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Author's Note: I don't know why I wrote this. I think it stemmed from a conversation with my mother about how she had always wanted Deanna to marry Worf and not Riker. She says it'd be great to have little empathic Klingons running around the Federation. I agree, but I also think it's too late to separate Deanna from Will. Hence, this story. Enjoy.

Three is a Magic Number

The day after she and Worf split up; Deanna Troi felt a bit... strange. It wasn't until a week and a major ship-wide crisis later, after she found herself suddenly back with Will Riker, that she noticed it again. She felt strange... but happy. She loved Will, and he loved her. They knew that now, and nothing could come between them...

Deanna had never been so miserable in her entire life. She was sick; violently, horribly sick, and for the past hour or so had been wondering how her stomach could continue to empty itself when all she had eaten was a small salad and a chocolate sundae. Fifteen minutes after she was sure she had stopped, she contacted Beverly in Sickbay.

In the turbolift, on the way there, she felt... a presence. It was almost like déjà vu. She racked her mind for what it was. Something familiar, she was sure of that, but what? Suddenly it hit her. It had been a strange experience, not only for her, but for everyone else aboard as well. It hadn't exactly been real, humanoids don't age eight years in a few days, so it wasn't at all acccurate. No wonder it had taken her so long to remember.

"Beverly," she said, walking into her friend's office. "I'm pregnant." She waited for her statement to sink in. The Doctor blinked, numbly, not quite sure if her friend was joking or not.

"What?" she asked.

"I'm pregnant," the Counselor stated again, almost as shocked as the Doctor.

"How do you know?" Beverly asked, "Are you sure?"

"I'm a Betazoid. Of course I'm sure." Deanna replied.

"All right then, if you say so," her red-haired friend sighed. "Sit down and let me get a tricorder." Deanna complied. Beverly scanned her quickly. "You're right," she said. Deanna nodded. "Wait," the CMO added, in disbelief. She scanned the Counselor again. "Deanna. This is strange," she said, absently, scanning the Betazoid for the third time. "I don't mean to pry, so I'm not going to ask you to explain how this happened, although I can guess, but I think you ought to look at my readings, and I think we need to call Riker and Worf in here."

"What!?" Will Riker exclaimed, his eyes widened in shock. "You're what?"

"Commander, it's not life threatening, she's only pregnant." Beverly explained calmly.

"With who's child?" Worf asked. Deanna turned away sheepishly.

"That's where it takes a little explaining. It appears, both."

"How is that possible!" Riker exclaimed.

"She is carrying fraternal twins. In this case, very fraternal." Beverly replied. Worf choked. Riker simply stared.

"So, let me get this straight," he said, as soon as he regained his composure, "Deanna is having twins, and one of them is mine, and the other is his?" "Yes." the Doctor replied. Both men sized each other up for a moment, then turned to the Counselor and glared.

"No!" she exclaimed, "It's not what you think! No, I mean, it didn't happen like that! I mean. Will, Worf and I broke up over a week before you and I. well." she floundered for a moment, then fell silent. Oddly enough, the Klingon began to laugh. He received sharp glares of varying degrees from the others.

"I had heard that Klingon sperm can live up to nine days outside the body, but I had not quite believed it to be true," he explained, as soon as he had halfway composed himself. Riker began to laugh as well. Very quickly, they were both on the verge of collapsing on the floor.

"Would you two get a grip on yourselves!" Beverly ordered, "This is serious." Deanna looked hurt.

"I'm sorry." Riker replied, "It's just that, well, now that we know no one's at fault here, I thought about how we're going to explain this to our children in ten yea." suddenly his face grew serious, "Oh god! I'm going to be a father."