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Now on with the story...

September 13th 2005.

Sam POV.

There was a secret meeting tonight and I had to be there, the elders sent out a missive to myself and the rest of my pack to meet tonight at exactly 7:14 pm, the letter stated that every member of the pack and every Elder and tribe official had to attend. To say I was nervous was an understatement, I'd spent the whole day overthinking about what such an official meeting could possibly be about, and every conclusion I came to meant bad news. I told my mom I was leaving as I ran out the door and quickly into the dense Forest. As soon as I was far enough away I phased into my wolf form and ran to the meeting spot as quickly as possible.

After running for a good 10 minutes I eventually made my way into a large, lush glade surrounded on all sides by monstrous trees, giving the area an almost eerie feel. I spotted several members of my pack lounging in the middle of the glade and I slowly padded my way over. I could feel the agitation rolling off my pack mates but I revelled in nature, and let the lush Forest calm me in a way nothing else could. I shut my mind off to my pack brothers so I could have some peace of before the meeting started, I desperately needed to calm my thoughts so I could accurately assess whatever situation the elders brought before us. After several minutes, I could hear the rumbling of Billy Black's truck in the distance, the spluttering and spitting of the engine was unmistakeable. I gently raised myself onto my haunches as the vehicle made its way into the clearing. Harry Clearwater got out of the drivers side of the truck and Helped Billy into his wheelchair, old Quil slowly got out of the back seat and held himself upright with his "magical" cane. According to old Quil, the cane has been passed through the tribe for generations, passing to each chief, it supposedly possesses magic and can work miracles if such is necessary. I myself, take most of these stories with a grain of salt, even though I'm a shape shifter, I still don't believe in a magic voodoo stick. My pack brothers on the other hand, they eat it right up.

The elders slowly made their way towards us when eventually a horrible smell assaulted my nose. It was sickly sweet, almost like candy floss on steroids, my nose began to tingle and I quickly got up onto all fours as a vicious growl left my throat, my pack brothers followed suit and got into position behind me as two vampires traipsed to the edge of the clearing. My hackles raised as I got into a hunting crouch and prepared to spring at the two leaches who had the audacity to enter our land.

"Boys! Stop, we are in no danger, we asked these cold ones to come, they have some very important information". Old Quil rasped as the three elders strolled through overgrown grass as they made their way towards us.

"Come to us cold ones, so we may begin" Harry stated as Paul let out an almost silent growl and refused to get out of his defensive stance whilst the rest of us warily sat back on our haunches. We trusted our leaders, however nutty they may be, they usually had their reasons.

"Sam, as the alpha I would like you to phase back to human form so you can speak on behalf of the wolf pack" Harry ordered.

Almost as if a switch had been pressed the pack mind began to take over

"Sam, don't do it, we could be in danger, Vampires are not trust worthy" Jacob being the newest of the pack was still rather nervous as was not at all sure of himself.

"I say we kill the fucking leaches, they're all bad news" I rolled my eyes at that one, Paul's thoughts towards vampires always ran along the lines of "kill now, ask questions later" in normal circumstances, that was typically how things were handled but, evidently this was rather unusual.

Curiosity took over and I phased back to human form, ignoring the warning of my pack brothers. Embry ran over and took a defensive crouch in front of me whilst Jacob and Paul flanked either side of me. The vampires joined us, standing a good 5ft away from our small group, they stood in front of us stoically and slowly took in their surroundings.

"If we're all ready" Billy said, giving my pack a pointed look.

"We shall begin. I have asked you all here because 2 weeks ago, I received a letter from one Peter Whitlock. The letter informed me of several events that will unfold and will change the lives for our tribe, and thousands of other innocent human beings, if certain wrongs were not corrected. Peter Whitlock informed me in his letter that he and his mate and vampires, and that he has the gift of clairvoyance, a sixth sense. He told me about the events that will begin to occur, the first one taking place tonight, he gave me evidence of small things that would happen the day I received the letter to prove to me that I was not being made a fool. I gathered the elders and together we called Peter Whitlock and his mate and asked them to join us for this meeting" Billy said pointing a singular shaking finger towards the two beings stood across from us. Peter raised a hand and gave us a quick wave as an arrogant smirk crossed his face.

"Peter will now tell you of the events that will transpire, listen to the whole story, with no interruptions please!" Billy said, giving Paul a stern glare.

Peter casually made his way into the middle of circle and promptly, plopped himself onto the ground.

"First of all, my name as you most likely will have guessed is Peter, the gorgeous blonde over there is my mate Charlotte, I figured I'd get the introductions outta the way before I get down to the freaky deaky."

I can already tell that this vamp is a smart ass, keeping Paul calm whilst we deal with him is gonna be a difficult feat. I kept my eyes on my pack as Peter began to speak.

"My gift is fucking weird, to put it simply, I just know shit. Several weeks ago I got a call from my brother Jasper, who ya'll probably know. He hangs out with a short irritating hermaphroditic looking thing who ya'll might know as Alice" Peter said raising his eyebrows at our group. Jacob let out a small huffing laugh as he sat down on his haunches. Unlike Paul, Jacob didn't have anything against vampire unless they killed innocents or hurt any members of our tribe or pack.

"I thought Jasper and Alice were mates, also, it doesn't come across as if you're fond of her." I questioned.

Peter let out a little snigger before giving me what I presumed was his trademark smirk.

"Nah Jasper and demonic tinkerbell ain't mates, they're just companions. Personally I'd rather she was just a pile of ash, know it all lil pixie thinks she can control everyone and everything, it gets irritating after awhile. Awhile being about 10 seconds, have you ever had a conversation with the lil twerp?" Peter began rambling on to us about his hatred for Alice, eventually Charlotte had enough and gave him a poke in the side.

