HAY DAY is farming game. I operate a farm and name it Logan. I make and ship products on the order. Then I get some coins and experience points.

Now, there are 36 field, where I make wheat, corn, soy, sugar cane, carrot, pumpkin, indigo and cotton. I breed 6 chicken which make eggs, 5 cows which make milk, 5 pigs which make bacons and 4 sheep which make wool. I obtained some production buildings. For example, I bake cookie, corn bread, bread and raspberry muffin at bakery. I grill pancake, bacon and eggs, hamburger at BBQ grill. I weave blue woolly hat, sweater and blue sweater with loom. Besides, I have a dairy plant, a sugar mill, a popcorn pot, a feed mill, a sewing machine and a pie oven. I sometimes cut down threes with a saw and smash rocks with dynamite in order to enlarge the site of farm.

I am addicted to this game. I have been playing nonstop.