Gotham: Into the Night

Summary: On the eve of Thomas and Martha Wayne's death, Bruce's next legal guardian, Kagome Higurashi comes to Gotham to raise her godson. The streets of Gotham are paved with poison as she struggles to guide Bruce on the right path. Allied with the mob and GCPD, Kagome takes on the corruption and crime that plague's the city streets, with the help of James Gordon.

Author's Note: Don't ask. I know I shouldn't be posting another story but this one ate at my brain until I decided to try it out. Let me know what you think. perhaps I'll continue it. So, from my calculations, I am using New York city time, where time of death of Thomas and Martha Wayne at 10PM. It's about 13 hours behind in Japan, so it would be about 11 AM for Kagome. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Chapter 1: The Night of a Murder

Her cellphone kept ringing.

Opening her eyes, Kagome reached out from underneath the nightstand and looked at her watch. It was about 11AM in Japan right now. True, most of the world was up already but she was out late last night with her date.

Speaking of her date, he groaned as she moved his arm away from her waist. Kagome didn't even check the phone ID when she answered it. "Hello," She let out a loud yawn.

"Miss Higurashi?" A deep male voice spoke from the other line, it sounded American.

Kagome laid back on the pillow, "Speaking."

"Who is it?" Her date asked, and she hushed him. "This is Detective James Gordon from Gotham PD." Kagome sprung up in the bed, freezing in terror.

Gotham was a city in America, where Martha Wayne, her college roommate lived with her husband Tom and child, Bruce. "What happened?" There was only one reason why someone from Gotham would call her. It was about Bruce.

Detective James Gordan cleared his throat, then answered. "Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered this evening. Shot by a man who mugged them."

Tears sprung from Kagome's eyes, as she covered her mouth in shock. "What about Bruce?" She asked immediately.

"Their son, Bruce witnessed everything, but survived." Relief, pure relief washed over her, at least Bruce was alive. "It's listed on his legal paperwork that you're his next legal guardian. He is being placed with child-protective services for now. You will have to come to Gotham and petition him to be released into your custody."

"Thank you, Detective. I am getting on the first plane in the morning. Could you mention to Bruce that I am on my way?"

Kagome was already attempting to put on her pants as James Gordon spoke. She was getting on the 1st plane bound to Gotham city to get Bruce and find Martha and Thomas's killer.

"He is here now."

"Put him on please." Her male friend sat up in the bed, obviously offended that she was putting on her jacket and grabbing her purse. "Bruce?" She whispered as a small labor of breathing came on the line.

"Kagome." Bruce croaked from having the hiccups. "I saw him Kagome. I saw-"

Kagome pulled on one shoe, before shushing Bruce. "Bruce, sweetie, I know. I know baby." She wiped a stray tear. "Listen. I'm on the next flight to Gotham. I will get you home with Alfred and I as soon as I can."

"The detective said, Social Services is taking me for the night." Bruce mentioned.

Kagome slid on her other shoe, "It's only for one night. I will be at that court house as soon as my flight lands. I won't leave until I'm granted custody of you. We will be home before you know it." Kagome checked her watch. "Okay, Bruce. I need you to be strong for me. I am coming baby."

"I love you Kagome." Small crying echoed through the speaker and it broke Kagome's heart. Her godson was much too young to deal with this type of tragedy. "I love you too." Kagome whispered and they both hung up the phone.

"Your leaving now?" Her date from last night asked. She had been seeing him for the last few months, but now, she needed to be with Bruce.

"I have too." Kagome leaned over, kissing him on the lips.

"What happened?" He asked.

"My godson's parents were murdered, and I am his legal guardian, but of course, I have to go through the courts to get him since I am not a blood relative. I don't know when I'll be back in town. I had a great time last time."

He smiled, "Yeah me too." She kissed him again before heading his apartment door. Kagome probably wouldn't see him again. She would have to move to Gotham city to care for Bruce. Lord knew she wasn't going to make him move across the world to Japan.

Meanwhile, her date from last night watched as this vibrant young woman leave. Kagome Higurashi, a woman of power, skill, passion and knowledge. His lover/ideal successor. She would be the one to kill him and take his place as the Demon's Head. She was a warrior reborn.

Ra's al Ghul smiled.

