Chapter -1

When love happens; walls break down and new ones build up. True love is the only weapon that could be used to break them down.

The sun washed the garden with a golden glow. Birds flew around, enjoying the heatless rays of the afternoon sun but mostly enjoyed the garden which was adorned with various flowers. With all their scents combined; a unique perfume formed.

Buzzing bees surfed the open spaces from flower to flower, desperately seeking pollen.

Apple trees ran through the center of the garden. In autumn, the fiery brilliance of their leaves was a sight: scorching-oranges, burning -browns and molten-reds.

The sounds her footsteps made in the grass announced her presence. She was taking an afternoon stroll in the garden. It was something she had always done ever since she was a little girl. 'An unavoidable love for nature' her father would always tell her. It was a trait she took after her mother. It was her oasis for life in a shrinking world.

She took a deep breath of the clean fresh air and sat down in the grass; her dress acting as a mat. If her mother or father saw her like that she would be in very big trouble. "That's a very expensive dress, " they would say.

"Doing that would get you into a lot of trouble, Angelica, " a man's voice said. Smooth as honey it sounded.

A man. It was a man who had shoulder-length blond hair which was secured neatly in a ponytail. His clothing only, showed the high status he had in society.

She quickly stood up; starled but there was not any hint of fear in her eyes.

" if you keep your mouth shut it won't, " she said with a look stuck between mischief and innocence.

He moved closer to her.

"Of course not, my love, " he said softly.

He gently trailed the back of his index finger down her cheek. Her skin smooth as the finest silk. His hypnotizing eyes looking straight deep into hers. He then laid the most tender of kisses on her red swollen lips.

"may I inquire as to this unannounced visit, Nicholas? " she asked.

"... Your father sent for you, " his answer parallel to her question.

"That doesn't answer my question , " she narrowed her eyes.

"he is waiting for us, Angelica. "

"Then i will be right there, " she said.

Nicholas only sighed. Falling short of words. Trying to change her mind was already a lost battle.

"If you say so…. But don't be long. You know how your father is, " he turned and walked his way back to the mansion.

she then dusted off every leaf and grass stuck to her dress.



One of the servants told her they were waiting for her in the living room.


She thought it was his father only.

She arrived in the living in the room. Her mother and father were sitted on a sofa. Nicholas stood from his sit as soon as he saw her.

"What's this fuss all about? " a female voice came in.

"Dios mio. That's no way to dress infront of your father, Bridget, " her mother said.

She rolled her eyes and stood in a cheeky pose, "I was there up in my room, trying on my new dress all the way from france, then I was told I was wanted urgently. I didn't want to keep dear father waiting. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. "

She wore nothing but a short nightgown. Her brown locks hang loosely on her shoulders.

"Just let it go, Constanza. She is right, actually. We forced her out of her room, " his husband- Mr Edward Teach said.

" I'm here, " a male voice said.

He looked to be in his early twenties. His hair a bit long and charcoal black just like his father.

He had a woman by his side- a harlot to be exact.

He went and sat on an armchair. The woman sat on the arm and crossed her arm around his neck.

"get rid of her, Elijah. This a family meeting, " Edward commanded sternly.

He glared at his father but his glare was young as a baby born yesterday to his father's.

"Darling, please wait for me in my room, " he told her.

The woman stood without uttering a single word and modeled her way out of the room.

"Why can't you just find a proper lady for yourself, Elijah? " Constanza asked worriedly.

He just clenched his fist. As if angered by the mention of finding a proper lady but actually angered by the memory that came, after mention of finding a proper lady.

He just stood from his sit and angrily walked out of the room.

Everybody just looked at Elijah's surprising act.

"Uh…. " Edward started, " Mr Bennett, I think you may now say what you came here for. "

Nicholas nodded yes.

"as you all know, Angelica and i have been seeing each other for some time now. i am a man boasting with a good occupation, a nice family, loyal colleagues, " he smirked at Mr teach who did the same, "but there's one thing am missing…. And that's companionship. " he turned to Angelica.

She looked at him steadily. Her breath quickening.

"And who no better than my dear Angelica here to be my companion, " he walked to where she stood and knelt down on one knee and took out a ring with a huge diamond encrusted on it, " Angelica Teach. Will you do me the honor and be my wife? Will you marry me? " he asked.

She paused. Lost in the deepest part of her thoughts.

Her quietness scared Nicolas. Was she going to say….

"Yes, " she answered loudly, "yes I will marry you. "

Nicolas quickly stood up and embraced her tightly. Happiness was all what he could feel.

Nicolas then went to his soon to be parents in-law.

"Congratulations, son, " Mr teach said and gave him a fatherly pat on his back.

"congratulations, " Constanza said and hugged him.

She broke the hug.

"Because of my busy schedule this month, i thought maybe the wedding could take place in three months time, " Nicolas informed.

