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It was a bright and sunny day as Kagome poked her head from the Bone eater's well in InuYasha's forest. She quickly hopped out
and brushed the raven colored hair from her eyes. She peered around for any sign of...him.

"Where are you?" She said aloud and had a war with her yellow overloaded backpack and finally pulled it out.

"Got'cha!" She yipped and beamed at her small accomplishment, she rejoiced with a quick V- victory sign and continued
her search for that fluffy irrestistable kawaii *cough* I mean that STUPID RECKLESS MANIAC...InuYasha.

"Damn Wench..Who the hell do you think you're lookin' for, eh?" Our favorite Hanyou jumped down from a tree nearby and
stood up, yellow eyes peering.

Kagome growled lightly at his comment...-this- was going to get interesting...

"Hojo" Came the reply from our hero the shard detector, Kagome.

InuYasha nearly choked on his own pride. He quickly got over it..and into Kagome's face!

"WHO THE HELL'S HOBO!?" He demanded. Kagome rolled her eyes and stepped back.

" Cant you take a joke? He's a guy from school..I was looking for you! And stop cursing!!" She pointed a finger at him and
poked his chest. [ YOUR INDEX FINGER, NOT THAT ONE! !]

A small line of blush rose over his cheeks as he said one of his "Eh?"'s and pushed her hand out of the way

"Get your damn hand away from my damn face you DAMN GIRL!" He barked. [ Not litteraly ; ]

What goes around comes around... at least it does in THIS Fuedal Fairy tale..



"Why you damn.."



"Will you shut the Fu--"


- 5 minutes later and and a very injured InuYasha -

InuYasha growled and sat on the back of her bike as Kagome pedaled into the village.
Shippou, Sango, Miroku, and Kaede were waiting.

"KAGOMEEEEE!" He yelled and hopped into her arms, the little kistune clinging.

"^_^! Shippou! 33 " Kagome embraced him. InuYasha glared at poor helpless, clueless Shippou.

So..Kagome, how was it in your time?" Sango asked.
All the while, the friends talked and chatted and eventually went inside Kaede's hut. But what they didnt know what was lurking
outside.... a pair of yellow eyes watched carefully as the friends went into the seemingly so "safe" hut...