Its ya boy depreson _

"where are you going out this late we have an early training sesion in the morning you know that right." Robin said as he closed whatever room there was left between them.

"Yeah of corse i know you wouldnt stop going on about it today im just going out for a bit ill be back later." Beastboy pushed past the boywonder and twords the elevator.

"Hold it we are not done talking Beastboy". As Robin went to grab his wrist Beastboy slaped his hand away and simply said in acold and chilling look.

"WELL I AM". And enterd the elivatore this confused everyone no one has seen Beastboy like this before well everyone except Raven it was rare but she has seen him like this before only a couple times but every time it was like he took of the mask that he wore around them he was good at hiding his true emotions but sometimes he would slip up and she knows that he knows but she never pesterd him about it wasnt her bussnes but it concernd her greatly.

"Raven Raven". being pulled out of her thoughts she acnolegding the leader with a simple grunt "follow him i want to know where hes going and why hes coming back so late understand".

"Why not just leave grassstain alone he comes back dosnt he plus its not like he misses ya traing sessions".

"Its the state that he comes back thats got me concernd he reeks of alchole and always has large amount of cash on him when he leaves and returns but when i try and ask him about he just shrugs me of like the beastboy that we see on a regular basses is just a mask that shows us. anyway you dont have to stop him or anything i just want you to find out what he dose can you do that Raven". Its very rare to see our leader like this concernd its not one of his most showy emotion but he has it nonless. So Raven tracked him down to a dark ally as but to her surprise at the end of the allyway there was a door and the only thing to do was to knock whith a *thunk* a set of eyes looked at her fisrt there was fear than realisation than another *thunk* and the sound of locks being unlocked and than the door opend and on the other side a large russan man welcomes her in he dose not speak simply points for where she hase to go and so she dose Raven walks down a long corridor she starts to painck she reaches the end of the corridor and what she see scares her for the rest of her life tables of men and woman some gambling others playing slot machacings and at a far of table sits her green team mate dowing shots of vodka and playing russan rulet he loads the gun spins the clinder and in a smoothe and single motion pulls it up to his head and pulls the triger *click* ravens heart almost exsploed Beast boy opens the cilender spins it flicks it so that its loaded and passes it to the men next to him and the man dose the same thing aims the gun to his head and pulls the triger excsept instead of a click he gets a *BANG* and falls to the ground while his brain matter gose every where. Raven looks in horror case instead of beastboy helping the man he laughs and proceeds to take his money and drink just as beast boy gose to get up he stops and smells the air and he smiles as if he can already tell who it is with the smell of alchole and cigarets in the air and he looks her way he looks Raven dead in the eyes and just smiles but there was no emoition behind no fear no joy nothing it was the same smile he gave everyone at the tower the same smile during missions heartless and made raven scared she felt scared and all she could was look at as he walked past her towards the exit all she could say was why.