I like to say I got this idea from an episode of Sidekick and I do NOT own the episode or Sidekick and I'll take some request not all and I would like it if you read my other Grojband fanfiction before you read this one.

(It starts in the Grojband where Kin, Laney, and Kon are there waiting for Corey, while their parents have a meetup, and Kin is showing them something)

Kin: Guys look what I have!

Laney: what is it?

Kin: I don't know my dad made it when he was a kid and told me not to touch it but I couldn't resist!

Kon: Kin you're gonna get in trouble if dad found out you took it.

Kin: don't worry I'll put it back before he notices.

(Corey, Kate, and Allie comes in)

Corey: Guys, I got us a gig at Barney's new store "More than one store" where you can buy stuff that for 1 and get more.

Allie: You guys are going to amazing!

Kate: Totally

Laney: But since it's called "More than one" doesn't that mean there has to be more than 1 band?

Corey: You're right so they needed 2 bands so they got another band and said we got to work together.

Laney: I guess we can work with another band, whose band is it.

Carrie (Off-screen): Mines.

(The Newmans walk in)

Laney/Kin/Kon: Really!

Corey: I know I don't like it either but we need this gig.

Carrie: By the way you're writing the lyrics.

Corey: Okay, anyway we got to start practicing.

Trina (Off-screen): Hold it!

(It shows Trina, Mina, and Nick Mallory walks in)

Trina: Me and Nick Mallory are studying, so we need quietness, so GET OUT!

Mina: Trina can you be a little nicer this is my sister.

Trina: Yes, but me and Nick need quietness.

Nick: Nick does need his quietness.

Trina: So get out and give me this!

(Trina grabs Kin's dad's invention but Corey tries to take it)

Corey: Hey that's Kin's cool invention, even though I don't know what it does?

(Corey and Trina fight over it; they press some buttons; Kin walks between them)

Kin: Guys give it to me!

(Kin presses the button on top and it teleports them in their garage)

Laney: What just happen?

Kin/Corey/Trina: I don't know?

Kon: Eh, it probably did nothing.

?: Freeze!

(They all look over to see people who kind of look like them)

Laney: And there the bad thing.

"Corey": Okay you 5 minutes to tell us how you got in my garage!

"Trina": And why you kind look like us?

Trina: Okay first this is MY garage!

Corey: Second we don't kind of look like you guys, you guys kind of look like us.

(The guy who looks like Corey gets into the real Corey's face)

Corey: Okay we kind of look you guys.

Laney: Come on Core don't take it from this jerk who acts like Trina!

"Trina": It's Katrina and I don't act like Cole.

Trina: Hold up I'm Trina and this guy who looks like Corey is called Cole?

Cole: Hold up Cole is a name people call me, my real name is Corey.

Corey: What we have the same name, what are the odds?

Kin: Really good, since he is you!

Corey/Cole: What?

Kin: Don't you see guys this teleports us into another dimension, they are us a little different from us! Except for the guy in the green beanie.

Conner: Oh right like you don't know who I am.

Kim: No seriously we don't know who you are.

Conner: And you are?

Kim: Kim, Konnie's twin?

Opposite Konnie: You're my cousin.

Kim: I want to go home.

Kin: Come on just because you don't exist in this dimension doesn't mean you can't like it.

Kon: Yeah the only way it takes is if I was the leader of the Newmans.

Kin: And I was Cole's lackey.

Opposite Kon: I am the leader of the Newmans.

Opposite Kin: And I am Cole's lackey.

Kon/Kin: Home!

(Kin and Kon messes with the invention and get sent into a dimension where they're dogs)

Corey: Wrong dimension!

(Then they get sent into a dimension where they're robots)

Laney: Still wrong.

(Then they get sent into a dimension where there merpeople)

Kin (gargled): We're underwater.

(Then they get sent into a dimension where Grojband and The Newmans are famous bands)

Famous Corey: Okay how did they get in here!

(Then they get sent into a dimension where their wizards and witches with normal skin)

Kon: Cool magic world.

(Then they get send home)

Corey: Finally we're back in our dimension, man who knew there were so many uses, but I'm just glad we don't have to see those opposite us.

