This story is a reboot of Re:Zero: Z Fighter

This story is a test to see if anyone cares about me continuing it. I will take a very, very different path with this story. The predecessor 'Re:ZFighter' probably wasn't good enough but you can still read it. I want to write things in this story I was too afraid to write in others.

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The Kais couldn't do it, Gotenks couldn't do it, the Z fighters were too weak, the God of destruction was asleep, but adult Gohan was on his way to fight Majin Buu. Goku was feeling proud of is son. Now with Gohan's potential unleashed he can do anything! An epic battle between the strongest warrior and the evil Super Buu took place.

Gohan overpowered the evil pink blob in every second of the fight however, because of Gohan's arrogance, he was absorbed by the evil Buu. The Kai's watched with horror being unable to do anything. At being absorbed by Majin Buu, the Ultimate warrior of Universe 7 was transported to another world.

In the Capital of Lugunica, the Z warrior slept quietly in an alleyway but awoke screaming a signature attack, still battle ready just in case Super Buu tried anything on him.

Re:Zero: Ultimate Gohan unNerfed

The ultimate warrior stood up. He felt the energy of humans and Demi Humans all over the continent. So there are living beings inside of Buu? He focused all of his senses on trying to find any high power levels but he was the only powerful being in the planet. "Is there a different universe inside of Majin Buu?" Thought Gohan

As the ultimate warrior walked to to exit the alley way, a Japanese teenager walked all depressed into the alleyway, Gohan recognized the Teenager to be from planet Earth so maybe he would know some things.

"Hold on, you must be Japanese. Did Majin Buu absorb you too?" Said Gohan to Subaru. "Huh? Majin Buu? Wait, you know about Japan?!" Subaru jumped in excitement. Maybe he isn't alone in this new world. "I guess you don't know about Majin Buu. But because you're Japanese I assumed you were absorbed by him." Said Gohan. "I have no idea who Majin Buu is... Wait I think I did heard something about a Majin terrorizing the world on Social Media..." Said Subaru in a confused accent.

"Are there more people like you here?" Asked Gohan. "Nah, this place is super weird, some people here have animal body parts, it's kind of scary." Said Subaru. "I assume Japanese people still don't know about the animal people we have back on earth... We had a humanoid dog as a world leader. How did you guys not know about it? I thought the politicians have already talked about it to the public." Said Gohan. "I had no idea there were animal people back on earth, that's insane!" Replied Subaru with much shock.

The Ultimate warrior realized they haven't introduced them selves to each other yet. Both of them talked for a good 15 minutes, after they introduced them selves, Subaru explained how weird this new world is and how he just shortly arrived to it after watching Majin Buu terrorize the world on live Television. He then decided to go shopping at a gas station only to get sent into this world along with the things he bought. They both decided to stick together because they now know each other in this strange new world.

There must have been a reason why they both were sent there. Gohan was absorbed by Majin Buu meanwhile Subaru was sent to that world without having anything happen to him at all. It was quite embarrassing for Subaru because he didn't have a tragic backstory to tell Gohan, although he did mention that he wished there was some magical girl who could have given him some advice or an awesome power. The ultimate warrior laughed it off and didn't tell Subaru that he was indeed the one fighting Majin Buu, but Gohan did say that he was absorbed by the pink monster. Also the Z warrior didn't think it was necessary to say anything about his strength to the Japanese Teenager.

Then all of a sudden three thugs appeared from the light into the alleyway to cause some trouble. Gohan noticed they had bad intentions so he stopped Subaru from speaking anymore words. Gohan would have to defend the young man. One thug was a short kid, the other thug was a smug teenager, the last one was a strong man. One of the thugs then spoke. "Give us all your belongings." Then the short thug spoke. "Yeah, both of you. Drop your things to the ground."

Gohan's trademark serious face glared at the three troublemakers. Gohan didn't need to hurt them but he should teach them a lesson. Then Subaru unexpectedly jumped forward and punched the smug teenager's face and then kicked the short kid's face making them topple to the ground. The bigger thug was about to punch Subaru but the Japanese teenager grabbed the attacker's arm and twisted it and threw the attacker against the wall.

Gohan was impressed that Subaru could still defend himself despite not knowing how to fight at all. Subaru then ran to the smug teenager who's tongue was sticking out his mouth. The trouble maker then pulled out two daggers and stood in a battle stance.

The Japanese teen then surrendered and dropped to the floor to apologize. The three thugs were very angry at Subaru then tried to attack him only to then be stopped by Gohan. The Z Warrior picked up the two taller thugs by their shirts and bumped their heads together thus knocking them out. The shorter thug then ran away in fear of being hurt by the z warrior.

