The Beginning

Chapter One - Age Of Creation

In the beginning, there was nothing, only pure darkness and nothingness. But there was a very powerful being. The very creator himself called. The One.

No one knew who he was, for there was no one, only him. The Creator of everything that we know. So he spoke the very first words. "Let there be light for I am the Creator, and I shall create everything that it is, was, or suppose to be". The One created six singularities. And the first singularity is and was suppose to be the universe, morph into a crystal stone.

The Space Stone - Which controls the aspects of the universe.

Then the universe need it a reality, to separate creation from the realm of the creator. And so the second crystal stone was created.

The Reality Stone - Which controls the aspects of the realities.

The One wanted to create, planets suns, stars and galaxies. So thus the third crystal stone was created, to help The One in his quest of creation.

The Power Stone - Which controls the aspects of every living power there is, was or supposed to be. The stone itself, it is The One's very own power source.

After the creation of all planets, suns, stars and galaxies, but remember there was no time, and so The One created time it self, thus began the dawn of time, and the fourth crystal stone was created.

The Time Stone - Which controls the aspects of all time, past, present, future, everything.

The One was very pleased, so he said "It is very good, now I want to create, creation itself, there shall be different creatures all around the universe, alike and not alike, far and not far away. Thus I shall create the very thing that will keep you alive, your very own unique soul, which belongs to you and to me, for I am your Creator." Thus the fifth crystal stone was created.

The Soul Stone - Which controls the aspects of life and death, the soul of the living and the living undead.

Thus the creatures were created, but they didn't had they own will of their own. So The One spoke "I shall not temper with your own free will. You shall make choices of your own. But if that is right or wrong, that is up to you to decide. But if you come to me, for guidance, I shall guide thee well, for I am your Creator. " Thus the last and final crystal stone was created.

The Mind Stone - Which controls the mind of any kind of aspect, living, dead or undead, or the very own creations created by The One.

And thus the universe which we know was created, there was everything, there is, was or suppose to be. But The One didn't want to be lonely, and so he created one being, which would take care of The One's creation. The One noticed that there can't be only order, order need it chaos. So he divided the two aspects into beings. First it was Unicron the First born. The One spoke creation into him.

"You shall be the embodiment of Chaos, thus for this day forward and for all Eternity you shall be known as. Unicron The God and Lord of Chaos, Death and Destruction" and so Unicron was born, but not to long The One knew that Unicron will destroy The One's work. And so he spoke unto Unicron.

"As I have seen and known, you would bring Chaos, Death and Destruction to my Creation, for you are the embodiment of Chaos. But Chaos can not leave without Order, and so I shall make one, as he is your twin brother. Your equal."

And so The One spoke creation into him "You shall be the embodiment of Order, thus for this day forward and for all Eternity you shall be known as. Primus The God and Lord Of Order, Life and Creation. And you shall be Unicron's brother. And together balance the universe, as I have said, Chaos cannot live without Order, and Order without Chaos."

Then The One spoke unto Primus and Unicron. "You shall not forget, that I am your Creator and life giver. I tell you, no I forbid you to temper with the six infinity stones, because of them the universe is balanced, and it shall not fall into Destruction and Ruin, and it shall not return to what it was, pure of Darkness and Nothingness.

And I forbid on to you, to fight against each other, Order and Chaos shall remain in peace, but never in war, for it will corrupt my creation and everything that I have created. If you disobey me, and bring Destruction upon my creation. I shall leave thee with a great curse, you shall become the new creators. And watch over how my creation suffers because of your disobedience. And I shall no longer respond to my creation in need for help or guidance. For you choose to be like me. Now I shall leave thee, for I have other things to do, I must explore the Universe. I trust thee while I am gone, that you will not disobey me" The One's presence left Unicron and Primus.

Now The One is everything and anything, he can be in the same places at once. But he wanted to test his creation. To see if they obey him. Sadly because of Unicron's nature, won't listen to his own Creator. Unicron had other plans in mind, but he won't tell his brother Primus, for he knew, he can't trust him. For Primus is the righteous side of The One and Unicron is the bad side of The One. It was like and yin and yang, one cannot live without the other. The One was the perfect balance. Primus was the yin and Unicron the yang. And so Primus spoke first "Brother, what should we do now ? For our Creator left us, for he has his job to do, expand and explore his creation."

