Liam's POV

I told Benny to take a shower first. That was one thing we had in common. Late night showers, just before going to bed. It helps relaxing the body and washing worries away. He stepped out of the bathroom in his pajamas and said it was my turn. The bathroom was warm from Benny using it. After closing the door, I took a deep breath in the shower steam. I saw Benny had written his name in the mirror condensation. I smiled, he can be such a kid sometimes… I drew a heart around his name, then erased it with a towel. This was like Benny's private bathroom, since her grandmother's was the one next to her room and no one else lived here. It smelled nice, like Benny.

After taking a quick shower, I went back to Benny's room in my pajamas as well. Since the lights were off, I thought he was already asleep, but he was looking through the window, and he gestured me to come once he saw me. The meteor shower had already started. It was beautiful, like a thousand glowing fishes swimming through a dark wide ocean. But right now I was concentrating in another thing.


-Y-yeah? – he said, avoiding to meet my gaze.

I noticed he was trying not to look me in the eyes. I didn't get it, that was what I'd do, but it was not normal in Benny.

-Benny, look at me – I gently guided his face with my hand. Just as I thought, his eyes were red – Are you alright?

-Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry.

I didn't like this at all. Then I guessed Benny must have been crying while I was in the shower.

-Benny? I know I'm not as close to you as Ethan, but… if there's something you want to tell me, I'll listen. I don't want you to be sad by yourself. I want to be there if you need someone.

He didn't answer. We stared at the meteor shower for half an hour. It started to snow.

-It's… grandma's birthday today.


-She's… the only family I have. Other than that, I'm alone. But I like it as long as grandma is here. But then… time passes.

Benny lay on the floor. He had prepared a matress for himself, leaving the bed to me, but I sat on the matress next to him.

-Benny, your grandma is just fine. I don't think you have to worry about…

-She's old! – he said, and his tears started falling – And she grows older each year. If she's gone, I… I have nowhere to go! E-Ethan and I planned to live together once we were grownups, but now he's g-got Sarah and I've become the third wheel! And girls seem to h-hate me, so…

He sniffed and quickly wiped his tears.

-I'm sorry, Liam. I don't know what got into m...

-No - I stood up on my knees and hugged him – Listen, Benny, you're not alone. There's no way Ethan's gonna forget about you just because he has Sarah now. He loves you, everyone does.

"And even if he did forget" I thought "I'll always be here for you. I'll be your friend, your brother, everything you want me to be. Because that's what I was born to do".

He started trembling, like he was cold so I held him tighter.

-I love you too, Benny Weir.

As the snow piled up on the street and Benny's wails found the shirt of my pajamas, I wished he hadn't guessed the real meaning behind those last words. I also wished he never knew what I was or why I was here. My third wish was for someone to make Benny as happy as he deserved to be, because I was running out of time.