He glared down at his hands. Big hands: good for working, killing, and hitting. It was a simple arrangement. Sex only, no word to the captain or crew, no public displays of affection, and NO ATTACHMENT. Why did he have to go and ruin everything?

Author's Note: I do not own the series of Firefly nor the movie Serenity nor the characters. Rated MA for sex, violence, and fun words (both English and Mandarin).

Serenity (part 1)

It was her idea. Sex. Just sex. No word to the others. No public displays of affection. Just satisfying their natural urges. They were two consenting adults, what could possibly go wrong? As Kaylee had put it when Jayne had first come aboard, "I'm just a gal with needs! Everybody on this ship's got somebody and for months now I ain't had nothing twixt my neathers weren't run on batteries!" Jayne avoided eye contact with the sweet little mechanic as she exclaimed her frustrations to him in the corridor as he had finished dropping his small bag of belongings and large bag of weapons down into his room.

"I'll be in my bunk," he murmured gruffly and turned away from her round face. It glowing with what he imagined (or was it hoped) was either arousal or her general enthusiasm about life. In his first hours on Serenity, the mechanic had attached herself to him and had been chatting his ear off non-stop.

It was almost three weeks after he had come aboard and she still hadn't warmed him up to the idea. At least, he hadn't mentioned it since. They had gravitated toward each other though. Two objects in space caught by the same invisible gravitational pull. The captain and the companion did their arguing, the pilot and the soldier did their wedded life, and that left the muscle and the mechanic to spend their lonely hours in dim space as they wished.

She was in the engine room shoulder deep in some machine with too many moving parts. Her mouth was still running, but all Jayne could focus on was the way her back curved under her dirty tank top and the way her jumpsuit hung around her hips as she twisted to get a deeper reach into the opening filled with gears and grease.

"And that's when I told Cap'n that he best get a better transmitter or we won't even have to worry 'bout the converter! The whole thing'll fall right out of the sky b'fore you can say what's what!" Kaylee withdrew from the hole with a smudge of grease across the bridge of her nose and rosy cheeks from the heat in the closed space.

"Huh." Jayne tried to make his non-committal grunt sound responsive instead of oblivious. Kaylee beamed at her audience and new friend before diving back into the machine.

"Say, Kaylee, are you a'most done up in there?" Jayne asked, his eyes taking in the glisten of the orange lights reflecting off of her sweaty shoulders. He rocked forward onto his feet from his spot where he had been leaning against the wall of the engine room.

"Yeah, pretty much." Kaylee replied, eyes still on the moving parts, "Just prettying it up a bit, s'all."

Jayne stepped forward, the hum of the engines seemed to be deafening and muted all at once. His body was going faster than his brain was ok with. "I been thinkin."

Kaylee pulled out of the machine, her expression somewhere between apprehensive and excited. "'Bout what?"

Jayne reached out and put one hand on her shoulder and one on her hip. They stood there awkwardly for a moment, just looking at each other. Jayne's mind finally caught up with his body and he was filled with panic. 'What the hell are you doing, Jayne?' his brain shouted, 'Either kiss her or don't, stop lookin' like an idiot!'

They both went in for the kiss at once, resulting in Jayne's nose smashing into Kaylee's forehead and Kaylee's mouth landing somewhere on Jayne's jaw. Jayne let out an awkward laugh but Kaylee didn't stop, she found his lips and stepped into his body. Big hands ran down her back, circling her in warmth. Small hands ran up his chest and nimble fingers found their way up his neck and through his hair.

She guided him with her hands gripping his hair, tugging gently as she nipped his lips and stepped back toward her hammock. "Shuan ren chuang?" Kaylee whispered seductively against his lips.

"No," he replied. Kaylee opened her eyes and glanced up at him, curious. "No bed" he murmured gruffly.

Jayne then lifted her up and pinned her against the wall next to the door, one of the few spaces in the room without moving parts. He could feel Kaylee's smile as he pressed his lips back to hers. She wrapped her legs around his hips. His bulge was pressing against his fly painfully. Jayne bucked his hips against her and muffled his groan in her hair. Kaylee snaked her arms down and slipped her jumpsuit down off of her hips.

'Haojile! There weren't barely nothing holding them up' Jayne thought briefly. His thoughts stopped, however, when Kaylee's hands moved the few inches to his belt and began to relieve the pressure on his erection. His pants dropped in moments and her nimble fingers of one hand were teasing him with their gentle pressure through the thin fabric of his shorts. He half instinctually thrust against her once again, but regretted it when it made her let go of his shaft. She began to wriggle slightly so Jayne set her down. He had barely noticed that she couldn't touch the ground. She finished sliding her panties down and they fell on top of the already crumpled heap that was her jumpsuit. In their brief intermission, Jayne pulled his shirt over his head.