After a 13-hour flight, Kagome was so happy that Alfred was there waiting for her to land. She could tell he was a little pissed off about being denied custody of Bruce. "Miss Kagome, so glad you came in a hurry."

Kagome helped him load her luggage into the trunk. "Detective Gordan called me about Bruce. I got on the next plane flying out of Japan." She yawned, as she sat down in the front seat.

"Will you be needing some sleep before heading out?"

Kagome shook her head as he pulled out of the airport parking lot. "No, I plan on showering before heading down to the courthouse." She yawned, before leaning her head back on the seat. "I intend on getting full custody of Bruce."

"I hope the young master is ok."

Kagome smiled. "Don't worry Alfred. Knowing Bruce, he will be alright."

She pulled out her phone, calling her lawyer here in the United States. "Hello, offices of Harvey Dent. How may I help you?"

"Tell Mr. Dent to clear his calendar for the day. I need an emergency meeting."

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but that's impossible, Mr. Dent is quick busy today.

Kagome cut off his secretary. "Tell him that Kagome Higurashi is calling."

There was a moment of silence before the phone started ringing again. "Miss Higurashi?" Harvey Dent himself answered the phone. "A pleasure to speak with you again. How may I be of service?"

"Thomas and Martha Wayne have been murdered."

"Yes, I have heard of that tragedy."

"Tom and Martha have left me legal guardianship over their son Bruce in their will. I need a court hearing about that matter today. How can that be done?"

"A last minute hearing? No judge will have the time for it. Perhaps in a week or so."

"No. That's not going to work for me Mr. Dent. I will get a hearing, but I want your schedule cleared for today when I do get a judge to hear my case."

"I am afraid that's impossible-"

"I will give you a bonus along with your regular fee if you do this for me." Kagome was desperate enough to bribe her lawyer to have him ready in a minute's notice. She would have to go though some back doors to get a judge to hear her case. Good thing she knew who to go to first.

"Just let me know when." Harvey promised, and Kagome hung up.

Alfred gave her a long look. "What? He's a two-faced lawyer but he's the best in the city."

As soon as they pulled up, Alfred showed her to a spare room before setting off to handle the details of the funerals. Kagome set her stuff on the bed before peering down at a picture of her and Bruce together. He was about four years old, smiling big at the camera, with Kagome behind him, her head next to his, smiling as well. Kagome was unable to have children, and Bruce was her closet thing to a son after Shippo passed away.

Kagome and Martha met in college at Gotham University. Kagome studied Business while she studied Art. They became best friends and once Martha met Thomas, he became her best friend too. She wiped some tears off her face before showering. It took her about 20 minutes to freshen up. Kagome borrowed one of the cars as Alfred was dealing with the police about releasing the bodies of Thomas and Martha.

The streets of Gotham city were as filthy as ever. Kagome knew that she was going to need some 'extra' help getting custody of Bruce. There was one person in town that could help her, Don Carmine Falcone.

He was the criminal in charge of the mob of Gotham, and one of her oldest allies. He could get her case tried and closed as the first deal of business. Kagome didn't like going through backdoors to often, but for the safety of her godson Bruce, she was willing to deal with the lowest of the low to get him home.

There was one more person who could contact Falcone for her, an old friend named Fish Mooney. She changed into a nightclub dress that accented her figure. Kagome knew Fish's weakness, a sexual appeal.

She walked into Fish Mooney's club, several thugs walking around, and a rehearsal for tonight was happening. One of Fish Mooney's new lackeys stepped in her way, with a gun in his hand. He obviously didn't know who she was. Kagome tapped her heel. "I suggest you move your ugly ass out of my way, before I shove that gun up your ass."

"There is no need for that." Butch, Fish's right hand-man moved the idiot aside. Don't you know who Miss Higurashi is to Fish?" He opened his arms wide in invitation. "Kagome, it has been too long beautiful."

Kagome offered him a bright smile, giving him a hug. "Flatter gets you everywhere Butch, but is Fish available? I need to speak to her about something."

Butch looked over his shoulder, noting that the song was over, and Fish was telling the girl to get of the stage. "She has a moment now. Come." He escorted her over to Fish. "Hey boss, look who's come visiting?"

Fish spotted Kagome coming from behind Butch, and her face eloped into a smile. "Kagome darling." She stood up, kissing her lightly on the lips, which Kagome returned enthusiastically. "How come you have not come to visit sooner?" They both sat down at a booth, with a waiter bringing them both a glass of wine.