(A flash of lights happen but Corey doesn't notice)

Corey: Especially that other me that brace face, rock hater-

Laney: Um, Core-

Corey: Not now Lanes, I'm talking how I will never see that jerk, dumb clothes wearing… the opposite us is standing right behind me aren't they?

Kin: They're in front of you.

(Corey looks in front of him and sees the opposite them)

Corey: Wow I can't believe I didn't see them?


(Cole tackles Corey)

Kon: Selves fight!

(They all get into a fight with the opposite selves but they have the same moves)

All-Kim/Conner: Stop copying my moves!

Opposite Kon/Carrie: (Opposite Kon: Conner! Carrie: Kim!) Attack (Opposite Kon: Kim! Carrie: Conner).

Conner: Seriously nobody knows who I am?

Kim: Yes, so I'm guessing the same thing about me in your dimension!

Conner: Yes.

Kin: We can't do this, DAD!

(Their parents walks in)

Twin's dad: What is it so… you used my invention, didn't you?

Kin: I was curious.

Twin's dad: And there more you and some weird guy

Conner (Off-screen): Him to, come on

(The twin's dad pulls out a freeze ray and freezes the opposites)

(Freeze ray transition)

(They put them in a cell and unfreezes them)

Katrina: Put yourself in a cell really?

Trina: Shut up you loser!

Katrina: You know you're calling your own self a loser right

Trina: Grrr!

(Corey walks up to Cole)

Corey: So you hate rock and act like my Trina?

Cole: What made you guess you stupid rocker!

Corey: Man you are mean.

(Laney walks up to opposite Laney)

Laney: Okay, I got to ask what's with the look!

Opposite Laney: Laney Penn thinks this is a good look for her.

Laney: Should had known you act like Nick Mallory from my world.

(Nick walks up to opposite nick)

Nick: So since opposite Laney Penn is like Nick Mallory that means opposite Nick Mallory is like my Laney Penn.

Opposite Nick: That's right other me.

(Kin walks up to Opposite Kin)

Kin: So I heard you said you were Cole's lackey.

Opposite Kin: Yeah I help Cole ruin his sister's gigs.

Kin: And when he chooses his love before an alien help you get revenge?

Opposite Kin: Yeah and he's a little nicer.

(Kon walks up to opposite Kon)

Kon: So you rule the Newmans in your dimension?

Opposite Kon: Yep, I rock against Katrina, Mina, Carrie, and Nick Mallory. While me, Konnie, Larry, and Conner, who doesn't exist in your world.

(Mina walks up to opposite Mina)

Mina: Since Kin a lackey in that dimension, that's mean you're the keyboard player in your dimension.

Opposite Mina: That's right I play the keyboard for nice Katrina's band.

Mina: So Trina is called Katrina in her world and she's nice.

Opposite Mina: That's right!

(Konnie walks up to opposite Konnie)

Konnie: So Kim's your cousin instead of your twin.

Opposite Konnie: Yeah Kim's my cousin and I the only one who knows who she is.

(Carrie walks up to Opposite Carrie)

Carrie: So since Kon is a guitar player for the Newmans that means you're the drum player in your Grojband?

Opposite Carrie: That's right, I play the drums perfectly, if there were drums here I would play it perfectly, I can even go bongo on the drums.

(Larry walks up to Opposite Larry)

Larry: So what instruments do you play in this world?

Opposite Larry: I'll spell it ou S, Drums.

Larry: Yeah I figure it out.

(Kate and Allie walks up to the opposite selves)

Kate: So you two are us?

Kai: Yeah.

Allie: So we're boys in another dimension?

Alex: Guess so, my name's Alex and this's Kai.

(Kim walks up to Conner)

Kim: So you don't exist in my dimension, and I don't exist

Conner: Yeah but we can't get sad.

(Both of them cry)

Kim (Sobbing): Who are we kidding we don't exist so why should we be happy.

Conner: Yeah we should be sad.

Kim: Guys we should let them out.

Kin: Why we can't trust them.

Kim: You don't trust your own selves.

