Chapter Three - Heralds Of Unicron

Unicron's awakening is near, for he was in status, but he was conscious With his mind powers, he began creating an island of darkness with dark metal and dark energon. The island floated above, reaching for Unicron's head level. His pure evil eyes began to burn with purple fire and steam was coming off. Purple thunder was striking down on the island. For he had an idea, on how to combat The Thirteen. That's right, he began to create The Heralds Of Unicron. As for the first Herald, he was suppose to be the strongest and thus Unicron did as Primus did, and The One did before them. He spoke him into existence, metal was erupting from island. The metal was moving in many different ways for creation waited on Unicron's will to be spoken.

And he finally spoke with his evil and dark voice tone "You shall be my perfect Herald, and you shall be the leader of my heralds. You shall be the most powerful, so powerful you can fight all of The Thirteen at once. And ever living thing made from Primus shall fear you ! For you are my embodiment of destruction. For now and forward you shall be known as Nemesis Prime !" And so the metal began to form, together with the dark energon, forming a Optimus Prime clone form, as for Optimus was red, blue and silver. Nemesis in other hand, had purple eyes and all black color with some hints of purple representing dark energon. And so Nemesis was born, dark energon flamme was smoking from Nemesis's body. As Nemesis was created, he was in a bowing pose. Thus showing even to Unicron's minions, he is there Master, and if Unicron must destroy them, to gain his victory he wouldn't hesitate to do it.

Then Nemesis spoke "What is thy bidding, my master ?" Then in front of him, came a swords from the underground. It was the Dark Star Saber, Unicron's own version of the Star Saber. "Take it, for it is your weapon of eternal destruction" said Unicron. Nemesis took the Dark Star Saber "I shall name it, Slayer Of Primes" . "Indeed" Unicron responded "But, first it must taste the spark of a prime, to be called Slayer Of Primes. Now I shall created the second herald, one which embodies everything about Chaos" Then the metal came from the ground and waited for Unicron's will "For the second Herald, he shall be the embodiment of chaos itself. Distorted in every single way." Then a figure appeared, he was called Ramjet. But Unicron was not done. For Unicron need it to make Ramjet chaos itself, and at his status. He wasn't what Unicron wanted him to be. "Now I shall warpe your body with every aspect of reality, I shall punish you like none other. And I will make you be being and unbeing."

Ramjet's body began to turn apart, and back apart again, and apart again. Reshaping his reality, Ramjet began to scream, the scream was unhuma so loud. It was pure suffering, his screams wore only music to Unicron's ears, so he continued torturing him even more, his sanity began to collapse in different realities. His mind broke apart, but Unicron put his mind back, again and again. The torture felt like a eternity towards Ramjet, he began to cry out loud, begging Unicron for mercy. "Please, Master… hurts...stop...please…..stop it….STOP IT !" Unicron demanded him for silence "Silence you fool ! This will only make you stronger. You insolent fool, you dare to impose me on what to do ?! You shall be punished even more !"

Unicron kept punishing Ramjet with no mercy. Imagine the worst pain you ever felt in your life and multiply it by the thousands. This was a way for Unicron to show Nemesis, if he ever disobeys him and turns against him, he shall suffer the same as Ramjet. After awhile Unicron was over with creating Ramjet, he stopped punishing him. And since the punishment was over. The results was what Unicron expected, Ramjet's body looked broken, like it was about to fall apart, but it was kept from falling apart. Small gaps could be seen and inside could be seen dark energon floating around his body. Dark energon flammes wore coming out of him and Nemesis and Unicron could hear Ramjet gasping for air. Nemesis feared what Unicron could do, he definitely earned his respect he thought to himself, then Unicron spoke "Now you won't be able to feel anything, you are living undead, being and unbeing. You are the embodiment of Chaos itself. You represent the chaos side of me." Then Unicron gaved Ramjet a Swords which was capable of manipulating realities, and change it, to its owner's will. He took the sword, but did not showed thanks for it, like Nemesis did, and Ramjet spoke "It was about damn time, you would stop harassing me !" Nemesis asurred Ramjet who he was spoken to "Ramjet, this is not the way to speak to your creator and master. What your mouth" Ramjet smirks "Oh and you are suppose to be the leader...lovely..", "You question my authority Ramjet, if you want for you and me to get along, you will need to change this...attitude" Ramjet laughed hysterically "Believe, I am the last person you want to get along with!" Ramjet and Nemesis approached each other and wore very close, and both of them made a gurgling sound. Then Unicron interrupted them "If you would stop kissing each other, I would want to continue on creating my creation you insects !"

