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Chapter 10

"Ram, would you please-" Gohan pleaded only to be interrupted by a fuming maid.

"I refuse!" Shouted Ram, sending blades of wind in all directions, damaging the bedroom more and more. The glass windows shattered, the bedroom door flew off its hinges, the bed itself was destroyed into hundreds of wooden shards and shrapnel. And finally, the paint and decor were ripped off the walls.

As all of this happened, Gohan simply stood in front of her and remained unharmed. His Gi remained intact and he suffered no physical harm to his being. Ironically, it was Ram herself who suffered several cuts and bruises because of the extreme wind she had created. Most of her uniform was now ripped to shreds. The Saiyan remained silent as all of this happened.

Ram soon reached her limit of mana and her shoulders slumped in exhaustion, allowing for the winds to fully stop. The room was now silent and Gohan couldn't help but scan the room to see how it had become a paranormal sighting. Upon laying eyes on Ram again, she finished her sentence with a whisper: "I will not repeat myself..." her eyes devoid of any life. Only rage could be seen in her eyes.

Beware the wrath of a woman, their rage is comparable to the tricks of a cunning devil. It didn't matter how many times Gohan carefully pieced his sentence together because Ram would stubbornly refuse to ingest the Senzu bean. Gohan didn't want to make things worse, deciding to listen to her.

"Fine." Gohan dropped the bean and stepped on it, destroying it in the process. Then he raised a hand above Ram's head, a holy light manifested into her being and her exhaustion seemed to fade away.

Ram had realized what he's done and looked at him differently: "You didn't have to do that."

Gohan returned his hand to himself then walked away: "It's okay. I gave you some of my energy so you can heal better. I hope you'll use your energy to take care of Rem."

She crossed her arms and looked away: "Hn! That was my first concern."


Gohan trusted Ram to take good care of her sister and left her to herself. But now he began his search of Beatrice, checking the hallways to find the warp door to her library. The Hallways were now vacant of any conversation and lacked the life it once had. A part of him expected to hear Ram giving orders to Subaru or an argument between an irritated Beatrice and laid-back Roswaal. No longer was Subaru's voice flirting with an oblivious Emilia that didn't seem to understand the meaning of a "Date" or any of his flirtatious innuendos. And no longer was Rem and Ram in the kitchen figuring out what to cook for lunch and dinner.

The silence in the halls was too depressing for him but would have been frightening to Subaru.

In Roswaal's absence and Emilia's departure to the Capital, the village suffered massive death and damages due to Gohan's incredible mana attracting a horde of killer bunnies to the vicinity. He ultimately stopped them, but was it enough? Petra had lost her parents and most of the kids wouldn't have a home to return to.

The kids!

They were with Beatrice! Okay, he happened to be searching for her, so it won't be much trouble finding her- wait, he could hear voices in the hallways. He could hear kids laughing while a raging Drill-Haired Loli was spitting out threats to them. Then Gohan darted his attention toward a group of Familiar ki signatures.

Gohan's eyes opened wide: "What the?"

Beatrice comically fumed in anger toward the innocent children happily skipping in the hallways with a stolen Book in hand. They had Beatrice's blank Gospel in hand.

'Oh, no. Beatrice might hurt them!' He thought.

"GIVE IT BACK!" Shouted Beatrice with the cutest irritated Loli face ever.

"Haha, C'mon miss Beatrice, have some fun!" Cheered Lucas as he tossed the Loli's Gospel toward his buddy Cain.

The Fuming Loli hovered like a Ghost toward Cain but the kid caught the book before Beatrice could snatch it back.

"Yeah, try to keep up, Miss Beatrice!" Cheered Cain while taunting the Loli.

"YOU BRATS, I'LL SEND YOU FLYING WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON-" Beatrice stopped her flight upon spotting Gohan blocking her path from reaching the kids.

"Beatrice..." He said bitterly. "Thank you for keeping your end of the promise." Said Gohan as he snatched away the Gospel from Cain's hands.

The two kids were dumbstruck by Gohan's speed. "How did-"

The Loli harrumphed and faced away from Gohan. "Give it back... I suppose."

Gohan presented her the book so she could take it back but she snatched it from his hands and quickly retreated to her library through a last-ditch Portal manifesting right behind her. And just like that, she was gone...

It was almost comical what she just did. Especially since she has a blank book. Goodness, why does Beatrice care about that useless thing so much?

Suddenly Lucas pulled on Gohan's gi thus snapping him out of his thoughts. "Hey, mister."

Gohan looked at the two kids. "What can I do for you?"

"I want to go home."

Gohan froze in place and broke a sweat. What should he tell them?

Cain then hopped onto Gohan's back catching the Saiyan off guard. "C'mon mister, fly us there!" Cheered Lucas.

In response, Gohan grabbed Cain and gently placed him onto the ground next to Lucas.

"Not today." Said Gohan.

"Aw!" They complained in sync. "You're no fun." They both said.

"Nevermind that. We should find the rest of your friends."