Laney: But they aren't exactly us.

Kim: How about we let all but Cole out.

Kin: That seems like a good idea-

Corey: Hold up there's only one thing that will make me believe this Trina is good.

(Corey gets his laptop and searches up something and it's the bubble bunch)

Bubble bunch (Singing): No one's happier than The Bubble Bunch Band they're the most awesome band in all the land. The Bubble Bunch band are super-duper nice. Especially if you buy our merchandise.

Bubble bunch/Katrina: Get your parents to buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy. No one's happier than The Bubble Bunch Band. They're the most awesome band in all the land. The Bubble Bunch band are super-duper nice. Especially if you buy our merchandise.

(The song ended and Cole is in the corner of the cell and Trina is in the Conner of the garage)

Trina/Cole: Scary puppets, Scary puppets, Scary puppets, Scary puppets.

Corey: Yep I can trust you.

(They let out everyone except Cole and is about to leave but Mina and opposite Kin say behind with Trina and Cole)

Mina: I think I'm gonna stay with Trina.

Opposite Kin: Me too.

Corey: Suit your selves.

Katrina: Just stay here and watch Cole.

Laney/Opposite Nick: Wait it isn't that a bad since Trina gonna-

Corey: Let's go gang we got to tell Barney at his new store about this!

Katrina: Yeah, wait what?!

Corey: We'll tell you about this world on the way.

(Wicked cool transition)

(At the More than one store)

Barney: So I'm mayor in your dimension?

Katrina: You sure are!

Barney: That's awesome.

(Cuts to regular Grojband)

Laney: Core, we need lyrics and Trina isn't here!

Corey: Don't worry we'll get some.

Barney: So where's the other Corey?

Katrina: He's called Cole and he's in a cell at home and regular Trina is watching him.

Barney: But since he acts like her would she let him out?

(Corey and Katrina relies)

Corey/Katrina: Why didn't somebody warn us!

(Laney and Opposite Nick facepalm)

Corey/Katrina: We have to stop them!

Corey: We'll be back!

(Cuts to them back at the groj)

(There at the house but the door and groj is locked)

Corey: Great they locked it.

Katrina: Well what the worse they can do?

Opposite Nick: Kat don't say that there twice of him and twice the lackey!

Katrina: Oh right, we're dead.

(A TV screen pops out, and Cole and Trina are on it)

Cole: Hello loser siblings!

Katrina: What are you 2 doing?

Trina: We're gonna blow up all the dimensions except the opposite dimension!

Corey: How are you gonna do that?

Cole: With this!

(They reveal a big machine that kind of looks like a giant bomb cross with an Atom)

Cole: That we build.

Mina: Actually me and Opposite Kin made it.

Trina: With this, we can destroy the dimensions and get rid of you losers forever!

Cole: Also don't try to get in because we thought if we think like a rocker we can think like you 2.

(The TV went off)

Corey: I can't believe it we're dead.

Katrina: Our world is gonna be destroyed. Well, at least we have you guys.

(Kon, Carrie, Kate, Allie, Larry, Konnie, Kim, Conner, Opposite Carrie, Opposite Larry, Opposite Konnie, Opposite Kon, Kai, and Alex digging a hole)

Opposite Kon: Why are we digging a hole other me?

Kon: We're gonna dig into that house!

Corey: We need more friends.

(Corey and Katrina gets an idea)

Katrina: More friends that's it!

(Corey and Katrina grabs the dimension device)

Corey: You guys get in we have a plan!

(They teleports away)

Laney: Yeah I have a better Idea.

Kon: We'll still digging!

(Laney, Opposite Laney, Nick, Opposite Nick, Kin, and Opposite Mina gets in a huddle)

Laney: Okay remember when G'ORB tried to destroy the earth?

Opposite Laney/Nick/Opposite Nick/Kin/Opposite Mina: Yeah.

Laney: Who was the 1 person Cole or Trina choose to take with them?

Nick/Kin: Nick Mallory.

Opposite Nick/Opposite Laney/Opposite Mina: Laney Penn.

Laney: You guys got it.