Gohan sighed in relief that his new friend isn't hurt as he dropped the two unconscious men to the ground. Subaru then stood up in relief while dusting off his pants. He had just made a powerful new ally and didn't even know about it. The Japanese teen then stared at Gohan, just realizing the impossibly strong body Gohan had. "Wow Gohan! You really beat those guys better than I could ever have done. I think they would have killed me if you had not been here." Said Subaru as he did a thankful gesture to Gohan. "It's no big deal, you think I'd just let them hurt my new friend?" Said Gohan. "I'm starting to think that you're the one who's suppose to train me." Said Subaru. The Z warrior was a bit confused to why Subaru had said that.

"You know how in a video game there is always an NPC that tells you how to play the game, am I right? I think in this scenario, you're the NPC who's going to train me! So lets hurry up and end this tutorial mode, I'm excited to see what happens next!" Said Subaru with much confidence in his statement.

Gohan found Subaru's attitude to be quite amusing. It reminded him of Krillin's relaxed nature. Just before Gohan could give a response to Subaru, a girl went running past them as if she were running away from someone. The thief then stopped running. She looked at Gohan and an idea formed in her mind. She noticed how strong Gohan is. Maybe she could make him distract the Half Elf who's chasing her. The thief almost smiled at her own brilliance then got both Gohan's and Subaru's attention. "Please help me! There's a white haired girl chasing me! Can you please stop her?" Asked the girl in a sad accent.

Gohan could feel she was lying about something but he figured it was because she was troubled by the white haired girl. Subaru then smiled at the thief. "Don't you worry little girl. We'll distract the white haired girl so you can run away." Said Subaru in a chivalrous accent. Gohan was still very unsure of what was going on. But he would get answers from the white haired elf. "I suppose we can help you out." Said Gohan while scratching the back of his head. "Oh thank you so much!" Said the thief as she hugged the Z warrior arm.

Then white haired Half Elf stood at the exit of the alleyway. Her expression was of seriousness. The thief noticed she was found by the elf so she jumped on to the roof tops and escaped. Maybe Gohan and Subaru could distract the elf long enough for her to run a far distance. The half Elf then tried to go after the thief but Gohan stood in her way. The half elf tried to go around the Z warrior but he kept on blocking her path. The elf had enough of this. She isn't going to let some random person stop her from getting back her stolen insignia.

"So you're one her partners?! I wont let you get away with this." Said the elf as she charged some Mana into an attack. She used her ice magic to freeze Gohan in place. Only the Saiyan's head was free from the ice. She then ran past the frozen Gohan and the frightened Subaru while apologetically saying to them "I'm sorry but you got in my way." The Elf had escaped them.

"Gosh, are you okay Gohan?" Asked Subaru as he tried thinking of ways to free Gohan from the ice. "I didn't think it would have to come to this... But here goes." Said Gohan as he began to increase his Ki to melt away the ice. Subaru was shocked to how Gohan managed to easily free himself. How did it melt at will? Does Gohan have some kind of power? Subaru thought that it wasn't fair that Gohan was given powers and he didn't get any for himself.

"How come you were given powers and I wasn't? Whoever's the developer of this game isn't being fair! Wait a minute... are you a paid user?!" Said Subaru with much irritation. Gohan didn't have time to laugh. He was locking on to the elf's Ki. Gohan then placed his hand on Subaru's shoulder. The teenager didn't know why Gohan did this for no good reason. Before he could speak they both were transported via Instant Transmission to the silver haired half elf's location.

The Elf was in a big crowd of people in the commercial area where one would buy and sell things. Subaru was too shocked to ask what on Earth allowed them both to teleport to somewhere else.

Gohan then grabbed the Elf's right arm to prevent her from escaping. She struggled to escape the grasp of the Saiyan. She even yelled at him to get away from her. Subaru and all the people in the vicinity stared at the struggling Half Elf. Gohan was serious and didn't waste time on asking her some questions. "Who are you and why were you chasing that girl?" The Elf continued to struggle against Gohan's mighty grip on her arm that it began to hurt her. "I said, who are you and why were you chasing that Girl?!" Yelled Gohan thus frightening the silver haired half elf.

More people began to stop and see what all the commotion is about. Some whispering was heard by the Saiyan. Some females were trying to figure out why is that strong handsome man in strange orange attire was threatening the Half Elf? Others were saying that the elf is going to get what's coming to her. There were several racist comments on half elves while others were offended that Gohan was being forceful on the Silver Haired Half Elf.

