On the internet and YouTube, I've been seeing this stuff about Siren Head and was thinking I could make a chapter out of this. After all, I have a conspiracy freak, who love paranormal things, and monsters. So why not?

(It starts with everyone except Robert and Justin in the Groj)

Corey: So what did Rob and Just want from us to do?

Laney: I don't know they just told us to meet up here!

(Robert and Justin opens the garage door looking really excited)


Trina: Like, something to make you two stop yelling?


Ben: Really guys? Do you believe in Siren Head? He's fake!

Kin: Yeah, guys. That Siren Head rumor has been here a long time ago.

Kon: The only reason why people got into it because of a clip showed online.

Robert: Come on, guys! Siren Head is out there!

Justin: You just gotta believe!

Carrie: How about this we go into the Peaceville woods for an hour and a half to find Siren Head. But if we don't find Siren Head, you two have to promise to drag us out to another sighting of some sort of creature.

Robert/Justin: Deal!

Trina: Ya, know. I would not go to the woods, under any circumstances, but if it'll mean I'll never have to go you two losers on your stupid adventures, then I'm all for it. Besides the Peaceville woods can be that bad.

(Couldn't be that bad?)

(Cut to the Peaceville woods)

Trina: Whelp, this is terrifying!

Carrie: Why couldn't I have said just half an hour?!

Robert: Well you didn't and we still got an hour to find Siren Head! So let's go!

Ben: You know what? No! I'm done! I'm not doing this anymore!

(Unknowing by Ben something crept behind him)

Kin: Uh, Ben-

Ben: Kin, not now! I don't want to waste my time by look for a stupid creature that doesn't exist!

Nick: Nick really thinks you should-

Ben: Guys! Seriously! Listen, Rob and Justin! I only agreed to this because—you know what it's not even about the promise you made! I don't even want to hang out with you two in the first place! But I met Ayden, and then he met you two and you two became friends! But me? No! We're aren't friends! Me and Ayden are friends! You two and Ayden are friends! But! Me and you two! NO! We're not friends! But in this crazy world of life, if we are meant to be friends, then the world please show a sign!

(Ben just breaths heavily until he notices the other looks on their faces)

Ben: What?

(Ben turns around to see Siren Head and backups to the others)

Ben: Well look at that. Siren Head. He's real. And I'm guessing this is the sign, I said. And since we found that's Siren Head's real that means you can get to drag us along some of your stupid adventures! AH!

Ayden: Wow, you two must be really happy.

Robert/Justin: Eh.

Corey: Eh? What do you mean "Eh?"

Robert: He's a lot uglier than we thought he would be.

Justin: Yeah. Super ugly!

(Siren Head screams? Alarms? I don't really know what you call it)

Robert/Justin: I regret saying that. RUN!

(They all run away from Siren Head as he follows them)

Ben: Wait! Why are you two running?

Robert: Why wouldn't we?

Ben: Because you two wanted to catch Siren Head?

Justin: Who said we were gonna catch him?

Corey: Then what did you want you found Siren Head?

Robert: Easy. Get evidence that's he's real and show the world, and get medals.

Justin: But only if we make out alive. And how things are I don't think that's gonna happen.

(They run until they reach a really tall tree)

Laney: Guys what do we do? We can't run forever!

Kon: Why don't we just climb that tree? I'm pretty sure it's out of his height range.

Trina: Don't care! I just wanna live!

(They climb up the tree to avoid Sire Head just as stop running)

Jason: Okay all we have to do is stay up here until Siren Head goes away.

(Siren Head waves some cheese getting the attention of Kin and Kon)

Robert/Justin: No!

(Siren Head then waves the latest phone and a high-tech speaker system getting the attention of Corey and Trina)

Robert/Justin: No!

(Just then the phone Siren Head was holding was ringing and it was Slenderman calling him causing Robert and Justin to fall out of the tree)

Robert/Justin: Can I have his number?

(Siren Head scream at them as they scream back at Scream Head making him less hostage and screams back)

Robert/Justin: Huh? Hm.

(They scream back at Siren Head once again causing Siren Head to scream back at them)

Robert: Finally we found a way to communicate with these creatures!

(Robert, Justin, and Siren Head took turns screaming at each other)

Justin: Guys, it's okay you can you down. Siren Head just wanted some friends.

(The others climb down the tree)

Robert: You probably just went into the forest because society rejected you.

(Siren Head shakes its head yes)

Justin: Well it's time for you to be reintroduced into society! And we're gonna help you!

Laney: Hold on! What?

Ben: Yeah! What makes you two think were gonna help you two get this back into society?!

Robert: Well, based on the deal you guys agreed to. You promised that if we didn't find Siren Head we wouldn't drag you guys on our crazy, stupid adventures.

Justin: But, since we found Siren Head you guys have to go on any of our stupid adventures. Whether you like it or not.

(They all sigh)

Robert: Well time to get home! How do we get out of here?

Corey: I don't know?

Justin: Hey Siren Head do you know the way out?

