"Can someone without a quirk be a hero?" asked Midoriya

His teachers voice broke his train of thought. "You guys are all third years now its time to start thinking about your careers and futures seriously!" I want to hand out these career forms but I assume you all want to be heroes!" He said as threw the papers in the air.

Midoriya always wanted to be a hero it was his dream but he was born quirkless on top of that his childhood best friend became his bully even giving him the nickname Deku meaning useless he made Izuku's life a living hell by teasing him,abusing him,and belittling him .

"Your aiming for UA too arent you midoriya? Bakugou and the rest of the class turned to look at Midoriya." They all laughed at the idea of Midoriya becoming a hero But Bakugou turned and slammed his hand on Midoriya's desk while adding an explosion making him fall back on his chair.

"FORGET THEM YOUR QUIRKLESS YOUR BELOW EVERYONE ELSE AND YOU THINK YOU CAN KEEP UP WITH ME?"screamed Bakugou as he drove Midoriya to the back of the class "its just its always been my dream and i thought i could try the entrance exam and try ."said Midoriya as the whole class mocked him.

After School Midoriya was on his phone All Might the number 1 hero and his Idol has been spotted nearby. As Midoriya picked up his quirk analysis notebook Bakugou swipes it from Izuku's Hand.

Midoriya reaches out and in that moment Bakugou incinerates it and throws it out the window into a nearby pool of water. "What im trying to say is Don't you dare go to U.A nerd"Said Bakugou as he put his hand on Izuku's uniform and started burning the uniform.

As Bakugou was walking out the door with his friends he said the words that would change Midoriya forever "if you want to be hero so bad Ive got an idea that might save you some time.If you think you'll have a quirk in your next life go jump off a roof" Bakugou said Midoriya was filled with so many emotions in that moment he quickly turned and gave a scared/angry glare at his former best friend and his response was an evil smile whilst making explosions with his hand.

Midoriya stood in his classroom all alone crying and afraid no friends, no shoulder to cry on except his mother she is the only person in this world who is there for him… but its not enough. Midoriya went outside to go pick up his notebook and he began having thoughts that no middle schooler should ever have "Why.. why is he allowed to this to me in front everyone In front of the teachers! They just let him do what he wants i may be quirkless ….but im-im human too... im human arent I?"

Later that day

"I don't think so kid"said All Might "A pro should be willing to risk his life at any moment without a quirk you'll just get hurt or even worse die" as his words came out midoriya's blood froze all his dreams, aspirations, all his hope was being crushed. " if you want to help become a police officer they get a lot of hate because they lock up the criminals that pros have taken care of but it is admirable work. Its ok to dream kid however you have to be realistic." said All Might.

"Even All Might said it the number 1 hero. . . .don't cry you knew this already and because you knew you tried so damn hard" Midoriya said as he began to cry his eyes glazed with tears he saw a crowd around an alley but this time he turned away and walked home no thoughts filled his mind no more ambitions no more hope.His mother Inko Midoriya greeted him "hey sweetie how was school" she said happy her son came home her husband worked overseas Midoriya put on his fake smile and told her " good mom I met All Might today can you believe it?" Said Midoriya. Inko smiled and hugged her son. He had always wanted to meet Allmight little did she know this was the night that she would lose her son.

Izuku was alone in his room it was 10 pm he was finally ready he got all the things he needed and finished up his apology letter. Inside was his reasons why,a location,and his entire lifes savings a total of 500,000 yen. " im sorry mom" Midoriya said as he crept through his window.

Midoriya arrived to a rooftop at 12:35 am . The same rooftop where his dreams were crushed. He took off his shoes stood at the edge his notebook in hand he grasped it tightly and jumped...

. . . . " am i dead?" Thought Midoriya

He expected death instead he was greeted with something much more terrifying.

As Midoriya slowly opened his eyes they grew wide at the sight of A crooked and disgusting looking blade on his neck the man wielding the blade wore a Torn up red scarf with multiple blades holstered all over his body and he had eyes that were filled with murderous intent and malice. It was Stain the hero killer out of instinct Midoriya tried to scramble backwards but felt a pain in his right arm and realised that his arm broke from the fall.

Stain steps forward slowly and speaks in a raspy demanding voice " Who are you? And why did you attack me!" Izuku choked up and couldn't muster up any words. "ANSWER ME NOW UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE HERE" Stain shouted

Afraid Midoriya managed to choke up some words "I - I didnt mean to im sorry i just…"he couldnt finish his sentence how could he say he wanted to commit suicide like it was nothing. Stain lifted his blade "you just? YOU JUST WHAT?" shouted stain " I TRIED TO KILL MYSELF OK please let me die already." Explained Midoriya in a sad tone

Stain was surprised to say the least he thought this boy was trying to attack him but it was just a teen who wanted to end it all. Stain realising the boy posed no threat put his sword away and knelt down so he could look at this boy in the eye.

"Why did you do it" stain asked in a more calm voice Izuku relaxed and wondered if he should even tell him but after thinking about it he came to the conclusion the hero killer does not gain anything by knowing so he ultimately decided to tell him. "It started when i was born without a quirk" Midoriya explained his whole life story except his conversation with All Might.

"Thats whats wrong with this society a quirk determines what you are in this world now! Fake heroes and mindless criminals pollute this world now! " Stain scowled

Midoriya was a bit surprised at what he was hearing to say the least. Stain was right everyday more and more heroes became heroes for selfish reasons only in it for the fame and wealth and the amount of criminals had also increased dramatically!

The silence was broken by Stain yet again " hey whats up that notebook?" Izuku didn't realize he was still holding on to his notebook " oh its my hero analysis notebook i record quirks and the possible uses,upgrades,and weaknesses but i don't need it now. . . Want to see it?" Responded Midoriya as he lifted his notebook to Stain.

Stain knew after hearing his life story Midoriya could have been a true hero his reason to be one was so noble. Stain received the notebook and began to read every single page becoming more and more intrested each page he turned. "Wow these are so detailed you have a real talent. Its amazing the amount of data behind these notes are incredible" said Stain as he kept looking through the notebook.

Izuku was surprised and happy someone finally acknowledged him for something he did! " really?! You think so? I worked hard on them my favorite is page 175 i think kamuis ability is amazing!" Said Midoriya happily.

Stain then gave a sad smile " this kid has been through so much and even after attempting suicide he still smiles. this kid needs someone to guide him someone he can look up too" he thought " hey kid i got a proposition for you would you like to hear it?" Stain said

Midoriya looked up at Stain with a confused face and the proposition Stain gave was something Midoriya never expected to hear from the infamous hero killer.

And scene

Hey guys this is my first ever fanfic! I had this idea for a while and i thought it wouldnt hurt to try and upload it here. As a heads up There will be some time skips dont worry nothing to big also i wont be adding any OCs. I hope you guys enjoy it :D