The elf was becoming too embarrassed and annoyed toward the Saiyan so she began to speak. "My name... it's Satella..."She whispered, not even the Saiyan's super hearing could heard what she said. "Say it louder! I didn't hear you." Yelled Gohan at the Half Elf. Several people were becoming uneasy toward the Saiyan's stern attitude toward the Elf. Subaru was shocked to see how Gohan's attitude changed very quickly from calm and composed to stern and dominant.

"It's Satella! Please, don't hurt me!' Yelled the Half Elf. As soon as people heard her say the name 'Satella' they began to flee from the vicinity. Some walked away in a hurried pace while others ran away very quickly. Subaru noticed the worried expressions on people's faces and wondered if he should run away too. "Hey... Gohan, I think we should leave her alone." Said Subaru in a worried accent. "Now there's even more reason for me to interrogate her." Said Gohan with his commanding voice. "W-wh-what do you want with me?" She asked with worried accent. "First, tell me your real name. I know you're lying to me, so drop the act." Said Gohan with his serious 'Son' expression.

Before she could give a response to Gohan. A Knight in white uniform and Red hair arrived at the scene. "Unhand Miss Emilia at once!" Commanded Knight Reinhard. The Saiyan released his grip on Emilia then the elf ran to Reinhard's side. "Are you okay Miss Emilia?" Asked Knight Reinhard. "That man is assisting a thief in stealing my insignia." Said the elf. Reinhard then put on a serious expression. His sword began to vibrate violently. Everyone stared at Reinhard's sword as it stopped glowing pure light. "Very well... My sword deems you a worthy opponent..." Said Reinhard as he pulled out his sword to face Gohan.

The Z warrior sensed no malicious intent in Emilia or in Reinhard. Perhaps Gohan had made a very, very bad first impression on them. Subaru backed away from all the two fighters. He didn't want to get in the crossfire of a fight that isn't even his own. He's now worried for Gohan. Would he be able to fight someone who's using a sword against him?

"I don't want to fight you. I only need answers." Said Gohan as his voice became more docile each second. "You'll only receive answers from my blade." Replied Reinhard. The knight moved swiftly toward the Saiyan and slashed at Gohan to no avail. The Z warrior had stopped the blade with his pointing finger. Reinhard, Subaru and Emilia were shocked at the Saiyan's strength. "I believe we have started on the wrong foot here. May I introduce my self?" Asked Gohan with politeness toward Reinhard and Emilia. The knight then backed away from Gohan while putting away his sword. Subaru started to feel out of place here. He wanted to do something cool but Gohan kept doing impossible things and steeling any chances for him to interact with anyone.

The Knight began first. "My name is Reinhard Van Astrea. I believe you were invading Miss Emilia's personal space. Do you have any idea who she is?"

Gohan listened carefully to Reinhard's words then began to speak himself. "I know I can't justify what I did to her. So I would like to give my sincere apologies to Emilia." Said Gohan. Subaru then stepped into the conversation uninvited to feel involved somewhat. "You said you were chasing a thief right? Gohan can teleport to her location so we can get back what was stolen!" Said Subaru with a lot of confidence toward the Elf. Reinhard was shocked to hear this, save for Emilia who had just witnessed Gohan appearing out of nowhere not too long ago. The half elf regained confidence and approached the Saiyan. "The least you can do after slowing me down is bring me to thief."

Gohan closed his eyes then placed two fingers on his forehead. He was sensing all of the living beings in the continent. The Elf stared at the Saiyan, not knowing what he was doing. Subaru and Reinhard briefly looked at each other then back to the Saiyan who was being silent for too long. Gohan then opened his eyes and with confidence he said "I found her, grab on to me, I'll take us to her."

Emilia was hesitant but placed a hand on Gohan's bicep. Then both Subaru and Reinhard placed a hand on Gohan's shoulder's. In the blink of an eye they all were transported in front of the thief and two more people. They all were in some kind of wooden house full of stolen goods. Both Emilia and Reinhard were shocked at how fast they have arrived to their destination.

The thief sat with an attractive woman with malicious aura at a table while a tall strong Senior citizen stood right beside them to verify that no fraud is committed during the trade. The thief that stole the insignia was moments away from selling the insignia to the her customer until Emilia called out to them.

"Stop! What you have is mine!" All eyes fell on the Elf, then a small cat with white fur flew out of Emilia's hair to get everyone's attention. "Caught them red handed! Arrest them Reinhard." Said the floating cat. Both the thief and attractive woman stood up from their seats and backed away from Reinhard who took 3 steps forward.

The strong Senior citizen also backed away since he knows what Reinhard is capable of. But the attractive woman pulled out two blades with a smile. "I don't know how you popped out of nowhere, but I'm glad you're here, Reinhard Van Astrea." Said the woman with much excitement as she jumped forward to attack Reinhard but to no avail because the knight side stepped away from her blade.