Opposite Laney/Nick/Opposite Nick/Kin/Opposite Mina: Yes!

Laney: Okay, we just need to wait.

(cuts to the inside of the groj)

Cole: Okay you two go get Laney Penn from my dimension!

Trina: And Nick Mallory from this dimension!

(The 2 leaves the garage)

Cole: By the way be back in 10 minutes or we leave without you two.

Opposite Kin: Okay we got to find them fast-

(They get grabbed into a bush)

Laney: Shh.

Opposite Mina: We want to ask you something, what makes you think they're gonna take you guys with them?

Nick: Yeah it's the meteor all over again.

Mina: We guess you guys are right.

Laney: Now here's the plan.

(We're gonna stop them)

(At the garage Cole and Trina are about to leave without them when)

Opposite Kin (Off-screen): We got them.

(Cole and Trina opens the garage door and mina and Opposite Kin have Nick Mallory and Opposite Laney Penn)

Trina: Wow you actually got them, we're surprised.

Mina: So are we, they didn't want to come but when we told them that you two were gonna destroy the world they agree.

Cole: Any way lets arm this thing and go home.

Nick: Nick thinks that a good idea. But first-

(There opposites were behind them)

Nick/Laney/Kin/Mina/Opposite Nick/Opposite Laney/Opposite Kin/Opposite Mina: You have to get through us!

(Kon, Carrie, Kate, Allie, Larry, Konnie, Kim, Conner, Opposite Carrie, Opposite Larry, Opposite Konnie, Opposite Kon, Kai, and Alex comes through the ground)

Kon/Carrie/Kate/Allie/Larry/Konnie/Kim/Conner/Opposite Carrie/Opposite Larry/Opposite Konnie/Opposite Kon/Kai/Alex: And us!

(They all tackles Cole and Trina but they were able to sneak; they use the freeze ray on them and got Nick Mallory and Opposite Laney Penn; two people taps them on the shoulders)

Trina: Corey, Katrina we know it's you two.

Cole: Sending in our friends is want we would had done.

Trina: All we have to think like a rocker.

Cole: Face it we have to same moves.

Katrina: Well we have something you guys don't.

Cole: And wants that?

Corey: Friends!

(Corey and Katrina got all the versions of them and yes I'm calling Katrina a version of Corey; Merman Corey is in a kiddie pool on a dolly)

Dog Corey: Ri'm ronna rurt ru!

Cole: You want the stick boy.

(Cole opens the garage door)

Cole: Then get it!

(Cole throws it out the garage door; dog Corey chases it; Cole closes the garage door)

Robot Corey: Robot power!

(Trina throws a magnet a robot Corey's head and it messes with him)

Wizard Corey: Lighting Atabress

(The spell backfires and hits him)

Merman Corey: Come on I can do this!

Famous Corey: No you can't… alone.

(Famous Corey runs and comebacks; he jumps on the dolly making it move but Cole and Trina opens the garage door; dog Corey is there)

Dog Corey: Ri'm rin!

(Dog Corey gets hits by Merman and Famous Corey)

Cole/Trina: Hahaha!

Trina: That was your plan!

Cole: Teaming up with all the dummy in the world!

Katrina: Oh and destroying a bunch of worlds to make somebody love you is a good idea.

Trina: Don't judge us our idea is smart and now it's time for you to freeze!

Corey: Okay looks like you guys win.

Cole: That's right! Wait we won?

Trina: Correction I won!

(Trina Freezes Cole)

Katrina: You froze him, why?

Trina: Because I can't really trust him but I WON!

(Trina goes into happy diary mode)

Katrina: Hey other me.

Trina: What?

Katrina: You dropped the freeze ray.

Trina: No!

(Katrina freezes the bomb)

Trina: I thought you were gonna freeze me, but you wouldn't freeze you sorta sister, right?

(Katrina froze Trina and unfroze the other)

Kon/Carrie/Kate/Allie/Larry/Konnie/Kim/Conner/Opposite Carrie/Opposite Larry/Opposite Konnie/Opposite Kon/Kai/Alex/Nick/Laney/Kin/Mina/Opposite Nick/Opposite Laney/Opposite Kin/Opposite Mina: Thanks Core and Kat

Corey/Katrina: You're welcome

Corey: Do you guys want to say and see us rock out.