They both snapped out of it and obeyed their Master. The metal again raised up and waited for Unicron's will be done "You shall be death, everywhere you step. Death shall follow you, and you shall collected the souls of the primes and make it do thy own bedding, but you shall fear me the most. For I am your Creator. And you shall be known as Thunderbolt bringer of death." As the metal formed around and was done creating him, black ashes erupted from his body, the ashes wore from death itself. A Black Scythe came from the ground, it had one scythe on the both ends. And it could split into two Scythe if he wanted to. "With this Thunderbolt, you will collect the Primes soul's and destroy them. For you shall be the bringer of death" Thunderbolt then spoke to his master "Master, I will not disappoint you, if so, I shall be dishonored and I shall die by your wrath, for my existence means no meaning without you, to prove its worth of existence" Then Ramjet's mouth started to talk to Nemesis "Okay, this dude is really out of his" He points himself in the head and spins his finger around, thus demonstrating that Thunderbolt is crazy or stupid. Nemesis sighed "Could you just shut your mouth, for one damn second ? Or is it to much to ask, it doesn't matter if Thunderbolt speaks with manners, when I bring down the Primes by myself. I will show Unicron who the real Herald is.", "Oh jealousy, I like it. Count me in hotshot" He winked at Nemesis, and Nemesis gives Ramjet a cold stone strun look, which means for Ramjet to shut up, or he won't see the light of day "Oh I see, no much of a joker are you ?" He laughs hysterically again. Nemesis makes a growl sound "Oh, right, keep my mouth shut. I got it." After Thunderbolt was done talking to Unicron, Unicron spoke again "And now you shall have my fury beside you, my wrath, my incredible strength beside you. I shall call them, The Infernocons, combined together will form the Beast Of Nightmares Infernocus" The dark metal began forming 5 robots the Infernocons, and together they combined forming Infernocus. Out of Infernocus exploded fire flames, so hot, it was hotter than the sun's flames, and a smoldering volcano appeared beside Infernocus, and out of it came a huge sword. With skulls design impregnate in it.

The Beast could not speak, but it roared at Unicron, and Unicron was amused by it "Good..very good….my minion. You shall be the Lord Of The Beast !" And Infernocus roared in agreement with Unicron's last part saying he shall be The Lord Of The Beasts. And Unicron gaved Nemesis one more thing "Before you go, you shall wield The Dead Matrix. It is the most powerful weapon which I have gave you, used properly the Dead Matrix can give you my level of power, used it wisely Nemesis. And do not disappoint me." Then Unicron gaved Nemesis the Dead Matrix, Nemesis opened his chest, and stored the Dead Matrix inside of him.

"Now my minions, you shall spread across the Universe and find where Primus and his weaklings are The Thirteen, and you shall obliterate them at once !" Unicron's voice echoed through the Universe. "As you wish, my master" Said Nemesis while bowing down to Unicron. "What are you waiting for ?! Go and obliterate them you filthy cockroaches, don't you stand there, go !" Then the Four Heralds of Unicron flew away from the island, and wore heading towards their destination. While they wore flying, Ramjet opened his mouth again and spake "Hehe, way to go on impressing the big dude" giggling at the last part, Nemesis sighs "You really got a blabber mouth….What I am trying to do ain't your personal business, alright ? And now get away from me, before I beat you into a pulp" , "Ish, alright, alright, geez. I am beginning to hate him already" Ramjet flies towards Thunderbolt "Hey, Que Pasa !" Then he was interrupted by Thunderbolt "I don't want to hear anything you have to say, so be gone" Ramjet made a hmph sound "Fine….kiss my ass puto" Then Ramjet tried to talk with Infernocus "Great, looks like we are about to spend some great quality time together, aight...buddy ?" Infernocus looks at Ramjet, and smoke was coming out of the beast nostrils covering Ramjets face and the beast speaks only one word "NO !" Then he slaps Ramjet out of his way. Sending him back, Ramjet's head began to boil with rage, and began to speaking in gibberish "I'" Then he continued speaking with himself "Yeah fine, fine ignore me, and when it comes for my time, to save you'll clumsy butts, who would do such a nice thing, oh that's right me !" He shouted at them. The three Heralds ignored Ramjet. That made Ramjet even more pissed off. Unicron's four Heralds are not some guys you want to mess with.

