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This idea? Utterly MINE.

Nazara-called-Sovereign, Feros Space, Theseus System, Attican Beta Cluster, June 7, 2183

"Are we allowing dreams as evidence?"

Council Agent Saren Talador Arterius stood in the center of the communication dais that allowed him to broadcast his image to the Council Chamber as a holographic light panel was displayed in front of him to let him view the proceedings. The whole thing had his fringe rankle as the Council allowed this farce of an inquest to occur, seeing three monkeys upon the hearing panel addressing the Council, simpering and groveling. In retrospect, he should have entertained the thought that perhaps someone might have witness his presence on Eden Prime, but he had prepared for that eventuality by having the Geth deliver a series of palladium-infused explosives throughout the colony's spaceport to destroy any signs of his presence and kill any possible eyewitnesses. Unfortunately, the Geth had failed to account a small tactical team of monkeys being able to thwart their efforts. The team had not only defeated the Geth, but they had defused the bombs and interacted with the Prothean Beacon.

And the person responsible was standing on the dais, and Saren stared at the figure.

Commander Jane Catherine Shepard, the Butcher of Torfan.

Had Nihlus lost his fringe, thinking some Human could possibly be good enough to be a SPECTRE? The thought had Arterius scoff internally, but he had to admit that the female monkey had gone through dozens of Geth with a small team, able to strike deep enough to thwart his plans. Killing Nihlus had been regrettable, but Saren couldn't chance his protege getting a message off to the Council or any number of communication receivers to alert anyone that Saren had in fact been on Eden Prime during the invasion. Thankfully, he had placed surveillance drones in the space port to monitor activity before interacting with the Beacon himself, leaving them behind believing that they would be destroyed. Matriarch Benezia T'soni had been monitoring the feeds after his return from Eden Prime, and had seen the act where the monkey had interacted with the Beacon, much as he had.

And now he knew the name and face of the female he was going to obliterate.

The Council and the monkeys dithered back and forth, Saren only paying half-attention as his mind went over the possibilities. As much as he would enjoy ripping the baboon's spine out from her back and beating her to death with it, he had other things that needed to be done in other locations. As good as he was, even Saren could not be in two places at once. He was needed on Feros to extract the knowledge of the Protheans from Species 37, a nugget of intelligence gleaned thanks to a few indoctrinated servants from the ExoGeni Corps Expeditionary Team, captured by the Geth and brought to Sovereign to take advantage of the Reapers' ability to indoctrinate sapient beings. The Thorian, what ExoGeni called Species 37, was the survivor of a cycle predating the Protheans, having lived and survived even the Prothean Era. It had likely consumed the dead, gaining intelligence and knowledge from its feedings. It was exactly what Saren needed to understand the Prothean Beacons' fringe-splitting message.

But first, he had a few loose ends to tidy up.

The meeting was coming to a close, and Arterius gave his final response about justice being served before turning off the communication device, the proceeding having been tanked appropriately. Unfortunately, it was really only a matter of time before someone smart enough actually got enough circumstantial evidence to make the Council recall him. That simply wouldn't do, not at this point in time. The plan was almost coming to fruition, and he couldn't afford any delays or inane squabbling. He was going to have to have the matter settled, and unfortunately he was going to have to rely upon someone else to do the job.

Thankfully, there was no shortage of mercenaries, assassins, and bounty hunters in the galaxy.

Saren activated his OmniTool with a twist of his wrist, looking up a contact queue of a list of names of known associates and entrepreneurs that he had worked with, knew of, or had used in the past. There were a couple dozen names for him to choose from, and most had him disgusted. Shepard might be a monkey, but she had a reputation as a master tactician, a skilled warrior, and had come out on top in a major action against the Batarian Hegemony when her and her forces invaded the moon of Torfan to free slaves and crush the trade. Most of the contacts were sloppy, given to boasting, and weren't good enough to lick the paws of a varren. N7's might be a joke in the galactic Special Forces community, but they were trained soldiers, and would likely make mincemeat out of most mercs and thugs with little effort. He didn't have time to waste Credits on wanna-bes.

What he needed was a dedicated professional.

Saren looked at a name, disregarding the others, and the name had given him pause. He didn't know much about the being in question save for his fell reputation; supposedly he was the most ruthless bounty hunter in the galaxy. The reputation didn't come from him, but from his clients and those he tracked down mercilessly. In the twenty or so years that he had been around, he had never been known to fail a contract, renege on a contract, or hold a bounty hostage for more pay. He was a being of simple honor; one hired him, he set the price, and he went and collected the bounty regardless of distance or difficulty. He even came with some absurd nickname, the 'Hound of Mandalore'. Saren knew the creatures' reputation, and even some of the bounties he had collected. The Hound had been hired to collect a Justicar… and completed the contract.

Yes, he would do nicely.

"Benezia," Saren turned to look at the eight hundred year old Matriarch, the Asari standing regally nearby, "take this contact list and send a request for a collection. The bounty will be a million dead, and two million alive, and make it available for only one man.

"Boba Fett."