Conner/Opposite Carrie/Opposite Larry/Opposite Konnie/Opposite Kon/Kai/Alex/Opposite Nick/Opposite Laney/Opposite Kin/Opposite Mina: Sure.

Carrie: Wait Riffen did you get lyrics?

Corey: Yes I did! Let's go!

(At the More than one store Grojband and the Newmans are on stage)

Barney: Everyone please welcome Grojband and the Newmans!

(Song starts)

Kon/Konnie: 1 2 3 4.

Corey/Carrie (Singing): Ohh I won with some

Corey/Carrie/Kin/Kim/Kon/Konnie/Laney/Larry (singing): Help!

Corey/Carrie (Singing): You tried to win with a dog who can only

Corey/Carrie/Kin/Kim/Kon/Konnie/Laney/Larry (singing): Yelp!

Corey/Carrie (Singing): I was gonna blow up our

Corey/Carrie/Kin/Kim/Kon/Konnie/Laney/Larry (singing): World!

Corey/Carrie (Singing): With my partner who wanted

Corey/Carrie/Kin/Kim/Kon/Konnie/Laney/Larry (singing): A girl!

Corey/Carrie (Singing): With an

Corey/Carrie/Kin/Kim/Kon/Konnie/Laney/Larry (singing): Double of you!

(The bands look at the opposite band and invite them on stage and they use the spare instruments)

Corey/Carrie/Katrina/Opposite Kon (Singing): Ohh I won with some

Corey/Katrina/Carrie/Opposite Carrie/Kin/Opposite Mina/Kim/Conner/Kon/Opposite Kon/Konnie/Opposite Konnie/Laney/Opposite Nick/Larry/Opposite Larry (singing): Help!

Corey/Carrie/Katrina/Opposite Kon (Singing): You tried to win with a dog who can only

Corey/Katrina/Carrie/Opposite Carrie/Kin/Opposite Mina/Kim/Conner/Kon/Opposite Kon/Konnie/Opposite Konnie/Laney/Opposite Nick/Larry/Opposite Larry (singing): Yelp!

Corey/Carrie/Katrina/Opposite Kon (Singing): With my partner who wanted

Corey/Katrina/Carrie/Opposite Carrie/Kin/Opposite Mina/Kim/Conner/Kon/Opposite Kon/Konnie/Opposite Konnie/Laney/Opposite Nick/Larry/Opposite Larry (singing): A girl!

Corey/Carrie/Katrina/Opposite Kon (Singing): With an

Corey/Katrina/Carrie/Opposite Carrie/Kin/Opposite Mina/Kim/Conner/Kon/Opposite Kon/Konnie/Opposite Konnie/Laney/Opposite Nick/Larry/Opposite Larry (singing): Double of you!

Corey/Carrie/Katrina/Opposite Kon (Singing): And I froze him too!

(Song ends)

(Everyone cheers and it cuts to them outside)

Katrina: Well it's been fun and weird but we have our own universe to get to.

Conner: And it's been fun even though I, Conner Rocker doesn't exist in this universe-

Corey: Wait your last name is Rocker.

Conner: Yes, why.

Corey: I think I heard that name once.

Carrie: Me too.

Conner: Wait, so I might exist in this world!

Kim: And if he exists in this world, I must exist in his world!

(They high five)

Cole (Off-screen): Just because you exist doesn't mean you're awesome!

Katrina: Oh great Cole's head defrosted in the sun.

Cole: Your still loser!

Katrina: Just shut up, we're going home.

(They go back to their dimension)

Laney: So… learned anything today Core?

Corey: Actually Lanes I learned a lot.

(Spotlight shines on Corey)

Corey: Because the way I see life it can go two ways. One way would be you could love one thing and hate another, the second way would be it could be opposite of your point of view.

(Spotlight goes away)

Corey: Hey do you think Katrina does finale thoughts to?

Laney: Probably.

Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone.

(Corey close the garage door)