The Return of Hasegawa

September 4, 2018

I lied.

I said that the Liaison was going to be the last OMG fan fiction piece that I was going to write. I said that I was going to start working on an original piece. Oh, well. I was wrong. Writing these fanfics gets into your blood and it won't come out easily. But if you've read the Liaison epilogue, you'll notice that Sora Hasegawa ended up disappearing under mysterious circumstances. Her car was found by the side of the road, there was no evidence of foul play, a suicide note, nor any indication of where OMG's resident cutie had gone. So that started me to thinking. How about I have her pop up in the most unusual and unlikely place? Some of you will probably guess where, but I won't reveal it in this foreword. As usual, all the normal disclaimers apply. All the characters except for the ones I create belong to Fujishima-sensei, but the narration is all mine, this work should not be considered part of Oh My Goddess canon, blah, blah, blah. I have no idea how long this thing will run. It'll go until it tells me to stop. Which could be between 50 and 500 pages. Who the hell knows? Aaaaaanyway, those of you who have read my stuff knows how I roll. You know the drill. Don't be afraid to hit me with constructive criticism. It makes me better in the end. Okay kids, here we go.

The Living Quarters of Keiichi and Belldandy Morisato


October 16, 2093 Earth Time

10th Month, 16th Day 3 Karlja

Chapter 1

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I could be asking you the same question!"

Keiichi Morisato, recently elected member of the Heavenly Council and spouse of Goddess First Class, Second Category, Unlimited License Belldandy Morisato stood at the door in utter disbelief at the person standing in the threshold of his living quarters. The visitor was someone that he knew very well from his days on Earth at the Nekomi Institute of Technology. However, he had no idea of how she had gotten to Heaven much less knew where it was that Kei and Bell lived. The visitor looked much like she did the last time Keiichi saw her. Short in stature, short chestnut brown hair, freckles, round glasses, a very young, cute face and body that often made those who met her swear that she was a high school girl. She looked like she had aged a few years since leaving NIT, but instead of looking like a high school girl, she looked more like a college freshman. She was dressed in a short pleated skirt, a light waist length jacket and sensible shoes.

The last time Kei had seen this girl was almost a hundred years ago in the year 1999, a few months before he, Belldandy, and their three children had left the Earth for good in order to establish a place in Heaven. She had come up missing under mysterious circumstances when she had suddenly disappeared without a trace. Her car was found by the side of the road, gas tank empty. There was no evidence of foul play, no suicide note, and from every indication, it looked like she just vanished into thin air. The police had searched the neighborhoods where she lived and worked at the factory of a large Japanese car company where she worked as a senior engine designer, to no success. Keiichi and Belldandy had also conducted a very thorough search of the area with the help of Belldandy's sisters, Skuld and Urd.

But despite the use of Skuld's most state of the art inventions, the deities were not successful. Kei and Bell were devastated by the disappearance. They had grown fond of the cute, hard working girl who preferred to let the others grab the glory while she toiled in the shadows of working in Nekomi Tech's infamous Motor Club. The only female member of the Club, She had spent a year in charge, but she had to bear up under the brutish actions of the senior students, Tamiya and Otaki, who's constant money-making schemes and bullying brought little in the way of funding for club activities, and much in the way of headaches for the Club director.

But through hard work and effort, she was able to finally right the Motor Club ship, get the finances in order, and steer the Club through its most successful year in its history. It didn't hurt that Tamiya and Otaki's lack of presence on campus was due to their latest stunt. Something having to do with converting the school president's car into a 550 horsepower drift racer. The faculty with her advocacy, issued the two lummoxes graduate degrees in Auto Mechanics, ushered them off campus and told them never to return. After college she had gotten a job with a large Japanese car company and rose through the ranks to become a senior engine designer. She even found love when one of the hottest DJ's in Tokyo. DJ Flex Suzuki, took a liking to her and became her boyfriend.

Things were looking up for the kawaii, but insecure Nekomi alum, until that fateful day, when she went missing. All hope seemed lost until this moment when she mysteriously appeared at Keiichi and Belldandy's door like a spirit from beyond the grave.