Kagome took a small sip. "My mother was sick. I had to stay in Japan to take care of her." Kagome was careful about telling her family in front of Fish or any mob member. It was bad for business.

Fish relaxed in her chair. "I'm sorry about your mother, but I assume your only in town because of the Wayne murders?"

Kagome could sense the jealously in Fish's voice. Sure, Kagome came multiple times a year to visit Thomas, Martha and Bruce, but she also made sure to visit Fish when she was here too. True, Fish was a criminal, but the woman knew Kagome's body to a 'tee.'

"I plan on staying in town for a while. Do you know who order the murders?"

Fish smiled, "You know, two cops just left here asking about the Wayne killer."

Kagome sighed. She did plan on hunting the killer herself and exposing them to justice. "Martha and Thomas left me as legal guardian of Bruce in their last will and testament. You know I will be denied in a heartbeat." Fish nodded before

Kagome called for a refill of her wine. "I was hoping you could help me out with a favor?"

"Name it sugar."

Kagome took a sip of her wine, trying to ignore Fish's umbrella boy who was eavesdropping on their conversation. "I need to get in contact with Don Falcone. I was hoping he would be generous in helping the justice system rule in my favor."

"If I didn't know you personally Kagome, I would be concerned for young Bruce Wayne." Kagome was about to protest, but Fish stopped her. "I know you are just trying to do what's best for that boy. I will call Falcone and set up a meeting for you. You will just owe me a favor in return."

Kagome smiled, "I am sure you will think of something." She got up from her side of the booth, kissed Fish on the cheek. Fish waved goodbye as Kagome was escorted out of her club, watching how her ass moved in that tight dress. Oh, Fish remembered the nights she spent with that little vixen. She already knew what she wanted from Kagome.

"Boss," Butch interrupted her thoughts. "You going to call Falcone?"

"Oh course," Fish answered. "That woman and I go way back. I plan on getting her back in my arms before the week's out. I will help her out because it makes her much more grateful to me and that's when the vixen truly comes out."

Butch nodded, understanding completely.


An hour later, someone called Kagome, telling her to sit in the park by the bridge. As she was enjoying the fresh air, an elder gentleman sat down next to her. It was Don Carmine Falcone. "Hello my dear." He took Kagome's hand, kissing the top. "You have grown lovelier than the last time I saw you."

"Thank you, Don Falcone."

"Fish said you needed to speak with me?" he asked.

Kagome nodded, holding her purse close. "Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed last night."

Don Falcone took a deep sigh. "Ah. Yes, I know. They were trying to clean up this city."

"Martha and Thomas named me legal guardian of their son Bruce, but you know this city's officials will keep that boy in the system or under the thumb of someone who wants to control his Wayne Enterprises voting rights." Don Falcone nodded, motioning for Kagome to continue. "I was hoping, if you could help persuade the legal system to place him in my custody."

"Let me make a few calls." He stood up as Kagome did. "You remind me of my sainted mother, both of you exceptionally good women. Because of that, I will help you. Just be at the court house in one hour." He kissed her hand again, before leaving.

Kagome walked in the other direction, satisfied. She knew that Fish would come through, now she just had to repay her kindness. She hailed a cab and headed to the courthouse. After she handed the cabdriver the address, Kagome rang Alfred.

"Alfred, make Bruce's favorite meal tonight. We will be home by dinner time."


"Case 1245, the custody arrangement of Bruce Wayne, son of Thomas and Martha Wayne." The court bailiff announced as Kagome stood in the left side of the courtroom, with Social Services sat on the right side.

Judge Faden entered the courtroom, sitting down at his podium. "Okay. We are here to discuss the placement of Bruce Wayne. The deceased parents have nominated a Kagome Higurashi, the minor's godmother as next legal guardian according to their last will and testament."

He knew about this case. Don Falcone rang him, not an hour ago, instructing him to place Bruce Wayne in Miss Higurashi's custody. He looked up, seeing Miss Kagome Higurashi. She was a beautiful Asian woman with long black hair and crystal blue eyes. "Can the petitioner provide evidence that you are able to care for Bruce Wayne and the estate left to him by his parents?"

