A/N: Written for the PMMM Flash Bingo, #042 - spooky (this part), and for the Diversity Writing Challenge, a91 - write a fic with at least one divider (both parts, so the divider is technically the chapter split).

not every talking animal is a friend
1. Suzie

Talking animals are either scary or imaginary friends. Henry probably thinks Suzie will be scared. That's why he doesn't tell her about his new friend.

Suzie, once she discovers this, thinks her big brother is silly. She's a big girl, after all. She's not scared of shadows in the closet or under the bed or talking animals in her brother's room. She also has lots of imaginary friends amongst her toys so, really, Henry should have known better.

Henry doesn't seem happier with his secret out in the open, though. He still tries to keep Kyubey away from Suzie… and Suzie doesn't get it, because Kyubey is friendly and cute and would fit nicely into her doll clothes and would probably play along, too.

Still, Henry doesn't leave the two of them alone and when Kyubey and Suzie are in the same room, he stares with a sort of intensity that, if Suzie is perfectly honest with herself, is a little scary.

Kyubey just smiles sweetly at both of them.