a replica of the big bang as their universe was created. "The big bang sent six elemental crystals hurtling across the virgin universe."

In front of him, 5 crystals of unique color floated on display as Iida wondered where the sixth was.

"These Infinity Stones each control an essential aspect of existence." Cementoss explained.

One-by-one, Tokoyami began listing off each stone as they glowed with power.






Looking down to the pendant around his neck, Tokoyami unlocked the device as his hands glowed, opening it using his sorcery to reveal a green stone. "And time..."

Taking his time to process all of this information, Iida looked to Toshinori to ask his first question. "Tell me his name again..."

"All for One..." Toshinori sighed walking toward Iida. "He's a plague Iida, He invades planets. He takes what he wants and he wiped out half the population! He sent Shigaraki! The attack on U.A, THAT'S him!"

"This is it..." Iida mummbled to himself. \

Just from the way Toshinori was describing All for One, he knew that this was a whole different ball game than anything they had faced before. Every battle they had fought, every villain they had faced. It was all leading up to this. This would be their true test as heroes. If they couldn't stop All for One, it would mean total defeat...

Iida took a deep breath and paced about the room. "What's our timeline?"

"No telling..." Toshinori answered. "He has the Power and Space stones, That already makes him the strongest creature in the whole universe!"

Iida listened at Toshinori followed him, taking a moment lean on a large cauldron to stretch his legs.

"If he gets his hands on all six stony Iida-"

"He could destroy life on a scale hitherto undreamt of..." Tokoyami finished.

"Did you seriousy just say 'hitherto undreamt of'?" Iida said questioning the sorcerer's outdated lingo.

"Are you seriously leaning on the Cauldron of the Cosmos?" Tokoyami said suddenly realizing Iida's actions as Dark shadow came up and smacked Iida's hand off of the cauldron.

Looking rather offended at the aggressive action, Iida stared Tokoyami down as he slowly stepped closer. "... I'm going to allow that..."

Iida took a quick breath and tried a shot-in-the-dark for an idea.

"If All for One needs all six, why don't we just, stick this one down the garbage disposal?" Iida said gesturing to Tokoyami's Time stone.

Tokoyami shook his head in response. "No can do..."

"We swore an oath-" Cementoss added. "-to protect the Time stone with our lives."

"Look, things change-" Iida started.

"Our oath to protect the Time stone cannot change, and this stone may be the best chance we have against All for One." Tokoyami explained.

"Yeah so conversely-" Iida argued getting a bit annoyed with the bird's stubborness. "-It may be his best chance against us..."

"Well if we don't do our jobs-"

"What is your job exactly? Besides making balloon animals?" Iida said mocking the sorcerer's magical proffesion, something Tokoyami did not take kindly to...

"Protecting your reality... Douchebag..." Tokoyami growled back.

Toshinori had to do something before a fight broke out between them. Speaking up, he managed to break the tension between the two.

"Look, guys, can we table the discussion right now? The fact is that we have this stone!" Toshinori said gesturing to Tokoyamis necklace. "We know where it is! Shinso is out there somewhere with the Mind stone and we have to find him now!"

Iida sighed in guilt. "Yeah that's the thing..."

"What do you mean?" Toshinori asked having a bad feeling about that line.

"... Two weeks ago Shinso turned off his transponder... He's offline..."

"What?!" Toshinori exclaimed clearly upset. "Iida you lost another super-bot?"

"I didn't lose him...!" Iida said as he started to pace the area again. "He's more than that, he's evolving."

"Who could find him then?" Tokoyami asked, desperate to get another stone within his reach and out of All for One's.

Iida stopped dead in his tracks and sighed.

"Shit... Probably Izuku Midoriya..." Iida said, forcing the name out of his mouth.

"Oh great..." Tokoyami said having heard of the incident with the Avengers.

Toshinori though was clearly oblivious. He had been off-planet for ages, so he didn't know...

"... So call him...!" Toshinori insisted.