Reinhard then turned around and faced the attacker "I never expected you of all people to be at someplace like this... Elsa Granhiert. Or should I say, the Bowel Hunter..." Said Reinhard coolly. Elsa then smiled at the red haired knight. "I'm going to enjoy cutting you up." The Saiyan was uneasy when he heard Elsa say those things as if she were the reincarnation of Frieza. Gohan then stood next to Reinhard and lightly shoved him aside. "Let me fight her. I don't like her." Said Gohan as he stared down the Bowel Hunter.

The attractive woman had an expression of climaxing after sex when she looked at Gohan's godlike body. She could barely contain her excitement. "Oh, such a handsome man is bound to have some pretty bowels!" She said so in a very seductive voice. Gohan found this to be offensive. He didn't expect anyone could be this evil even without the power to end worlds with a finger. The Saiyan then stood in a mastered fighting stance. Reinhard took notice of how perfected his stance was that he began to trust Gohan against the Bowel Hunter.

Elsa then charged forward eagerly wanting to see what Gohan's guts would look like, but ends up being disarmed by her opponent with swift CQC techniques and gets dropped to the ground very quickly. Elsa could only see stars for a few moments until Gohan picked up the defeated opponent by her throat. He normally wouldn't be this harsh but being reminded of Frieza made him slightly angry at the attractive woman.

"I can sense evil from anywhere in the world. So if you don't abandon your horrible ways, I'll always know where you sleep." Said Gohan with a stern commanding voice. The Bowel Hunter was frightened by Gohan's statement then struggled to escape his grip but his hand on her throat was rock solid. She pulled two emergency blades out of nowhere then tried stabbing Gohan's arm but the Saiyan's skin was harder then any metal this new world had. Gohan tightened his grip on her throat for a few more seconds causing her to loose her breath, he then released her, allowing the woman to collapse to the ground unconscious.

Everyone watched the Saiyan with horrified expressions. Gohan was too strong and scary toward the Bowel Hunter. While a bad person like Elsa did deserve what was coming to her, Emilia had a feeling that wasn't the way to treat someone, good or bad. Meanwhile Reinhard thought to himself "could we hire Gohan to be an Imperial Knight? He did act in way that convinced me that he hates evil with a passion, so perhaps Gohan won't be a threat to anybody."

Meanwhile Subaru is cursing in his thoughts "Why can't I be this cool?!" Reinhard then walked towards the small thief, the girl was frightened at seeing the knight stand in front of her. Then the tall strong senior citizen placed a hand on Reinhard's shoulder. He wont allow for the Knight get any closer to the girl he watches over all of the time. "That's as far as you go Van Astrea. You'll have to answer to me if you do anything stupid" Said the old giant with seriousness. Reinhard then removed the giant's grip on his shoulder and looked at the senior citizen with a calm composed expression. "It's fine, I only ask that she returns what she stole from Miss Emilia."

The Giant then backed away feeling at ease. Emilia then came closer to the thief. The thief of the insignia reluctantly pulled out the insignia from her pocket and showed it to the elf. A gem on the insignia began to glow red light. This caught the attention of Reinhard. The Knight then shoved aside the Elf and quickly grabbed the thief's arm. "What is your name?!" Asked Reinhard impatiently.

The giant was then offended that Reinhard had aggressively touched the girl that he always took care of. The thief called out to her guardian. "Old Man Rom!" The Giant then picked up a large blunt weapon and warned Reinhard to get away from the girl. "That girl's name is Felt. And you'll be getting away from her, now!" Yelled Old Man Rom as he raised his weapon ready to swing at Reinhard if he didn't leave the girl alone. Then Reinhard did just that. He released his grip on Felt's arm and backed away from the thief.

Old Man Rom then calmed down and lowered his weapon. "Okay Felt, it's about time you return that insignia to the Elf." Said Rom as he took a seat and drank from a bottle of an alcoholic beverage. The girl reluctantly did as she was told. She was irritated that stealing the insignia was all just a waste of time. Reinhard then thought it was a good time to speak. "I'm sorry but I need Felt to come with me. It's very important business."

The Giant then stood up from his seat and glared at the Knight. "She isn't going anywhere. Now scram! The elf has what she needs, now leave us be!" Rom's voice became louder each passing second. "Yeah I'm not going anywhere." Retorted Felt at the Knight. Reinhard thought long and hard for a moment. Maybe taking away Felt is going to be harder than he thought. Plus, Gohan might try to stop him and he wont be able to fight back against the Saiyan. Then Reinhard got an idea.

