Lost and found


Chapter 2


Sorry for the wait! But here is chapter 2

Barry POV

"Barry, come here boy" called Joe as I entered the house.

"Yeah Joe"

"Come sit down"

"Iris?" I asked soon as I saw the smile and tear marks on her face, "what's going on?"

"It's your mother."

"Did something happen to her?" I frantically questioned.

"Yes" oh no. "But it wasn't major, she'll be coming home for a while. And once she's better she'll go to another place"

"Oh. Can I go to my room until dinner's ready?"

"Sure" I quickly rushed up the stairs, but not before hearing iris come up after me.

Iris POV

I can't believe what happened, I'm excited for Barry because he'll have his mom back. But, I'm also sad that we won't be spending much together once she gets back.

"Hey bear?" I knocked in his door.

"Yeah." He cried from inside the room.

"Dinner's ready. Do you need to talk?"

"No," sniffle, "no, I'm good." He came out of the room in a new outfit, one mulch more Barry.


"Yeah. Let's go"


Back downstairs

"Iris, why don't you come sit next to me tonight"

"No, I'm sitting by Barry"

"Alright then, Nora would you mind having to sit next to me?"

"Of course not Joe"

Dinner was fine, my dad had made some type of chicken noodle recipe, and Barry just kept staring at his food while Nora continued to try to make small talk.

"Barry and I are going to go get ready for school tomorrow, is that okay dad?"

"Sure. Be quick though. I'm sure Nora wants to be able to talk to Barry before bed. Okay?"

"Alright we'll hurry."

*once upstairs*

"Thank you" whispered a small voice.

"What?" I asked.

"Thank you. I'm not ready to talk to my mom."

"Of course. I'm not too excited to talk to her either." i replied.

"It's just that she up and leaves without consulting me whatsoever, and when she comes back she immediately wants her little Barry back."

"You've never acted like that before when she's returned."

"Yeah well, that's because it had been six months since I had seen her and I had started to miss her instead of hating her for it"

"I understand" i sighed, "if my mom were to suddenly come back from the dead i would hug her at first because i've gone so long without her and i've missed her but in the end id be mad at her for randomly leaving my life without any warning"

"I'm glad you understand" he responded before finishing packing up his bag for school.

"We should go downstairs" I brought forth.

"We should but I don't want to"

"I'll stay with you. I promise I wont leave your side."


"Promise" I replied, as we burst out in laughter.

"Look at us. We're in the seventh grade and still doing pinkie promises like we're first graders."

"Well it's you and me, Barry. What else do you expect?"

"True. ready?"

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?" I chuckled.

"Shouldnt i be the knight in shining armor"

"More like the night in shining leather"

"Why not armor?"

"Please. If you ever become a superhero you'd totally wear leather, probably red. The armor would be too hard to move around in"

"Am I an open book or something?"

"Only to your number one fan." I lowkey flirted back.