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Kagome held the bucket and wandered through the tall grass that lived off the water source in which she was going.

There was a rustle in the grass that seemed to fly by quickly. Kagome didnt think much of it, there were many creatures

around, and she had grown used to the Sengoku Jidai...as much as one can get used to it that it. But then, it sped by

again, now behind her and then came up and ran ahead.

" I guess whatever it is, is going to the river. Oh well. If it IS a demon, I KNOW I can yell loud enough for InuYasha

to hear and then he'll come and save me. No big deal " She said to herself walking along, now stepping out to the river's edge,

crystal-like water flowing and cascading off rocks.

Kagome kneeled down on the bank and scooped up a bucket of water. Then..the something sped by again knocking

her face first into the water.

"Ai-eeeeeSPLASH" Kagome hit the rock bottom and tumbled head over heels, and was violently swept down stream..and fast.

She struggled to get up and she finally surfaced,and gasped for air.

The figure that had knocked her in landed on the ground. It was apparently a young demon girl. She was around 5'4

with long spiky silver hair was tied back into a ponytail and two gray ears protruded out from her head. Her eyes were brown

which rolled in sarcasm. She wore a blue kimono that was cut short for to jump, run, etc. A long furry white tail slided back

and forth in the dirt. Her hands lay on her hips, claws tapping.

"Tsk. She should have better balance than that." She mumbled.

"In-Aghh.-INUYAAAAA----gah." Kagome slid under the water. The demon girl stepped back and jumped into the tree.

InuYasha's ears perked up. He jumped up and ranin the direction. He was sure that was Kagome..how could he ever forget

her voice.

InuYasha spotted Kagome floating down the river. He quickly jumped down and sped right over the river, grabbing

her by the waist and laying her down on the ground. She wasnt moving.

"Kagome!" InuYasha said loudly, fear in his voice as Kagome wasnt breathing.

~ What if I have to give her mouth to mouth...? ~ He wondered and looked around.

~ Its to save her, get a hold of yourself, you stupid hanyou...Right right, here goes. ~ InuYasha leaned down to where their

lips almost touched. He held her arms tightly when suddenly Kagome twitched and took a sudden intake of breath. She

leaned forward eyes still closed when her lips met his. She opened her eyes.

"..............." InuYasha didnt move.

"..............." Neither did Kagome.

They stayed frozen like for a few moments then InuYasha jumped back, standing up.

"Are you okay? I thought you had drowned. FEH! Dont you know you're supposed to stay on the ground when

getting water?" He walked off. Kagome stood.

"But I didnt fall in! Someone pushed me." At that moment the demon girl hopped down from the tree, and leaned against it,

clapping her hands.

"Good, good." She snickered. InuYasha growled at her.

"Did you push Kagome in?" He questioned. The girl tilted her head to the side.

"Maaaaaaybe. Maybe not!!" InuYasha flexed his claws.

"Whatever. You're just a little brat!"

"And you're just a pathetic lowly scummy hanyou." She said back with a grin.

InuYasha punched the ground and a small crater formed.

"And how would you know?" He asked.

"And demon could smell you. Its so disgusting. Worse than any humans...InuYasha."

" So WHAT. If I smell that bad, move your little preppy ass out of here! And yeah

Im InuYasha. Its a good thing people know my name."

" And the Tetsusaiga...Now." She disapeared and reappeared next to Kagome with a claw

against her neck.

~ Woah..She reminds me of...InuYasha.. ~ Kagome thought.

The girl continued. "Give me the sword. Or Kagome here gets it."

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