Unicron did not want to spend time with Primus so he said "I have things to do, I want much as my Creator to explore the Universe. You can do the same, but you can do it alone, without me. For I want to be left alone for some time" Unicron is the great deceiver, for Unicron had other plans in mind. He wanted to destroy the universe. Bring about the Age Of Chaos, and end the Age Of Creation. And so Unicron left flying through the Universe. Primus did the same thing. But Primus did not have the intentions as Unicron had on destroying the Universe. He just wanted to explore and bring Peace in the Universe not Chaos and Destruction. Unicron still flying through the universe. And in that moment, something happened. Unicron unleashed Chaos, Death and Destruction upon the universe. He began to devour our universe and said. "I am Unicron The Chaos Bringer, and I will not stop until there is only Chaos, thus begins the new age. The Age Of Chaos !" Every single thing was in danger. Primus sense Unicron's Chaos spreading across the virgin Universe.

Primus could not face his brother for The One told him not to do it. What could he do ? Primus couldn't let Unicron destroy the universe. Primus had to disobey The One and in a snap he teleported to Unicron.

"Unicron, stop it ! I will not let you destroy everything that is" Primus send a powerful oblivion blast attack at Unicron. Unicron was pushed back, the universe began to shake from the attack. Unicron was enraged "How dare you !" Unicron teleported in front of Primus, and began punching at the God Of Life, each punch was deadly, the universe shake even more, his fists began to glow a purplish flame color. "You dare to strike your brother, you dare to impose me. This means war between us. I shall smite you with my powers and deliver you to oblivion" Unicron channeled all of his powers, and delivered a blast at Primus. The blast it is said, it contained everything Unicron was made out of, Chaos, Death and Destruction such blast can destroy the universe it self. But Primus loved his brother despite what he has done "Unicron you are my brother, but I won't let that stop me, from doing what is right" Primus delivered the same blast attack at Unicron, containing Primus's powers, Order, Life and Creation.

There attack meat each other, and it cause a great shockwave shaking the universe. The explosions between the blast was so great, it was only pure white-blue light against dark-purple light. The blast could destroy the universe, and moments after the universe began to fall apart, darkness and nothingness began to spread throughout the universe. It seems that all hope is lost...but was it ? Then a voice was heard "That is enough!" that voice was the creators voice, The One came back. And he appeared in his true form. This was the very first time the universe, Primus and Unicron saw who The One was. There could only be seen The One's armor and gabs of pure white light could be seen.

With only one snap of The One's fingers and everything came to be normal. As if he made it that the devastation and disaster never happened. However the actions of Primus and Unicron happened. And The One spoke unto them. "For you have disobeyed me, you shall battle against each other for all Eternity. For now on, Chaos and Order are at war. Because you are equal there shall be no winner or loser. You have brought this upon yourselves. You Unicron have disobeyed me, and provocated Primus into combat. It is because of you. And you shall suffer the most, for all Eternity" Unicron tried to change The One's mind but with no success "My Creator please, don't do this...have mercy….you are forgiving aren't you ?" The One spoke "Silence!" Said The One in a demanding tone " Indeed I am forgiving Unicron, but I knew since the very day, that you would disobey me and cause destruction across the universe, forgiving you wouldn't change nothing for in your nature, you are disobeying for you are Chaos itself. Now my time has come, that is both of your destinies. And I cannot change that, for it was always meant to be this way. This is goodbye, Primus and Unicron, till the day I decide to return, things shall be as I set them to be, as there were always meant to be…" His last words echoed throughout the universe and a pure white light appeared and made The One disappear.

But before he could go he spoke telepathically to Primus, the two of them wore in a realm of pure light and righteousness. And The One spoke.

"Primus, I hope I can trust you, for you are Order, and I believe and trust that Order will always do the right thing. From the very day I created Unicron and you, I have already knew what I wanted you two to be. For I am all knowing and nothing is hidden from me. This act was always meant to happen. This was no accident, nor neither my decision. For it was always your destiny to fight against Unicron and him against you. And from this they forwards you shall be the Creator of your own creation. I will continue on spreading creatures around the universe. And continue on exploring the universe, finding my perfect creation to call it my family, my children. And till the day, Order and Chaos finally decided to live in peace again. I shall truly return to you...till then….this is goodbye…...Primus"

The One's voice again echoed throughout his realm, Primus wanted to say something but before it happened, a white flashing light, teleported Primus into a place in the universe and so he did with Unicron as well. They were far enough from each other. But that won't stop Unicron from finding his brother, for they share the same spark, and each other knows where there presents is. Then Unicron spoke "Primus I swear to you, that one day you will pay for your insalents. That for sure I can promise !" Primus could hear Unicrons words and he said "Till we meet again, brother." The Primus rested and began to meditate, for the very first time, waiting for his brother Unicron to come back….

Author's Note: So I hope you enjoyed my very first FanFiction and very first Chapter. It might be short for you guys, but give me sometime to get used to things. And I will greatly improve for I will listen to your constructive criticisms. If you all have any ideas, on how to improve or to improve the story with your ideas, then please with all further ado. So I hoped you really enjoyed it, and I shall see you guys next time. Bye :)