Ember Ruiz – 17 Years Old

My head was pressed against the pillows, sinking deeper into its soft fabric. I could faintly hear something smashing onto our roof. Was it rain? Maybe it was since it was freezing right now. I reached out to grab my blanket, to block out the cold, but I couldn't feel it around me. I couldn't find it at all. I stumbled around, groaning in my head, only to feel soft sheets underneath me. My body kept sinking deeper into my bed, and soon, I felt like I was enveloped in a tomb, unable to awaken until I was a thing of beauty.

Finally, I opened my eyes, the sound outside grew too loud for me the bear. I expected to be in my bed but found myself slumped over on my couch instead. I don't know how I ended up here. Perhaps I came in late from work and just fell right onto the couch when I came back. I couldn't feel anything in my body at the moment, and frankly, I didn't want to move, I was just way too tired. My body felt slack, and the air in the room was cold. Not like it was anything different, but it was still odd to me considering how hot it has been the past few days.

Someone was shaking my arm violently, and I could hear a faint voice of someone telling me to get up. The tugging on arm, and the consistent lack of my brain not knowing what was going on finally made me wake up. I figured it was probably time to get up anyway since I should be helping my brother, Christos with chores instead of lying face first on the couch. The first thing that greeted me when I opened my tired eyes, was the smile on Isabella's tiny face.

"You're awake!" She said excitedly, with a glowing look in her eyes.

When it comes to smiling, it's much easier for me when Isabella's around. Not like I'm never happy, just cold and distant at everyone who isn't family, but even my family is somewhat depressing and cold. It's always Isabella who makes the house shine.

"I sure am Isabelle," I said groggily, sitting up on the couch. I looked around the room, noticing that I was in my room, just not my messy bed. I noticed that it was pouring outside, making it hard to see out the already dirty window.

I yawned and stretched my arms out, "Did I miss much?"

"Not really," Isabelle answered back, "Christos finished all of the housework while you were sleeping though. "

I sighed, rubbing my eyes to improve my vision. Of course, he would do that. He wouldn't bother to wake me up to help him, he's way to selfless to do that.

"Tell him I'll help with dinner later."

Isabelle smiled and sat next to me on the couch, her pink skirt contrasting very much with the dark red leather she was sitting on.

"Will we be having pasta?"

I laughed and kissed her on the forehead, causing her to giggle in her light-hearted way. To be honest, I didn't think we had any pasta left, but for Isabelle, I would do anything for her.

"If I can find some leftover in the cabinet. Can't make any promises though."

Isabelle laughed again, which made me smile. She seemed to laugh at everything, no matter what it was. It seemed that everything was okay, nothing horrible had happened while I was asleep. Today seemed like it was going to be a normal day.

"Isabelle! Ember! I need you guys out here!" I heard Christos call from the living room.

Isabelle instantly flew off the couch and right out my bedroom door, running as fast as she could towards Christos's voice. I on the other hand just groaned and stood up, stretching a bit before I went to my closet to change, didn't want to look like a mess in front of my brother, who always silently judged me whenever I went out looking like a mess.

I was still in my school clothes, which were dirty and wrinkled. I took them off in a hurry and threw them onto my bed, making a mental note that I had to wash them later. It wasn't hard to choose my outfit since I usually just wear the same thing every day, a white tunic with long black pants. After that, it was just a matter of combing my hair very quickly.

"Ember! Are you still sleeping!?" Christos called out again.

"No, I'm up dirt face, and I'm coming!" I yelled right back.

I quickly finished combing my hair, making it look slightly messy, but better then it was a few seconds ago when I walked out of my room in a hurry.

The second I came into the living room, I could tell something was wrong. Everyone was crowded among the broken T.V. Even our father, who usually is way too drunk to even care what the capitol says on the news. No one bothers to watch the T.V since nothing good is ever on. Sometimes cartoons will play, but it's rare, and it's mostly just messages from the capitol, footage of district 13, or replays of the past hunger games, which we never liked to watch.

So, if the electricity is on, that only means one thing.

I slowly walk into the room, where Christos waves me over to sit next to him. I quickly do and wrap my knees around my chest. If they're playing what I think they're playing, then I know the next couple of weeks will be brutal, especially for Isabella, who could barely handle them last time.

The seal of Panem shows up on the cracked screen, while the anthem plays right behind it.

"Is it…" I start to ask Christos.

"Yes." He says, without any further explanation.

Soon, the screen changes, and we all stare at the roaring crowd of the capitol, smiling with delight, knowing what is about to happen. I stare at them in disgust, wishing every single one of them was dead.

The next thing I know, the president himself is on screen, and is announcing the hunger games…

Avel Dhmitros – President of Panem

The crowd before me cheers in anticipation, waiting for the words that will send the districts into a frenzy over the next few days. I smile, knowing that the time had finally come. The capitol couldn't wait, and to be frank, I couldn't either. The arena looked rather splendid, the mutations were exciting, and I could just tell the tributes this year would be in for a ride.

I stepped up and raised my hands. All at once, there was silence. With just the power of my hands, I could control the entire capitol. They didn't want to miss a word, I knew the feeling. I always listened closely to my father, before he died. He always wanted me to be strong and cold toward the people, knowing I would one day take his place for the next president of Panem, and now, here I was, everyone listening to me after years of listening to them.

"People of Panem," I began, "It is an honor to be standing here in front of all of you today, to bring you the most exciting news."

The crowd was cheering once again, hungry for the words I was about to bring. Like rats, I thought to myself, starving for the next big thing, eating each other away.

"As you all know, today, is our 90th year of our countries new beginning, since the dark days. To punish the districts for their wrongdoings, we have created the hunger games, as a yearly celebration for our victory over the districts."

They shout again in excitement.

"Now, the time has come again, and after 89 years, we welcome another. It is time…"

The crowd starts to scream, knowing the next words, but I still say them anyway.

"Let the 90th hunger games begin."

I'm about to throw up inside, I'm so freaking nervous…

Anyway, nervousness aside. Welcome to my 90th Hunger Games SYOT. This is going to be really hard for me since I usually struggle to write a lot, and I'm juggling two SYOT's, but don't worry, I'll try my best. I don't have the best writing in the world, so please bear with me as we move along our journey.

If your brave enough to send a character to me, the form will be below, but please, read the following rules.

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