He was standing there in nothing but his shorts and looking across at the mechanic who was standing there in nothing but her filthy white tank top. Jayne's eyes took in the whole picture at first, and then focused on the little peaks in the engine-grease covered fabric. With careful hands, trained with the meticulous work of cleaning guns, he firmly grasped the bottom edge of the tank top and pulled it up over her head. He watched as her nipples became even larger and harder as the fabric was pulled across them. Kaylee raised her arms obediently and shook her hair free after the garment was off. Her face broke into a half smirk as her fingers pinched the top edge of his shorts and slowly, oh so slowly, pulled the hem down until his firm penis bounced up to meet the open air.

Kaylee's eyes took on a hungry look. Before she could pounce on her prey, which was gleefully pointing her in the face, Jayne put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her gently back into the wall. "My turn first," he whispered, leaning in and pressing a kiss into her lips. He carefully explored the new territory now opened up before him. He kissed her chin, left a line of pecks along her jaw and down her neck. Pausing at the nape, he breathed in the smell of her. Kaylee shivered slightly as he nipped her shoulder and began to move lower.

His hands were big, but for once, they weren't clumsy. First, they cupped her breasts, as though weighing them, seeking an understanding. He ran his hands down to her soft waist and rested there. With his tongue Jayne traced a spiral around the nipple on one of her breasts, circles made smaller and smaller until he came to the apex. Gently, he drew the firm flesh into his mouth and gripped the base with his teeth. His tongue continued making tight circles around the sensitive nub. Kaylee's spine arched slightly and she let in a slight gasp as more resistance was created against his teeth. Jayne replaced his mouth's grip with an index finger and thumb and moved on to her other breast. Before long, her hands were on his shoulders and she was biting her lip, holding back a moan.

Satisfied, Jayne knelt down and settled onto his knees. After leaving another line of small kisses down her stomach, he stopped and looked back up to Kaylee's face. She was stroking her own nipples then. Her bottom lip was pinned between her teeth. Her eyes opened when she felt him stop.

"Can I?" He asked. Maybe she had changed her mind.

"Shi de, oh yes please," she smiled faintly. Her lips were swollen from their kissing and her eyelids were heavy with arousal.

Jayne grasped her around the waist and lifted her up slightly before pinning her against the wall once again. He lifted her knees up to rest on his shoulders so she was spread before him. Jayne raised two fingers to her opening and carefully parted the soft brown hair to reveal her wet, pink layers. He began by licking her from base to clit and back again. Briefly he flicked his tongue deeper into her warmth and tasted her desire. Kaylee braced herself against the wall as Jayne focused his attention on the swollen clit. He started with circles and then drew the dip of his tongue in a five pointed star.

Kaylee's moans were joining with the hum of Serenity's engines to fill Jayne's ears. He was working on drawing out as many chinese characters are he could remember when he felt her getting close. He shaped his lips in a small circle around her swollen clit and sucked gently on her. Taking cue from the rhythmic clenching of her body and her quiet whimpering moans he raised a finger and started sliding in and out of her clenching lips, the pace was slow at first but soon, he sped up, moving in rhythm with her own throbbing, helping her ride out her climax. Jayne held Kaylee up until her shaking stopped. Carefully, he set her feet back down onto the metal floor.

"Chu sheng! That was fantastic," Kaylee breathed into his chest as he stood up before her. Jayne kissed her sweaty forehead, it was a tender gesture which surprised even him at the time. "You ready for my turn now?" Kaylee asked, the spark was back in her eyes and her rough palm was rubbing down the length of his hot shaft, made recently hard once again by the sound of her voice and the closeness of her body.

"We're comin' up on the vessel," the captain's voice came in over the speaker above them, "Zoe and Jayne meet me in the dockin' bay in fifteen."

"So much for your turn," Jayne muttered, dropping his forehead against Kaylee's for exactly one second before stepping back from her and hastily pulling clothes on. Kaylee pulled up her panties and yanked the undershirt over her head. Jayne was quickly heading to the door, but Kaylee touched his arm, stopping him for a moment.

"I'll get my turn, bie dan xin," Kaylee sealed the promise with one of her beaming smiles before Jayne set off toward his bunk for his supplies.

"Jayne, I don't pay you to sit there thinking," Mal's voice broke into his train of thought, "We're comin' up on the ship now, you best be ready."

Jayne nodded from within his heavy suit. 'You ain't paid me for nothin' yet,' he thought. He shifted his weight inside the suit. Soon enough he'd be weightless, it's just the before and after that's uncomfortable.

The goods were intact, and other than a brush with the feds the job went down fine. He, Mal, and Zoe got it all on board and stowed, and when it seemed pretty damn clear that the feds weren't following them he made his way back to his bunk.

"What the hell are alliance doin' this far out into space to begin with?" Jayne muttered to himself as he pushed his stairway open. He descended the stairs into darkness and fumbled around for the switch that he still wasn't used to finding before he suddenly heard a snap followed by the sizzle of electricity.