"It's not that easy." Iida said turning to Toshinori. "God we havent caught up in a spell have we? ... The Avengers broke up... We're toast."

Toshinori couldn't believe his ears. The group that had fought together not once in their fight agains Shigaraki, but twice when Overhaul came to light, suddenly disbanded in his absence?

"Broke up..? Like a band? Like... Like the beatles...?" Toshinori sid clearly confused.

"Deku and I fell out hard... We're not on speaking terms..." Iida explained, a hidden sadness in his eyes.

As much as Toshinori wanted to figure things out between Iida and Izuku, there were far more pressing matters as hand right now...

"Iida... Listen to me... Denki's gone... All for One is coming- it doesn't matter who you're speaking to or not...!" Toshinori said looking Iida square in the eyes.

There was a moment of silence between them as Iida began to process the situation, even though he knew from the start that Toshinori was right... This was their final trial, and if they wanted to come out on top, he and Izuku would have to work things out between them. Sighing, Iida turned arouund and pulled out probably the most outdated piece of technology since the floppy disk.

"Flip phone..." Iida mumbled to himself as he opened up the phone and looked up Izuku's number.

But before he could make the call, he stopped... Listening closely, Iida could hear the sound of a distance rumbling sound. not seconds later, the smaller objects around the sanctorum began to jiggle and rumble, clacking against their wooden stands. Iida looked around to see if anyone else could hear it, only for his suspicions to be confirmed as everybody els eheld a confused look on their face. Looking at Tokoyami, henoticed his feathers shaking a bit as if wind was passing through them...

"Say Doc, you wouldn't happen to be ruffling your feathers would you...?" Iida asked pointing to Tokoyami.

"Not at the moment, no..." Tokoyami answered slowly.

The rumbling became louder as Iida looked upward through the broken rooftop as he saw a few bits of debris fly by. As the whole group looked toward the front door, they saw people running like mad as the wind blew furiously around them. putting away his phone, Iida was the first to step out the front door to take a look around.

Things were utter chaos outside. People were running, screaming, cars crashing into each other in a desperate attempt to escape the area. Iida walked toward the rumblind sound, helping anybody up that happened to fall in his way. On the right he saw a car crash into a street lamp, having Tokoyami and Toshinori make sure that the man made it out.

"Cementoss, look alive!" Iida said as he put on a pair of not-so-ordinary sunglasses. "Cammie, what am i looking at?"

"Not sure, i'm working on it!" His advanced A.I. said as she tried to analyze the situation.

Turning around to Tokoyami, Iida shouted over the crowd. "Hey! You might Wanna put that Time stone in your back pocket Doc!"

"Might wanna use it...!" Tokoyami shouted back as he prepared himself for combat, his magic surrounding his hands.

Peaking around the corner of a building, the top of a shack nearly took Iida's head off as it flew by like a bat outa hell. Once the coast was clear, Iida stepped out to get a good look at the situation. In the sky, a large circular spaceship floated above the city, it's energy output being the force the was blowing the wind so fiercly around them.

In a distance school bus, Sero Hanta was resting when the hair on his arms stood on end. Alarmed, Sero look up at them and out the window, to see a large space ship floating in the distance. Knowing for sure that this meant trouble, Sero tapped Koji Koda on the side of his face.

"Hey... Hey I need you to cause a distraction-" Sero started before Koji already started doing his job. Whether he meant to or not is still highly up for debate.

"Holy shit..." Koji said as he saw the spaceship outside. "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! THERE'S A SPACESHIP!"

Suddenly, the entire bus was in turmoil, everybody russhing to the windows to get a look at the circular space ship floating outside. Sero took the opportunity to use his tape-like apendages to pry one of the windows open and slip out of it safely.

At the driver's seat of the bus, Kohei Hirikoshi looked back at the kids in termoil and chuckled. "What's the matter? You kids never seen a spaceship before?"

Throwing on his mask, Sero grabbed his backpack as he jumped off the side of the bridge, attaching a strand of tape to the underside of the bridge, swinging in the direction of the spaceship.