(Siren Head shakes it's head yes)

Robert/Justin: The lead the way, please!

(Siren Head leads the way out of the woods)

(Siren Head transition)

(Cut to Robert's house with everyone included Siren Head)

Robert: Okay! I got a plan for getting Siren Head back into the population. First, we need to get a concert about Siren Head. And you before you ask Corey, I wrote some lyrics.

Corey: You wrote lyrics? When?

Robert: When we were following Siren Head out of the woods. Here.

(Robert tosses Corey the lyrics and he catches it and reads it)
Corey: Wow! These are actually great!
Ben: Right~.
(Corey throws the lyrics at Ben and reads it)

Ben: You weren't kidding! This is actually great! How did you write this?!

Robert: Yeah, I'm always good at writing stuff. Doesn't matter what it is, poems, lyrics, stories, ECT. I'm just good great at it. I don't understand why, though.

Laney: Why don't you write more then?

Robert: Who said I didn't?

(Robert pulls out a writing book and tosses it to Laney and searches through some pages)

Laney: Wow. Wow! Wow! This is extremely good!

Robert: Yeah. It might become a chapter in the future.

That's actually a question for you guys. Do you want that to become a chapter in the future?

Justin: Anyway. The plan is to put up some flyers about the concert, and hopefully, people will come to see Siren Head and he's not evil. Just misunderstood.

Larry: So just throw a concert to make Siren Head like by the community?

Robert: Not just that. We're gonna get Siren Head a job, suited up, and a lover.

(They look at Robert and Justin blandly)

Robert/Justin: Some you will put up posters, while the two of us try to get Siren Head a job, next Nick, Trina, Ben you three will help us with Siren Head wardrobe, then will try to get Siren Head a girlfriend, and if we do or don't get Siren Head a girlfriend we'll still, show up to the concert, so we can finally get Siren Head back into the community. Okay?

All-Robert/Justin: Fine.

Robert/Justin: Yeah! Now let's go!

(Wicked cool transition)

(Cut to Robert, Justin, and Siren Head at an office where Siren Head is working)

Robert: See! The office place is the perfect place for you to fit in Siren Head.

Justin: Yeah most of the people who work here are monsters on the inside. So this shouldn't make that big of a difference.

(Suddenly the computer Siren Head was working on froze causing Siren Head to scream, making everyone else working in the office thinking it was closing time)

Office worker: Oh. Is it closing time, already?

Office worker 2: Finally! Work's over!

(All the workers leave the building thinking work was over causing the manager to come towards Siren Head's office getting ready to fire him)

Robert: Hey, technically you can't fire him because work is over.

(They still get kicked out of the building)

Justin: Fine! Be that way! Come on Siren Head we'll find you a new job.

(Cut to a man outside waiting for an elevator only for it to come with Siren Head inside, making the made nervous as he got in and selected a level)

Man: So. You're not human. That's c-c-c-cool.

(Siren Head plays some music out of him right before Robert and Justin come out of the top of the elevator)

Robert: Hello, sir. What do you think of the new elevator operator?

(This scares the man causing him to open the elevator and run out screaming)

Justin: Yeah, maybe this isn't the best job for you.

(Cut to Siren Head on a fire truck going to a building on fire; they get there so one of the firefighters gets the hose)

Firefighter: Okay, everyone turn on the hose!

(The other firefighters turn on the water trying to put out the fire, but it wasn't enough the fire was still going)

Firefighter: It's not enough we need more water!

(Siren Head then walked over to a fire hydrant and suck some water out of it and began to finally put out the fire)

Firefighter: Great job, Siren Head! You earned yourself a job in the fire department.

(The firefighter gives Siren Head a firefighter hat)

Robert: Yes! I knew we could get you a job!

Justin: Now it's time for a fashion session.

(Fashion transition)

(Cut to a fashion stage where Trina, Nick, Justin, and Robert getting ready to judge Siren Head's clothes)

Trina: Now why did you need me and Nick for this fashion thing?

Robert: Well, you and Nick have great fashion senses. But I was originally thinking of just using Nick, but Justin asked me to have you with us.

Trina: Why?

Robert: That's what's I asked him. And he didn't respond.

(The three of them looked at Justin)

Justin: Mix it up… Okay! Siren Head! Come on out!

(Siren Head comes out wearing a regular shirt and pants)

Robert: No.

Justin: Uh, uh.

Trina: Absolutely not.

Nick: Nick's not feeling.

(Siren Head comes out again wearing a trash can)

Robert: Nope.

Justin: Still no.

Trina: This is garbage.

Nick: Nick's still not feeling it.

(Siren Head comes out for a third time wearing Trina's headband, Nick's shirt and jacket, Justin's pants, and Roberts shoes; the same one they were wearing)

Robert: How did get our clothes?

Justin/Trina/Nick: I don't know.

(Siren Head comes out for a fourth time wearing the same clothes as Ben, causing Robert to puke)

Justin: Dude, that's literally what Ben wears every day!

