~ Good Bye ~

written by: hikari
date: January 17th, 2003
disclaimer: I wish I owned Shaman King, but I don't T.T Shaman King and its characters are copyright of Hiroyuki Takei.

a/n: Just a short one-shot :D This fic takes places the day Yoh leaves to America to the Shaman Fight. Sorry that I've change some things to fit this story; no mayor things, just taken out Tamao and Pilica.

EDITED: For my own sanity.


I will be waiting for you.

That's what I pretend to say. I have practiced the line inside my mind so many times. Instead, something else comes out from my lips. In an emotionless tone, I blurt out the words.

"Remember, you better win this fight or you won't be allowed to return to this house," I scold him, even when this, in fact, isn't exactly my house.

"Hai, I will," my fiancé says in his usual, smooth, unworried speech. He grins confidently.

Good luck.

It is my last wish for him. But I keep it for myself and for my lonely prayers.

"Go now! It's late!" I say instead of screaming, pleading him to stay.

But it is just a selfish thought. He has a dream to fight for, and I must support his decision. Add the fact that he did promise me an easy life.

"Yare, yare..." he waves back at me one last time, "I'll come as soon as I can, Anna."

Then almost in a whisper, as I face his back already, I think I hear him say something else.

"I'll come… for you…"

He'll come for me… I wish it was true.

No, I must be imagining things. He said it too quickly anyway. He would never...

He rushes ahead, where Bokutou no Ryuu and the baka Ainu, Horo Horo, are walking side by side. Tao Ren and Manta must be already waiting for them at the airport.

As I watch him leave, I feel like running behind him and hugging him...

No. I was trained to restrain my emotions, I was trained to be a perfect itako. I am a perfect itako. And as such, I shouldn't be thinking these things.

"Yoh," I say in a quiet voice, as I walk over to the gates.

He stops and turns around smiling widely, as if expecting this to happen. He walks back to where I am standing.

"Yes, Anna-chan?"

Baka. You're not suppose, not allowed to call me that!

Either way, the endearment makes me stutter. Before I can think something else, I say the first thing that comes to my mind.

"You will write, ne?" I know it. I sounded concerned, and heck… now I'm blushing at what I've just said.

No, no, no.

This is NOT right. I MUSTN'T show I'm worried for him. I try to

He chuckles slightly at my odd behavior.

Damn you.

"I need to be informed about the tournament's progress and the battles," I tell him seriously, trying to cover up my mistake.

"Hai... don't worry I'll write," he says, smiling sheepishly.

"I'm not worried!" I yell at him but he doesn't seem to care. His friends call out to him in the distance, hurrying him up.

I don't know when it happened but I suddenly found myself, enveloped in a quick hug. "I'll be fine," he says, not caring about my protests, ordering him to let go of me, "Just wait for me please."

I nod, looking blankly at him. But my face reddens and I can feel a tingling, warm feeling running through my body.

Must be the sun. I try to convince myself.

He finally let's go of me and without further word, runs away trying to catch his shaman friends, who have gotten quite far.

"Take care, Yoh," I say more to myself than to him, "Good bye."

Goodbye. Instead of the words I'd been wanting to tell for so long.

At least, I'm sure he'll come back. And then, maybe someday, I'll be able to tell him.