Nemesis Prime The Slayer Of Primes (The Leader ) and wielder of - The Dark Star Saber and The Dead Matrix

The Dark Star Saber: It has the same abilities as the Star Saber. Only its made out of Dark Energon. And it's more aggressive, and every hit the Dark Saber delivers. It destroys the durability of the other Sword or thing its attack by the Dark Saber.

The Dead Matrix: It has the same abilities as the Matrix Of Leadership. Its downside is when the real Matrix is used, the Dead Matrix is useless and it has no effect on the real thing. The Dead Matrix grants its user the power of Unicron for a limited time. And it can kill Primus as well as the Matrix Of Leadership can kill Unicron.

Nemesis Bio: He is the Leader of The Heralds, and he is very powerful. He can take all of the Thirteen at once, with no problem whatsoever. And his Dark Saber makes him even more dangerous.

Ramjet The Reality Warper (Their Deadpool of the Team) and wielder of - Reality Sword

Reality Sword: The Sword has the same abilities as the Reality Stone, and it gives its user the power to warp the reality as the user wills is so. Ramjet can snap his fingers and make a reality disappear.

Ramjet Bio: Because what he went threw, made it him mentally unstable and very crazy. He cannot be trusted, one time he wants to help you the other time he wants to kill you. Some Say he is the most powerful one. Because the Reality Sword granted him warping reality powers, and he could easily snap his fingers and made it so that you never existed for it will suck you in a deep vortex. You might think this kind of power it is not in a good use for a crazy sociopath. But when it goes down on kicking ass time. He will use his powers accordingly. Basically you don't want to get this dude mad.

Thunderbolt The Bringer Of Death (The Genius of the group) and wielder of - Double Death Scythe

The Double Death Scythe: It can cut through any metal, it is very sharp. So sharp it could take one's soul with it, and trap it inside the Scythe thus giving it more power. It can take one's soul and manipulate him and make him do its wielders bedding. It also can be wielded into heads for it breaks apart and they become just two scythes.

Thunderbolt bio: He is the genius of the group and takes things in the scientific way, and he will do everything not do disappoint his master Unicron. He isn't much of a talker like Ramjet. He only speaks when spoken to, and he concentrates on the matter which is need it to be done, to complete the mission.

Infernocus The Beast (The Muscle of the group) and wielder of - Smoldering Fire Sword

The Smoldering Fire Sword: The Sword is very huge, it looks like a huge great sword, with skull as design imbedite in the sword. When in use, ashes erupt from the sword, creating like a ash aura. The Sword can go to hot temperatures hotter than the sun. It can melt through anything.

Infernocus Bio: Infernocus is the Brute the muscle of the team, he doesn't think much when fighting, he is like the hulk. The madder he gets the stronger he gets. Although it is a limit to his power. If his limbs, arms, or any part of the body is damaged he can be destroyed and he will resume to transform into 5 Infernocons. Infernocus has the ability to create flames, fire, lava and magma. And release an attack according to a supernova. But that is only used when it's absolutely necessary. For it drains his power, and he becomes weak.

The Four Heralds Of Unicron, have found The Thirteen Primes location, mostly with Ramjet's help, for he can warp reality to his will. The Heralds wore prepared to fight the Thirteen, this will be there very first encounter, on both of their sides. The Thirteen are unaware of what was about to come. This will be a chance to prove themselves in battle. And use there new shiny weapons. Ramjet shows through a reality portal to Nemesis where the primes are and he says "Prepare yourself, Primes, for this it will be your end!" Then all of the four Heralds began to laugh meleflicly like Unicron. Will The Thirteen be able to survive the Heralds surprise attack ? This we will find out….soon enough…

Authors Note: Done and done, so I have said this Chap will be involving around the evil big bads of Transformers Lore. And it sure it did, to be honest I had much fun creating this chapter. So I hope you enjoy it as I did, your constructive criticism is always appreciated. And if you have any qeustion, ideas on the story, let me know. Till then, sit back take your popcorn and enjoy….see ya :)