"Am alright with that. It will give us more time to make preparations, " Angelica agreed.

"Now, I have to go, " he announced and took Angelica's hand.

They started walking towards the exit. "Wait, " Bridget said.

she walked towards the couple.

"I know we don't get along well, Nicolas but you are marrying my sister so…. Congratulations. "

"Thank you, Bridget. But that would change if you started acting less naive, " he said.

"And that's reason we will never get along, "She replied and journeyed upstairs.


Angelica and Nicholas stood at the doorstep of the mansion.

"Do you really have to go? " Angelica asked sadly.

"Yes, my love. I have to. It's a very important meeting. "

Just immediately he finished saying that, a carriage approached and stopped in front of them.

"i'll be back in a weeks time. Take care of yourself for me, alright? " he put his hand on her cheek.

She nodded yes. Caressing his manly hand.

He walked to the carriage. He looked at her before he got on to it.

The horseman commanded the horses to start moving.

There she watched the carriage go out through the gate.

she got back into the house with the destination being her bedroom chamber.

She walked through the hallways. It was really a long way to her room. She even then regretted getting a room at the end of the house. She met servants walking around, finishing their daily duties. They all were greeting her.

She was really a kind young woman compared to her elder sister and her spoiled younger brother, all the help thought that.

She walked passed a room but went back.

She heard sobbing. Someone was crying. Curse her curious nature.

She slowly opened the door. It was the kitchen. she couldn't even remember the last time she entered that room.

Her eyes pried around the room in search for the person responsible for the sobbing.

Her eyes got caught on a dark corner. She slowly walked there.

"Miranda? "

startled . The girl quickly tucked a locket away in her so not good dress' pocket.

She wiped her tears away and turned around.

"Miss Angelica. How may I serve you? " she said.

"You were crying. Why? "

"Um… no, I wasn't miss. I was just from chopping some…. onions. " she answered nervously.

Angelica walked closer to her, " you can't fool me Miranda. Tell me why you were crying. "

Miranda sighed, "my father died. "

Angelica widened her eyes, "I….am very sorry, Miranda. When did it happen? "

"Yesternight. "

She wrinkled her forehead, "What? Then what are you doing here? You must be home- with your family. "

"I was scared of losing my job. "

"Don't worry. Now go home. "

"But what about your… "

"Don't worry about my parents. Just go. "

She scaredly nodded yes.


People in the little not so well-to do part of london town where getting ready for the night. People closing up their stores. Some coming back from there jobs. For others, their day was just starting.

But for one house somewhat isolated from the rest of the houses, sadness had been their meal for the past few hours.

Miranda opened the door to the house. Relatives were all sitted down grieving the loss of their beloved one.

Aunts. Uncles. Cousins.

They might have been poor but their family was closer than magnets.

She spotted her mother sitted alone in a corner.

Father's death really affected her the most.

Oh, her poor mother.

She walked to her.

"Miranda, what are you doing here? You are going to lose your job, " her mother said worriedly.

"Don't worry mother. Miss Angelica gave me permission to come here. "

"What? "

"Yes mother but let's forget about that. Has jack arrived ? "

"Not yet but he'll be here soon…. I know it. "

Miranda slowly nodded yes.

"Edward was a good man, he didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve to die, " her mother said with tears cascading down her face.

Miranda sighed sadly, "I know, mother, " she hugged her.

They both were crying. sharing their grief. Comforting each other.


somebody knocked on the door.

"Come in, " Angelica answered.

Bridget entered the room. She looked around in shock.

"What's the purpose of this rummage? "

Clothing was scattered all over the floor and the bed.

"Which one is nice? Angelica asked, "this one or this one? "

She held up two dresses.

"I like the one on the left, " Bridget answered, "but… black outfits , is there a funeral somewhere? "

"Yes. Miranda lost her father and the burial is tomorrow. So am going. "

Bridget let out a small laugh, " you are joking, Angelica. Going to a funeral at your little peasant friend's house? Mother and father would never let you go. "

"that's why you're coming with me. If they see that the person is friends with both of us then they would surely let us go. "

"And what makes you think I'll go with you?"

"You are going, Bridget or I will tell mother and father about what you and that Thomas did. "

"That was a stupid mistake, " she shouted defensively.

"You could have thought better before you went and used our parents' BED. "

Bridget just kept silent.

Angelica smirked.

"Now go find something to wear. We leave tomorrow at 8am. "

Bridget still did not say anything. She just went and sat on the bed. She grabbed a pillow and hugged it.

She sighed, "you are a very lucky girl, Angelica. You're getting married to the prince of England. Oh how I've always dreamt about that. "

Angelica looked at elder sister with her forehead wrinkled, "Love is the only reason i'm getting married to him, " Angelica responded.

"Don't be silly, Angelica, " Bridget said and stood up from bed. She scoffed and walked out of the room.

*Dios mio* - My God