"Sug, we ain't here to rant about Alice, even if she is a gold diggin' control freak. Get on with ya fucking story already" Peter shook his head and gave us a sheepish smile.

"Sorry bout that, she just irritates me so damn much." A smack to the back of Peter's head shut him up rather quickly.

"Ow Char, that really hurt. Anyway, I got a call from my brother Jasper a few weeks ago, telling me about some shit that went down in Phoenix with a nomadic coven who went after Bella. When I got off the phone I was hit with a hell of a lot of new information about this girl and about the Cullen's. There's a lot of stuff I need to tell ya'll so I'm gonna start with what's happening tonight and slowly make my way from there, now hear me out cuz it's gonna sound a lil wacky all right?" At that moment my pack brothers each transformed into human form and stood around me in a circle.

"How do we know we can trust you bloodsucker?" Paul spat at Peter, his large form beginning to shake in anger.

"Paul, we understand if you don't trust the vampires but at least trust us son, you know we'd never invite cold ones to a meeting unless it was important" Harry spoke fervently. Paul's shaking slowly began to stop and the tension in the air began to ease. I could tell my Brother was still anxious though as his whole body was tensed.

"Well if ya'll are done I guess I'll carry on? Some of you may already know, Bella Swan's birthday is today and the Cullen's plan on throwing her a birthday party, one that she most certainly does not want, but unfortunately fuckward and the pixie are adamant she have one to have some more "human experiences" Peter snorted at this whilst Charlotte rolled her eyes.

"Bella is going to get a paper cut from opening a present and the combined blood lust from most of the family will hit Jasper and he won't be able to control himself. As ya'll will probably know, some vampires have gifts, and Jasper is an empath, he can feel other people'e emotions and also manipulate emotions. So, when the combined bloodlust of 5 vampires hits him, he loses control of himself and attempts to attack Bella but he's restrained by Emmett and Carlisle. Edward stupidly throws her into a glass table where she'll cut her arm open. What most of the Cullen's don't know, is that Alice and Edward thought up this plan relying on Alice's visions of the future to try and find a way to kill Bella, whilst simultaneously trying to find a way to kick Jasper out of the family, now, I don't know their reasons for this my gift has its limits and I ain't a fucking mind reader like freakward is so I can't answer any questions you have 'bout that okay?" Peter assessed each of us briefly before continuing. , "Jasper will not drain Bella and she will be mostly fine. The only injury she sustains in a cut down her forearm which Carlisle will sow up for her. Edward will convince the rest of the family to move away from Forks and he will break up with Bella in the Forrest on September 16th, where you will find her at 3 in the morning Sam", Peter said, giving me a pointed look.

"Why will I find her at 3am? Is she okay?" I asked worriedly, I didn't like Bella Swan an awful lot but she was still a resident of forks and under our protection.

"When Edwards breaks up with her, he runs at vampire speed through the Forest and back to her house, she tries to follow him and ends up completely lost. By the time you find her she'll have pneumonia and will have to be hospitalised. I've tried to figure out a way to stop that from happening but ultimately those events will have to occur to keep things on track." Peter stopped abruptly and watched Jacob with a childlike fascination as the large boy began to tremble furiously before exploding into a large furry wolf. Jacob growled loudly at the vampires and looked as if he was about to attack them, he eventually calmed himself down but remained in his wolf form, a continuous rumbling came from his throat as he let his anger out.

Peter continued to watch Jacob, his delight evident in his ruby eyes. After watching the drama for several moments he finally got himself back on track.

"At 9:07 pm, you, Billy Black will receive a phone call stating that the Cullen's have abruptly left forks because Carlisle Cullen has been offered a new job in California, you'll receive the call in roughly 2 minutes" Peter said checking his watch.

"You're telling me it's already 9:05? We've been here for almost 2 hours!" Embry said gobsmacked. Charlotte snickered.

"Yeah sug, time flies when you're havin' fun" She said with a wink.

"Excuse me but, what does sug mean and why did you call me it?" Embry said dumbfounded. Peter and Charlotte both let out tinkling laughs.

"I'm from Texas you see, Sug means sugar, it's a pretty common word back home" Charlotte said grinning at us. Before any of us could respond Billy's phone rang and he quickly answered it. He listened to the voice on the end of the phone for several moment before quickly saying goodbye and ending the call. He stood there silently for several moments before looking up at us with with both resignation and happiness.

"I just received a call, and the Cullen's have indeed left forks, they will not be returning any time soon. Only the son, Edward remains here" Billy spoke with confidence, his gravelly voice echoing around the small glade.

"Told ya so" Peter said with a small laugh.

"What happens next?" Jacob said in irritation.

Before Peter could speak I saw a bright flash of red out of the corner of my eye and I could smell more vampires in the vicinity. My pack brothers phased but I stayed put. Charlotte and Peter had completely stilled and were slowly assessing our surroundings.

"Friends of yours?" I snarled at them as I felt tremors shake my body.

Peter slowly shook his head.

"I don't know who it is but I know I ain't met em before" Peter said whilst slowly getting into a defensive crouch.

"What's happening"? Harry asked.

"There's more vampires here" I growled out before I let the change happen. Two vampires appeared at the edge of the clearing, both of them primitive and ragged looking. The female was rather slender and had bright red curls falling down to her waist. The male was tall and lanky and had long black dreadlocks.

"I'm glad we have finally managed to find you, my companion and I need to talk to you desperately" The one with the dreadlocks spoke in a thick French accent before all hell broke loose.