Robert: I know.

Trina: So, like, what you just hate how Ben dresses?

Robert: No, I just don't like it on Siren Head.

Nick: That makes sense.

(Siren Head comes out for a finale time wearing a top hat and tie)

Robert: Yes!

Justin: Perfect!

Trina: Wonderful!

Nick: Nick's feeling it!

(The four of them walk up to Siren Head)

Robert: There's just one thing missing.

(Robert pulls out a bag of fakes mustaches, takes one out, and puts it on Siren Head)

Robert: There now you're complete!

Justin: Now, the only thing left is to get you a girl.

Trina/Nick: Good luck with that.

(Nick and Trina leaves)

Robert/Justin: Okay.

(Cut to Robert, Justin, and Siren Head walking down the street, making some people run away from Siren Head)

Robert: Look at that. Everyone is shocked to see how handsome you become, Siren Head.

(Justin and Robert introduce Siren Head to some girls but the girls ran away screaming from Siren Head making Siren Head sad)

Robert: Hey cheer up, Siren Head.

Justin: Yeah, there's a girl over there looking at you!

(Siren Head looks over to where Justin was pointing and sees a woman smiling at him)

Robert/Justin: Go talk to her Siren Head.

(Siren Head walks up to the girl)

Girl: Hey there handsome, what's your name?

(Siren Head "talks" at her and she runs away screaming)

Robert: Yeah… I'm starting to see why the other thought getting Siren Head a girlfriend was stupid.

Justin: Yeah. That was dumb even by our standers.

Robert: Yeah, that was in the back of my mind.

Justin: Look at the time we got to get to the concert!

Robert: Sorry, looks like we won't be able to get you a girlfriend after all.

(Siren Head lowers his head in sadness)

Justin: Come on!

(Cut to the park)

Robert: Okay. Everyone should be at the park ready to hear Grojband rock!

(Robert looks around the park to see no one is there)


(Trina walks up to them)

Trina: They all ran away when they saw Siren Head.

Ben: Well, this was a bust. Let's go home-

Robert: NO! You guys can still rock!

Justin: I'll record it and post it online!

Robert: Please, guys!

Corey/Laney/Kin/Kon: Fine!

(The four of them goes on stage and grabs their instruments)

Kon: 1, 2, 3, 4!

(Song starts)

Corey: He walks around the forest at night, but he doesn't want to put up a fight. He's alone and just looking for some friends. But he's worried that he won't find any to in the end.

Corey/Laney/Kin/Kon: Siren head! Oh, Siren Head! You're our friend, you won't leave us dead! You're just misunderstood! Please, stay out of your woods! Join us for good!

(Siren Head joins in by doing the noise thing)

Corey: He's just want to be love! Hang out with you, while he looks at you above!

Corey/Laney/Kin/Kon: Siren head! Oh, Siren Head!

(People start coming back after seeing Siren Head wasn't gonna hurt them)

Corey/Laney/Kin/Kon: You're our friend, you won't leave us dead! You're just misunderstood! Please, stay out of your woods! Join us for good!

Corey: We all that you were scary! But, you're kind as a fairy! If we give you another chance, then we'll love you very!

Corey/Laney/Kin/Kon: You would even help us in a situation that's harry!

(Song ends)

(People cheers for them as Robert and Justin walks on stage)

Robert: It worked! People now accept you!

Justin: Yeah! Too bad, we weren't able to get you a girlfriend-

(Justin was cut off by a siren going off on a van, which made Siren Head blush and walk over to it)

Laney: What's Siren head doing?

Robert: I think he found a girlfriend.

(Siren Head begins "talking" to the truck and eventually hugged it)

Ben: He did not just fall in love with a truck, did he?

Justin: If a young man or woman can date an older man or woman, why can't he date a truck?!

Ben: Fine!

(Siren Head walks back to Robert and hands him a piece of paper)

Robert: What's this?

(Robert looks at it and gains a huge smile on his face)

Justin: Rob, what is-

(Justin stops as so as he sees what the paper says)

Robert/Justin: ...

Ben: What did he hand you guys-


(The two of them faints as Siren Head leaves with his "girlfriend")

Laney: Well, today's been one of the weirdest days we've ever had.

(A spotlight shines on Corey)

Corey: Or the best. Since we got to help someone whose been unwanted by society, and is now known and will be accepted as one.

(Spotlight goes away)

Corey: Thanks for coming out everyone!

(Corey closes the Groj door)

Well, I really intend for this to be a Halloween special, but while I was writing this, I had other things in my life distracting me from this, and it ended up being a Halloween special by accident. But, at least it's on time. And don't worry, I'll try to update more, but I am gonna have to delete two of my stories. X-over beatbox battles and world of cartoon. Why? Because world of cartoon is more on the fighting side, and I'm not one of writing fighting scenes. And X-over beatbox battles, because let's be honest, it defeats the purpose of it when you can't listen to it. I'm sorry for all the people who like the series, but it had to meet its end someday.