Chapter 2

"Belldandy?" Keiichi said rather loudly. "Can you come to the front door? There's something you need to see."

"Keiichi, I'm fixing dinner for the children. Can it wait?"

"Umm, No. Belldandy. You HAVE to see this."

"All right, Kei. Give me a minute."

Keiichi's wife Belldandy is in the kitchen of their living quarters in Heaven preparing a dish for Kei and their three kids, Midori, Takano and Keima. Midori was the oldest of the three. As the eldest daughter, she would eventually succeed Belldandy as the Norn of the Present, although that wasn't going to happen for hundreds or thousands of years. Belldandy was very much in her prime as a Norn.

As Heavenly beings were extremely long lived and physically aged much more slowly than humans, Midori looked like she was seven years old, but in fact she was born on Earth in 2051. Which made her 42 Earth years of age. The twins, Son Keima and Daughter Takano were born five years later in 2056, which made them 37 Earth years of age, even though they appeared to be six years old. The children may have had the appearance and mannerisms of young kids, but they had the intelligence of people in the late thirties and forties.

Keima and Takano were named after Keiichi's father and mother. Even though the family were all deities living in Heaven, and didn't need to partake of food for sustenance, Belldandy continued to cook for her family just as she did back in her days at the temple on Earth taking care of Keiichi, Urd and Skuld. Belldandy was an excellent cook and was always trying out new recipes on Keiichi and she continued that tradition with her children. Keima and Takano ate anything put in front of them, but Midori could be a very finicky eater. Most of the time, she ate whatever Bell cooked for her, but there were the occasional times where she would challenge Bell's skills mightily. But as in everything else, Belldandy took Midori's finickiness as a challenge, and Bell loved nothing more than a good challenge.

The three children were at the table chattering quietly. Belldandy had a hot pan in her hand as she left the kitchen to respond to Keiichi's request.

"Well, Keiichi." Bell said brightly. "What is it that you want me to see…" The sight of the visitor's familiar face caused her to drop the pan, where it clattered on the floor.

Shocked, Belldandy could hardly speak. "I-is that who I think it is. Keiichi? Is that...?"

The visitor responded. "Yes Belldandy. It's me. Sora Hasegawa"

"That's really you, Hasegawa?"

"It's really me."

Bell ran to the door excitedly and wrapped Hasegawa in a tight hug. "It's really you, Hasegawa!" Tears fell from Belldandy's eyes as she embraced her old friend.

"The last time we saw you, was almost a hundred years ago. You turned up missing, we could never find you, Sora." Belldandy cried as she held Hasegawa at arm's length and spun her around. "Where were you? What happened to you? We were looking all over for you! Come in! Make yourself at home!"

Sora walked into the modest apartment and sat down on the couch. Belldandy picked up the pan she dropped, cleaned up the mess and ran into the kitchen to get Hasegawa some food and a drink.

Despite Belldandy's elite status in Heaven and Keiichi's membership on the Heavenly Council, both of which could have rated them the much larger opulent quarters that were reserved for senior high-ranking officials, the couple were happy to have the very modest living spaces more suited for mid-level workers.

Although compared to the cramped Buddhist temple on Earth, where they had lived for so many years, their space in Heaven was easily four to five times larger.

Kei and Bell prided themselves on not needing a lot of luxury. As long as they had each other, they could make it anywhere under any kind of conditions. Even when they were running the Goddess Outpost on Earth which gave them twenty-five percent of a tremendous windfall provided by the previous Kami-sama for operating expenses, Keiichi and Belldandy could have lived high on the hog. But they continued to maintain a frugal and thrifty lifestyle. Back in the early days of their relationship, many times the couple had stared at the back of an empty refrigerator. They had eaten plenty of cheap ramen and got their silverware and dishware at the closest 100 yen shop. So they knew what it was like to live a hand to mouth existence and even after receiving more money than they would ever need, they never forgot those days when all they had was each other.

The quarters, which were located in a complex that was equidistant from the Palace where Keiichi worked and the Goddess Assistance Agency, which housed the call center that Belldandy took her wish requests, as well as the Field Goddess Training facility where she also worked as an instructor, had a main living space for entertaining, a kitchen, each child had their own room, and a master bedroom for Kei and Bell. It was a comfortable space, which like all Heavenly buildings, had a pocket dimension that could be enlarged as needed. But the current arrangement was more than enough for Kei and Bell, even with the addition of three rambunctious children.