Kagome's lawyer, Mr. Harvey Dent came forward with several pieces of paper. "Yes, we believe that Miss Higurashi is responsible enough to be trusted with the welfare of the minor, Bruce Wayne." He handed the bailiff the papers. "As you can see, Miss Higurashi has known Thomas and Martha Wayne since college. She was named Bruce's godmother. She is also the known owner of Miko Industries, a major company in Japan and Asia specializing in medical development and research. Kagome is planning on moving to the United States to care for Bruce, which she has citizenship. She has no prior record and generally loves her godson."

"Is there any reason why Miss Higurashi shouldn't be named legal Guardian?"

The Department of Social Services, the Defendant rose up. Davis Lamond, a social worker assigned to Bruce Wayne's and their lawyer stood up. "Yes, your Honor." The lawyer handed the judge a file. "It is according to our research that Miss Higurashi was arrested to illegal activates about twelve year ago. She nearly beat a man to death. We are concerned that she would not be a good guardian for young Bruce Wayne."

Judge Faden looked over at Harvey Dent. "Does your client have an answer to this allegation?"

"Yes, Your Honor." Harvey Dent spoke up. "I have the court case right here. Miss Higurashi, age 17, was attending Gotham University along with Martha Wayne. Both girls were mugged at knife point, when Miss Higurashi who has self-defense skills, saved them both. It was just unfortunate that the mugger was the son of Mayor Aubrey James. Miss Higurashi was merely trying to save her life and the life of a friend.

Judge Faden sighed, before looking at both evidences. "I agree with Mr. Dent. Miss Higurashi has learned her lesson about self-restraint. By her record of her character now and the charitable work she has done in the past, I grant the petition of Miss Higurashi. She is now rewarded full legal/sole physical custody of the minor Bruce Wayne. She is also awarded rights of the estate of Thomas and Martha Wayne to provide care to the minor. She is also rewarded the minor's voting rights of his share of Wayne Enterprises until he reaches the age of 21." He hit his gavel and court was dismissed.

"Thank you, Mr. Dent." Kagome shook his head, and Harvey Dent smiled, thanking her. In the enter way of the court house, surrounded by reporters, Bruce Wayne ran to from the custody of Social Services into the arms of his godmother.

Kagome wrapped her arms around the young boy's body, kissing the top of his head. Bruce wrapped his arms around her, crying. She cried too.

Kagome didn't like that she had to go through backdoors to get Bruce, yet with him in her arms, she knew she would do it a thousand times again. "Come on Bruce, let's go home." She held his hand as she pushed her way to the car. Bruce was going home, and she would take care of him. Just like Martha and Thomas would have wanted.

"Are you moving here now?" Bruce asked Kagome as she covered him with a blanket. Alfred was cleaning up from dinner as Kagome tucked him into bed.

Kagome sat down on the edge of the bed. "Bruce, we are going to stay here in Gotham. I know the city is not good, but this house is where your parents raised you. I intend to raise you here." She kissed him on the forehead. "Good night my sweet shadow knight."

"Goodnight Kagome." He turned over as she turned off the light and shut the door. Kagome walked down to her room and stripped off her silk robe. Underneath was a sexy night dress for the club tonight. Kagome ran a brush through her hair before slipping on her heels.

"Going out?" Alfred asked as Kagome grabbed her purse. "Are you sure that's wise?"

Kagome rolled her eyes as she put on a red wig. "I will be back in a few hours. I need to personally thank someone for today…"

Alfred sighed. "I don't object to your results, it's just your methods…."

"I know Alfred. It was the only way to get him home. Just trust me." Kagome kissed him on the cheek before she walked out to the car. Thankfully the reporters left Wayne manor grounds a few hours ago, so she would be unseen.

Across town, Fish Mooney's night club was in full swing. Kagome walked inside, as Butch recognized her. "What's with the night piece?"

Kagome twirled a piece of the wig. "I am being hounded by the reporters, besides I believe Fish and I have a date." Kagome walked past Butch to Fish's booth. "Need some company?" Kagome asked, as Fish smiled at her.

"You look lovely my dear."

Kagome preached herself next to Fish, cupped her face, and pulled her into a passionate kiss. "I thought we had some unfinished business to attend to."

Fish smiled, "Attend away."

Kagome returned her smile before pulling her into another passionate kiss.