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"Why, Hello, Mr. Woof!" Lwaxana exclaimed as she sauntered into the turbolift.

"Mrs. Troi," he said, too stunned to even correct her. She crossed her arms and sighed theatrically, to enhance the effect.

"I'm hurt, Mr. Woof. I feel almost... betrayed!" Absorbed in her miniature performance, she didn't notice the security chief's discomfort. "I come to visit my only daughter, who I haven't seen in months,and what do I find?" She paused, and looked at him. He stared at her as stoically as he could manage. "She's six months pregnant! Six months, and she hasn't said a thing to me. Why do would she do this to me? What do you think, Mr. Woof?"

"Maybe, er, she wasn't ready to tell you," he stumbled.

"And why not?"

Worf grunted. "Maybe she wasn't exactly sure how you would react?"

"I'm overjoyed, or rather, I will be after I get over how hurt I am that she tried to hide this from me. What else would I be?" Worf stared at her blankly. "My point exactly. I don't know why she's so awful to me. Tell me, Mr. Woof, if you were going to have a baby, wouldn't you tell your parents first thing?" The turbolift stopped, and Worf gratefully got off.

"Goodbye, Mrs. Troi," he said, formally, and walked away at a rather brisk pace. The doors closed again.

"Well, that was odd." Lwaxana said to herself. Why was he suddenly in such a hurry?