Sora looked around at Keiichi and Belldandy's home. "So, what are you two doing here? Are you God and Goddess?" she asked.

Hasegawa, like all of Kei and Bell's friends and loved ones did not know that Belldandy was a Goddess sent to Earth to grant a wish by Keiichi. She didn't know that the wish was for Bell to stay with Keiichi forever. To hide the fact that he had a Goddess by his side all the time, Keiichi had to create a cover story where Belldandy was a foreign exchange student and that Urd and Skuld, when they eventually arrived, were her sisters. Keiichi also had to hide the fact that due to the effects of the Song of The Goddesses, he also had been transformed into a God. But, now with all of Kei and Bell's friends and associates either dead or in Heaven with them, Kei had no choice but to tell Hasegawa the truth. Which he did.

Sora listened to the story with increasing surprise. "So you're actually a real God? And Bell is a real live Goddess?"

"Yes, I am." said Keiichi. To prove it, he made his forehead mark appear. That mark, shaped like a crescent moon and normally invisible to humans, enabled him to be connected to Heaven's all-powerful and hopelessly complicated and buggy computer, Yggdrasil. "But Sora. How did you get here? You're Human. Humans aren't supposed to be able to function up here. This is a ten-dimensional world. Humans can't even see this place with three-dimensional senses."

"Honestly, Keiichi, I've been trying to figure all this out since I got here."

"But you disappeared almost a hundred years ago!"

"I know!"

"But, but…"

"Keiichi," Hasegawa said with some exasperation, "All I know is that back in 1999, I was driving to work as usual. I was just about to go on company property when I heard this weird sound. Like a high pitched whistle. Then my car broke down by the side of the road, I couldn't get it started, the gas tank was empty, I saw this flash of light, and this weird knot looking thing, I felt my body go limp, and next thing I know, I'm here. And I haven't aged a day in 96 years."

Keiichi knew that Hasegawa was talking about the Gate. The sentient Heavenly construct that allowed Deities to transport between the Earth and Heaven. The Gate had a mind of its own and a surly reputation to match. It would occasionally go out on strike for reasons that only it could fathom, leaving travelers stuck within its portal until it could be reasoned with to go back to work. But the Gate had to be summoned by a God or Goddess. A normal human could not possibly know the words of Power needed to summon it. The fact that the Gate appeared on its own and transported an incapacitated human was beyond Keiichi's understanding, much less, Heavenly logic, as convoluted as that could get.

Keiichi said while scratching his head, "So you have been here, in Heaven, for almost a hundred years?"

Hasegawa nodded her head.

"Where have you been living? With whom?"

"A couple of Valkyries, they called themselves Anni-frid and Agneta, found me and brought me to the Palace. The previous Kami-sama found a place for me to stay there. I had overheard him say something about you and Belldandy and I was able to find out where you lived."

Keiichi said. "It sounds like you've figured out how to get around and who to talk to."

Sora said. "It's pretty much all I've done since I got here. There's not much call for a trained engine designer here." She shrugged her shoulders. "Kami-sama gave me permission to travel around and meet people, until he could figure out what to do with me. So I've spent a hundred years getting to know this place."

Belldandy returned from the kitchen with a plate of food. Midori, Keima and Takano followed her. All three hid behind Belldandy as they tentatively looked at the strange woman who had arrived in their home.

Belldandy said. "Sora Hasegawa, allow me to introduce to you, to our children. Midori, the oldest and Keima and Takano, the twins. Kids, this is Sora Hasegawa, an old friend of ours, who has come a long way to see us."

Midori stepped from behind Bell, and confidently approached Hasegawa saying. "How old are you? You look like a young girl." Keima and Takano giggled.

Sora said in mock frustration. "Wow. even up here, I get confused with a high school girl. I can't catch a break anywhere."

Bell said. "Don't mind Midori. She tends to say whatever's on her mind. And she hasn't yet learned to restrain herself."

