Hey everyone! Okay, so I know, this is super different from Not On My Watch, but I decided it would be a fun experiment! Honestly, it was from a story prompt group I'm part of and I wasn't expecting it to be more thenlike 300 words. Now, here I am at 1,300, the longest chapter I've written (I'm still new to this, sorry!), and one, potentially two, more chapters left. But eh, I decided it was fun to write so I'd post it on here. Besides, Hunk is severely underappreciated and deserves more fics.

Also, I never expected I would ever write a humor story, so enjoy it while it lasts. I got some serious angst coming sometime soon.

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Hunk leaned against the counter, his homemade whisk in hand. He had just about figured out the recipe but how what could he substitute for eggs? Eggs are essential in making fudgy brownies and there was no way he would settle for anything less.

His musings were interrupted by the sound of footsteps down the hall. Weird. He hadn't expected anyone else to be awake for at least another hour. They had had a rough battle recently, so training for the morning was cancelled. Hunk thought it would be a great opportunity to surprise his fellow paladins as well as try out a new recipe. He hadn't had the chance to cook much recently, so it was nice to finally relax and let go of the scary reality they were in.

The footsteps got louder as they got closer and Hunk looked up to see Shiro come in. He paused when he saw that Hunk was already in the room. "Oh. Good morning Hunk, I didn't expect anyone else to be up yet."

Hunk smiled. It wasn't a shock that of anyone, Shiro was the one to wake up. Although he didn't talk about it much, they all knew Shiro had a hard time sleeping. Hunk often wondered if it had anything to do with his arm. Considering that it was metal, he assumed it wasn't quite as malleable as the other parts of his body and was hard to find a position that worked for both it and the rest of him.

Hunk had considered offering to take a look at it, but Shiro seemed to prefer making the most of the situation rather than making a big deal. At the same time though, if it helped Shiro get some well-deserved sleep, he was more than happy to do it. "I just decided it was a good time for some morning baking." He smiled, holding up the spoon dripping with currently-purple goo.

Shiro smiled at that and made to sit down on the nearby couch before pausing. Turning to Hunk he ask. "Do mind if I join you? I don't want to intrude."

Hunk waved his hand with the spoon in a dismissive gesture, setting goo bits flying in all directions. "No, it's cool. I don't mind company."

He watched as as the good-natured man sat down on the couch, adjusting himself to find a more comfortable position. Hunk thought again about potentially bringing up his arm, but decided against it as Shiro finally seemed to find the right spot.

"You know," Hunk said "I actually used to cook with my dad a lot." He smiled slightly at the memory. "We used to make the craziest foods. He's the one that taught me everything I know."

Hunk went over the cupboard, bringing out some edible worms from the last reconnaissance mission. They were a bit salty for brownies but it should give them the right texture at least.

"He's actually the reason that I can cook with the goo too." He continued. "My dad was really big on experimenting and just using what we had. We cooked so often that often the main ingredients would have run out and we had to play around with it to see what worked as a substitute." Hunk chuckled. "We made some pretty nasty stuff sometimes."

Shiro listened with a fond smile. "That explains a lot. What are you making now?"

Hunk opened his mouth to speak but a grumbling from down the hall made him pause. They both turned to see Lance step out of the hallway in his robe, rubbing his eyes. Not even pausing when he saw the others, he plopped himself down on the couch next to Shiro and complained loudly "Figures that once we finally get the chance to sleep in, my body decides to wake me up anyway." He glanced over at the bowl Hunk had out. "Whatcha making?"

Hunk sprinkled in some herbs he had discovered helped keep cakes moist as they cooked. "You'll find out when it's done. I want to see if you can recognise the flavor with knowing what I'm going for."

Lance stretched, his expression quickly changing into one of excitement. "Sounds fun! But I warn you. These taste buds can pick out the slightest difference."

Hunk laughed then shifted his expression over to Shiro, who shrugged. "Why not? You haven't poisoned us so far." He said with a smile.

"Awesome! I'm almost done with the batter now."

More footsteps sounded down the hall, these ones quieter. Raising his eyebrow, Shiro commented "Guess everyone's up this morning."

The owner of the footsteps appeared in the doorway, revealing a tired-looking Pidge with her glasses askew and a mug in her hand. She stopped when she saw everyone, her eyebrows knitting together. "Why are you all up?"

Hunk gestured to the mixing bowl. "I was going to surprise you guys with a morning treat, but I guess the castle is full of early risers today." He smiled at her.

Pidge's eyes widened at his response. "Morning? What time is it?"

Shiro frowned. "A little after when we'd normally get up to train. Why?"

Pidge rubbed her temple, looking down at her mug. "I didn't realise I'd been working so long. I was just coming in to get some more coffee."

Shiro's expression was a mixture of concern and scolding. "Pidge. You stayed up all night?" He sighed. "You should go catch some sleep while you still can."

Pidge shook her head. "I've had way too much caffeine to sleep anytime soon."

Hunk repressed a laugh at the comment. He had made up some coffee goo a few weeks in and Pidge had been addicted ever since. "You should join us. The batter's almost ready to put in the oven and then it should be done soon."

Lance called out "Yeah! Come on Pidge! Family bonding time!" He made a show of scooting over to give her a spot.

Pidge sighed. "I guess I won't be getting much more work done until the download is finished anyway." She sat down next to Lance. "What are you making, Hunk?"

Lance turned to her, smirking like he had some juicy gossip. "It's a surprise. We're going to guess once it's done." Lance wiggled his eyebrows.

"Only if you want." Hunk added, pouring the batter into an oven pan.

Pidge looked over at the concoction curiously, then shrugged. "Sure. Sounds fun. So, what are you all doing up this early?"

Before Shiro or Hunk had the chance to even think, Lance had smacked his hands down on the table in front of them, eyes wild like he was about prove a conspiracy. Unfortunately, there had been a bowl of goo in front of him and one hand had nicked the spoon hanging out of it, flinging the green substance into Shiro's face.

The room split into chaos. Lance's hands flew to his face and he was spouting apologies through unsuccessfully-stifled laughs, Shiro seemed to be creating a new yoga pose in his attempt to keep the goo from dripping, and Hunk, who had immediately dropped his spoon at the commotion, had raced over scrubbing furiously at the few drips on the couch. All the while, Pidge's crazed laughter could be heard in the background.

A soft voice entered the room, momentarily pausing the madness. "Wha...?" Everyone froze, turning to see Keith standing in the doorway, looking like he had just stumbled upon a unicorn in a bus seat. There was a second of silence where everyone just stared. Finally, throwing his hands up, Keith said "Not even gonna ask," beginning to turn back.

"Oh no you don't!" Lance cried, grabbing his shoulder and steering him into the room. "We are having quality family time and you are going to join us."