"Shining the light of civilization," an unmistakably cheerful voice spoke out from behind him. Spinning around defensively he raised his fists in preparation to destroy anyone who thought they could get the better of him.

It was Kaylee. Completely naked Kaylee.

"My turn," she whispered. Jayne glanced up the still open stairway where he could see the ceiling of the corridor and hear voices from the cockpit. He thought about it for a half second longer than his teased member wanted him to before closing the hatch and scooping up Kaylee in his arms. They kissed as though they hadn't seen each other in years as opposed to hours. Kaylee caught Jayne's tongue in her mouth and sucked on it. Jayne's knees felt wobbly and he almost dropped her. Instead, he turned and half-dropped, half-set her on his narrow bunk.

"Now time for some shuang ren chuang" he muttered gruffly in between tearing pieces of clothing from his body. Logically, he couldn't quite tell what was making this situation so very urgent, but a man should never be asked to think logically when a very beautiful (very naked) woman is asking for a turn to please him.

Now fully relieved of every scrap of clothing, Jayne got into the bunk, and in a heartbeat, Kaylee went from being reclined seductively to sitting before him with her hands around his cock. Her hot, wet tongue started from the base of his shaft and sent a shudder through his body. Smiling at the effect she had on him, she guided her tongue up the underside of his shaft, every centimeter awakening another wave of sensation through Jayne's limbs. She reached the head and got to work alternating between sucking and swirling her tongue in treacherous circles around the sensitive skin. Jayne groaned deep in the back of his throat as he ran his hand down Kaylee's cheek lightly, not wanting to disturb her work.

Jayne's muscles began to tense, the fingers he was running through Kaylee's hair stopped and his hand formed a loose fist. He was so close. He could feel the beast within him rearing up its head, threatening to burst through his chest at any moment. His groans turned into an almost choked growl as he bucked up against her mouth. His balls had just tightened when Kaylee's hand cupped them in a surprisingly vice-like grip. Kaylee lifted her head and kissed Jayne's surprised face, one hand stationary on his hot and throbbing dick and the other holding back his impending orgasm. "Wh-why'd you stop?" he choked.

Her eyes narrowed as she clearly whispered, "I want you to fuck me, cao bi" A smile spread across her face after she said the words that Jayne had been hoping to hear all day. His fist tightened around her hair and he pulled her head back slightly, exposing her pale neck. Jayne laid her down onto the stiff bunk mattress and began kissing and nipping at her skin.

With his right hand behind her head, his left made its way between her legs. First one, and then two fingers thrust deep inside her hot core, and then, like switching off the safety on a gun, his thumb began to rub her clitoris. Immediately, she clenched around his fingers. He withdrew his hand and lined himself up at her begging entrance. Jayne closed his teeth around the skin of her shoulder at the base of her neck and bit down lightly as he pushed into her.

The first thrust brought forth a gasp from Kaylee and a muffled grunt from Jayne. She pulled herself tight around him to feel his length and his girth. He pulled out slightly before thrusting in again. With each thrust deeper and harder, he began grinding himself against her burning clit. Kaylee arched her back and Jayne slid his arm beneath her, pulling her close to his chest.

Mid thrust, he turned over and set her on top of him. From his new vantage point, he saw the curve of her bouncing breasts slide down into the soft belly and curved hips, but what seemed so passive and beautiful before was engaged and enthralled now. She angled herself over him and worked her hips forward and back, creating new and infinitely exciting sensations for him. It must have been doing something good for her too because she began to rhythmically clench around him once again. What had just seemed incredibly sexy before was now setting off fireworks inside his head.

With one final shuddering thrust from Jayne and one final buck from Kaylee's hips, Jayne felt as though his body had gone numb. After so many waves of sensation, he forgot how to feel. Kaylee seemed to be going through something similar as she flopped down onto the bunk beside him.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she threw an arm across his sweaty chest and they just lay there together in mutual contentment. They lay like that for so long that Jayne wondered if Kaylee was asleep, but then his counterpart spoke.

"So whaddaya think?" She asked, tracing intricate designs across his chest, sweat caused the hairs on his chest to stick down and up in unnatural patterns. Her gentle touch was almost ticklish. Her fingertips brought his mind back to the present. To the rough blanket on the firm bunk in the old ship hurtling through dark space.

"Just sex," Jayne replied, "nothing messy, no one knows, no c'mitments… are you sure it's gonna work?"

"It'll work if we follow the rules," Kaylee said in a matter of fact tone.


Kaylee smiled and hopped out of the bunk and began to get dressed. "I'm glad that you're up for this, I've been waiting for something like this for years!" She finished getting dressed and made her way to the stairs. "G'night… buddy!" She blew him a kiss and made her way up to the corridor and out of sight.

Jayne rolled over in his bunk and stared at his recently mounted wall of guns. His large palm resting on the warm spot which had been occupied by Kaylee. The spot was slowly growing cold, but his hand did not move.