Confidently, Midori said. "I'm in training to become the next Norn of the Present. I'll be taking over when Mom gets too old."

Keiichi warned. "Midori, what did me and Mommy tell you about being tactful?"

Midori mumbled. "Oh, Dad!" She then ran off. The twins stayed where they were silently looking at Hasegawa with a mix of fascination and a touch of fear.

Sora reached out to them. "Keima, Takano?"

Bell said. "They are very shy around strangers, Sora. Once you get to know them, they are very nice and fun kids." On that cue, the twins ran up to Sora and allowed her to give them big hugs. They then giggled again and ran off towards their rooms.

"Beautiful children, Belldandy." Sora than lowered her face and said somberly. "I wish I had a chance to have a kid or two."

Keiichi said. "What about that DJ from Tokyo you were seeing? What was his name, Flex Something-or-other?"

"Flex Suzuki? Yeah. He and I were really getting to know each other. He was one of the few guys who didn't mind having a young looking girlfriend, and get this, he actually liked my cooking!" Sora crowed proudly. Sora's cooking had always been one of the things that dogged her through life.

"What happened?"

"I'm pretty sure he moved on once I turned up missing. He really liked me, but he also had a wandering eye, and being a DJ, more than a few girls threw themselves at him."

'Too bad." Said Keiichi. "If Belldandy hadn't happened along, I might have taken a chance with you."

"Aww, Keiichi." Sora blushed. "That's sweet. But there was no way I was going to compete with Belldandy. The hottest girls at Nekomi Tech couldn't hold a candle to her. Sayoko couldn't even touch her. What chance did I have?"

Belldandy said. "Hasegawa, you have many wonderful talents and traits that would have made any man happy to be with you. You just keep selling yourself short. I'm positive that you'll be able to find someone in Heaven who would love to be with you."

"I don't know, Belldandy. All the Goddesses here are so beautiful. Even you look so much better here than you did on Earth."

"Sora, dear. Heaven does that to everyone. You may not think so, but you are even prettier here than you've ever looked on Earth." She produced a mirror and handed it to Hasegawa.

She took the mirror, looked intently into it and with a low whistle said. "You're right, Belldandy. I do look a lot cuter than before. I've never thought of myself as a pretty girl."

Keiichi said. "But you've always been pretty cute."

Sora said. "Well, back to my predicament."

Belldandy asked. "So what does Kronstad…"

Kei and Hasegawa said together. "Kronstad?"

"Yes, Kronstad. The previous Kami-sama. That is his real name. A Kami-sama does not use their given name while they are in charge. They are referred to by their title. What does he say about what to do with you?"

"He's just as confused as everyone else. He has no idea how I got here, either. He told me that he was going to investigate the matter and get back to me, but that was a long time ago."

"Did he say that he was going to send you back to Earth?" Keiichi queried.

"He said that's impossible, Keiichi. He said that sending me back would cause too many disturbances in the flow of time as well as cause chaos on Earth if someone who was declared missing suddenly reappeared a hundred years later. Besides, All my friends, family and loved ones are all gone. Who would I go back to? What would I do? The company I worked for must be long gone out of business by now."

"Makes sense, I guess."

Bell said. "You can stay here for as long as you like, Hasegawa. We have plenty of room, and we have so much to catch up on."

"No, Belldandy. I'm fine., Kronstad has a place for me at the Palace which has far more room than I'll ever need. The current Kami-sama, Karlja, has agreed to let me stay there for as long as I want."

Sora looked hungrily at the plate of food Belldandy produced. "Is this for me?" she asked.

"That's why I brought it out. Dig in."

Sora tasted the food. A wide grin crossed her face, as she once again experienced the greatness of Belldandy's cooking. "Incredible, Belldandy! You haven't lost your touch. If anything, you food got better."

Belldandy smiled. "Heaven makes everything we do much better, Sora."

"Ill say! This is-is-is...AHHHHH-CHOO!" Sora yelped as she sneezed most violently.

The next thing that happened caused Keiichi and Belldandy to look at Sora in utter disbelief. For sprouting from Hasegawa's back, floating on a wispy cloud and gossamer wings...was an angel.