Beastboys mornings started the same everyday he got up had a shower got dressed and brushed his teeth pretty normal but his was a bit different at the end. *spin* *click* *click* no one in the tower new about this habbit the game he played with him self everymorning case if they did well he dosnt know how they would react if cant even begin to imagen it but he didnt stop. some days he would put more rounds in it and that could differ from two to five and he would always check and see how close came to death the sweet embrace that he longed for but he did want to simply end him self it would be far to easy if he did it that way he enjoyed it. It gave him a thrill that no amount of fighting could give case every time that barrle was aganst his temple it was life or death quick and painless but eventuly he would get caught he knew that better than anyone and on that day he got caught well than all six cillinders would be filled he would finely embrace the cold feeling of death _

hey there this is sudden insparaiont so spelling going to be shit but hey if you understand my words good job tell me if you would like me to continue this im more than happy to i have and advent story if you reading that do let me know case it will help fuel me to update it more freqwent but you know just mid monologe so on with the thrill

lots of love me _

Beastboys alarm went it was eight in the morning though the other titans beleve that hes asleep his actuly up hes just a slowe mover. He starts his day like any other.

"beastboy get you green ass out of bed or ill come in there and drag you out"

What cy didnt know was that beastboy was already up he was just about to finish his moring routing but they didnt know they didnt need to know he would not let them KNOW. But he played along just like he always did the beast boy they saw out there was not the real beastboy the real beastboy didnt pull jokes the real beastboy hated them the real beastboy hated tofu he only eats it becase he was forced to my is adoptive father and mother the real beastboy isnt always happy no the real beastboy is actully depressed beyond belife but he pretends not even raven knows either that or she dosnt care but it didnt matter to him nothing did.

"alright cy im up im up jeez you dont need to hit the door so hard ill be out in a bit just let me get dressed. goddammit cy made me drop a bullet"

"You better if you dont want me to stink your room out with bacon"

"Ha jokes on him is that id love that. alright beastboy your feeling lucky today let do this four in the chamber"


"Nothing like always *sigh*"

Beastboy looked at the revolver in his hand white and gold he used to hate this gun this gun took many lives. lives that he was ment to take himself. BeastBoy has taken rounds from this gun himself punishment for not killing scares riddle his body. never a killing blow only punishment but know he dosnt know what he would do with out it if he didnt do his roulet. he emptyed the rounds into the box inwhitch he kept the gun in aslwell he closed the lit locked it and put it away just as he was about to exit his room his door slid open.

"I swear to azarath beastboy if your not out of bed im dumping you in the sea. Ow i see that your up good."

"Yeah good moring to you too"

"Yeah whatever"

As raven strolled out of his room and around the corner he pulled up his sleev and poped his claws on his right hand and procided with cutting his wrist. with a sigh of relife and a bandaged arm he sliped on his gloves and stepped out of his room .