"I'll just take her to a safer place. She isn't being raised properly here so I thought that I could bring her to a new family." Said the knight with confidence that his argument would be believable but Gohan could sense Reinhard lying. "That isn't why you want her. The insignia began to glow, why did that happen?" Asked Subaru before Gohan could ask that same exact question. Reinhard then reluctantly explained to them the reasons why he needed to take Felt away. He left out no details because it was important that they understand his intentions. Long story short, Felt is a worthy candidate to inherit the throne.

Felt then tried kicking Reinhard but the Knight side stepped away from her. The girl then yelled at the Knight "I don't want to be ruler Lugunica! I hate nobility and everything about this nation!" Reinhard didn't think she would be persistent. Subaru then approached Felt and got on his knees to be at the same height as her. Maybe he could try to convince the girl to listen to reasoning. But then Felt kicked Subaru's crotch area. The Japanese teen rolled on the dusty wooden floor in pain. "ow, ow, ow, ow!"

"I don't care what you have to say. If I was leader then I would turn the hole place upside down! Starting with the wealthy areas. I would strip them of everything they have and give it to the poor." Retorted Felt at Subaru as the teen continued to roll on the floor with his hands covering his hurting manhood. Rom then thought Felt's idea was a good one. "Heyyy, that might work, what if we fixed up the slums? No wait, I'm falling off topic. Felt said no, so No means No. You're all taking up too much space in here." The giant then looked at the Bowel Hunter's unconscious body. "And arrest that crazy woman already. Get her somewhere far away where she wont try to hurt Felt." Said Rom.

In defeat, Reinhard then walked over to the Elsa's body. Gohan could sense she had a surprise attack ready so the Saiyan quickly pushed Reinhard out of the way as the attacker failed to hit her target with the dagger she just recently recovered. At realizing her target's life was saved by Gohan, she then turned to Emilia. If Elsa had failed to retrieve the Insignia then the least she can do is kill the Silver Haired Half Elf. Emilia stared at her attacker with shock, she stood still not trying to defend herself. Elsa moved faster than anyone could see except for Gohan who saw Elsa moving in slow motion, somehow even Subaru saw Elsa coming to attack the Elf. The Saiyan saw Subaru jumping in front of Elsa's attack to save Emilia from getting killed. Subaru held Rom's blunt weapon to block the full force of the blade.

Time went back to normal, Elsa was very angry at Gohan and Subaru. The Saiyan appeared behind Elsa, he grabbed both her arms to prevent her from doing anything. He lifted her up then walked out of the Loot House. She yelled and kicked at Gohan but he didn't feel any pain whatsoever. He would not let her go until he knows she can't hurt anyone. Outside of the Loot house was the slums. The sight was quite depressing. The woman kept kicking at Gohan until he turned her around so she can see his face. "Stay still, and I'll release you." Said Gohan with his trademark serious expression.

The Bowel Hunter kept on struggling against the Saiyan's strong grip despite it being impossible to brake free. The Saiyan had the power to have his way with anyone but he would never do such bad things. Elsa was very angry that she couldn't get away with at least killing one person or escaping with the insignia. "STOP RESISTING!" Gohan raised his Ki so his voice can be very loud and clear. Elsa stood still being frightened by the Saiyan, never before has she experienced fear toward someone. Normally she would inflict fear on others but now she's beginning to understand what fear feels like.

"That's much better." Said Gohan as he released the woman. "Leave and don't come back, or I'll kill you." Said Gohan coolly as he crossed his arms while still staring her down. The woman took a few steps back then fled from the area. She then leaped away into the endless trees of a nearby forest. The Saiyan was at ease knowing she can't do much without her blades, he then turned around and saw Subaru and Emilia talking to each other. Both of them seem to be enjoying their conversation. Gohan can tell that Subaru already liked Emilia. The Saiyan smiled at them as he remembered himself and Videl talking to each other at high school.

Subaru's shirt was then split in two. Not even Gohan knew what had just happened. Subaru's stomach was sliced open without anyone touching him. Perhaps when Subaru blocked Elsa's attack he ended up getting cut despite not being hit by her blade. The Japanese teen then fell over unconscious. The Half Elf rushed to his side to use healing magic on Subaru. If Gohan had a Senzu bean he could have given one to the teen right about now.

Next chapter is 90% finished

(Should I continue this rebooted story?)

This was mainly a practice story to see if I'm ready to abandon my previous writing style yet. I still like my lazy style though. So what do I do? Continue this or leave it in the recycling bin? Heck you don't have to wait for me, just make the story you're self. It's fun making up different scenarios.