Bold – action within speaking

'…' – thoughts

Bold/italics – change of scenery

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AN: I gave Sailor Pluto a bit more power over the time stream, such as bending time and such that you will read in this chap. ^^;

"Big bro," sang Serena, "It's time for school~!"

It was two months since Mikey was transported to where Serena was in Japan. As he was adjusting to Japan by the help of Sailor Pluto, Mikey was wondering if his brothers were alright without him. Sailor Pluto showed Mikey and Serena that all was well, but showed that Mikey's brothers were wondering where he went. Sailor Pluto then enrolled Mikey into a school that was catered to demons and sorcery, and to make sure that he had someone with him, she also made Serena go to the same school. Sailor Pluto even made it so that Mikey and Serena were living in the same apartment near the school, with Serena's parents' consent. Now, Mikey was waking up while Serena was getting her last school things together. "Why does school have to be so early," complained Mikey.

"At least we are together," said Serena, "And look! The school is helping me try not to drain myself when I use the Silver Imperium Crystal."

"You can just call it the Ginzuishou," said Mikey, "I am still getting the hang of speaking in Japanese."

Serena just ignored Mikey as she walked out of his bedroom. Mikey was still the cheerful sunny self, but sometimes, he wondered if he would see his older brothers again. Getting up and going out to the kitchen to cook, for he did not want any food poisoning from Serena, Mikey saw Serena relaxing while watching TV. "So," started Serena, "Are you going out to fight crime?"
"Yeah," said Mikey, "Turtle Titan can't be rusty when he goes back to the States!"

"Do you need me to come with," asked Serena.

"Nah," said Mikey, "Not tonight."

Oh how Mikey regret saying that to Serena. As day turned to night, Mikey was beaten and taken away by a wooden person. He woke up with a splitting headache and was wondering where he was. Seeing the door slowly opening, Mikey walked out and saw something he thought wouldn't be possible at all. He saw his three brothers!

- Another Room Before All The Doors Opened –

"Where are we," asked a male voice.

"Wherever we are," said a Brooklyn male voice, "We're locked in."

In this particular room, there were three turtles… three GIANT turtles. One was wearing blue, another red, and the last purple. All the three turtles remembered were that they were fighting and got beaten. As the red one almost punched the door to their room, the door slowly opened. The three turtles looked at each other and walked slowly out of the door to see their weapons floating in mid-air. They heard another door open and were surprised to see who it was. "Mikey," shouted the three turtles as they hugged the one that got out.

- Present Time –

"Leo! Donnie! Raphie," shouted Mikey as he hugged his brothers.

"It's Raph," said the red-wearing turtle as he slightly hit Mikey over the head for the nickname.

"Mikey, where the shell have you been," asked the one in blue.

"Were you here the whole time," asked the last one.

"Nah bro," said Mikey while not wanting to give anything else away, "But I wonder what is going on."

Before anyone could give an answer, four more people came out of another door: an African American male, an Asian, a blonde-haired girl, and a male wearing brown. All eight looked at each other and started to pull out their weapons. Before a fight came out to the eight, they started talking and questioning each other. Once it was clear that everyone was not an enemy, everyone held their weapons in a non-violent way. "What are you," asked the girl.

"That's kind of a long story," said the blue one.

"We're ninjas," said the red.

"And turtles," said the purple.

"Ninja turtles," said a happy Mikey.

"This is Raphael," said the blue one who placed a hand on the red-wearing turtle, "Michelangelo."

"Over here," said Mikey.

"Donatello," said the blue one, which the purple one nodded, "And I'm Leonardo."

"Greetings Leonardo," said the girl, "I am Joi."

"Adam," said the one in brown.

"Feragi," said the African American.

"Tora," said the Asian.