"Yeah, off to the library, we go!" Cheered Cain. "Race you there!"

As Cain ran to where he thought he could find the library, Lucas shortly followed after. Gohan knew they wouldn't be able to find the library on their own so he followed them.

"Hold on, I know where we can-"

Cain and Lucas happened to find the warp door without help from Ki-sensing in their first try. Then they both looked to Gohan. "What is it, mister?"

Gohan shook his head: "Oh... It's nothing. Let's go."

The forbidden archive of books was now visible to them. The remaining village children were surprisingly behaving better than Cain and Lucas.

Dine and Meina were seated together on a spiral staircase reading a book together. Meanwhile, there was a huge mess of books on the floor due to a big ruckus that occurred when the boys awoke to mess with Beatrice.

The Loli begrudgingly accepted Mild's help to return every book to their respected shelves like the nice boy he is.

Gohan stepped into the library with both Cain and Lucas briefly following him.

Beatrice then noticed Gohan and the two troublemakers behind him. "hn!" She was so irritated with Gohan for forcing her to share her only safe space with so many snot-nosed kids. Who could blame her? The kids went from calm to insane real quick! Using the books as toys is what brought the loli to fume like crazy in the first place.

As Mild placed the final book into its bookshelf Gohan pat his shoulder. "It's time for you to go home."

As the children became excited to return home, Gohan could barely contain his urge to cry.

"Beatrice," Gohan called the Loli.

She begrudgingly looked at him with disdain without giving him a reply.

"Send them home."

The loli knew what Gohan meant. She would happily send these nuisances away via portal because it was the fastest way possible. And with the waving of her hand, a portal appeared under each and every child thus sending them to their home in an instant.

The last of their expressions were shock and fear when they fell into the portals.

And just like that. The library was emptied of all children. Only Gohan and Beatrice remained in the archive.

"Are you just going to stand there?" Asked Beatrice.

"Sorry. I'll leave you to your private space."

The Saiyan fled the library just as he said he would.


Universe 7 (TFS references)

Piccolo flew away from the lookout in a terrible mood because if Dende was a better guardian to the planet, Gohan would have never been siphoned out of his home by a witch! Kami's half in Piccolo's mind wished to help Dende become a better guardian but...

Piccolo and Little Green- No, I mean Dende were both quietly meditating out in the open. Dende was having trouble focusing despite Piccolo being accustomed to long periods of meditation. Thus, a part of Kami wished to help Dende become a better Guardian to Planet Earth also to prevent another incident when one of their own fighters are siphoned into another Universe. If Kami was in Dende's place as Guardian, Gohan may have never been siphoned out of his home and brought to another universe.

While both Namekians were focused, Popo was silently hiding a whore's body into one of the pine trees. Popo dragged the corpse and jovially whispered to himself: "Damn bitch couldn't take the dende but she loved it in the end." and he carefully tucked the corpse into the pine tree to make sure he didn't alert the two Namekians in their training session. But kami could sense that Popo had overdone it again and decided to point that out.

"That's the third corpse this week. Isn't it?" Asked Kami, through Piccolo.

Popo winced and looked to Piccolo and Dende's position: "That was Kami! I just now it!" Exclaimed Popo.

Piccolo became visibly irritated but reluctantly replied: "Yes! Now shut up!"

Popo couldn't help but miss his old companion despite first celebrating Kami's absence. Popo was caught fair and square, so he might as well burn the corpse or toss it out of the lookout.

Little Green couldn't take it anymore and decided to stop. "I can't do this shit anymore! This makes no sense!" and got onto his feet and walked away.

Piccolo opened his eyes, disappointed in Dende: "This is the first and last time I go out of my way to let Kami help you!" Then he stood up and flew away at high speeds. "Now figure it out on your own!"

Dende looked up to the sky and shouted back: "Fine! It's not like I wanted to keep doing this shit anyway!"

Popo approached Dende and whipped out some weed: "Here." He handed Dende several rolls of weed. "This should help you focus."

Dende stared at the rolls of weed and smirked: "Oh yeah."

As Piccolo flew away, he found himself coming across Goku's Ki signature. What was that Saiyan doing here? Piccolo was certain that Goku would have been training at King Kais world while forgetting about Gohan's existence like he always does. But the Namek decided he would follow the Ki signature to a desert wasteland and found Goku heading to his location.

Goku saw Piccolo and smiled brightly: "Yo! Piccolo! I have an idea on how to bring Gohan back!" Goku seemed excited and didn't show doubts whatsoever.

An idea to bring Gohan back? Maybe Piccolo was wrong about Goku. Well, Goku's ideas aren't always terrible so he decided he would hear him out.

"What is it, Goku? How do you suppose we bring Gohan back?"

"I may have found a loophole! The dragon said mortals aren't allowed to be transported, right? Well, why don't we just obtain the coordinates to Universe 9 and go there ourselves?"

