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The ghosts of my life

Chapter two: I remember you.

I have been working as Ms. Bella in a kindergarten In Forks for two months. It was my dream job. The kids were really open about everything and they seemed to enjoy the activities. I was being trained still and acting like an assistant teacher, but I still loved it.

Today I volunteered to stay with Chelsea, a little native little girl whose parents were unusually late to pick her up. She was drawing and coloring happily completely unaffected by her parent's delay. She was such a sweetheart.

Harry Clearwater was behind her, watching over her shoulder what she was doing. He has been dead for over 10 years now. He was the first husband of Sue. And he has been with me for over 3 years. He was a nice man. I didn't know him while he was alive but he seemed to be very kind. He always talked with proud about his two children. I never told any of them that I saw him, he has asked me so.

-Chels. Where are your parents, sweety?- I asked her while sitting down beside her.-She looked up from her task and smiled at me.

-Uncle Sammy come for me.

I nodded remembering how she has been talking all day about her uncle picking her up and taking her to the ice cream place. Her uncle Sammy was late by two hours. I was begging to worry. I wondered if her uncle Sammy was the same Sammy I used to know.

Behind us, Harry laughed. I eyed him.

-Oh! This is so good. Emily is going to kill him when she hears he's late.

I looked at the old man confused. Emily was Chelsea's mom. I knew a Sam that had a sister by the same name. What are the odds?

I asked the little artist if she wanted something else and she shook her head no. I stood and walked towards the farthest place of the classroom so I could interrogate the chukling ghost.

-Do you know this Uncle Sammy?-I whispered.

He nodded-That kid gave me early gray hair.

I smiled amusedly.

-I thought you said it was Seth.

-Seth, and Sam and Jacob. They were awful growing up. - I knew he was joking by the smile on his face. -Emily is Sam's younger sister.

I nodded. If it was the same Sammy I knew, this was going to be a reunion. I haven't seen him or heard from him since he left for college like 7 years ago. We were never particularly close but were friends.

-And why is she gonna kill him?

-Because he was always scolding her about her punctuality and now he's late.-This seemed to pleased him very much. He was so cryptic sometimes.

-And do you know why he's late?-I poundered keeping and eye on Chelsea. She had moved from colors to paint. She was humming softly to her.

Harry smiled and nodded, but didn't tell. I rolled my eyes and went to sit down with Chelsea. She had drawn a yard with what I assumed was a fence. There was a girl (judging from the little circles around a larger circle and a what was a flowery dress) beside her was a man, taller than her, with shorts and a gray shirt and black hair.

-This drawing is really beautiful Chels.-She smiled widely at me.

-Uncah Sammy.-She said pointing to the man. Obviously, she was very close to her Uncle. It was really cute.

A movement by the door caught my attention and I saw a man.

Harry chuckled and I assumed it was "Uncah Sammy"

He rushed to Chelsea who looked up from her drawing and jumped right into is arms.

-I am so so sorry doll.-Chelsea shook her head, but I saw her smiling happily. She was so cute. -The man stood and face me.

Our eyes locked. His expression changed from worry to something I couldn't read. It was the same Sammy I was thinking about. Well, seven years ago he went by the name of Sam, not Sammy, and he had changed a lot. He had grown. He was really muscular. He was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt which showed a tattoo on his right bicep. It was exactly the same as Seth's.

-I am Bella. Chelsea's teacher.-I finally said extending out my hand which he took and shook. He was quiet, eyeing me, like trying to decide something. Did he not really recognize me? Have I changed that much? Realistically I knew that it had been seven years, and that's a lot of time, but at least I should have some recognizable features.

Suddenly he smiled- I know, Bella. It's good to have you back.- I smiled too. He remembered.

-It's good to be back too.

He just stood there smiling at me and I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious.

Harry laughed his ass out at him.

Fortunately, Chelsea broke the silence. -Unceh Sammy. I wanna ice cweam- she said pouting adorably. I knew that pout. That little schemer. She was so mischievous sometimes. Her uncle dropped his stare and crouched to be at the same level as Chelsea then he proceeded to tickle her side a little, ordering her to pick up her stuff. She got her little princess backpack and grabbed Sam's hand.

-Hey Chels. I think you're forgetting something. -I said picking up her picture and walking the few steps to the door.

She shook her head.-It's foh you.-and she actually blushed.

I stood there in silence. Completely confused as to why she would give me a picture of her and her uncle. I wasn't even drawn there. I nodded and said goodbye to both of them.

-Little witch.-I mumbled when I came back to myself.

Harry looked at me surprised and kind of terrified.

So, Bella and Sam knew each other from before.

Sam has a tattoo and so does Seth... So, what does this tattoo means? Bella is putting two and two together.

Why is Sam's niece studying in forks and not in the Rez?

Why is Harry so surprised and scared?

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