Once the greetings were done, all eight decided to look around to see exactly where they were. They walked until they came upon double doors. Not knowing what else to do, the eight pushed the doors opened and walked through. They looked around in the darkness and found out that the doors they came in through disappeared! Mikey started to become scared and cried out for a door. Another set of double doors magically appeared after Mikey asked for doors. The rest felt very tense and opened the new doors. Upon walking in, they were greeted by a lit room and four people dressed up as…"What the shell," exclaimed Raph, "Four Shredders?!"

"This doesn't look good," said Donnie.

'I wish that I still had my crystal key,' thought Mikey.

The four 'Shredders' introduced themselves as the Ninja Tribunal. They told the eight to battle each other or all of them die. The four turtles and their new friends barely battled each other and started talking too. Everyone really didn't want to fight each other. Upon that agreement, the eight tried to attack the Ninja Tribunal. The Ninja Tribunal questioned the eight on their decision. What happened next made everyone confused, for the Ninja Tribunal stopped their attack and told them, "You have been judged. All eight of you have passed the first trial."

"Okay," said a questioning Leo as all of them walked up magic steps and out of the room.

Everyone looked around and was surprise to see them on something moving. While the fog lifted, the eight saw themselves on a boat. Everyone was surprised about being on a ship. It was Donnie who pointed to land. The rest looked at what he was pointed, but it was Mikey who groaned as Joi said, "My friends. Welcome to Japan."

"What," shouted Mikey, "But that's where I…"

"Where you what, Mikey," asked Leo.

"Uh…," started Mikey, "Never mind."

"No, shell-for-brains," said Raph, "You've been gone for months and we just found ya here of all places."

"Yeah, Mikey," said Donnie, "Tell us where you have been!"

Suddenly, a ringing of the phone was heard. Mikey blinked and laughed awkwardly while he grabbed something from his pocket. Everyone saw that it was a working cell phone and that Mikey moved away from everyone to answer. On the other end, the turtles heard a female voice asking where Mikey was. Mikey told the voice that he was shanghaied by some Shredders. The female voice sound skeptical, but another female voice, much older sounding, started to talk to Mikey. The brothers tried to hear what the conversation was because they definitely wanted to know what was going on. The three looked at each other and an agreement was made. The three would try to get Mikey to talk about who he was talking to.

- With Serena –

"You got shanghaied," questioned Serena, "By Shredders?"

It was another day and Serena was surprised to see that she was back at her parents' home and not at Mikey's and her apartment. She saw that Chibi-Usa was also present and telling Serena to get her butt to the Hikawa Shrine for a Sailor Scout meeting. Serena shifted through her memories and saw new ones about dream mirrors being taken or something and that Mikey sent her Klunk through Pluto's magic instead of both of them getting out safely. Serena then told Chibi-Usa that she would be there at the meeting soon… that she had to make a phone call. When Serena was alone, she called Mikey up and asked where he was. "Yeah," said Mikey, "I'm like on a different part of Japan."

"They DID know you were in Japan right," asked Serena.

"I have no clue," said Mikey, "But my bros are here."

"Am I to guess that you will be moving back to the States," asked Serena.

"I don't know about that yet," said Mikey.

As Mikey said that, Sailor Pluto opened up a portal and stepped towards Serena. Serena told Mikey that Pluto was here and that meant talking. Smiling at her princess, Pluto took the phone from her and told Mikey that he is now being home-schooled while he stays with his brothers. Mikey then asked why, and Pluto just said that all will be revealed later. Mikey threw his hands in the air while talking to Pluto and hung up. "So, does this mean that I am too," asked Serena as she got her phone back.

"No," said Pluto, "You will still be going to the school, but with the new enemy…"

"So long normal life," sighed Serena sadly, "And hello to Sailor Moon."

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Raphael/Sailor Scout (state your choice of outer scout)


AN: So, I placed Donnie and Leo together with Serena in the polls too because I want to know if I should just let the two be together with Serena instead of one or the other. That's why there are kind of repeats about who Serena would end up with for the turtle. I'm trying to make it as Serena being a little sister to Raphael in the later chapters too. If one or the other is with Serena, then the other turtle will see Serena as a little sister too!