Piccolo didn't know if he should be astonished or disappointed. This idea could work but at the same, it time felt farfetched. How would they reach Universe 9? Instant transmission will never reach that far into outer space. But surely, Goku must have thought things through. Did he?

"That might work, but how are we to reach universe 9 without the means of transportation?" Asked Piccolo.

"All we need is for the Kais to point us into the right direction and we'll do the rest on our own!"

"Hm... And how do you know they'll be willing to help you?"

"They have to! It will take a year for the dragon balls to become usable again!"

"Have you tried asking Porunga for a coordinates?"

"Y-yes... but the dragon declined."

Piccolo exhasperated in annoyance. "Next time you visit the supreme kai, bring me with you."


"Just do it!"

"Sure. But why?"



Universe 9, Lugunica

Gohan flew as fast as he could to the sanctuary to meet up with Emilia and Roswaal. Perhaps Gohan can make things right.

First, he needs to ensure Emilia is still capable of making an appearance to the Royal selection. Then he can focus on all other problems.

As Gohan approached the sanctuary like a blur in the sky, a slight headache bothered him but he dismissed it as a symptom of stress.

The natives of the Sanctuary saw a bright light quickly coming at them so they embraced for the worst to happen only to be surprised when it was just a Demi-human with the capability of flight.

Gohan quietly landed in the Townsquare which quickly made him the center of attention. When Gohan laid eyes on the natives they were shy at first but seeing that Gohan has a tail they became more trusting of him.

They quickly assumed him to be another one of Roswaal's affiliates.

Gohan would have asked for Roswaal's location but he could already sense the clown's presence inside a cabin. Gohan sensed two people with him. One of them to be Emilia and the other one to somehow have an energy similar to that of Beatrice.

'Is Beatrice here?' Gohan thought to himself. 'No, that can't be. Beatrice isn't likey to exit the library unless forced to do so.'

Having now approached the front door, he kindly knocked to await a response. To his surprise, a pink-haired loli in robes opened the door instead of what he thought could have been Beatrice's energy signal.

The loli looked up to Gohan as if she was expecting him to arrive.

"Uh, hello?" Said Gohan.

"You must be the Super Saiyan."

"H-how did you find out?"

She turned around and gestured for him to enter. "Lord Roswaal has informed me of your magical powers."

Gohan wasn't comfortable with the misunderstanding. "Erm, it's not-" He didn't have time to correct her as she walked away to what was most likely Roswaal's sleeping quarters.

Deciding he should speak of something else. "Quick question, do you know Beatrice?" Asked Gohan.

She stopped walking then looked to Gohan. "I haven't heard that name in a long time."

"It's nothing, nevermind."

She blankly stared at Gohan then continued walking to Roswaal's bedroom. "He's waiting for you." She said upon stopping in front of a bedroom door.

Could Roswaal perhaps be upset with Gohan?

Gohan opened the door the see a smug-looking Roswaal dressed in rags and seated in bed. The Saiyan was confused to why Roswaal eyed him the way he did. What does the clown have in mind?

Emilia stood aside with eyes devoid of life. She didn't even acknowledge Gohan's presence.

'Is she alright?' Thought Gohan as he observed the half-elf.

"Ah, Gohan-san. How are you?"

"Hello, Roswaal."

"I've been awaiting your arrival for quite some time, yet I didn't believe you would make such an early appearance."

"I'd like to apologize for-"

"At ease, Gohan. I have a way for you to redeem yourself."

"Y-you do?" Asked Gohan.

"Indeed. But first I must know if you're capable of energy transfer?" Asked Roswaal.

"Y-yes. It depends if its-."

"That's good. Because Miss Emilia must attend the Royal selection."

Gohan's eyes widened. "When?"


Gohan was dumbfounded. "But I thought she was stuck here."

"That's true." Roswaal nodded. "Which is why I thought things through."

"What exactly do you have in mind?" Asked Gohan.

"For her to attend, you must act as her Gate."

Gohan was getting more confused. "Gate?"

"Listen carefully," Roswaal said sternly. "If Miss Emilia were to exit the sanctuary without you mediating as her Gate, the consequences would be devastating."

Gohan became nervous. "That's too risky." He nervously said. "I'm barely getting the hang of mana transferring."

"Gohan, I'm sure you've seen the effects Miss Emilia suffered upon having entered the barrier surrounding the sanctuary."

Gohan remembered Emilia's critical situation. In fact, Gohan remembers having suffered a slight headache upon having entered the barrier. How was he able to survive the effects of the barrier if it was supposedly fatal?

Gohan nodded. "Yes. I remember."

"Then you're aware of what will happen if you fail to mediate for her?"

"..." Gohan glanced at Emilia again and yet she didn't acknowledge his presence.

"Fine, I'll do it." Said Gohan.

Roswaal smirked in delight. "Thank you, Gohan. Get the hang of it today, because tomorrow, we'll arrive at the Royal Capital."

"You'll go too?"

"Very much so. Despite my condition, I obligate myself to attend, for I am Emilia-san's sponsor."

"Then I'll do my best."

"Please do."

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